Supernatural Encounters

Supernatural Encounters

God is supernatural and many unexplained supernatural events can occur. But we have become out of focus with “God can do anything”, and too much emphasis on the supernatural occurrences and an excess of angelic visitation, supernatural experiences and dreams and visions.  Even the great prophets and disciples in the bible didn’t have THAT many. God never violates His own character or His word.

In the bible, every supernatural occurrence had a reason and an outcome. Current false teaching is just the opposite with those false teachers and prophets claiming trips to heaven and out of body experiences for no reason other than to just hang out and have a good time.  They claim it is their “right” as a child of God. Really?  I wasn’t aware we had rights to anything.

Ezekiel was not taken up in the spirit to “hang out”.  He was called as a prophet to warn fallen Israel of their sin and the consequences and to repent!  That is a true function of a prophet, to speak the word of God. Tongues of fire in Acts led to a great many salvations and the gospel of Jesus was preached throughout the land, many were healed and delivered and the church grew at an alarming rate – a true sign and wonder!

God spoke to His people in dreams and visions and they either immediately understood or He revealed the message to them.  In the Old Testament, God mostly spoke to people in their dreams like a one way conversation. There was no need for an interpreter.  Daniel interpreted dreams for a pagan King Nebuchadnezzar so the King would acknowledge God.  How much more now can we understand of our own dreams and visions from God that we have been filled with the Holy Spirit?  Peter did not understand his symbolic dream and the Lord immediately explained it to him.

Likewise, angels are messengers of God.  They do not bring gifts or healings or even revival, nor do they perform spiritual surgical operations on people. They do not drop their feathers to prove they are around.  The bible tells us they are, so why do they need to prove it? Angels worship God and do not bring attention to themselves and warn others to not do the same. Angels who forgot their place were kicked out of heaven! Biblical signs and wonders are salvations, healings, deliverances, things that God is interested in.  Much different than those that claim otherwise with gold dust, gems and oil!  Remember, revivals are about repentance, not fleshy signs and wonders.

Galatians 1:8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.

Beware of all teaching supporting “experienced based theology” in which much importance is placed on experiencing His presence and His voice and other supernatural experiences above all else, including the importance of bible study. Watch out for meditative (lecto divina) and contemplative/emergent/mystical spirituality, centering prayer methods or methods of “the ancient fathers” and Catholic mystics which were not taught anywhere in the bible or by Jesus or practiced by His disciples. These are not new but are moving in as accepted practices in our churches as methods of becoming closer to God.  These teachings are about achieving a mind set with “god” and higher spiritual planes or levels.  These are not methods of our Lord and have roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism and the occult.

Also beware of “inner healing” methods used in theophostics and sozo which were first taught and used by New Age practitioners and secular therapists through  guided imagery and visualization techniques. I know this because I used these methods for several years before I came to Christ!   All these so called Christian ministries have done is attached the name of Jesus added with it some scriptural truths and packaged it all up as “God’s”.  Nonsense!  Just because a “jesus” shows up in these sessions does not mean it is the true Jesus! And, Jesus never discussed or prayed “inner healing” with anyone. Even though there is a “level of truth” in these methods does not make it holy and acceptable before God. For more on this topic see my article here – Inner Healing.

Colossians 2:8 Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

Beware of teachers and prophets who really like to quote the Old Testament to back up their weird teachings and supernatural experiences.  One scripture does not a doctrine make, no matter how convincing the teacher! Numerology is of the occult.  There is no instance in the bible that God speaks to His people through the use of numbers. Watch for stories of portals, throne room and third heaven experiences and other various things false teachers and prophets are trying to teach us of late.

Something is very wrong when Christians are encouraged and taught to practice that which the pagans, occultists and new agers do. Some believe since the pagans already do these things, Christians need to catch up because it is our heritage!! It is not!  God created men and women to be on the earth, not out of it.

Deuteronomy 29:29  The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.

There is a fine line in what we are allowed to know.  God is only going to reveal Himself and the spiritual realm to a degree.  He is the One who decides and has established how far we can go. Once we dare to cross that fine line, once we go to God and make demands to see and to know, as many now claim that we can, such things considered as Gnostic, we have opened ourselves up to occultic experiences masquerading as Godly ones.  I believe Satan often shows up in these moments and is very happy to play his charade as an angel masquerading in light.

1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.

Their message must also prove over and again that Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, son of the living God is indeed Lord and has come in the flesh.  They must speak of the gospel of the Lord and His salvation and of sin and true repentance. This is the very reason Jesus died and the essence of the great commission!  Their message must stir others to a greater love of God and of His Word and the love of His people.  If this is not so, if the message they bring creates a need for “self”, my gifts, my worship, my feelings, my healing, etc. then the messenger is not of God.

Long gone is the care for the truth of Christ and the simplicity of the gospel message. There are so many deceived, operating in false signs and wonders who are too prideful or stubborn to look at the word of God to see the truth.  Others claim these signs and wonders simply for the attention, fame and cold hard cash they provide.  Who needs to work when manipulation of the desperate is a well honed talent?  How long will the Lord relent and when will be the moment for them when it is too late to turn back?

32 thoughts on “Supernatural Encounters

  1. Wow, I loved that! You covered so much, sister! If anyone can read that and STILL practice the witchcraft in the church…they truly have no love for the truth whatsoever. You hit ALL the nails right on all the heads. You go, girl!


  2. “Beware of all teaching supporting “experienced based theology” in which much importance is placed on experiencing His presence and His voice ”

    Romans 14:17 “For the kingdom of God is … of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”

    Yeah… I dunno about you, but peace and joy are things you experience.

    “the simplicity of the gospel message”
    – Jesus’ model was, heal the sick/raise dead, and then say, the Kingdom is at hand.
    – Almost every time, the bible says, “preach the gospel of the kingdom”. matt4:23, 9:35, 11:5, 24:14
    – that means that gospel must be about the supernatural power of God

    “many decieved, operating in false signs and wonders”
    – this is all i read everywhere about signs and wonders
    – i’d like to know what you’d call a true sign and wonder
    what about this?

    So.. would you say that the’re all deceived? Are their experiences a sham? cause they seem to be experience the Kingdom.. according to the word.


  3. Brandon,

    This blog was set up to warn people about the mixed up theology in the Healing Rooms (IAHR) and in the Charismatic. The information you refer to is out of my own personal experience in a healing room ministry, and the result of many months of research comparing thier claims and teachings against those of the bible.

    Yes, there are supernatural experiences related to the gospel. However, there are many liars and scripture twisters out there. We need to be careful not to jump on the bandwagon that everything happening is of God. It is not and many are being led away right into deception.

    Signs and wonders follow those who believe. Instead, Christians flock to the big-named high powered evangelsts and prophets who have nothing in mind but their own fame and fortune. They want to see, to experience these things which have nothing to do with true spirituality and everything to do with the flesh. The church has lost its ability or maybe the desire to discern the difference.

    Biblical signs and wonders can be found described in the bible. They are not feathers, gold teeth, gold dust, gemstones or weird angelic visitations. God is interested in our relationship with Him, restored through salvation of Jesus Christ. He is not all about healing as these people claim. True, some are healed, but many are not. God is more concerned about our walk with Him and our spiritual condition than He is our physical one.

    Just because we “hear” a voice, does not make it God’s voice or His leading. Everything must be compared to and proved by His word. It is the guidance He gave us to keep us on track. The word of God is how we learn about who He is.

    Thanks for stopping in.


  4. Brandon, you quoted my words from this article as this: “Beware of all teaching supporting “experienced based theology” in which much importance is placed on experiencing His presence and His voice ”

    The entire sentence was this: Beware of all teaching supporting “experienced based theology” in which much importance is placed on experiencing His presence and His voice and other supernatural experiences above all else, including the importance of bible study.

    It seems you left of the latter part which was most important in making my point. And I stand behind it still and so should you.

    Then you did it again here: “the simplicity of the gospel message”
    This is my complete sentence: Long gone is the care for the truth of Christ and the simplicity of the gospel message.

    You seem to be only looking for things to argue as it is apparent you have not read the article. I am not speaking against healing. I am addressing false signs and wonders esp in the areas of dreams, visions and angelic visitations. And I am speaking against inner healing or sozo as it is a fake and has absolutely no basis in scripture.

    What good does it do anyone to take things out of context or leave out important aspects of a sentence when asking a question? I love to interact with people, but please, read what I have taken the time to research, and don’t misquote me! All it does is waste time and energy.


  5. I don’t know you, but the spirit of the living God lives inside of me and it lets me know when something is off color. Jesus called us to love. Everything he stood for was all about servanthood and love. Let me first say that before I go on.
    About 6 months ago, I prayed to God for his voice to be more clear in my life and I started feeling his presence with me throughout my days. Then all of a sudden, I started experiencing these dreams in great, great detail about spiritual matters, good and evil, choices, Christian brothers and sisters and so no. I did not ask for the dreams, they just came. They moved my emotions and burned my memory so much that I could not stop thinking about them and remember them in great detail to this day, in all details! I started reading books on dreams and visions to try and find out if there were other people like me. I started reading books by Jim W. Goll, Todd Bentley, and some articles by John Paul. I have come to realize that there seem to be some things with this association (the Kansas City Prophets) that does not appear to be “all there”. What I do know however is that these are men and women that want the same thing that we all want. NONE OF US ARE ABOVE REPROACH and if someone thinks that they have truth in something and sht down all other approaches to a means in finding answers, THEY have some problems. I still have dreams and these dreams have messages. I still want answers.

    Now to tie in what I said at the top. If you are going to rebuke someone, you should use only scripture to rebuke them, and do it to their face in private. If they do not take heed, bring along another brother. If they still do not, take it before the church. If they still do not, have nothing to do with them. That is scriptural.

    One last thing. What are your thoughts about womens role in the church and having any leadership over men?


    • You are right – you don’t know me and from your message I can see that you haven’t read much. My blog deals with personal experience in what I was exposed to – the prophetic movement, dreams visions, healing rooms, etc. and I have found them be based on false doctrine!

      I have used scripture and quite often so for you to take the position that I have not tells me you haven’t bothered tot read! It is the way that I came out of the dreams/visions delusions I also suffered under and it is the only way to tell the difference between what is true and what is deception. Just because a dream has such power does not mean it is from God. The mind is very powerful!

      If these people you named – Goll, Bentley, Jackson are so truly following after Christ why do they practice methods associated with the occult? Remember, supernatural experiences of the bible were God ordained, not man ordained. And they always had a point to them, a purpose or message from God! These men you follow after teach we can do these things at will just for the fun of it all, and just as the occult does. This has been discussed in the article. John Paul Jackson believes the pagans are far ahead and Christians need to “catch up”. And by the way, I took 3 of his very expensive courses, 2 of which were interpreting dreams and visions, so again – experience! Not above reproach? How does that apply here when these men and so many like them teach things that are not of God, yet come in the name of God. Listen, I have been through all of this so I am not speaking from the back seat!

      When teaching is public the rebuke is public. We are not discussing a private sin issue here, or someone being a little off in a teaching. We are talking about a great many people being deceived and led astray by these men who have no regard for biblical truth. And I have met with pastors and leaders behind closed doors when it became necessary to do so.

      Women’s roles in the church or then having leadership over men? What has that to do with anything here?


  6. I just wanted to thank you M’Kayla for your exposing the false teachings and giving answers to these important questions about so called “experiences”. I was just beginning to get involved in these teachings and I am so very thankful to have found you and see the truth. The only point I will make which you already know is to everyone out there thinking that these are true teachers, is that there is such a strong pull towards them when you start looking their way. I felt such a strong pull and wanted to have what they had and it was painful to leave the road that led towards them. So it makes me think if I had such a pull and I know others have as well, what was that pull? I now read scripture regularly and can say something is wrong with the pull to these popular teachers and to their powers that they “seem” to have. God Bless you!


  7. M’kayla I just want to affirm you as one who has a heart for the Lord and His truth.I doubt that there are few Christians on this planet who believe everything I believe as a Christian but when I look at my personal library there are many authors and teachers who have taught me much.It is good that you are causing people to think. One of my past ministers you used to put it:”some people stand for nothing and fall for everything!” I was able to send a link to your blog to one of my sons and thankfully he took on board what you were saying and revised his thinking on some of those you speak about.Blessings. Geoff T


  8. Brother Brandon please pray for the truth and discernment we love you and don’t want you lost in this mess. I too was almost lost in this false doctrine until God opened my eyes. Repentance we need to get back to the reason the Lord came in the first place. Again brother we love you


  9. This is a well written piece, M’Kayla. May the Lord use it to warn his faithful ones. You wrote “How long will the Lord relent and when will be the moment for them when it is too late to turn back?” It will be too late for many to turn back when people are saying “who turned out the lights” as in the sixth seal in the book of Revelation. It is clear to me that you were allowed to go through this deception so you are better equipped to help the faithful ones escape it. – Shalom.


  10. Lots of good points in here. It’s remarkable how the divine becomes little more than a plaything for our amusement in the hands of some of these teachers. I was staggered to read about Beni Johnson and her antics waking up angels. Apparently they’ve got nothing to do so they’re lying around sleeping on the job, and if we blow a shofar and shout at them they wake up and, well, presumably get on with whatever they should have been doing in the first place.

    The gold dust reported at Bethel and elsewhere also appears highly suspect – in the Bible when people encountered the presence of God we can see how they responded – Ezekiel fell on his face, Isaiah cried out “woe is me for I am undone”, John fell to the ground as if dead, but at Bethel they hoot and holler and whip out their phones to post a video of God’s presence on Faceache. Maybe God really has become little more than a divine party trick to some of these people.

    Some seem to think that “if it gets people following Jesus it can’t be of the devil”. Maybe the devil is just taking a longer term view, knowing that the “Jesus” people start following is going to start breaking promises sooner or later, and if he can give enough people “Jesus serum” (kind of like Jesus but with no life to it) they’ll be inoculated against the real Jesus soon enough.


  11. Good word again my dear sister…oh I identify with Charles Wesley when he wrote “Oh for a trumpet voice so all the world could hear” he in his day was provoking people to Christian perfection, freedom from the power of sin, entire sanctification…we have a generation of lambs being sold short, “other gospels” being presented to them…I’ll keep reposting words in season like this as we seek to stand on the walls together and declare the danger, giving a clear trumpet sound.


  12. I was involved in the Charismatic Movement for a long time and it was all about getting more which I believe equals addiction.Anytime I’ve gotten a word from someone the lord always gives me the interpretation.I saw Todd Bentley and the lord never allowed him to pray for me.Anytime I’ve experienced God in a powerful way I can’t stand but it’s not something to be sought.Same with healing it’s been on his timetable.Or the gifts .it says the Holy Spirit gives as he sees fit.Ive never asked for it it was there as I spent time with him .Ive had healing emotionally then the lord will lead me to a promise.Its always is him initiating it.I got so burnt out from seeking the anointing.I sense a lot of confusion in the body.What the lord shows me is totally contrary to what I hear from other prophetic people.Ive went for so much innerhealing and got really messed up.I used to go out in nature and hang with the lord and come home get into the word and pray then was told all this stuff and ended up so bound up addicted to the experience now I don’t want to go to church .Everything is bethel.Ive went back to reading books from the sixteenth century and Andrew Murray and father Nash.God will always confirm it with his word if we are willing to listen and slow down enough.


  13. Greetings in Christ Jesus, The Lord!

    Thank you SO much for sharing your incredible story, here! I learned about you by listening to a YouTube video recording of a radio talk show interview you did about “escaping Bethel Church”. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to hear someone (especially another woman) share so candidly about the massive apostasy, deception, and delusion upon the church, today. And I praise God almighty that you are out of that mess!

    So much of what was discussed in that interview–as well as what you have written about in this article–truly resonates with me, as I have had many similar experiences (within and without the church).

    I am currently a member of an Assemblies of God church; and for numerous reasons, have been led to do my own independent bible study–praying for discernment, and for my eyes to be opened to know truth from deception–boy has The Lord answered my cries!

    You see, there have been a few of those deceptive “experience based” teachings, lying signs, wonders, and lot’s of false or flat out FAKE prophecies spoken. Nowhere near as severe or radical as at Bethel church (I’ve watched some videos of that madness) just some subtle, mystical stuff slipping in beneath the radar.

    This TRULY concerns me, as I love and respect many of those attending our church. A lot of well meaning, nice and caring folks — including the pastors! My spirit has become so vexed over it! I desire to be wholly obedient to The Lord! And feel that it may be time to move on to another fellowship (I am considering checking out a Baptist church, lol ;-)) but am also compelled to try and rescue others away from this deception.

    Our pastor’s teaching is oftentimes wonderful and very scriptural! And he seems like a genuine Christian! But alas, where is the discernment? And how much does one need to be deceived before they them-self must be viewed as a deceiver???

    Almost every time I’m at church I am torn because I care for the people there. But I see SO little discernment that during prayer, I am constantly praying for their eyes to be opened with true Holy Spirit discernment and wisdom…and for protection from false holy ghosts (i.e. kundalini spirits).

    True discernment is either altogether neglected, or misunderstood and confused with being unloving, paranoid, and OF COURSE, judgmental. On YouTube, I’ve watched supposed teachings on discernment, designed to open people up to the paranormal realm (thru guided visualization techniques, etc.) rather than seeing it for what it truly is–satanic and demonic to the core!

    I know you know, because I listened to your testimony of being hailed as a ‘seer prophetess’! On that note, I too was sucked into dream interpretation (oneiromancy) thinking it was of God, which brought me under heavy spiritual oppression, requiring much deliverance. I still battle in the spirit, in the area of dreams/visions of the demonic. Although much of my own experience with the paranormal are a direct result of my family line–both sides wrought with mysticism, witchcraft, divination, idolatry, etc.

    Anyway, I am reaching out because I would love some advice on what to do. My husband and I have gone around and around in conversation about all of this and we SEEM to fundamentally agree–yet for some reason, he hesitates to pull anchor and move us on–so we stay. I am praying for him and desire to submit to his God-given authority in a biblical way, but the burden on my heart grows heavier.

    Thank you in advance, for taking the time to read and (hopefully) respond to this very long comment. And thank you, AGAIN, for what you are doing! I am convinced we must be about the business of shedding the pure light of God’s Truth (The Word) upon the false light/darkness all around us!

    Luke 11:35 (KJV) 35 Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

    (I was so glad to see the ^ verse quoted on your blog.)

    May The Lord Bless, Keep, and Equip you as you continue to serve Him–in Jesus Holy Name–Amen!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Bethany J, just keep talking together and praying. I am hesitant to give you advice because you and your husband seem to be a bit divided and I don’t want to come between that. I will tell you through my own research, and an often discussed topic, the word of God tells us what to do when sound doctrine is no longer taught. It is a blessing the Lord is showing you truth. I am grateful. 🙂


  14. Hello mkayla,

    In all sincerity, I have a few questions for you. Elsewhere in your blog you state that you’re not a cessationist and this entry, via a comment on July 10, 2009, you acknowledge that signs and wonders follow those who believe. My point is, I find it compelling that when your “trip in charismania” ended, seemingly, you didn’t go polar opposite into cessationism. And this brings me to my questions.

    Ephesians 4:11-13

    “And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ; until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.”

    With regard to those He gave as apostles and prophets, whom do you recognize given as apostles and prophets for today, in our time? Keep in mind that on March 8, 2015 in the comments section of “Death of a False Prophet John Paul Jackson Has Passed” you stated 100% accuracy in the measure of a true prophet; what prophet do you know or whom have you heard of that speaks with 100% accuracy? And yet, He gave (and still gives) some as apostles and prophets…

    With regard to the supernatural and signs and wonders, within the public eye, who do you acknowledge as a believer where God’s signs and wonders follow?

    With the focus on those within the public eye whom you are compelled to warn AGAINST, I am compelled to ask whom within the public eye you are FOR in your recognition of whom God has given for the equipping of the saints (specifically those given as apostles and prophets).



    • Do I recognize there are true gifts, of course I do. The bible is clear Shelley, that if a person speaks as a prophet and the thing he has spoken does not come true, he is not a true prophet. Listen, you are downplaying an all important warning because it has been told to you to do so. Who is a man or woman who would change the word of God, here? I am warning against the ones who come in the name of the Lord and teach us to seek after the gifts. True gifts and prophecy comes thru the will of God, not the will of man, and most certainly not by taking a class or by hands on impartation. If you doubt ME, then check the word of God. I’ve given you some clues here.

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  15. You can watch the end result of this kind of false teaching entering into a YOUTH GROUP! Just GOOGLE: “Bethel Church Grave Sucking Holy Spirit”….
    What wickedness to be lying to young people that Holy Spirit “leaks out”? ADD ON THIS IS = Something Jesus never, ever taught or mentioned. And yet charismatic chaos teaches o-cult-ick error like this because Biblical Truth has ended up being nothing these groups are interested in anymore.


  16. Yes, you are correct. I had some of these videos when I exposed John Crowder doing it but they have been removed. But it is true, Bethel people visit the graves, as did Cal Pierce (Healing Rooms) who visited the site of John G Lake for the purpose of gaining his mantle. The bible calls this necromancy and it is forbidden by God. But, they don’t read their bibles!

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