Celebration of Discipline Richard Foster

Richard Foster—Celebration of Deception   by Bob DeWaay 

 An article addressing the title Celebration of Discipline


I’ve been doing a little research in the way of the contemplative, emerging church. You will probably recognize names such as the one above, Richard Foster, or Dallas Willard, Henri Nouwen and Rob –don’t we all looove NOOMA –  Bell, etc.  Yesterday I started to put this up but was distracted by the wonderful world of weed pulling. But, imagine my shock this morning when I heard this very title mentioned at church (NO, not the pastor, whew!)   But…

…If you want to understand the presence of God, read this book written 30 years ago!…

 WHAT??!!  I had to leave the building. Please tell me– not another one! 

Hmmm..coincidence?  I don’t think so.

I touched on the topic of emergence just slightly here  https://mkayla.wordpress.com/2009/06/24/supernatural-encounters/ –   In the beginning of my research days I didn’t pay too much attention to the emergent church because I didn’t think it applied to me.  Wrong, I was.  I, and those I “ran with”  just hadn’t gotten around to calling it that.  So, upon doing a little more reading I am finding Foster’s teachings from 30 years ago are much the same as we find in inner healing and visualization techniques and the entire experienced based theology camp.  That is why I am saying it is not so far removed from the mystical things I practiced – let’s just all lay on the floor and experience God.  Not to mention these practices he has committed his life’s work to, and in teaching others are taken from other religions making them a big no-no for any Christian.  Can anyone say ‘oooohhhmm”?  How about teachers for itching ears because sound doctrine is not enough?

Even so, I find his books are suggested and even recommended reading by pastors and elders and carried by Christian book stores. Why?  Richard Foster is not a Christian. He is a Quaker/Mystic.  Big difference!  Big. Huge!  If that offends anyone, boo hoo, cry now. These people do not preach Jesus Christ!  They do not teach Holiness as unto our God!

The link above from Bob DeWaay is an excellent source of information as I have found all of his writings to be. Please read this one.  

The only safe and proved method in learning about God – and believe me, I have learned the hard way – the only way  in entering into, or practicing or experiencing His presence is found in His word and in His word only.  Anything else is a big fat, genuine steal your salvation as we all go skippin’ along on the glorious road paved with light straight to hell  F A K E.

8 thoughts on “Celebration of Discipline Richard Foster

  1. In my article I stated Richard Foster as a Catholic/Mystic. My error! I have corrected the comment to state that he is a Quaker/Mystic. 🙂 I get confused with these guys as some are Catholic.

    See also – http://apprising.org/2008/09/celebration-of-discipline-by-richard-foster-an-encyclopedia-of-theological-error/

    Apprising Ministries (above) has quite a bit of information regarding the very dangerous and deceptive contemplative/emergent movement.


  2. Ooooh girl you go!

    I love the quote “the wonderful world of weed pulling.” Haha!!! Aboslutely love it!

    Anyway, this article was great. The other day, a friend of mine suggested to me a way to find peace. She said, “Breath in and then breath out saying the word “peace” as you let your breath out.”

    I told her it sounded new agey to me and thanks but no thanks, we are not taught to do that but if we are to meditate to think on whatsover things are pure…etc. After I hung up I began to wonder if she was getting into the contemplative thing.

    Do you think she was according to what you have learned?


    • Yep! I’d say she is or at least headed in that direction. Did you ask her where she heard that?

      I listened to some of Rob Bell’s NOOMA teachings through our last church. In the first video we watched, he talks about breathing and the name of God – Yahweh He said the very sound of the name, if you say it, sounds just like breathing. It hit me wrong.

      I’ve since learned the breathing method is taught as a way of becoming silent to be able to hear the voice of God more clearly. And we know how hearing the voice of God has become such the in thing. This is far removed from the idea of taking time to hear from God through His word. It is a practice of eastern religions, having nothing to do with true Christianity! You were right – stay away.


  3. “Did you ask her where she heard that?”

    I guess that would be good idea before I completely just wiped someone off my list, huh? Haha! Thanks for pointing out something so simple to me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

    You mentioned that breathing thing. Have you noticed how so many “christian” songs today sound all breathy? It is as if they are too lazy to pronounce the words are something. That is why i don’t listen to today’s christian music. I hate that breathy sound. for pete sakes, no one TALKS like that, so why would you even sing like that. anway i think it is the same spirit behind it. But that is just my opinion. 🙂


    • Hi. I was curious as to where she heard it because I have found it easy to trace things and people back to the root teachings. It paints a much clearer picture.

      I don’t listen to much so called Christian music myself. I was really into Misty Edwards (IHOP) just before I became aware of the deception I was in. Since her music had become so widely used and because it seemed to bring on the strange “intercession” behavior I got rid of it. On the other hand much of what is played on the radio seems self -centered and just stupid. I don’t see much difference in Christian radio and secular. For the first time I am finding myself without much music in my life and it’s hard, but I don’t want to weed through the junk. I’ve always felt that music is a reflection of the soul and since being saved I pulled out of the secular, rock and roll music I had listened to for so many years because of what was behind it all. I find myself thinking the same about the pop Christian music too. It’s too bad, but the way it is.

      Which breathy music are you referring to?


      • The breathy thing that a lot of christian “artists” seem to be into now. I agree a lot of the music seems just plain stupid, not to say dull and boring.

        Seek the Lord if and what He would have you to do about music. As for me, I see nothing wrong in listening to something that I still enjoy. A lot of classical… Bach air in a G String is absolutely beautiful to my ears. Just as simon and Garfunkle still is pleasing to me ears, not to say Joan Baez who has the sweetest voice around.

        Be careful about getting yourself into a condemnation thing about something so simple as music. I did that years ago. I probably need to write about it at some point.


  4. Hi Mkayla
    Ican fully identify with weed pulling, im very much the reactive as opposed to the proactive gardner.I do find weed pulling a great time of reflection and occassionaly have some truly inspired moments!.There must be a correlation between me chipping weeds and God pulling them out of my life, fortunately my yard is full of them.
    On to something a little more serious though, that being the velvet Elvis , a while ago we began watching Nooma dvd’s in our home group [before i’d heard of or looked into Rob Bell] and iv’e got to hand it to the guy’ he is a master of deception.He presents very plausible and convincing arguments, ones that certainly sucked me in, and even now i have difficulty convincing my fellow christians that Rob Bell preaches a different gospel.Of all the emergent gurus i have looked into, Rob Bell stands out as the most cunning.
    Any way, if your good for a laugh or two, google “noomonia”.Bell has a good sized following that are quite willing to parody his unique style.


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