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The comment we don’t change our theology according to our experience comes from Cal Pierce. I don’t know if he picked up this little comment from someone else or if it was of his own  making.  He is the first person I heard say it, and now many are echoing this ridiculous statement.

I have not changed my theology according to experience.  But when I began to doubt what I was being taught and when I saw that people WERE NOT being healed, saved or delivered I went to the bible and Strong’s concordance to see if those teachings were true. They were not.  Obviously, Cal Pierce and his followers, including those who have made their life’s purpose to mimic him have adopted this cute saying. They do not know the word of God, they know the words of themselves or those of demons.

If you don’t know he is the man responsible for reopening the healing rooms in Spokane, WA originally started by John G. Lake, now operating as the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR). There are something like 1,000 of these healing rooms scattered throughout the world. This is the minstry I had been involved with that made me stand up and take notice of what was being passed around and taught to others under the guise of a “Christian healing ministry”.

Anyone following in Pierce’s footsteps or those of Bill Johnson, who is on the IAHR Board of Directors, read the word against thier claims.  I was a big “fan” of Johnson’s too.  Why would any man or woman of God endorse or support Todd Bentley who is a proved fake and a very dangerous person??  Gracegracegrace!!!  Bill says.  oh star-struck brother, watch out!

7 thoughts on “theology vs experience

  1. puuuleeease, these people change their theology every time they have an experince of some kind. Their experiences ARE their theology. If a bird flys by….ooops, we must change our theology because the bird means something….If they see aleaf fall froma tree…oops, there is a leaf, wonder what it means. We must change our theology. The truth is not in them


  2. Hehe. When I first read your comment I thought you said “when a bird flys by and poops…” heheh! And I AGREED with it, the bird poop does MEAN something! I’m sure Barbie Breathitt has a meaning in all of her dream cards! Maybe John P Jackson has made it that far too, huh? But you are soooo right. In the (false) prophetic everything on earth has meaning! Its all so exhausting! I so much prefer the word!


  3. Hi mkayla,
    I get lost trying to go back to some of the articles, I was looking for another one you wrote on the healing rooms, anyway, I can’t believe what I ead on Cal Pierce!

    WOW, it is shocking that he actually walks you through his misguided path!
    Please read, and then go to this site:

    Cal Pierce and his wife Michelle grew up in Redding, California where
    they were members of Bethel Assembly of God Church.
    Cal served at Bethel as an elder and board member. He says he was
    “the most bored board member the church had.”
    For 25 years he was stuck in a form of Christianity that denied God’s power.
    In June, 1996 during a service where God moved powerfully, Cal was
    changed by the power of God.
    Cal’s life has been changed ever since.

    He admits he was “bored” with his life and the “form of Christianity
    that denied the power of God”.
    I think that he was bored and his ego told him he was more important than his position,that he had a greater purpose to fulfill! (for the heart is deceitfully wicked)

    Suddenly after 25 years of boredom “god moved powerfully”
    He “felt” God draw him from Redding CA, to Spokane WA.
    He did not know what God wanted him to do there.

    This is when and where he decided to seek signs and wonders.

    Having studied revivals, Cal had read about John G. Lake’s ministry in Spokane,

    “there was no doubt that God wanted us to re-dig the generational
    wells of healing in Spokane.”
    When I seek God I don’t seek him alone in a graveyard. This reads like a bad B movie!


    • Hi.
      Yes, I am familiar with his story. He is not the only one who goes to grave sites for direction or to receive “healing mantles” under the supposed leading of the Lord. (which lord?) Benny Hinn does so with Kathryn Kuhlman, John Crowder with John Alexander Dowie and I believe it was John G Lake who also went to Dowie’s. It’s nuts!

      Bored – of reading the bible, praying, helping others, preaching the gospel – all of that is boring because it requires discipline rather than a supernatural experience.

      Did you find the article you were looking for? All of the writings related to the healing rooms are under Refuting Healing Room Teaching. If not, let me know and I will locate it for you.

      You make great points when you come here. How are YOU doing?


      • On another note – it is crazy they way the all preach healing is for everyone, yet so many of them are sick and have major illnesses. In the end, most die of some disease or incurable illness. You’d think that would be enough for the rest of them to wake up and pay attention, but they keep on with their false teaching. We live in a fallen world and mankind is subject to illness and disease because it is all a part of the sin nature. This will continue until the Lord returns and sets things right again.


  4. HI, I’m doing ok. The first few weeks I really felt a creepy oppression, I did a major house cleaning, literally, I rid myself and my home of anything offensive. I really felt I had to. Anyway my faith was never shaken but my ability to use my faith to protect myself was tested. Reading all of these posts on your site is a huge comfort.
    I found this article it helped me to begin to see the church in a new way. It was written in 1998 by an Anglican scholar and is very insightful.

    “The fourth wave and he Approaching millennium
    Some problems with charismatic hermeneutics.”

    Click to access fourth.pdf

    I had a bit of trouble reading it, not being a scholar, I had to make a glosary of terms to refer to as I read it. Here it is:
    1. Hermeneutics is the study of interpretation theory.
    2. Praxis is also key in meditation and spirituality, where emphasis is placed on gaining first-hand experience of concepts and certain areas, such as union with the Divine, which can only be explored through praxis due to the inability of the finite mind (and its tool, language) to comprehend or express the infinite. In an interview for YES! Magazine, Matthew Fox explained it this way:
    Wisdom is always taste — in both Latin and Hebrew, the word for wisdom comes from the word for taste — so it’s something to taste, not something to theorize about. “Taste and see that God is good,” the psalm says; and that’s wisdom: tasting life. No one can do it for us. The mystical tradition is very much a Sophia tradition. It is about tasting and trusting experience, before institution or dogma.[3]
    According to Strong’s Hebrew dictionary, the Hebrew word, ta‛am, is; properly a taste, that is, (figuratively) perception; by implication intelligence; transitively a mandate: – advice, behaviour, decree, discretion, judgment, reason, taste, understanding.
    3. : Exegesis: exposition, explanation; especially : an explanation or critical interpretation of a text.

    4 : Eschatology: A belief concerning death, the end of the world, or the ultimate destiny of humankind; specifically : any of various Christian doctrines concerning the Second Coming, the resurrection of the dead, or the Last Judgment.

    5. Syncretistic: syn•cre•tism
    Etymology: New Latin syncretismus, from Greek synkrētismos federation of Cretan cities, from syn- + Krēt-, Krēs Cretan
    1 : the combination of different forms of belief or practice
    2 : the fusion of two or more originally different inflectional forms

    This should be the “new believers class” it would help all Christians see the potential for human error.


    • That was quite an article! I love your glossary! Good work!

      I too, had quite a bit of trouble with it. Even so, much of what was said is familiar – the waves, the “this is that”, the theory of “ankle deep, knee deep”. It is so very true that the church is not testing teachings any longer. I didn’t realize how much the bible really has been thrown out. I just took an on line “visit” to my previous church. Hardly any of their life groups are offering true bible study. It’s all about experience, the supernatural, signs and wonders (as tho somehow we can make God perform), the prophetic, false, of course. More and more, deeper and deeper in they go! When we see this going on in our churches it should no longer come as a surprise their teachings are no longer biblical, therefore, they are easily deceived and many are mislead. I guess it is all too exhausting to study the scriptures.

      I am thankful to the Lord what I do here has helped and encouraged you. House cleaning is a good thing. I have quite a large box of books waiting for a nice hot bon fire this winter. Weenie roast and s’mores.


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