Lakeland Electrocution Impartation

 This is a video dated May 8, 2008, a little over nine minutes of Randy Clark and Todd Bentley while at Lakeland, Florida. I am putting this up to show the connection between some of these false teachers and false moves of God.  I am familiar with Randy Clark and with the healing ministry, having had been a part of one for almost three years.  I am more than familiar of the dangers involved in these imparations and the manifestations of the demonic which takes place once we come into agreement with what is being passed on. This is not a true practice of the early disciples and what the word of God teaches in the laying on of hands.  All believers have the presence of the Holy Spirit. We do not need Him or any of His gifts, His power or authority “imparted” to us.

I’ve transcribed most of the video or at least what I felt were the most important portions and made some observations and notes along the way.

Randy Clark coming on stage, introduced as the “Firestarter” of the Toronto Blessing at about 1:23, Todd says, “Dear Randy… Firestarter, I know you’ve been lighting fires all over the world.” 

Everytime Todd says “firestarter” I think of the Stephen King book/movie of the same name. Hmm, I think Drew Barrymore played the lead character, but I can’ t be sure. Maybe there is a reason as they both, Randy and the main character in the story, are known for starting fires.

Randy gets the mike and the name dropping starts: Bill Johnson, John Arnott, Rolland and Heidi Baker, George and Winnie Banov, all of their groovy little group, and he even says “WE know it’s God”.  Endorsement!!! No one wants to miss out on what God is doing. No one has the backbone for it.  He does not want to hinder, but to bless, but as he says this I wonder if that is the truth. He seems a little unsure. 

Then at 2:12 Randy begins to prophesy (falsely) over Todd. “No one can find anything negative in  your stream or your root, because your root goes right to Jesus Christ. And the stream goes right to heaven”  And of course, the crowd loves it.  (gag) This is more of the same falseness that came from Staci Campbell, although I dont’ know if it was before or after this night in which she told him he was pure.  None of us are pure. None.

Exposing the root or stream is exactly what I am doing here. Showing the relation between one false movement (not) of (our) god and another move, passed from one guru to another, and on it goes right to you or me. It is important to see the relation between the person and the false teaching and how they are passed from one to another like a virus.  It was a key factor for me when I was doing my research while involved in these deceptive practices.

Randy tells him he is like Amos, the prophet, and boy, Todd reeeeaaalyy likes that because the manifestations that started small are really moving his body now.  Can anyone say Kundalini??  Let’s practice, “not Holy Spirit, Kundalini”.  Or we can simplify and say, “not Holy Spirit, Satan”. It is Satan who is causing these manifestations, not God, the Most High, not the third person of the holy trinity.  This is not about the power of the presence of God.  This is about demonic possession.

At about 3:00 Randy starts talking about how “IT” started in Lakeland, then moved to Toronto, then Pensicola…”IT”…all over the world. (“IT another of those Stephen King stories!!)

Of course Randy has to point out that “IT” began with Rodney Howard Browne aka the holy spirit bartender (and it grieves me to type that out  – h.s. bartender – as it is such an abomination to who and what the Spririt of God truely is!)  But we have to get a mention to yet another name and accolade to whom it is due, so that Todd does not get too high handed in that he was responsible for this major revival that is ready to “break out”.  Really, the words they choose are so odd!!  Here they are, so concerned about honoring God and claiming this is of God, but so quick to name names of who did what, when and where!

And I just love the comment about Todd’s lack of $5000 suits, what about those tats, though. Hmm, some pretty pricey art work there. But, here it’s all okay as long as he doesn’t look like one of those fakey pricey preachers wearing a suit that cost more than most of us paid for our first 3 cars. Now this is a true sign of a laid down life.

Okay, here we go into the deep water.  At about 4:24 Todd points out that he was saved in January just as the Toronto blessing is taking place, as tho there is some deep meaning there, January of ’94.   But, wait, there is.  Cuz, Randy jumps in and says this to him: “One of the things I have seen in church history is often people who were touched, saved or touched in the last move become leaders in the next move. But, you are right, the leaders of the last move, can’t bless.” (huh?)” But Bill Johnson is talking about our ceiling is the floor for the next generation.” Again, the crowd loves this comment.

(Look here, TOUCHED…by whom or maybe we should ask touched by WHAT.  There is nothing in the word of God about this “touched”.  And, now Christianity has levels just like eastern religions, higher places, higher planes, floors and ceilings, etc.  Where is this in the bible??)

Now we see the connection between people and places.  Rodney Howard Brown at Lakeland Florida who prayed for Randy Clark who went to Toronto Canada where “IT” broke out.  John Arnott and John Kilpatrick were in the mix there too. Rodney had been involved with Ken Hagin. Ever heard of the “laughing revival”?

Remember the names above?  They are all connected between each other. Randy Clark prayed for Heidi Baker who is joined with Bill Johnson, more formally, Bill’s Bethel church and Heidi’s Iris Ministries.  And they are all pals with Todd Bentley.  At this point in time everyone is in line to be known as Todd’s best pal!  No one cares that he is as fake as the day is long.

 These people attending believe they are part of something BIG. They are, it’s just not what they think it is and sadly, they are too deceived at this point, too seduced by this false spirit to ask the right questions. They are being prepared to receive even more of the deception, as the big impartation is getting ready to happen.  They are standing with raised hands in agreement, in expectation. (Agreement plays a very important part in this deception.)

Randy starts to pray and then the beginning of his unholy impartation begins as the prayer turns into a decree.  At 5:30 he says this praying for pastors: “We come together now, we bless you in the name of Jesus, we pray for the fire to come upon you.  The fire of God to come upon you into your hands you begin to sweat, you feel the electricity, that God would do to you what he did to Heidi and Leif Heitland and some others…”  When do we read in the bible that God sends fire upon His own people, or even electricity?  Fire was always used to destroy people, not build them up.  This is a very important point with Charismaniacs. They really like the “fire” of God. It is not a good thing to ask God for.

Randy claims out of the move, I believe he is again referring to Toronto, 2 people were touched – there’s that word again – touched, 2 million saved 12, 000 churches planted.  Where does he get these numbers? And the claims of so many churches and salvations is astronomical!! Where are all of these people and if so many have been truly saved, what is wrong with our world?  This cannot be. But, this is Charismania at it’s best.  Tellin them “tall tales” of exaggeration to get your attention, your praise, your following and adoration and your cash. 

Randy says “God is going to do more now because in Toronto He said, ‘I am coming gently to you now so you will not be afraid when I come into my power’.”  Catch those words – come into my power. When would God ever need to come into His power?  Who exactly is speaking here, because by these words we know it is NOT God Almighty.

Randy goes on to say that they have been “pressing in” for 14 1/2 years for a massive breakthrough and that this move is two fold.  Todd is going to be bringing this revival to the streets, massive evangelism, massive healings. He claims that we are now actually seeing in the US what we have seen overseas, and even more.  (Remember Rodney Howard Browne is from Africa.) Again, they are not “bringing” the presence of God, He has already been here with us as evidenced by the believers.  These people are bringing some other spirit claiming it is the Holy Spirit. It is not.

Again Randy begins to pray at 6:55 this time for America, for the western countries, Australia, England, Austria, Germany… all over the world.   Curious.

Then he tells the audience to lift their hands and they do (there’s the agreement factor. At 7:41 “Father, I pray that you would give them a sign that you are increasing the anointing for healing in their life.”  Then he asks, “can we wait one minute? We are going to ask God to release fire on your hands a sign that you are going to receive a healing anointing, and it’s going to be multiplied.  Some of you may begin to weep, you may begin to laugh, you may begin to shake begin to sweat, bowed over, bent down by the glory of god, and fire and electricity coming into your hands…in Jesus name…release this sign to them that you are anointing for healing that they are going to take it back to their churches and the places you will send them…now in Jesus name…now in Jesus name…release your fire…release your electricity.  I see some of you already the power of god is like 110, god make it 22o (screaming)…fire come into your hands and it would even hurt because of the power, fire, more more electricity, (he picks on someone he knows is from Korea) electrocute the Koreans in Jesus name. Thank you Lord.”


Decreeing, demanding god for not only an impartation, but a a painful impartation of electricity and fire  to take it back wherever they go. Dangerous, demonic impartation of a sign, a spirit and manifestations not of our God spreading like a deadly virus.  And deadly it is.

We know  that few, if any, were healed during this Lakeland fiasco. We know there was little to no mention of the saving grace and gospel message of Jesus Christ.  We remember Emma. We know how Todd ended at Lakeland in the affair, quickie divorce and new marriage. We know all the false prophetic words given during that time, and yes, let’s call them for what they truely are – false.   We know that Todd is being wooed by Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner.  Todd Bentley was not sent by our God. This is not over. Whatever was unleashed is still alive and well and growing in power.  

Remember Randy repeated the words of his god “when I come into my power“.  Remember on another of my posts John Kilpatrick claimed the message from his god to be  R.E.S.U.R.R.E.C.T.I.O.N.

What is coming into power, what is being resurrected?  Not our Messiah. What if these are messages from the anti-christ?

Ephesians 1:17-19  That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory may give to  you the  spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His interitance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power.

For more on manifestations see my article on Holy Spirit Manifestations here.

13 thoughts on “Lakeland Electrocution Impartation

  1. Hi Mkayla
    I was kinda hoping to put the ugly Todd Bentley saga behind and just keep looking to Christ as our true source of peace. When i look again at stuff like this , its difficult not to think at how near His return must be.Little do these people in this scene realise that God will send fire, the fire of His judgement and wrath at a people that believe they are doing His will.I can say that the “fire” has managed to traverse the Pacific ocean and spark up in my [ former ] church.Yep , 2 weeks ago , a visiting speaker took the liberty of ” annointing” as many suckers as possible and it was a sickening sight.As soon as it started i felt a huge thump in my spirit , i knew this was not right.I have since left the church, this being an evangelical baptist church in Australia, not some way out AOG outfit.Just a word of encouragement to all out there, keep looking to Christ only,The Way , the Truth and the Life.


    • HI Ray!
      I am sorry to hear about the situation at your church. I know you had concerns about some things going on there and I was hoping and praying that you would have a chance to help them see the truth and turn it around.

      I thought about this video for a long time before deciding to put it up. I didn’t want to rehash old stuff. I came to the conclusion that even tho Lakeland has been over for some time, almost a year now, the spirit that drove it to be, along with Toronto is not gone, but growing.

      We do keep looking to Christ, to know Him, the truth and to pray for those so deeply imbedded in this deception that they cannot see their way out without His guidance.

      Be strengthened in the Lord and in the power of His might. 🙂


  2. What is it about TB that he puts that big fat “UH” on the end of his words? Is that the “annointing” or what? Honor the fathers and the generals? These men are soooo full of themselves!

    I’m reminded of “firestarter” movie too. Ray is right, if there is to be any fire… and there will be… it is fire of judgment.

    RC says they can’t find anything “negative” with TB? Just goes to show you these people had NO discernement at all! What of the fact he was aving an affair at this time? What about the heresies he was teaching? What about the calling down of angels or kicking little old ladies in the face with his “biker boot.” Oh but wait… GOD told him to do htat, right? These people absolutely make me want to retch!

    RC even says, “I believe in you.” Wow! That’s a powerful statedment. He may as well have said, “I believe in satan in you” cause that is what was in TB.

    WHERE are we told to pray for fire? We aren’t. The Holy Spirit was given to those who obeyed. SO if people have not repented for their sins, just what kind of spirit are they getting when they pray for fire? HELL FIRE and dmanation.

    ’I am coming gently to you now so you will not be afraid when I come into my power’.” Catch those words – come into my power. When would God ever need to come into His power? Who exactly is speaking here, because by these words we know it is NOT God Almighty.
    You got that right sister! This first delusion came in “gentleness.” Oh my my my, what will the next one look like? People smacking one another in the name of Jesus? I ask myself how can they possibly create more of a perverse image of Jesus as they did last year, but i guess it is possible when the devil himself was the orchstartor (sic) of the first deluison!

    Keep pressing on sister! Thanks for sharing this. you did a great job exposing it! God help us all when the next “move of God” comes through these apostates!


    • Yippiee and thank you Jesus my comment thingie is fixed!!!!

      Hi RH!!!

      I think that “UH” noise is for effect or something and he probably learned it from other preachers. Sounds either kind of southern or bible belt to me, something old. You are so right in these comments. There are so many more things to be said, but I had already written a book. Who would have thought those 9 little minutes or so would have taken hours to get through. I am glad I did it though. And I am glad it’s being read. Praise God and may he help these people out of this deception!!!

      When I first heard Randy make the comment “I am coming to you gently” I thought of how those manifestations seemed to start that way. Like warm fuzzies, but they did not stay like that, they became violent and very uncomfortable. It’s so demonic!!! And also, the comment of nothing negative found in Todd – if we are cleansed by the blood and forgiven of our sins this comment has no basis scripturally!!! Oh, these people!


  3. I’m sorry i keep posting but they even pray that electricity would hurt and to electricute in Jesus name!! WHO ON EARTH wants to believe this is true???? What kind of people desire for this to be true!!!!???? People seeking for occult power, that is who! Oh dear God cast down the wicked whoever they may be wherever they may be! Cast down EVERY high thing that exalts itself above your truth! And Lord if my heart isn’t right, please show me cause this stuff just angers me so!


    • Randy’s words “make it hurt” was what reeaaally got me on this! the Lord is gentle and kind, compassionate showing mercy. It’s satan, their god that is doing this other stuff to them. Looking back, it is amazing Todd still has his brain intact and it wasn’t shaken loose from it’s stem!!!


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  5. “No one can find anything negative in your stream or your root, because your root goes right to Jesus Christ. And the stream goes right to heaven”

    Yeah right! NOT!! They really need to be eating humble pie after this faux pas!! But of course as with all the false prophecies they just keep on going…. OH I forgot, what did Bob Jones say? Modern prophets are only about 80% accurate?


    • Oh, they don’t eat from that pie. I seem to remember reading (maybe from Joyner or Jones – can’t remember) that a prophet only has to be right 60% of the time now.

      And no one can find anything wrong in Todd Bentley? I guess that means he has surpassed his sinful nature and well on his way to MSOG. gag. (Of course the rest of us – the little people – remain sinners saved by grace.)


  6. The fire they are calling down is very dangerous it is a strange Fire >Leviticus 10:1-3
    1And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the LORD, which he commanded them not.
    2And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the LORD.
    3Then Moses said unto Aaron, This is it that the LORD spake, saying, I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me, and before all the people I will be glorified. And Aaron held his peace.

    This was a passage I got when I was just a baby beleiver-The Lord would tell me don’t go-when they gave altar calls-He was very serious about this…When I went home He told me why! I also got Jeremiah 13 about the drunken laughter-it is indeed a judgement from the Lord and not a blessing. I can only pray that the sheep will be taken away from these wretched sorcerors, and that they will not be able to hide their true intent, behind Churchianity-speak anymore!!


  7. Thank you so much for this article! My home church is in the UK and was deeply affected by the Toronto ‘blessing’. They spoke so highly of Todd and his crew. I’m glad I left that church and grew increasingly wary of their teachings in regards to impartations and ‘fire of the Spirit’, and laying on of hands causing people to collapse and shake and enter what can only be described as a fit, sometimes a laughing fit. I haven’t been to that church in almost a decade, and I do often wonder if they’re still into all of that. Aside from that wacky stuff that went on during worship, I do recall their sermons being quite Biblical and strong. A strange contradiction.


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