A Snitch’s Letter to Mr. Obama

This is a letter I submitted by way of e-mail to the White House. I plan to send many more to other officials.  I snitched on myself. haha

Dear Mr. Obama,

I will save my fellow Americans the trouble of bowing to a White House request for snitchery on those who speak or write against your health care reform.  I will do it for them as I have nothing to hide.

I am against this current health care bill because I do not believe it serves the best interests in the health or welfare of the American public.

I am against taxing an already overtaxed and underpaid society who is on the brink of complete financial ruin.

I am against a government imposed tax to those who do not selecthealth care, or for those who do not go along with the status quo, and for those small businesses who simply cannot afford to do what the rich government thinks it should. Employer- provided medical benefits is an option – and a great one – a benefit, not a requirement of law.  We believe in and support free enterprise.

I am against any kind of assisted suicide, whether of, or by the elderly or of the unborn regardless of the fancy wording and reasoning attached to it.

I am against providing illegal aliens with free heath care who should not be on our soil to begin with.

I am against a plan that will allow the government the choice of whether or not I receive medical treatment, prescription meds and whether or not  I live or die based on my age, medical condition and prognosis.

I am against any government plan to take away freedom and the right of life in whatever form it comes as these things were given freely by God Almighty, not man or government.

There is more, but this will suffice for now.

What is the motivation behind your plea for snitchery?  What will you plan to do with this information once it is obtained?  Do you realize what you request is a violation of our right to speech, right to privacy and our right to protest and to ask questions of our government officials?

We have and will continue to fight against any move of government that is considered to be wrong in whatever form it comes knowing that we will be branded as conspiracy theorists, the uniformed, crazy with too much time on our hands, and so on.

The current administration, regardless of its beliefs does not have the option to impede on our freedom.

The Senate should not be persuaded to vote on this bill until it has been fully read, reviewed, discussed and argued – and most importantly made public for all eyes to see. You expect us to pay, we want to see the product beforehand. You promised transparency, so where is it?

Thank you for your time.

6 thoughts on “A Snitch’s Letter to Mr. Obama

  1. Oh sister, you go girl! You said it all! I can’t possibly add anything to it, i don’t think. I need to come up with my own, now. If i can’t come up with anything i may have to use yours because i just do not see all that much difference (if any) between your thoughts and mine! Your zeal and passion makes me take great pleasure in calling you friend!


  2. You know , Kayla this Obama is really getting scarry. He is beginning to sound like Chavez. He is pushing this bill through come high waters or hell. Like or not . In all my years I have NEVER seen the White House President conduct himself or speak the way he does. This guy is a DICTATOR I’m afraid he will be the last president ever elected. It just doesn’t sound to good. And there is still 39% of the people still think this health care is O.K. , I don’t mean to sound depressing I’m trying to be realistic. It doesn’t look like America can get rid of this guy! Maybe you have something good to say?


    • Only a dictator would want to know what people are saying. It’s so crazy, because the American people who are talking aren’t the ones hiding the truth. That’s why they are talking! Hey, White House people, get a clue!


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  4. Hi M’Kayla
    I wanted to make a comment that is not related to any thing posted on this site, but is something you may find interesting.If you google HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm , this will lead you web pages dealing with firearm control.In Australia , we already have very tight gun control, which i agree with, but i have always viewed America as the last frontier of gun slinging ctiizens,[ maybe this is a figment of my imagination].Whatever it is , is not as important as the issue of having the right to bear a firearm removed or curtailed.I have long held the view that access to guns was the last defence that Americans would have against a looming police state, and now this right looks as though it is about to be taken away.I know this is probably outside your vision on this blog ,but let me know what you think.
    regards ray


    • Hi Ray.
      Gun control really isn’t my area. I know it’s part of our constitutional rights, but I’m not a gun person. (No, I’m not one of those “guns kill people” wierdos, either.) What is it that you are seeing here? I think the true gun slingers are our home grown terrorists who have been here for a very long time. Not Muslim, but Americans, the drive by gang-bang-ers who kill for the sake of killing.

      I read or heard about the NY Mayor (?) setting up his own force separate from the PD. They are unarmed now, but they won’t be in the future. I think that was Mike Savage, and maybe on another blog. Pretty scary stuff.


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