White House Calls For Snitches!

From the White House “blog”-

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov. (emphasis mine)

Link:  www.whitehouse.gov/blog/Facts-Are-Stubborn-Things

Listen, save your fellow Americans the hassle of snitching on you. Call the White House, write letters, send faxes and e-mails to Obama, your senators, governors, representatives, etc. It is our right and privilege granted by our Constitution as Americans to question ALL of our leaders and to hold them responsible for every decision they make and for each law they propose. It is their responsibility to provide truthful answers to our questions without branding Americans as conspiracy theorists, crazy or disinformed.

This administration who claimed “transparency” is instead shrouded in darkness!

This “request” by the White House is against our freedom of speech at the most intimate level, our communication with each other, our family and our friends!  Think about it!  What does that say to you??  What will they do with the information once they receive it?

Invite us for a beer?

I am against Obama’s health care reform proposal they way it stands.  Snitch away, I don’t care, as I plan on writing many letters on my own alleviating the need for snitching!

I am against the government making decisions about my health, based on my age, my lifestyle, condition and medical prognosis.

I am against the government paying for abortions.

I am against the government counseling the aged to “die with dignity”  no matter what wording gets slapped on to it.

I am against the government providing illegal aliens with health care that they do not have to pay for.  (Illegal aliens shouldn’t be allowed here, but that’s another topic.)

I am against anyone making a decision based on life and freedom that was given freely to us all by God Almighty -period.

There is no conspiracy in what I and many, many other people are screaming about here. We do not like it. We are not going for it!

Why pay for a product we do not want??? As consumers, whenever we purchase a product we expect that the product to perform according to the claims. In purchasing health care, either through the government or private carrier, whether the money comes from payroll deductions or from paying taxes we would expect the health care to be sane, fair and reasonable, holding the health, safety and welfare of all Americans in high esteem. Health care is a product.

When a product breaks down, we send it back.

Obama’s health care reform is broken, send it back.

It’s gettin’ scary out there guys!

12 thoughts on “White House Calls For Snitches!

  1. Well said, Kayla, FIGHT, FIGHT, I`m sitting here listening to some of these politicians, in these town halls they are the biggest liars, and grinning no shame at all and as far as Obama going around try to sell what ever he is trying to sell is the biggest Joke. I don`t know why they the(people) give him the time of day. You have to get rid of this President and his party.


  2. mkayla, well said once again! Bravo bravo! Love you soooo much sister! Maybe if they put all us bloggers in jail, we can share the same cell!


  3. Kayla – No I forgot to change the name – Bad habit of mine I try to remember first thing before anything -This is to you and RH – they won’t put you both to-gether in one cell cause it would be trouble for them. Probably between the two of you’s , you’s could quote the whole bible that’s a no no. I’m sitting here ‘watching the Fox news , I believe they are having a concert for Freedom . This is in SanDiago. They are fighting. GOOD.! I hope they put Obama in his place and his party. CNN they crack me up they were say unemployment down first time in 15 Mths. honestly, then Ali was explaining about the health care but, fails to mention what the real problem is. Doesn’t mention what written in the health care ( I think Obama paying these guys to say what he wants them to say) I think I’m gonna have to quit watching the news and the computer I’m getting so addicted to this stuff.


    • Hi Sandra,
      Hehe, take some time off and watch a movie. I stopped watching CNN a while back because they were more focused on how to help people get jobs than they were the news. MSNBC has gone completely flaky. I watch FOX because there is no other choice, even the local news has become worthless, more commercials than news and even when they get around to the real news it’s so quick if you blink you will miss the entire segment. Local news is more entertainment focused than anything. Gone are the days of real news casters! There are some things I DO like about FOX, but I hate their website! I believe most of the news IS controlled by the government in one way or another. That is why so many newpapers are liberal and have been for quite a long time.

      So, they say unemployment is down, but compared to what? Did the people get as good of jobs as they lost or did they have to settle? When they throw comments out there like that I want the details to see if they are comparing apples to apples.


  4. No they don’t compare apples with apples. They beleive the people are so stupid , well, there might some stupid people out there. But, there are a lot of very smart people out there who can sucessfully run a business, and that’s more than what they can do. Kayla, I have to tell you this one night I was sitting here with the computer and do you know somehow I was typing something in and somehow this name came up Gerald Celente he predicts ahead of time. Now I’m not into this stuff, but you know I was curious and looked ,if half of what he predicts is true what a night.mare. I have never hear of this guy before. I have found fox News is better than CNN and sometimes I check i News interesting.


    • Sandra,
      Read this. It proves my point of comparing apples to apples. Obama claims unemployment rate at 9% when in reality it is 16%. Why? People have NOT gone back to work, they have stopped looking because there are no jobs for them. Unemployment has NOT gone down, it has been worsening month after month.

      We really need to get our eyes on God and pray for so many who are deceived and led astray by those in office who bring good tidings when reality brings a different story. It reminds me of the scripture of the false prophets who prophecy peace, peace when there is no peace! Either Obama does not get his facts straight, which is a true reflection on those who are positioned to make sure he does, OR he is a liar. Either way, he is in much too high of a position to make these mistakes, or lies, whatever the truth may be. And out of respect for his position as leader of the free world, I give him some leeway, but how much for how long?


  5. Hi Kayla – #1 Don’t worry I don’t intend to get into those predictions. #2. I read the article you put up about unemployment, for some reason it does not surprise me at all. You know one needs statisic to prove and to see where they are at. But, it like I have said to my son-in-law before. Over 200,000 jobs are lost. How in heck, do they replace them, they can’t., I don’t care what they say, logically they can’t .I want to believe everything is going to be alright. But, my inner is telling me different. I was reading Romans 1 oh my! it is so much like to-day. The way it describes people. No, we have never been in a time like this. Right! It’s a whole new ball game and JESUS is very near. Now I find my saying maybe to-day. P. S. I still think we have Obama nailed and his party for what they are .I hate to say this but, I said this to my-son-in-law to-day, I think US is going to be socialist not by choice.


  6. Kayla, I fully agree with everything you have stated, I hope enough Americans Wake up to Stop it But I dont think it will happen These Sheeple are lead around by their nose too much to wake up and Pay attention to whats really going on, I think as Does Alex Jones and Steve Quayle that starting in October They are going to try to FORCE Inject everyone for this so called SWINE Flu but in reality the shot they give you will kill you. I also think Socailism is coming fast unless we rise up and say NO now while we can…..


    • Hi Ray. I agree there seems to be many things that are being forced on us. Those who stand against them and stand up for true liberty and freedom, holding government accountable are dismissed as trouble makers. It seems many have forgotten the truth in what has made America the definitive country that it is. We have bred them, making them dependent on help in the form of aide to live. Welfare was a very bad idea. And now there are many who have the same state of mind. The government was never set up to take care of its people financially. It was set up to protect its people from those who would come to destroy and make war. It is the very same government who will destroy our country, our freedom and all that it entails.


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