Eliminate Private Payer Insurance is the Future

From Breibart.tv  uncoverd video brings to light older clips of Obama and others speaking about the future of single or private payer health care.  Seems the truth can be found!

Here is the link to the video:

Obama Health Care Will Eliminate Private Insurance!!!

3 thoughts on “Eliminate Private Payer Insurance is the Future

  1. Kayla, My Dad use to have an old saying – To be a good Liar you have to remember all the Lies you told before. That’s pretty hard especially when that’s all you do is LIE. But, if you were to tell him he lied he would tell you, you missunderstood. And if you said I can prove it and showed him that very tape he would say that’s not what he’s saying there. He is a Muslim . They don`t hear the truth nor do they speak the truth.


    • Yes, that is a true saying that I also remember. That’s why it is good to have record of previous statements and conversations! And more than likely it is THE reason why leaders do not like us having all of that information at our fingertips. If Obama is a muslim he should just come out and say so. We already know he is not a Christian.


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