Crying Wolf! Savage Wolf!

Acts 20: 28-31

28 Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.

29 For know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.

30 Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves.

31 Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.

Apparently Paul took the work of warning others so seriously that he did so continuously and with tears!

Look!  Again he warns and calls them out by name! 2 Timothy 2:17-18 And their message will spread like cancer. Hymenaeus and Philetus are of this sort, 18 who have strayed concerning the truth…

Again!  2 Timothy 4:14-15  Alexander the coppersmith did me much harm.  May the Lord repay him according to his works. 15 You also must beware of him, for he has greatly resisted our words.

Why did he name these people?  To protect the church!  YOU!  ME!  Because their lying message spreads like CANCER. And so true!   Cancer kills!

1 Timothy 6:5 …men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself.

That means get away from them.

2 John 8-11  Look to yourselves, that we do not lose the things we worked for, but that we may receive a full reward. 9 Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the son.10 If anyone comes to you, and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him, 11 for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds.

I believe this is otherwise known as guilt by association.

Remember when Jesus said to remove the beam out of your own eye so that you can clearly see to remove the splinter from your brothers’?  I came out of this stuff. Been there done that and God – in his great mercy and kindness delivered me from these savage wolves. Now that I see clearly I want to better expose those who have put the proverbial splinter in yours. So, as I hand you the tweezers, you must be willing to PULL!

I understand that many of those who cry out “judge not” in my direction don’t have an understanding of the word and rely on others to teach them and so usually fall into the wrong hands or –  “paws”.   These are the ones who have been told by the savage wolf and savage wolf supporters that God is powerful and he can do anything, and therefore anything can happen and to just go along with whatever transpires. Out goes any discernment until they are so duped they will believe and follow anything.

These who have chosen to protect and defend, obviously to their own spiritual deaths, their savage wolf teachers rather than stand for the God  whom they call “Lord”, the one who died for them.  These who would rather download the savage wolf’s latest teaching via webcast, podcast, cd or book to “get what they need for the moment” instead of trusting the teaching of the Holy Spirit through the bible, the method designed by God.  This should not be.

To these I say to check your bible for all the warnings given by the original disciples and apostles.  Check your bible to see what will happen to your salvation if you follow after false teachers.  Check  your bible to find out what will happen to you for all eternity in following other gods. Because these false teachers, prophets, apostles, evangelists, and revivalists lead us exactly there.  They are all liars, not led of God, but led by their own fleshy desires for power, fame and cash and, just like it says above in Acts 20:30 – speaking perverse things to draw you away!  And we know that all liars, idolaters, and the abominable are put in the lake of fire – Revelation 21:8 – read it!

Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity. 2 Timothy 2:19b

35 thoughts on “Crying Wolf! Savage Wolf!

  1. HI mkayla,

    I told you that I printed out your articles to pass along to people I love, to warn them about the Bethel “supernatural teachings” being offered in the church I left.
    One person I sent the articles to read them and then she read an email from the church announcing a Monday night meeting with Bethel teachings, here is her response.
    (I hope this helps someone to be as bold as she was!)

    Dear XXXXXXXX, (I blocked out the name)

    “We are just getting started with the “Culture of the Kingdom” on Monday nights @ 7pm. Excellent teaching and interaction for those who want to go deeper with God. We are using the Bethel school of ministry curriculum.”

    I have a sincere desire to go on with God, and I don’t plan to use the Bethel curriculum to do it. My Holy Bible is my training manual, and I don’t need to have other things added to, or subtracted from it. This statement makes folks who don’t attend Mon nights feel like 2nd class Christians. Sadly, and even worse, is the self-empowered spirit working behind such thinking. We go on with God because He enables us, by His grace alone. We are not getting into eternity by our own virtue, but because of the power of Christ’s blood on the cross. I would never presume I could go on because I’m following the latest movement, to earn my own way. Pride and coveting the way of others is not what the cross of Jesus is all about. Rather, it is by denying ourselves, and following Jesus that I have anything at all. I don’t need evidence of signs and wonders–coveting gifts, or feathers falling, or gold dust, to secure my future. I don’t need to spend resources on traveling, paying for seminars and lodging, and high-end curriculum to know what to do in life. My old well-worn Bible and a good concordance enable me.

    I reject this bless me, heal me, use me, self-serving spirit. The power of dying to self, serving others, and sharing the true good news that we can’t enter the kingdom of God based on our own power but rather by the selflessness and surrender of a Savior who gave up His will and life, to yield to the father’s will (NOT DEMANDING, BUT ASKING & THEN USING THE FAITH HE HAD TO YIELD HIS WILL TO THAT OF THE FATHER.) It’s time to check the spirits winding their way into the church. To see if they are, in fact, from God.
    Sincerely XXXXXXXX.

    She also sent this to the Church Council. Thank you again for the articles. I have more to send out to people I care for.


    • Kathleen, I’ve read this and read this. I am amazed – in tears – of thankfulness to the Lord, in gratitude that I get to see Him (finally) work in the lives of other people and that this friend of yours has seen the truth and has stood up for it! I am so thankful to be a witness to the mercy and greatness of our God. There aren’t enough words to describe what this piece of news has done. My husband too is rejoicing! Blessings to you and your friend and may the power and truth of God be over all who read her words! I pray for conviction and repentance. I hope to see the kingdom of Bethel crumble to the ground because it is not a house of God at all!

      I’m jumping up and down with you here!


  2. That’s great to see someone being woken up!


    True Leadership should be like a ‘vanishing act’

    By ian vincent

    The 5-fold ministry today should be like the Holy Spirit (of course!) bcos, as the Holy Spirit Himself is never revealed, He only reveals the Father and the Son ; and so too, those who preach and teach the Truth and who feed the church will always help people to know Jesus, and to make the Scriptures their authority.

    The net effect, then, is that if a servant of Jesus has truly been an instrument of the Holy Spirit, then when he moves on, the people are more solid in the Scriptures – – he “leaves the Bible” with them, and not his own books or articles etc. The servant of Jesus’ writings and teachings decrease and the place of the Scriptures increase. This is how it should be.

    A true apostle, prophet, teacher, elder will encourage people to, either, pass on his books, or to dispose of them, after they’ve read them, lest they miss the whole point of the exercise, which is, that each one would know Jesus intimately, with no human mediator, and that each one would only have the Scripture as their authority in all matters.

    The man who has planted a church, who, after a number of years, has all the saints reading his books, and quoting him all the time, and, basically, putting his teaching and example as something very “special” – – if that’s the case, then that man has FAILED miserably, and that work will be burned up at the judgment of fire, but he will be saved as thru fire, if he truly has Christ in him.

    The true 5-fold are just like the Holy Spirit, bcos all that they are and do is born of the Spirit – – they are like the Holy Spirit in that they are like a “vanishing act” – – The only trace you can find that they have been here is Jesus : a greater love and obedience to Him in the people of God, and a greater leaning on the truth of Scripture as the spiritual authority.

    They don’t leave their own name, their own books, their own individual “doctrine”, their own “ism” – – they leave Jesus’ name, bcos they have taught the people the truth about the utter vanity of having any other teacher or mediator than Jesus, thru the Holy Spirit. They have taught that all other mediators and authorities are idols.

    Question: Is it possible for a group of Christians in a certain area to meet together regularly in Jesus’ name, committed to one another (like in the NT) doing His will, and NOT be united around the teachings of one man or woman, or the teachings of a movement, but rather, only united in Christ, and only taking God’s Word as the authority on all matters? Yes, it is. But most leaders don’t want this, bcos it entails taking up the cross daily, and being crucified to this world : it’s principles, and how it operates.

    And, if this were to happen, wouldn’t it be a very simple expression of church, and wouldn’t Jesus be glorified as He should? For sure.

    Today’s elders (leaders) should only point to Scripture as the authority, IF it’s exclusively Scripture truth they teach and live.

    Where they have written books or articles, they should be ABLE to say,

    After reading it throw it away, or give it away, because it only points to the Word. Its value is defined by how well it has helped you understand Scripture, therefore, once you’ve ‘seen it’ in Scripture, then the writings have served their purpose, and I, as a teacher, have fulfilled my purpose.

    Of course, whether they say this, or not, is up to the Holy Spirit in them, yet it’s true that they should be able to say this if they love the Truth.

    Then, the church planter and leader should be able to leave that church he has planted, or been an influence in, and move on, and none of his materials ever need to surface again, IF he has pointed them to the Word of God, and they have all come to grasp the Word and what it means, as they grow up into the Head, Jesus, in all things, being taught by the Holy Spirit. And, elders (shepherds) will come and go, yet they also should have this understanding of their life’s service.

    A friend of mine, Mark Finger, writes:

    The real father, spiritual or otherwise, inevitably (if he has done his job well) comes to a place in time where his children no longer need him, are capable of surviving without any direct leadership on his part at all, and are raising up (natural or spiritual) children of their own.

    There may be some sadness in letting go (which is normative), but it is swallowed up in the joy of seeing them grow up and mature. Of course, God sends some back for counsel at points in their lives: and some go on; we never see them again.

    Re: Groups of believers in general : Crossing the line into spiritual idolatry occurs whenever anyone allows the consistent appearance of impropriety, when this becomes normative: no Christ-centered believer would allow such a situation to exist or continue; so why does it exist?

    Ignorance is a poor excuse for a believer who has access to “all things” which he has need to know (1 John 2:27).

    Real brothers are quick to call each other to accountability in the faith.

    So, if there is no accountability within any group in this way: it immediately reveals that the bonds are not (Holy) spiritual.


    Heb 5:12 For indeed, although you ought to be teachers by this time, again you have need for someone to teach you what are the elements of the beginning of the oracles of God; and you have come to need milk and not solid food.

    You ought to be ‘teachers’ by this time, meaning, the ‘teachers’ should have spiritually reproduced more ‘teachers’ by now. (This scripture says that ALL of them ought to be teachers, meaning that all saints should be able to teach others the Way of Truth. Yes!)

    These are safeguards, and many leaders ignore them, creating clones of themselves, who parrot their teaching and jargon, leading to spiritual idolatry – when Christians see things thru another man’s understanding, like, his teaching becomes the ‘template’ or ‘program’, and within these boundaries (laws) their mind and conscience, and therefore actions, are captive.

    And, ultimately, it is to their shame, when they give an account to Jesus for their life and their work is tested.

    Luther said correctly, My conscience is captive to the Word of God alone.

    It’s not captive to any man, group, denomination or movement.


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  4. I live in a town in California near Reno. I’ve seen a lot of Pentecostals from our town move to Redding to be involved with Bethel. It makes me so sad…they are like little lambs, trusting in false doctrine and not trusting in the Word of God. Loads of them were, I thought, mature Christians. There are still loads of them here…if you are Pentecostal, you believe in the Bethel movement…My question and not the Word of God? But they think they are believing in the Word of God…They are being led, like sheep, to the slaughter…


  5. Amen! Press on my friend. Don’t listen to people who don’t want to hear the truth. Just say what the Holy Spirit leads you to say and do not be intimidated. May the Lord fill you with revelation as you speak the truth in love. I appreciate what you do. You are helping a lot of people with your warnings.


  6. Ian

    Wonderful commentary, praise God for that.
    I was reading yesterday about John the Baptist when he realised “Joh 3:30 KJV He must increase, but I must decrease.” or in the Message version Joh 3:30 MSG This is the assigned moment for him to move into the center, while I slip off to the sidelines.

    There is another painful (for me at least) side to all of this when you see your whole family moving into deception and there is nothing you say that will help. They have ears but do not hear. They happily accept all the lies about generational curses, take them to another level saying that everyone has to renounce all the sins back to Adam, when they accept that EVERYONE has demons inside of them.

    Its so hard as Anna said when people do not want to listen..when family does not want to listen as it does not fit in to their minds. You speak in love and nothing happens. I am not interested in gold dust or any thing like that, I jst see that in my life things needs to be thrown out so I can grow smaller so that the Holy Spirit can grow bigger.

    Thank you all for your wonderful support


    • Tony, toss out The Message, it was “edited” or whatever, by a man who is NOT a believer, but is emergent and who lied about his education. Eugene Peterson is as dangerous as any of them out there. That aside, thanks for the comment. 🙂


      • Thank you M’kayla I note your comment.

        I never use the Message as my primary version, not even secondary as I am aware of the origins and cannot deny it is not a translation not even a paraphrase, hence I never quote it without first quoting acceptable translations – as I hav done above. Having said that, I do find sometimes find that the language expresses what the KJV or NIV says in language that is more understandable. I do accept that this approach will not satisfy some people.

        However, I did want to add something else to this discussion. I recently came across a book called “If I Perish” by Esther Ahn Kim. The book title is taken from Esther 4:16 If anyone wants to read a book about what it means to rely on God, to seek Him alone, above all else even in the most awful conditions. Puts into perspective all the deception that there is out there – which of course you know – and how it is really possible to make God and His Word our sole foundation. Inspiring, thought provoking autobiography. Not a book for those who want to believe that Gods primary purpose is to serve our needs and our desires. As Paul said, if we live we live for the Lord if we die we die for the Lord.


  7. Hi M’Kayla,

    Interesting website you have here. It’s good to see people who are seeking to know God more and to understand the Truth which is in Christ Jesus.

    I come from a brethren background and have heard about the church of bethel and the Kingdom minded movement which is prevalent around Christianity currently. Although briefly I must admit.

    However, I am concerned with Christians against Christians by that I simply mean believers in Christ against believers in Christ. This is not uncommon as the early Catholic church were defending their doctrines and theology. I’m not a theologian or someone who is into the study of church history but the result of these “defensive mindsets” usually leads into different camps rivers and away from the spread the good news.

    Do consider some of my thoughts from your articles.
    – When Jesus talked about removing the beam of wood in your own eye, it is clearly with reference to judging others. Why do Jesus disciples not judge? Because they know there is only One judge. In fact, Paul goes as far as to say to judge no one including yourself in the flesh. Testing of spirits does not equate to judging a person. Why? The Word of God cautions against false teachings / spirits / prophets but the second most important commandment is to love others. Example : If I feel there is an AntiChrist spirit within a teaching, I seek to ask Holy Spirit to reveal Truth to me and if so, I do not let the false teaching affect my mind and heart. But I can continue to bless love and pray for my enemies. Search the Spirit of Christ and see if this is true. Jesus told his disciples to do as the Pharisees instructed them to pay attention to what the Pharisees told them and do it but do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. We have One Father and One Teacher and One body of Christ. In another time, the disciples wanted to prevent others who were casting other demons in Jesus names as they went not following them but Jesus wasn’t concerned and said “No one who does a miracle in my name will be able soon afterward to say anything bad about me” For whoever is not against us is for us. I find it hard to believe there are many Christians who are against Jesus Christ. This is importance because if any theology / idea / teaching does not line up with the life / teachings of Christ. It’s just not The Way. Remember, we can be so wrong being so right instead of being righteous in Christ.

    Jesus’ new commandment who loving God and loving others. That is why he told John and James (apostles who were with Him for a long time by the way) they didnt know what spirit they were of when they wanted to call down judgement on the cities which did not embrace the message of Jesus. Thats why He freely forgave others and told us to do the same (in many cases without the need for others to justify their actions, repent or change their “theology”) Hence He said forgive them on the cross. He wasn’t as “against” Pharisees as we would tend to think rather He loved them as love takes no account of suffered wrongs. (or wrong teachings) Our famous John 3.16 came from a conversation with a Pharisee, Paul was a Pharisee.

    In the many references to false apostles and teachers by Jesus, Paul, Peter and Timothy…. It is clear that there are false teachings and especially in reference to teachings that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh or that there are other works that need be done for salvation other than the belief in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. With good intentions, I feel people have taken these verses / Word of God a step too far. Wrong teachings on faith healing does not equate to saying Jesus did not come in the flesh. Also the call of the ministry of Jesus Christ is the Truth. It is a ministry of reconciliation and a ministry of repentance and good news. If the commission of Christ is to spread His gospel, baptising others in His Name, the Father and the Holy Spirit and letting the Holy Spirit teach the new believer the Truth because He is the One to come after Jesus and He is the Spirit of Truth…. I am hard pressed to equate this to a fruit testing call which we are to taste and test the fruits of believers. A good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit. So be a good tree and not a fruit taster. We tend to be fruit testers just because of our rational knowledge in science and math.

    In summary, I would just like to advise my friends who are prone to call out the faults of others and soon start using the Word of God as a sword against fellow Christians. Salvation starts with you and God and ends with you and God. The letters of the early Christian believers were letters inspired by the Spirit against antichrist or teachings which said Jesus did not come as a man but rather a figure of imagination. Jesus was God on earth as the Man, in the fullness of the Spirit. Never let teachings of pastors, apostles, disciples supercede over the teachings and life of Jesus Christ in the gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John. If you disagree with a brother, speak with him in private first. It may be closer to the Truth than you think. Why? You obeyed Christ’s teachings.


    • James, I’m not going to read all you have written here. Why? Because I have heard it over and again since I first put up my blog. You apparently have not read why I started this blog. You have not read the scriptures pointed out many times in my comments and the comments of others and in my articles what the bible says about judging prophecy and teaching, which is not the same as judging the person. Step off the soap box for a moment and take the time to read these things and you will have a better understanding of why I do what I do.


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  9. Hi MKayla,

    Thanks for your reply. I understand my comment was long and it may have been mentioned previously in your blog. Perhaps I can summarise my concern with judging and false teachings.
    Identifying false teaching, in light of Truth, is encouraged in a believer. It’s identifying the discrepancy what is from God and what isn’t. To label or highlight a particular individual in public eyes..I feel is a separate matter which comes under -judging a particular person. Notice how there are many false prophets / teachings even during Jesus’ time on earth and amongst the early Christians but no one is labelled or highlighted publicly? The attributes and fruits are described as a warning but not the person as the person has the grace to repent towards God and be forgiven of all unrighteousness and be adopted into the family as a son / daughter in a minute. Do give this consideration.


    • James, I have given it consideration and this topic has been more than just a mention on my blog. If what you say is true then how is it Paul for example, named names?


      • And to take this one step further, I came out of the stuff I expose here. I am not just tooting a horn. The Lord showed me the truth about the false prophetic, the healing movement, healing rooms, supernatural experiences, and dream interpretation. Just as I was learning about that, I found out about the falsehoods of the Emergent Church and its roots in other religions, and practices of lexio divina and contemplative prayer.

        Having had a background in these things as a leader, a prophetic seer and dream interpreter, do I not have the responsibility to warn others of these same things? Is this not something like the parable of the talents or should I just bury it and tell the Lord later, that gee-whiz so many others thought I was wrong to call out the false prophets, evangelists, revivalists, false healing…etc., etc. and since it is so wrong to offend anyone or bring judgement that I just buried the truth under my feet… cuz they said so…??? Really? is this what you think I should be doing? Because if you do, then I will tell you I will not go silent and watch while others perish at the hands of people who come in the name of the Lord and send them to hell. Do you think these false teachers and prophets care at what they are doing? I tell you they do not. They do not believe one bit that there is even a God other than the god of their bellies – fame and fortune. And if you truly loved or truly cared you would be heart broken at the stories that go on here, heart broken to the point you would rise up and do something to help the ones who cry out and ask why their churches have gone crazy. If you don’t think that happens, spend some time here reading the comments!


        • Go beloved sister go!
          My family just survived a couple years of intense healing room assaults. Unfortunately it is not over as our baby daughter is the apple of their eyes and the enemies eyes as well due to the prophetic (?) words and acts done over her.
          Please do not stop exposing the wolfs; you rescued our families lives from a desert of demons.
          Thank you for speaking to truth.
          Prayers to you and yours.


        • I just stumbled over this thread, quite accidentally. Usually, I shy away from discussion about whether this particular teacher is false or not. This is not as a result of fear, but of understanding. The best way I have found to convince people trapped in this horror is the method Jesus and all his apostles used… I think. I prefer to show them the standard. What a man of God should be, without naming specific individuals for or against that criteria. Then, I leave the judgement in the hands of the listener. I personally have found it more effective if a person comes into the realization that something is wrong by his own observations, not by specifically selected links and quotes. And NO. I am not for keeping quiet either. I am for warning WITHOUT name calling. Realize that in most of the letters of paul where he called names, those letters were addressed to specific individuals. Timothy, Titus etc, or the person in question had deviated so much from the truth that the only thing left was a public renouncement. By and by, I love your blog, especially the post ‘God is faithful, are we?’ It saved my life. Literally.


          • You may want to do a bit more study because Jesus called people out, pointed to their sin – publicly. This may not be the method you would chose, to expose by name but I do it because I followed the false teachers. It is very important to me that I warn in the way I was deceived. God will judge that if need be. Respectfully, I am tired of explaining this over and again.


              • Yes, I did. I just don’t understand how you can say you love my blog when you don’t agree with my methods. Aside from that, I am glad you found help. That is all that matters to me. 🙂


                • How I can love your blog without agreeing with your methods? That’s easy. By way of explanation, will it suffice to say that I really do not have anything against your methods, but I’ve tried that and it didn’t work for me in the long run? Try talking to Jehovah’s witnesses… Or catholics…
                  Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN


                  • I used to have a JW come to my house every so often. She was a beautiful young woman who I came to love and care about. We would read scripture and talk. I always prayed the Lord would help me help her to see the truth. I had a dramatic change in my life and had to move, so we lost contact. I will be sad about that the rest of my life and I still pray for her. Her name is Jessica.

                    I guess in the same way I don’t feel called or led (whatever) to deal with cults either. I just do what the Lord has laid before me.

                    Are you familiar with the scripture that states to mark those that cause division; to expose, to warn and get away?


                  • Jesusfreak155, read my comment on June 25 at 7:46pm. That settles it. I won’t argue why I do what I do. I am called. That is good enough so leave it at that. If I listened to the many nay-sayers the blog would not not have made it past the first few weeks. As for your last comment I won’t put it up. I won’t argue here. Take care.


  10. Thank you M’Kayla. I support your comments to James. You have helped me understand how the “Bethel” mindset affected me. From reading your blog I know I’m not crazy. May YHWH give you all peace and wisdom to continue to lead people out of darkness.


  11. Not sure M’kayla if this is the right plac to post this please feel free to move. but I wondered if anyone has heard of Yvonne Kitchen, seems to be very little on the internet about her


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