WA State University Reports 2000 With Swine Flu

This is absolutely bizarre that so many can be sick so suddenly, and at a time of the year when hardly anyone is sick, much less with the flu. Two thousand cases and school has only been in session for about a week and a half!  We’ve been hearing about this for months and now here it is!  Makes a person wonder, huh?


About 2,000 students at Washington State University have reported symptoms of swine flu since the fall semester began a week and half ago, representing one of the largest outbreaks of the virus on a U.S. college campus.

“This is really something we haven’t seen before. It’s very unusual to see flu continue to occur over the summer. It’s very unusual to see it start to increase this rapidly in August and September.”

Read the full report from Fox News

3 thoughts on “WA State University Reports 2000 With Swine Flu

    • Yes, or not investigating whether or not it is actually the flu, much less swine. The fact that so many are sick, whether any flu or a cold, the number of them is huge. I read somewhere else this morning the count was at 2500.


  1. I just heard today that the grown kids of my cousin had the swine flu. she said it was rough, but guess what? They are ok! It all is a bunch of hype and for what? I guess we will know in a few weeks unless God stops them.

    Love the new look on your blog!


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