Sneeze The Wrong Way: Meet The New Mommy

Is there a push lately to make us afraid of germs, afraid of each other? I think so!

If we don’t get it together and learn to sneeze correctly the next thing we will be guilty of is a hate crime by way of deliberately spreading germs, namely the H1N1!

Someone please explain to  me how I will blow my nose after sneezing if my nose is tucked into my elbow.

From ABC News:

At a briefing just now, NBC’s Chuck Todd just sneezed into his hand, rather than his arm, prompting the joking disapproval of Health Secretary Sebelius and press secretary Robert Gibbs.

Reporter Sneezes The Wrong Way

Public humiliation! Absolutely ridiculous! Sebelius should apologize to Chuck Todd publicly!

6 thoughts on “Sneeze The Wrong Way: Meet The New Mommy

  1. Ah, so how do we sneeze? I find it odd that we are encouraged to sneeze into our elbow, how many times a day do we, when talking to someone, touch their arms? I have caught myself doing that so many times and then wonder ~ did they just sneeze into their arm….
    Interesting how a simple sneeze can cause so much turmoil.


  2. I am cracking up with laughter about to fall out of my chaair!!!!!!!!

    “Meet the new mommy!” I began to laugh and laugh and if that wasn’t enough “Hate crime h1N1” and I know you hate this but: “Someone please explain to me how I will blow my nose after sneezing if my nose is tucked into my elbow.”

    Laughing my head off!!!! I love your raw sense of humor, girl! I guess we just wipe our nose in our sleeves??? Hahahaha!!! Yuck! Can ya imagine? Who would want to?! Best laugh i have had in a weeks!!! THANKS!!!


    • Hehe. And to add, the comment from Kelly about touching someone on their arm – THAT got me going!

      I couldn’t resist posting the video. She interrupted a press conference, right in the middle of being asked a question and completely humiliated this man! And Robert Gibbs started it! Where DO these people come from?


  3. Here’s an idea…why don’t people use kleenex? Uh, isn’t that what it is for to begin with? I’m surprised government does not have some kind of move towards it. If they really cared about us they would buy us all kleenex! Oh but wait… the greenies would all have to get involoved making sure it was safe for the earth.


    • Give us? For free? No, they would make it mandatory and drive the price up 5x what it is, impose a special tax, then hire a kleenex czar to oversee it all, and who would work together with the greenie czar in regulating the destruction of the forests AND the use of paper in the production of the kleenex. Then someone would come up with a brainy idea to recycle the tissues to cut back on the destruction of the forests, creating a need for a recycle process – the staff, the trucks, the bins and of course the American people would have to PAY for the recycle every week. At this point it would be all too exhausting for the kleenex czar to keep up with alone, so they would split the process in two and – you guessed – bring in a kleenex recycle czar. Hmmm, maybe we have just solved the job shortage. (This is what happens when you get me going.)


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