Another Spirit

I found this article a couple of days ago. It explains some of things I experienced while involved in the charismatic, or what I now refer to as “charismania” and the false prophetic – the words of prophecy that came so freely, whether I was with the person or not, the “knowing” or what this author refers to as “clairvoyance” as I started to know things that were impossible otherwise, the feeling of drunkenness, the falling, slain in the spirit, the laying on of hands and anointing others who would be slain, the numerous languages in “tongues”, the expectation of “an intercessor” and spiritual warfare, the dominion and word of faith view to “speak things into existence”, the emphasis on the supernatural in dreams and visions and interpreting, numerology (and I don’t even like numbers), and of course that “prophetic word” that I was a seer, that the Lord called me a seer, was how it was explained to me – -that one false prophetic word that carried so much weight and so much importance and is the very thing that kept me pinned in under it all – and so it went.

I didn’t get into everything mentioned here, I didn’t go contemplative, or experience gold dust or make animal sounds, but what I did get into was enough to nearly destroy me. I think maybe it would have had I died practicing it. I don’t believe we get into heaven after following other gods.

While watching Todd Bentley early on during Lakeland, he said something that got my attention. He said that he could feel the “anointing” in his back. Well, so could I! And it was a new thing for me – a new experience that had just begun happening and I didn’t know why. I thought it odd, how someone who so misrepresented the Lord had the same experiences I did.

Kundalini?  But, from where?  I’m still not sure.

Just after that I began to have an overwhelming desire to practice yoga. I took a class long ago, very long ago, in high school. And I did it some in my home off and on over the years, but I hadn’t for a long time. So, when these thoughts to practice yoga came at me I thought it was strange that the desire was so strong, and I avoided getting involved. But, now I see the connection in what I have recently come to understand  – kundalini yoga.  Remember, kundalini is said to coil at the base of the spine – where I felt the anointing that I thought was of God.

I guess it is simple to say that satan comes at us in many forms and just leave it at that.  But, my inquiring mind won’t let things go so simply. I see so much connection in false Christianity and other religions. I see how these demons are passed from person to person like a virus, and nearly as easily. I am astounded, really at the lack of true discernment so many of us have had and for so long.

Please be careful in these times, they are dangerous. Christianity is slowly becoming something else, something not about the cross, but about people and their gifts, a presence, a feeling, an experience. Please know the people you allow to teach you and their associations. Be sure they are true followers and disciples of the one and only Jesus Christ, because as His word has warned us, many have come, and are still to come in His name! See that no one deceives you and steals your reward!

Final Preparations to Receive the New Age Christ

Full Article Here

by Prof. Johan Malan
South Africa (March 12, 2008)

Another spirit

Satan’s spirit of error (cf. 1 John 4:6) is actively working in the world to blind people’s minds to the truths of the gospel, while guiding them on how to have mystical experiences and empowering them to perform signs and wonders with occult powers. The many demons which Satan has at his disposal are evil spirits who are sent out to deceive people, thereby advancing the interests of the kingdom of darkness. The following actions of these spirits are very evident in the time in which we live:

Strange phenomena. The New Age Movement and its associated false religions is at present focusing attention on the discovery and use of the miracle-working psychic powers of healing, as well as the promotion of various supernatural manifestations. Even at many Christian meetings strange phenomena are now common, e.g. falling (or slaying) in the spirit. Other phenomena, such as laughing in the spirit, prophesying in the spirit and dancing in the spirit, which result from this experience, are also attributed to the Holy Spirit. Many believers blindly accept these phenomena without testing the spirits, despite the danger of spurious satanic imitation in such manifestations. Most of the Word of Faith preachers create strong expectations of powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit. However, there is no scriptural basis for the signs that allegedly occur at their meetings. There is also the phenomenon of gold-dust falling on the hands, arms or hair of those at the meetings, while some claimed that fillings in their teeth turned into gold! Another modern fad in this movement is the so-called “New Wine” meetings where people experience typical symptoms of drunkenness. This is accompanied by falling, dancing and laughing in the spirit, also pogo stick jumping and making a wide range of animal noises, such as barking like a dog, crowing like a rooster and roaring like a lion! Are not the claims that such highly dubious phenomena and extraordinary behaviour are attributable to the activity of the Holy Spirit quite blasphemous, grossly insulting to Him and detrimental to the Christian witness to the world? It is not difficult to see how ideally this suits Satan’s purpose to discredit the Christian faith and deceive as many as he can. The express purpose of deceiving spirits is to destroy the faith of believers and to mislead, confuse, corrupt, overshadow and control them with the power of deception.

A new spirituality. The deceiving spirit of Satan imitates the Holy Spirit and instills a new kind of spirituality in people. It is a spirit of self-exaltation, pride and arrogance which makes you very important and powerful in your own eyes because of the gifts you have received, the recognition you enjoy, the strong influence you have over people, and also because of your material wealth. The presence, power and gifts of this spirit become the dominating reality in your life, while Jesus is subtly moved to the background. This spirit instils nice and relaxed feelings in you so that you forget all your problems and sins. He does not convict of sin, always condones it, and has no problems to live with lies, deceit, distorted versions of the truth, and moral laxity. He gives people the false hope that they are saved and will go to heaven. He uses so-called ‘prophets’ as human mediators to convey messages to you about what God wants you to do. He also majors on extra-biblical revelations from God through dreams and visions. He removes guilt complexes on his own authority, without specific reference to the cross, and surrounds you with light and joy. You are ever dependent upon him. He guides you through a process of inner healing to a spiritual reprogramming of your life in which the scars of the past, and even from before your birth, are put right by self-healing, positive confession, hypnotic regression and the breaking of generation curses.

This new spirituality is contemplative. People are taught to switch over to their ‘right-brain’ through meditation, walking labyrinths and practicing mystical techniques such as yoga. They empty their minds by the using of mantras (the repetition of a single word or short phrase) which helps them descend to the deeper levels of their subconscious mind where they experience an altered state of consciousness. In this spiritual state some people meet spirit guides who teach or inform them, while others even hear voices speaking to them. There are also those who receive supernatural gifts such as prophesying, healing, tongues, astral travel, clairvoyance, and the performing of miracles.

This spirit also tells you that you are a king already, who has dominion on earth, and can claim and demand anything you like. You do not have to suffer poverty, disease or any other afflictions, and you can change anything through positive confession. You are in command of your life. He motivates people to organise transformation rallies as a means to usher in the kingdom of God on earth. He also makes his victims believe they can pull down demonic strongholds in any society by making use of strategic spiritual warfare. Any notable success is evading them as Satan will only be incarcerated when Christ comes (Rev. 20:1-3). In this dispensation, only individuals can be set free from the power of Satan – not entire cities or countries!

Berit Kjos posted a very helpful chart in which she indicates the transition from evangelical beliefs to the new spirituality: From this chart it is evident that a spiritually blinded humanity explores mystical powers in its quest to become divine, united and in full control of its own destiny. People end up discovering a mystical christ in their own hearts (the god within) who guides them into gaining a position of dominion on earth.

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  1. Dear sister.

    I thank Jesus for using you to motivate me to write an article about deceptive spirits on the blog He told me to start.

    Blessings from Ivar. News that Matters.


  2. Great article, sister! What continually amazes me is how many christians still refuse to test a single thing these “annointed” ones have taught them for decades.


  3. I just left a church because of this very reason. I have done weeks of research and I don’t know how this has been evolving right before our eyes yet even the elect of the churches do not discern it. Now I don’t know where to go to church. Thaank you for this article, I am going to print it and use it as a tool to warn these people that I pray and care about.
    I believe in the gits of the spirit and in God’s supernatural intervention in our lives, but this is not at all a demonstration of his power and glory, it is a delusion, it is frightening.
    Thank you for caring enough to shae all o this information. Kathleen


    • Hi Kathleen. Good to have you here.
      I am sorry this deceitful teaching has also touched you, but thankful the Lord showed you the way out. I believe, as do many others, the deceit is so rampant and has gone unnoticed because people are unwilling to compare the claims of false teachers with the word of God. The bible is our only defense. I have found most of the people I have warned don’t want to listen. They have traded the truth for the lie and I am afraid the horror that awaits them if they don’t come to their senses. Yes, it is very frightening!

      There is much more information here on my blog and those on my blogroll who are like minded and have shared similar experiences and come out of it. So, feel free to hang around and ask questions if you have them. The Lord will lead you to the right church in His time. He put me in one right away even tho I went kicking and screaming. Others don’t find one as quickly. Attending a church is not as important as staying close to Him as the relationship is the focus. I came out of this a year ago and there are still things I struggle with. But, I believe in the One who has called me is faithful.

      I will pray for you. 🙂


  4. The church I left is teaching Bethel courses on the supernatural, visions and on the prophetic. All the “Bethel-fans” talk about is Bill Johnson and Bethel and about going to Bethel.
    It reminds me of a drug addict in need of a “Fix”.
    The thing that stopped me in my tracks happened to my friend at the weekly prayer meeting. She told me the following story….
    A woman came to the weekly prayer meeting, she had just returned from Bethel in Redding, where she attended a seminar on healing prayer. She walked in the room and arranged the seating of those in the room. She prayed for the Pastor and he seemed to be put into a trance like state, quietly laughing on the floor. My friend, who is out spoken against Bethel training was rebuked by the woman. She rebuked her for unbelief and pushed her chest, she rebuked her again and pushed her forehead, pushing her head against the wall. The pastor did not see what happened because his eyes were closed.
    To make a long story short…after the incident the Pastor did call the woman and told her she was inappropriate BUT he understood how hard it is to come back from such a revved up spiritual state at Bethel and be able to “process” the teaching with those who are not like minded.

    I was also told that one of the books the Pastor purchased cost $500.00. I had read that they are trained to “condition” the church fellowship through the Sunday sermons. We were taught a “prosperity prayer” to be said in unison, which may people did not want to do, so he modified it to the point that almost everyone was OK with it.

    I think the Pastor is holding back what he truly believes and only says what he thinks is appropriate for each situation.

    When I decided not to return to the church I called him and I spent two hours talking to the Pastor, I was honest and told him I had found piles of warnings about the whole movement and that I was very concerned for him. His basic response was that he would defend Bill Johnson and “would not renounce Bethel”. BUT he also said he was “not all in” and that he was not looking for “manifestations”.
    NOW….The other pastors don’t understand his depth of involvement. They think “it is uplifting”.
    I am torn between talking to the other pastors, people I love, or letting go and trusting that God has graciously led me out….and not look back????
    I could cry right now, it is so wrong and so wicked!
    Thanks for being there!


    • Hi again.

      I do sooo understand your situation. Bill Johnson has become very powerful and influential. I don’t know if you have read much about me here. I was involved in the healing rooms ministry in which Bill J sits on the board and have had some “training” in the supernatural dreams and visions, etc. It is all so deceptive and no one is teaching how to properly test them. They want us to have them and that seems to be the only requirement. Oh, its so dangerous! The church we left also had that declarative – prosperity prayer said in unison, styled after the one at Bethel. Many of our people, including the youth had begun going there and our church had started to adopt the painting as worship. And yes, everywhere you turn it’s all about Bill Johnson and the feathers.

      The response or lack thereof by your pastors is typical. Most people who are confronted defend the pastor/teacher/prophet in question. It still amazes me and think it must be something to do with the deception, which IS like you said, an addiction. They are getting what they want to hear, see, feel. Its all so very humanistic, but they believe it to be spiritual. Your friend should never have been treated that way – no one should. The pastor’s explanation sounds a lot like the excuses given for Todd Bentley’s rude, crude and violent behavior.

      We spoke with our pastors about many things for about 2 hours last fall, but it came to nothing and they continued on the same course. After leaving I realized they were going emergent! I just barely missed out on that! Whew!

      In my mind, the very best defense you can take to the pastors and to anyone is to prove Bill J biblically wrong. He is very sly and convincing. There is something about him that the other false teachers do not have. Maybe it’s because his demeanor seems to be so soft spoken and humble. He doesn’t come off like a weirdo that so many of the rest of them do. Anyway, all you can do is point them to the truth and pray for them. The rest is up to God and their willingness to truly listen to Him. I think convincing a pastor they have gotten off on the wrong track is probably the hardest of all, since they have an entire church they have led in that direction. It IS possible, all things are with God! I do have someone on my blog roll – Junker Jorge -who came out of word of faith, having had been a pastor of that false teaching for a long time. So you might consider speaking to him on how to best approach a pastor in this situation.

      You protect yourself from sharing in their evil! 2 John 8-11

      I have been praying for you and I will ask the Lord to show you how to go from this point. Peace and love to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! 🙂


  5. Hi Mkayla,

    I went to bed last night with my bible and as I thumbed my way to 2 John 8-11 I came across underlined scripture in my 30 year old bible……….Peter 1 16-21, and Peter 2 1-3.

    For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eye witnesses of his majesty. For when he received honor and glory from God the Father and the voice was borne to him by the Majestic Glory, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased,” we heard this voice borne from heaven, for we were with him on the holy mountain. And we have the prophetic word made more sure. You will do well to pay attention to this as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. FIRST OF ALL YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS, THAT NO PROPHECY OF SCRIPTURE IS A MATTER OF ONES OWN INTERPRETATION, BECAUSE NO PROPHECY EVER CAME BY THE IMPULSE OF MAN, BUT BY MEN MOVED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT SPOKE FROM GOD.
    But false prophets also rose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their licentiousness, and because of them the way of truth will be reviled. and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; from old their condemnation has not been idle, and their destruction has not been asleep.

    This prophetic word binds believers together, pure and without error. I can’t even describe the sad outrage the Bethel teachings have created in my heart, it is like knowing a family member is being molested and everyone is in denial, or is afraid to get involved.
    Lets pray together that our eye witness of this false teaching helps to bring the cleansing the church needs. Thank God Almighty, he will deliver us from evil! AMEN


  6. Hey there mkayla, more great insights on this article. I just want to encorage Kathleen to hang in there and to let her know that seh is part of the Remnant of God. That God has not and will not forsake her. I know it is a lonely time, Kathleen. But allow God to use this time to draw you to Him, away from all the other voices and teachings you have been under. I have noticed something the past couple months; EVERYONE who has been under false teachings of the feel good “gospels” are the least prepared for the events ahead. God is calling His Bride out from the whoring teachings and preparing her heart. So Kathleen, never feel you are alone. There are many of us who have come out of that and God Himself has His hand on each and everyone of us. You will be ok… in fact you will be more than ok, because HE who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it! This here is a great site to get a good foothold on truth. Mkayla is open to being tested and will never take it personal if you have a question. She’s got a real heart for those who have been through what we all have been through in one way or another. May God give you fellowship where you are at with like-minded people.


  7. Hi Kathleen,

    Re: “Now I don’t know where to go to church. ”

    No problem. Just BE a part of Jesus’ church where you are, with your family and friends.

    If we discard all the forms we’ve been conditioned into and just be REAL with each other and be led by the Holy Spirit as to what to share and to pray.

    God bless you mightily, sister.


  8. Wow, just got done reading Kathleen’s posts. I am in much the same position. Through a unique set of circumstances my church has “merged” with another church and the new pastor (“my” pastor left for personal reasons) is big on Bethel. I think he is doing the same thing Kathleen says… biding his time and slowly exposing the people to these teachings. He has already said one day feathers will rain down on us. It’s like no one heard him. Honestly, I don’t think most people in my area have heard of Bentley or any of the NAR stuff.

    I have talked to one member of the board and stated my misgivings. My husband is disconnected from the IC due to past craziness. I feel I am supposed to stay somehow connected to IC because when things go bad, some people will seek out the IC as the only thing they know about God.

    I loose sleep at night wondering, “Should I stay and try to be a voice of reason, or flee the sinking ship?” I feel like the people have been hi-jacked. I feel sad for the friendships I will lose. It is all so utterly frustrating and draining.


    • Ruthsongs, those are good questions to ponder. Our church was very much influenced by Bethel too and at one point I began to see a difference. We were already messed up, but Bethel only added to it. Bill J sounds so right, until you begin to really listen.

      What do you mean by IC? I know it is hard to know what to do, but I believe the Lord will guide you. Sadly, many probably won’t listen to the truth even with biblical evidence. Leaving is hard and losing friends even worse. Bill Johnson has quite an influence out there and it keeps growing. Bethel is building another sanctuary to hold all the new people coming in and their visitors. I think his influence has exceeded all others who have gone before him. His freebie teachings are a great way to spread the deceit around, huh? Quite a concept to give it away rather than expect payment!

      Have you been able to talk with any of your friends there? What do they think? (only if you want to say so here, of course). I will be praying for you. You try to rest in the Lord knowing that you are not alone and that God already has this all worked out. If someone would have said that to me 8 months or so ago I would have screamed back in their face. But it is true, then and now.

      Blessings to you my friend. Thanks for sharing your heart. Mine goes out to yours and you let me know if I can help you. There are others here who comment regularly and are quite wise. They will support you too!


  9. M’Kayla, on another point, what scripture references discuss transferring demonic influences via laying on of hands? I know we are told to be careful who we lay hands on, but I always took that as who we give are blessing/confirmation to… but in the reverse, as the one receiving prayer etc, what have you studied on this?


    • Ha! I have to think about that one now. I didn’t realize that scripture refers to blessings, I thought it meant in all things. Right off the top of my head I can say that it is the practice of laying on of hands in charismania – everyone does it all the time. But it isn’t just the touch that is dangerous, but the agreement with what is being said, prophesied or “imparted”. It does say in both 1 and 2 Timothy that a gift is imparted through the laying on of hands. So, if a Godly impartation can happen, I would think an evil one could too. I will say that as Christians we have control over someone imparting to us that which we are against receiving. Some believe that no one should lay hands on us, because in doing so we run the risk of “contamination”. But, that does not make good biblical sense to me. I think there needs to be an agreement.

      This is a good area to research more. 🙂


  10. Hi, I just read the post from ruthsongs and I agree, this stuff is exhausting……..the road is narrow and it ain’t easy! I see more and more that these pastors are “partnering in revival” with Bethel. It is like a cancer taking over the body church by church. Bill johnson will be having a seminar in November at The Church of the Hills, in Ceder Park Texas called “When Heaven invades earth”.

    The site talks about “GOD” and his purpose for you, NOT ABOUT THE GOSPEL, the GOOD NEWS, that your sins may be forgiven and that ‘the word that became flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and truth’. Not that God became flesh and blood and lived without sin to become a sacrifice for us, to reconcile us to himself through his death on a cross. Their message has no resemblance of the old rugged cross. The message is one that teaches you how to seek signs and wonders.

    Every time I think I have read THE most absurd thing or watched the most repulsive youtube video I stumble on more.

    I am torn every day like you are, I want to call the church and reach them with some sentiment or scripture but I have said enough. They have a phone and they haven’t called me and I was a tithing person who was willing to serve. I think your husband is who you should take advice from, we women always want to fix everyone, if you do go back and talk to anyone go with your husband.

    I’m glad you see this for what it is and are not deceived!


    • Kathleen

      What arrogance! Is anyone in the building alive? Indeed! Why does he say this? Because he is not getting the attention from the audience he believes he deserves! All the lying preachers say things like that. And they can’t help it – it’s part of their manipulative nature! Oh, that last line – HE WANTS OUT. Who? Our Holy Spirit? He resides in us because that is God’s plan. Ohhhh…..people, these one liner’s of his.

      I have to wonder about Texas. Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce and Peter Wagner are in Texas. John Paul Jackson recently relocated there and I believe Steve Hill has a church there. Could this be the “mecca” for the NAR? Some years ago I was involved with Cindy Jacobs and her 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting that was out of Texas. Her big push line was “open heavens”. Always praying for open heavens – this and that. That was the same year we had those bad storms in the south – Katrina and Rita, Texas being on of the states that were hit. (I have family there). I’ve often wondered what exactly they were effecting with that kind of praying, because it isn’t biblical at all. Now we have BJ and his Heaven Invades Earth teachings. I haven’t read the book, but I wonder at the similar wording. I don’t think it’s coincidental. The entire NAR have the same thoughts, they prophesy the same things, have the same phrases. And slowly Jesus is being left out completely. Johnson is slick – he still uses the name of the Lord, but give him time and his preaching will probably begin to sound a lot more like Chuck Pierce’s prophesies and his fans just like Pierce’s, will blindly follow, raise their hands and chant their worship. Ugh.

      Thanks Kathleen, for the video link and the encouragement to ruthsongs. I agree with your comment about her husband.

      Hang in there you guys. I does get easier! Thank God it does. I had my doubts too, but God is faithful and true. 🙂


  11. I agree, these people are holding on to each other and spinning a web.
    I think the scariest person is Stacy Campbell, these are really hard to watch, but this is what people are flocking to see and hear. This woman ( in my opinion) is possessed and I am not afraid to stand by what I am sharing right now. The last link is one of the most frightening video’s I have seen, the worst of all was on the Extreme Prophetic website, I think these people are all from Arizona.



    • HI Kathleen.
      Thanks for the links. I have seen some of these before. My husband calls her the snake lady. Her teaching is very poor, very deceptive and I’ll have to rebut that in a new article. I can’t quite understand how she survives all of that head shaking or if maybe she just has a very good chiro. I would think at one point it would put her brain in danger of disconnecting from the brainstem. It is curious that she can make it stop just in time to read the word and that makes me wonder if she fakes the shaking. We know it’s demonic, but those who follow her believe it is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

      Patricia King is another one, far out there.


  12. Hi, I found her video on youtube, the person who put it up on youtube wrote an interesting comment. He said he was very familiar with sound equipment and that in his opinion it is impossible for her voice to have the constant tone it has while shaking her head and holding the mic in front of her face. If you have ever spoken into a mic you know that if you turn your head away from the mic your voice is lost from the amplification. It is like “the voice” is not hers voice, it’s like the voice emanates form her……….creepy.
    In the bible I cannot find one person that spoke nonsense, when she does this the spirit sounds frightened and regretful it is not directing the listener toward redemption. One of the video’s just shows her shaking her head while they play “Your the devil in disguise” by Elvis.
    On a more uplifting note………I went to a church in town yesterday where I heard a real sermon, with scripture from the Bible!!! I live in a large town/city and the pastors of many churches get together once a week. I know this pastor knows the pastor of the church I left. I’m planning to go a few more times and if I like it I’ll have to ask a lot of questions before I am sure.
    But the sermon he gave was spot on, so it was good to hear!


    • Oh Kathleen, that is wonderful news about the church! That is exactly how it happened for us too – the pastor’s teaching is right on! 🙂

      That is a good point about Stacy’s voice. My husband is into sound/video too. I am going to mention that to him and see what he thinks. She’s creepy. I was watching another video from the Shatter conference on a different blog and you know, Keith Luker and this old woman who was with him were making sounds very similar to Stacy’s. And they were all about calling down a mantle of a dead man – Lonnie Frisbee – heard of him? He was popular in the early 70’s during the Jesus Movement and died in the 90’s of AIDS. Many claim he was a closet homosexual, but others believe he was very anointed and empowered. So, they want what he had bad enough to call it down in double portion. Ugh.

      The one and only time we saw Bill Johnson live and the “feathers” started to fall he was not taken in by it. He works in maintenance and says that all kinds of birds get into the ducting an some even get caught in the fan systems. He says the ducting is full of feathers. So there is nothing supernatural about feathers falling from the ceiling esp in large buildings where BJ usually preaches from. hehe. Just dead birds. Todd Bentley came out with some crazy story of visitation while on the potty. I’ve seen feathers fall when I was on mine too- pure white, soft feathers! wow. It could meeeeeannnnn something because they are also found in our bedroom. We’re talking true visitation, here, signs and wonders, angelic presence. Ohhhhhh…… but maybe they are from the down comforter and pillows we have in our bedroom! ha!


  13. HI, I watched part of the Shatter stuff. It is interesting, if you were there with them, you could experience the presence of God! They said God’s presence would even BE IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM! Wow………He also said Stacy Campbell was going to speak, but the video ended before she spoke. I found the video of Stacy that I find most bone chilling.

    In this one it seems that “the spirit” that speaks out of her is whirling through time, it says “changing times, changing season’s” and then goes on about John the baptist and everything began falling down………well it did for the demons! I would think a prophesy about that point in time would glorify God and the triumph over the grave!!!!
    It is telling that these people “were all about calling down a mantle of a dead man” and Cal Peirce prayed for his purpose on earth at the grave of the man who once had the gift he was coveting……..whew…….I thank God for the blood of Jesus. (This is a long video, fast forward to where Patrica King introduces Stacy.)
    One day after hours of researching the feather stuff, I walked out side and a pure white feather was falling from the sky. The devil want’s to deceive us, prowling around like a hungry lion. I literally laughed out loud, we have a lot of egrets here.


    • Ugh. All those prophetic words about the youth and the media and how “God” is going to use all that… Well, 2 years after the 777 look around at the bookshelves and movies – vampires, vampires, vampires and who is reading and watching??? The youth.

      I really think that crap coming out of Stacy’s mouth is for the anti-christ. After all, he is the one who will be sitting on an earthly throne made by “bricks”.


  14. Hello, and thanks for the encouraging comments. I agree, my husband is my first consideration and he told me yesterday he feels he has turned a corner so to speak. In my orig post I mentioned he has been out of the IC…Institutional Church… for a few years now. Sorry if that was confusing. So, that is how I found myself sort of on my own in the church setting. Even though he has not attended with me, I always converse with him about what is going on.

    As part of his corner-turning we visited a church Sunday. Ok, the music was not the kind I relish, but we both kinda laughed when we said ‘atleast we didn’t come out of there in hyper-discernment mode like we have in the past… trying to separate out all the truths, half-truths and lies.’ The preaching was sound and untheatrical.

    As I thought things through the biggest reality-check I had is that my children need sound teaching. In some regards I can pick things apart and not get sucked in by the hype, etc. But my children cannot, so we must find a place where they can get rooted and grounded in the Word of God. My husband is once again semi- interested in seeing what is out there, so we are moving ahead. He had a great question for me. He asked me if I visited my church, would I come back? Ha, ha He has a great way of cutting through all the baloney.

    Please pray for me if God nudges you in that direction. We need to know how and when to exit, and what (if any) conversations need to happen.. I am in an upfront role in this body, so I can’t just not return.

    RE Stacey Campbell that comment about the sound caught my attention, that’s an interesting observation, and is true in my experience. She is strange and deluded. She speaks a lot of words, but actually says very little. Why are we so afraid to see this for what it is?


    • Ruthsongs, I am very happy to hear this good news from you!!! Praise God! It sounds like the plans for your family are unfolding. yes? It is encouraging to hear.

      ditto on stacy. Kathleen sent another video today which I think goes beyond most anything I ever head her say. And yes, it is very wordy. I have noticed that with some of these false prophets. Graham Cook kicked one out a while back that was long enough for a binder! I only read part of it and still couldn’t see anything concrete being said, much less anything truly prophetic!

      Keep us posted! 🙂 And, yes, I do and will continue to pray for you!


  15. Hi Mkayla,

    I read your prayer request and I hope your wee baby is on the mend!

    Well, I have an update on the fallout from the church I left. The pastor requested a meeting with my friend who had been rebuked and pushed during a prayer meeting, he also asked that I attend (as a witness I guess.) She had not talked to him since it happened. He and I had talked for hours all about the incident and that for my own reasons and concerns about Bethel I was no longer going to his church. His basic response was that he would defend Bill Johnson and “would not renounce Bethel”. BUT he also said he was “not all in” and that he was not looking for “manifestations”.

    I met with the two of them and he IS all in now. He broke his “soul ties” with the church council. He made several references to the gift he now knows he has. He says he can seance or know things about other people, it is his gift. Also, He has been called to preach to all nations. He is hoping to see the day that the world will hear that the revival is in our county.

    We talked about Bethel and we agreed that it is bigger than Bethel, it is Global.

    It was another two hours of exhausting cloak & dagger, dodge the scripture conversation. He got very angry and almost walked out when I said that I had been restored over the past year and a half because of the fellowship with him and certain other people but I said it had nothing to do with Bethel, because I never went to one class and denounced it right away. He was adamant that it was because of Bethel and beyond that it was because of his being touched by Heidi Baker and a list of other “star” players.

    It was so weird. He was ok at first, normal demeanor, but once we started talking about this spiritual stuff he changed. He was like Teflon. He was angry and defensive.

    When we finally talked about my friends experiences of being rebuked during prayer he was really quick to stop any negative words. If we mentioned a name of a person he would immediately defend them as though they were precious and we were vultures.
    He told her that he knows for certain that she has a pattern of behavior because she has many issues and old wounds that she needs to deal with and she needs to work it out with God, and it would be fine for her to do it at any church. But that he loved her and hoped that she would seek healing.

    She wrote me this email today:

    I practically sat at my desk all day in a fetal position. I was barely able to work at all. Thursday night was devastating. At the end as we were leaving and still inside XXXXX tried to give me a hug and I turned away, He put his face so close I could feel his breath and I saw a look in his eye I will never forget, He said a couple of things to me but I only heard the part about how damaged I am. He had said that earlier, after he pointed out that he’d had a good talk with the church council and that I have a pattern of leaving this church.

    I’m not sure that I can take any church ever again. His second sentence was like a warning as he lifted up his finger close to my face,and talked softly, and was very intimidating to me, anyway. I felt like I was in a horror movie! I’m serious.

    You held up wonderfully and were a real blessing. I’m washing my hands clean of anyone at that church. Clearly XXXXX was even mocking The church council, even though he threw the head pastor’s name around for my benefit.. It was obvious XXXXX had set this up as anything BUT wanting to hear what we had to say. How stupid of me to even go. Never again.

    So Mkayla, please say a prayer for her, I emailed her and told her I really have hope that the church I went to on Sunday will be an answer to our prayers.
    Thanks and I really am very grateful that you share in this with me!


    • Hi Kathleen.

      Yes, yes, yes I will pray for her! She is right to walk away. They have turned from the truth!I am glad she saw the intimidation for what it was.
      We can see the pattern –
      the inner voice that speaks, the “gift”
      a higher call “to the nations”
      the protection of the movement and its leaders
      the intimidation
      the anger
      the “push” for the need for “inner healing”
      that word I have grown to hate – “revival”
      Had they not been involved with Bethel (or others) would they have the “gift”, the “call” NO? Then, how can it be from God?? The emphasis is on the PLACE or the PERSON who gives the gifts, not on God or His way.
      The inner knowing is the familiar spirit, not the Holy Spirit. And yes, it can be very accurate. For me, I began to know when things were going to happen – when someone was going to call me or meet with me, what they would ask or say, I knew things about people when I prayed for them and when I would only think about them, sometimes out of no where. Dreams and visions- and a person who appeared several times in my dreams. All highly accurate, all demonically led.

      When I spoke against Todd Bentley, it was suggested that I probably had been “wounded” and needed “healing”. This is the inner healing – SOZO – which I believe is a door way for more demonic encounters and possession. So, if a person doesn’t “get it” get them into the “healing” process and get them that way. How creepy, eerie this is all becoming!

      This is why I did the article on “kingdoms”. They are all over the place – Bethel, IHOP, IAHR, etc., in the leaders – Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Cal Pierce, Peter Wagner, Dutch Sheets, John Paul Jackson, etc.; and their false prophets – Bob Jones, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce and not to mention their creepy worship music – and seem to be a little different, but in the end they are all the same – antichrist. People become involved with them, get touched or prayed for by them or their cronies and come back changed all right. They are shut off, angry and unapproachable. And whatever they received, they pass on to others. They may lack the famous name or place, but they don’t lack the power to pass it on.

      They may just get their “revival”. Not a true one in the biblical sense of repentance and turning to God, but one in which they take thousands to their “movement”, away from the truth. I have wondered of all the vampire movies and the interest in zombies…Here it is. These leaders are sucking the life blood out of God’s people rendering them useless and incapable of thinking and acting apart from their new “masters” and would protect those masters to the death, if necessary. Ick.


  16. Hope you don’t mind a long post.

    I have so many thoughts running through my head after reading Kathleen’s post. Are we in the same town? Lol. That deal with your friend is abhorrent. She is no less a child of God than any other believer. She must not be made to go against her conscience, and please tell her the thinly veiled threats and insinuations about her being damaged are straight from hell. Ask yourself, would Jesus ever, ever speak to me that way?

    “broke his soul ties with the council” That is classic.

    A large-ish church in our town has gone full bore Bethel over that last two years. I have some friends (not close) who have gone through the School of the Supernatural there. I know what you mean about the subtle turning to people instead of Jesus. They have now started the SOZO stuff. My CLB (church left behind) of four years ago was into inner healing/deliverance/gen curses so I have steered clear of it, but I didn’t really make the connection between this school and SOZO and all the weirdness. But the SOZO thing really concerns me. The latest fad is to make an appointment and get prayed for by someone (a total stranger) who has been through this class.

    Here is a classic example… bumped into a friend from my CLB. She mentioned going to a SOZO appt. and how at first she was “creeped out, but then, got free.” In my opinion what really happened was that she disregarded the Holy Spirit trying to warn her and crumbled due to peer pressure. I have regrettably done the same far too many times. I found myself crying over this just the other day ….all the times I ignored His warnings. I was so taken aback during our short talk I didn’t really know what to say. I plan on calling her soon to ask for her clarification on this. Maybe I’ll get her thinking.

    Second example, different friend: While in a conversation about a couple/acquaintances who lives in Africa it was mentioned that their son is very, very ill. The school of the supernatural graduate pipes up and says, “they ought to find Heidi Baker and have her pray for the child.” WHAAT??? Find Heidi Baker???!!! What about seeking the Lord Jesus? Again I was struck speechless. I think I just stood there with my mouth open. How did this happen to you, my friend? It sneaks in; this slow turning from Jesus to Man, Man’s anointing, mantles, impartations, secret knowledge (also called fresh revelation, I’ll take the old one, thanks) and “the prophetic”. I’m going to cry again.

    I am slowly being able to put my concerns into some coherent terms (kind of). I have been mostly busy coming OUT of the deception. For one thing this is very much like superstitious spiritism often found in third world countries – which I have seen first-hand- and way, way too much like New Age. ‘Let’s go see the psychic’ is simply replaced with ‘let’s go see some sozo stranger and let him/her pray for me and see if they can tell me why I struggle’ or even sadly enough, ‘if there is something I am struggling with that I don’t even know about.’ True story.

    Cuz these people are hearing from God, right? Like you, M’kayla, I was told I was a ‘seer’ years back in my CLB. The problem with that, and with 99% of what passes for prophecy these days, is that as soon as a person starts to believe that about themselves, they think that every stupid thought that goes through their head is “from God/a word/prophetic” I have seen this too many times to count and am guilty myself- Lord forgive me. I actually had a pastor ask me to meet with someone and “tell him what I think”- in other words “get a read” on the person. I at least had the sense to get out of that one.

    I think about the road I was going down and the pain involved in coming away from it is worth it. If I had stayed in that mindset, I’d be so steeped in deception by now it is frightening. I would also have built a wall of pride so thick no one could correct me.

    Alas, my present church may become CLB#2. From what I can tell the new pastor is a Bethel fan. I wonder if he’s “all in”?


  17. M’kayla, glad to hear your grandchild is home and on the mend!

    Just reread the scriptures Kathleen posted earlier. Two things stand out to me.

    2 Peter 2:1 …who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them… This is what we are observing with the movement where people begin to seek after (run all over the country going from meeting to meeting, buy all the books and cd’s) people, people’s anointings, impartation, mantles, and secret knowledge. Jesus ends up being denied. Denied His rightful place as the one and only source of truth for our lives; Thee Healer, thee Savior, thee Baptizer, thee Redeemer.

    2 Peter 1:19 …. to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts…. Amen to that. The simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The only light of truth in the dark. When I keep that as my plumb-line, my lamp, I can spot the deception.


    • I read these responses and I get chills or tears or both. I wonder what we are truly up against when those we love or those who used to be friends give us the cold shoulder because we won’t follow them into the false teaching? I’ve spent most of the day reading about the Kansas City Prophets and the warnings that went out all those years ago. People weren’t so quick to listen then either. Here we are 10, 20+ years later and look at the way it has spread! And all those men involved have ministries or churches to this day, still preaching, still prophesying, still teaching and have picked up many along the way.

      I can relate to the “let the anointed person pray”. When I was still at my last church we would meet in the morning for prayer. One morning someone started to pray for a person who she knew that was dying. She actually asked the Lord to allow her to hold on until TODD BENTLEY came to the area so that he could pray for her to be healed. – – – WHAT???—

      There is no freedom in SOZO or inner healing no matter what it is called – theophostics, trees, healing streams, whatever. When we are born again we are created new, there is no need to deal with the past in the sense of memory or womb healing involving the use of visions and visitations from “jesus”. He gives us all that we need to be free and complete – ALL. Sometimes we have to walk it out as we learn who Jesus is and who we are in Him, as we discipline ourselves in the life style of prayer, fasting and bible study, we become more like Jesus and less like the world. Sometimes we are set free quickly or even immediately, but not always, and not everyone. No one knows why, only that whatever we walk thru is it by God’s design and His perfect will.

      Praise God for you ruthsongs! For you and Kathleen and all the others who pop in here who know and stand for the one true God! You are all a blessing to me and to others.


  18. Hi Ladies,

    I really think that many many pastors will fall prey to this. Like Cal Peirce said, he was bored. I think this somehow validates all those long boring hours spent while the world around them indulged in over spending and all of the easy pleasures to be had.

    This Pastor is so enthralled with the idea that God has finally called him to a great purpose.

    I remember in the early 80’s, I was a new believer when the Right Wingers were steamrollin’ into the voting booths. I went to the State Capitol and spoke to legislators about abortion. I got involved with campaigning, my uncle was in the Regan administration and I was meeting a lot of powerful lobbyists.
    It felt good to be there, saying the right things and being invited to speak places. BUT when I prayed about it I was brought back to the heart of God, not the righteousness of men.
    God did not save me to right the wrongs of the world. He saved me to be a witness that God himself became flesh and dwelt among us. So, did I want to be part of a “Christian bandwagon” or faithful to the humble nature of our Lord.
    It was very tempting to be a part of a powerful force for “good” in the world.

    I am not saying that I have been a perfect obedient christian for 30 years, I have my own story and have had many troubles and trials, but this is not just about me or you sinning and backsliding, this is about false teaching in the churches.

    One other thing I have noticed, for months the Pastor kept talking about horses, how healing they are, it was very weird. Do you know anything about that or why people bark the dogs? Is there some animal trance or something?

    Well, my friend is going to go to church with me tomorrow and I am very happy about that! Kathleen


    • I have been talking with someone who believes Bob Jones is a shaman. I did some research on him today and the practice of shamanism. Animals are part of their rituals and they believe they communicate with the spirit realm. They are big on eagles – Bob Jones has his own personal spiritual eagle he calls Swift and has introduced Patricia King to it and someone named Sharnel Wolverton who has a ministry – Swiftfire or something like that. (This is my brain on too much info!)

      I’ve wondered if the feathers manifesting in BJ’s meetings have anything to do with the shaman. Jones has influenced him a great deal, too. In fact, Jones seems to be involved with quite a few!

      I haven’t heard about horses. What did he say about them? (you know I’m going to the google box as soon as I hit the reply button!)

      Yes, I’ve heard Pierce say that and Randy Clark. I would think the boredom or wanting more has much to do with the deception of charismania AND the emergent – contemplative churches too. Still, where does that come from, and who are we to “expect” God to move because we are unsatisfied and we have decided we want to see a million souls saved and millions more healed – just like that.

      I am so glad your friend is going to the church with you. That is blessed!


  19. Hi,
    He has a son with emotional problems and has enrolled him at a some kind of healing/therapy center that use horses to heal people. And others in the church were very into horses, spiritually into them.

    I know that the Native American culture is all about the feathers, so that makes sense.


  20. I own horses, ride horses, etc. They are amazing animals, but just animals. Again this is like spiritism to try and project god-like attributes onto things/animals. The reason some kids respond so well to horses and riding horses is because horses are very sensitive to body language, and I’d say kids naturally are, too. So as a horse is very relaxed, yet attentive it is very relaxing and reassuring to a child or someone who has a condition that is overwhelmed by all the “noise” of our world. (I’m mostly thinking of autism, here)

    My doctor friend has very logical explanations for some of this having to do with muscle and nerve stimulation and how it can help brain function. No magic involved. I have heard of astounding results with hippotherapy (therapy using horses), and much of it is unexplainable, but as believers the creation should always point us to the Creator.

    I’ve often wondered what the reaction would be of someone who has been around shamanism, spiritism, voodoo or the like if they saw some of the out-there manifestations alleged to be the Holy Spirit. I haven’t really felt strong enough to do that kind of research.


    • I’ve read stories about people who come out of witchcraft and the new age, etc. They say the practices of charismania, their visions and visitations from angels, out of body experiences and the like is the same as what they experienced before salvation. Some think they come out of it and end up practicing the same as they did before and are told it is okay because now their experiences are “sanctified”. This is the teaching of John Paul Jackson who had the “gift” of prophesy – and who knows what else – before salvation. I’ve known people who have claimed that have always been “prophetic” and had dreams and visions they believed to be inspired by God. This is one of the things that kept banging against my head – if these experiences were from God or were gifts from God how could the unsaved have them. I’ve since learned not all experiences are from God and those who think they are one in the same are lost.

      There are those groups of people who are Christians, or were once upon a time, and set up booths at psychic fairs and places like that. One is Burning Man in the Nevada desert, a place so vile no Christian should ever consider attending. But, they apply to participate, leave off any inference of Jesus Christ so they can gain permission to attend. And as they “prophesy” they again leave out any indication who they are, or who they are “hearing from”. This used to offend me before I realized this prophesy is not from God anyway. But, it is all the same. They “prophesy” the same as anyone else with the “unsancitifed” gift who is a psychic or tarot card reader, etc. The ministries I was involved with were considering doing these things but never quite made it. I am so glad God closed those doors! Those taught by John Paul Jackson like Doug Addison and Barbie Breathitt, those who teach his dreams courses, etc. all do this type of “ministry”.


    • HI.
      Thanks. 🙂
      I sent you an e-mail so you could contact me, didn’t you get it?

      I would think the person he is referring to in the beginning of the article, the evangelist of revival in Florida would have been Rodney Howard Browne. During Lakeland someone had to make a point that HE was there BEFORE Bentley, so that Bentley wouldn’t take ALL the credit.

      I think he is making a good point, but treading lightly. It isn’t so much as a matter of growing up, but a matter of distinguishing spirits and the truth of these revivals. There is more to spiritual drunkenness than a bunch of people play acting. I believe it is demonic. But, try telling THEM that.


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  22. Wow! After reading this post (and many of the comments that followed) I am so saddened to hear how rampant these poisonous teachings are in their infiltration of the body of believers. They are causing such hurt, confusion, deception and disillusionment. It’s so apparent that none of this stuff (particularly those videos from Crowder and Stacey Campbell) can be of God. I have not had any personal experiences with Bethel but have heard some about that movement…as these things are being called lately…a movement of what is the question. Once upon a time, I was part of IHOP-KC and saw all of the things mentioned in these posts there as well. I left, did a ton of research and a lot of healing and then started a blog to try to share my own experiences with those who were searching for a way out of deception and into the truth. I’m glad I came across your side today M’Kayla. Blessings to you!

    Some of my story:


    • Hi Ariel.

      You can see how bad it is getting. So many are taught not to question and they don’t. So the influence grows and with the internet and the “freebies” they are now putting out there it makes it that much quicker.

      My experience comes from the healing rooms (word of faith) and a vineyard prophetic team. You can read about it under “a trip in charismania” at the top line of my blog. I’ll be checking yours soon.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Blessings to you too!!!


  23. Before I was in the Prophetic Movement, I was into New Age and before that, Christianity. I was a little psychic ever since someone laid hands on me when I was 16 at an Assemblies of God church. I went to see a lot of psychics too when I was in to New Age. Well, when I came back to God a few years ago, I asked my friend in the Prophetic Movement why I was a little psychic sometimes. She said it was the gift of knowledge. All I can say is that it is the grace of God that I have come out of that after only 3 years. I have to say that my friend lacks discernment and correct theology to say something like that!!!


    • Erin, after everything, I do believe there are spiritual gifts. There is a difference in psychic ability, which is demonic, and the gifts of the spirit, which is for edification of the believers. Pyschics and those in the prophetic movement speak words that seem to edify, but there is no glory for the Father in them. Whenever a believer speaks scriptural truth to another he is using gifts of the spirit, and the difference being the focus on spritual matters not those of the flesh. It is repentance vs. accomplishment, so to speak. We see false prophetic words all about the person and what they will accompish, big ministry, bit impact, big gifts, etc. But, true salvation is repentance, and an attitude of such every day. We will remain sinners until the Lord comes and changes our nature through His power. A friend helped me understand this a little better.

      The prophetic movement teaches that anything we “know” is from the Holy Spirit. So, when my phone rang and I knew who was calling and why before I even picked up the phone I thought it was the Lord. But, after I repented from all these teachings and practices, the ability stopped. In fact, for some time following any time I thought I knew something, I found out later I was completely wrong.

      Psychics and some false prophets can possess strong abilities to prophesy with accuracy, but it is not from the Lord. And I’ve said before, teachers like John Paul Jackson who are big into this and the supernatural, dreams and visions, claim that the ability the psychics have is the same as anyone with a prophetic gift. This is a lie. God does not give spiriitual gifts to the unsaved. And yes, there is a connection between the laying on of hands and the “gift” that would follow. Once we repent that false “gift” (ability) should cease operation.

      I believe the Lord can show us things about another person to pray or provide help to them. But the operation of the gift is much different than the demonic ability. For myself, as I have grown in the Lord and in the word since leaving charismania I have seen this difference. It became easier to understand once I stopped stressin’ over it.


  24. Thank you so much M’kayla! I feel like I’m not going crazy now. There are two things that would happen to me that I don’t think are happening anymore. One is that when I would pray, sometimes I would feel a warmth come over me and it would be strong sometimes or weak but I thought it was the Holy Spirit. A lot of times it would come as soon as I laid down in bed at night. It first started happening a long time ago in college when I was getting closer to God and it went away when I got into New Age. It came back when I came back to God. Since I have been repenting, it hasn’t happened. The other thing is the “knowing” I’ve had since I was 16. I would think about a person and they would call or when I heard the phone I just “knew” who it was. I used to wonder why they were such insignificant things and it didn’t seem to help anyone, like I knew someone left the coffee pot on etc… That seems to have gone away too as I have repented. Now I just am figuring out the dreams that I have had and if they were of God or not. Some really seem like they were but I know that Satan comes as an angel of light. Some dreams could be intercession dreams about an event that is going to happen. Do you think that could be from God? One time someone in my dream said that I was full of pride. I really think that was God and another dream was about me telling my friend Patricia King was actually doing magic. So, I’m still figuring out the dreams…..


  25. I agree with much that has been said here. I would like to say something about the gift of tongues ( or rather languages). I have always believed that scriptur talks about the gift of languages as something to be used for church services and never for personal prayer. However, a friend has recently suggested that I read “Chasing the Dragon” by Jackie Pullinger. Some of the stuff |I read about people speaking in other known languages I can accept, but private prayer, praying in tongues as part of release from heroin addiction, teaching everyone to speak in tongues on a day to day basis are all things that I do not find in Scripture, I wonder if anyone has a view. thank you


    • I haven’t read the book but in looking briefly through Amazon there are many red flags. Let’s not get into a discussion supporting false doctrine please.


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