Eye Witness of the Imposter

2 Peter 1:16 For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eye witnesses of his majesty. (emphasis mine)

This scripture came up by a commenter here  who recently left her church because the Lord showed her the error in the teaching of Bill Johnson, Bethel Church in Redding, CA that so many are mesmerized by. In her comment to me she made the distinction between the eye witnesses of Jesus Christ and the eye witnesses of the imposter.

Peter was an eye witness to the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  That would be Jesus of Nazareth, the only Son of the Most High God, the Messiah, the promised One. Much of the writing of the bible came from those who were eye witnesses to who and what He was, His methods, His compassion, His authority, His forgiveness. They tell us they witnessed these things so that we would believe their testimony and believe on Him who they testified of.  An eye witness is considered credible and believed. If not, then God would have found another way to prove the testimony of Jesus is true.  But He chose to get His message across through a group of very plain, every day people. These things considered true and worthy are written in the bible so that those who read will believe. This is stated in John 20:31..but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.

Those who walked with Jesus side by side, those who spoke to him face to face were the eye witnesses of His majesty. It is because of their faithfulness that Christianity flourished in the way it did. Not in the way man would consider success, but in the way God designed it to be. I believe it is God’s will that all men, women and children all over the world would come to know Jesus Christ as their savior, the one who gave His innocent and perfect life for theirs. I don’t think God wants anyone to be lost, but it is by their own choosing that they are.

Those of us who have found ourselves caught up in the false revival, in the false charismatic or what I call “charismania”, in the word of faith movement, in healing room ministries, in manifest sons of God, in dominion or kingdom now theology, prophetic ministry,  or in the emergent/contemplative church, have traded the true Jesus of Nazareth for an imposter. We have traded the pure and simplistic message of the gospel for a one that is not only false, but one without purpose or direction, one that teaches most anything goes or that it is impossible to be deceived. One that is indeed a doctrine of demons set out to separate you from the God who died for you. One that you will surely burn in hell with. Why? Because you participate in their wickedness – see 2 John 8-11 and according to Revelation 21:8 all liars will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. Those who bring another gospel other than the one given by the disciples in the bible are liars. Simple.

Those of us who have come out of those cults or doctrines of demons are eye witnesses to their dangerous, seductive teachings and methods of revival, worship, intercession, impartation and prophesy.  Indeed, it is by the grace of God that we were saved out from them.  If you are reading this and you are involved in any of these cults, this is your warning to listen, pay attention to what is being spoken to you, or imparted to you, or prayed over you and take that information to your bible and prove that it is true. You will not find that it is. You will instead find a spirit posing as the Holy Spirit and some other god called Jesus who is not the one and only Son of the Most High. How do you know you are right? The only way to know is to prove it through God’s word. It is our standard by which all teachings, prophecies, prophets and apostles should be measured.

Jesus never lacked or held back from calling a wrong for what it was – never. He never backed down in spite of the bad treatment He received from many, even those who claimed to love Him. He never let the ways of man get in the way of what He came to earth to do, which was to save sinners from eternal damnation.  He never backed down even though every day of those 33 years of His earthly life made Him one day closer to the horrific suffering that was sure to take place.  It came as no surprise to Him, He knew it all along and still He chose to go through with it.  Imagine that if you can.

This is your warning. It may be the only one you ever get before you die. If you are following the teachings of these imposters or those who teach with them or under them you are following  cleverly devised myths. I am here to tell you that I have been an eye witness of their ministries on some level. I have read their books, listened to them on media, bought their teaching, watched them on television, and believed and even coveted their prophecies, and some I have seen and been prayed over by them in person. In turn, I supported and taught to others what I learned from them.

Cal Pierce, Bill Johnson, John Paul Jackson, Paul Keith Davis, Kim Clement, Heidi Baker, Patricia King, Bob Jones, Sid Roth, Rodney Howard-Browne, Ken Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Cindy Jacobs, Paula White, Mike Bickle, Chuck Pierce, Todd Bentley, Randy Clark, Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, Rick Warren, Rory and Wendy Alec; anyone on television, teachings and teachers at Bethel, IHOP, International Association of Healing Rooms, Vineyard, Streams Ministries, Rhema, Word of Faith, the Elijah List and Extreme Prophetic. I also avoid their worship music. This is only a partial listing. Do your research.

I am telling you to get away and get away now.  Believe me, Jesus did not die so you could protect the teachings or defend the honor of a person you believe to be right who in reality is a false teacher or prophet. You will not gain points because you do so. It will not gain you anything to call me a Pharisee, or tell me that I have a religious spirit or that I am judgmental, or accuse me of spreading trash. I am warning you of fatal error as I am told to do in the bible.

You will be faced with God one day and all of your excuses will not mean a thing to Him as He turns His head from you with the words “DEPART, I NEVER KNEW YOU!” So, is that risk worth it? Are you sure who you follow and believe?

..work out your own salvation with fear and trembling..Philippians 2:12; Behold now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation. 2 Corinthians 6:2

Repent my friends and be restored to full salvation.

30 thoughts on “Eye Witness of the Imposter

  1. Spiritual pride. That’s what these movements are about. And it ain’t very spiritual.

    I think every ‘movement’ is about pride. It’s not Jesus + ‘the movement’ , it’s Jesus, period, plus nothing.

    When i think of my own involvement in flaky things years ago when i was a new believer, in hindsight, it was my pride that took the bait and which justified stupid things as spiritual.

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  2. How refreshing it is to read the liberty in this article.
    Suffering produces patience, you suffered under this false teaching and now you have the patience to dissect it. “For the word of God is living, and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and quick to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart.”
    HEBREWS 4:12
    The word of God is the sword of the spirit.
    Very bold statement, full of the discernment, refreshing!


  3. Bill Johnson deliberately misleads Christians that the early Church practiced tithing… which is is totally untrue.

    Question: Did the early church fathers practice tithing?

    Bill Johnson’s Answer: Yes

    Jusitin Marrtyr, Renaeus, Tertullian, Cyprian, Irenaius, Ambrose, Augustine, and many more.

    “Our ancestors used to abound in wealth of ever kind for this reason that they used to give tithes and pay the tax to Caesar… we have been unwilling to share the tithe with God, now the whole is taken away.” – Augustine


    • hello there!
      I think Bill Johnson misleads Christians on many points. The tithing lie makes sense. How can he build his kingdom – and he is building one – without cold hard cash? He’s one of many, a little more cunning than the rest.


  4. On what the early church fathers taught : a lot of mixture. Very different to what the original Apostles taught and practiced. Some early church fathers may have taught tithing, but the Apostles most plainly did not. They taught much about giving freely, but never about tithing.

    This is from my blog:

    I think the Didache is worth a read, a few notes:

    * Much of it rewords the words of our LORD, like, Jesus said a tree is known by its fruits and the Didache says a prophet is known by whether he has the ways of the LORD. As Mario pointed out from 1 John. So, in the rewording nothing new is added, it’s like a paraphrase.

    * Note the gradual transition from grace to law. As soon as the last original Apostle died there was a shift toward law : a formulating of the Scriptures into new laws.

    * This is obvious in what the Didache says about water baptism and about the LORD’s supper, a superstitious formula and transubstantiation. It goes beyond Scripture truth into new territory, and marks the beginning of the great falling away. As Paul prophesied, After me shall come savage wolves who will not spare the flock…

    This as early as the beginning of the second century.


    • Hi Ian.
      I’ve read some of it and found it very interesting! I will have to it read again when I am not tired. I went to the website and got a little nervous when I saw Armstrong’s name on the list of translators. If he is the one I am thinking of, he is to be avoided. I’ll have to look into it a little more.

      You made some good points and conclusions. I do love your insight – it’s quite inspiring!

      Blessings to you, my brother.


  5. mkayla
    Another inspired post, i’m encouraged to find people who are thinking and acting on their convictions and not being sucked along by mainstream christianity, and its fatal consequences.You made mention of avoiding music that emanates from some undesirable ministries, and rightly so, but further to that point, can we truly worship God with music that we have to pay copyright fees[ possibly to some organisation with no christian ethics] in order to “WORSHIP” God, is it ok for churches and ministries to profit from the writing and production of music and that this is acceptable to God?.After all Jesus did say ” freely you have received, freely give”. Anyway, just something else to ponder.
    God Bless


    • Right Ray!!!
      I’m sure you have noticed once a good song is released it is recorded over and over by other artists. Eventually Time/Warner picks them up and re-records them for a cut price advertised on TV! I wonder if this is truly worship or another way for fame and fortune. It is very hard for me to do these sing alongs. Our church uses lots of the old hymns which is quite a change from charismania. Some of them can be hard to sing as the wording is often strange = hard to pronounce, hard to sing.

      During worship I wonder where OUR songwriters are, I know we must have some in the congregation. For me, worship is a matter of telling God who He is, what He has done, repeating that back to Him. I am learning to do this without the influence of someone else’s money driven words, the emotionalism and the music. It’s quite a struggle having been so conditioned the other way. I always wonder what the bottom line belief is in those who write these songs. Some think I am crazy, maybe I am. At least I am no longer apostate. Whew.


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  7. Oh my I have been so decieved and abused for so many years! Praise GOD i stumbled across your site. Been praying for months earnestly seeking, knocking asking for direction, alone & broken for months waiting on Him to answer me. Streams ministries, jpj affilliate churchs are truly evil now i see. Many things happened such as I was told that I wasnt surrendered totally and God has turned his face from me, nothing could be done that i was a lost cause. Our family purchased a home and the pastor said I will not bless that property there are ancient territory spirts controlling the place – several months later the house burned. There is so much more honestly it’s all so disturbing. Praise God I am free from those wolfs


    • Ancient territory spirits are no match for Jesus Christ. He triumphed over them at the cross “It is finished!” and made a public spectacle of them! Rejoice that your name is written in the book of life and that through Christ you are redeemed from the false teachings and teachers. Praise God that He will never leave nor forsake His own.


  8. The leaders of false movements will interpret any circumstance in any way that will support their claims to special status in the “kingdom.”

    @Alex, if your house had burnt down while your were “on their side” they would interpret it as you being on the edge of some major awesome super anointed breakthrough and it was an attack meant to slow you down.

    If the house burns and you are not on their “side” then it is proof you are “touching the anointed”, etc etc, ad nauseum….anyone who has come out of charismania has oodles of examples of this kind of manipulation.

    Don’t listen to them.

    I am sorry for your loss of material things. That is never easy. But our treasure is in heaven, and no moth or rust or fire will ever destroy that.

    At the same time I will pray for you and your family to have all your needs met by our Father in heaven, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


    • I was not “obiedient” to the pastors commands at that time told us not to buy that property because of the demonic influence. I had my foot out the door at that time anyway, after the fire have never been back. One leader has contacted me via facebook – come back get in the “flow” you are missing out ect. Praise GOD I found you all to hear the truth, really I didnt know how decieved I was nor did I think it was possible, I considered those wolfs my closest “friends” and I thought they cared for my soul. They are involved deeply with,jpl, bethel, ihop, vineyard jpl visited that fellowship last year – Weird stuff. Really do these people know they are causing precious children of God to perish is this a diabolical plan of the Enemy that they are part of???


      • Alex, I believe they are so deceived and have been for so long (leaders) they don’t know the difference. They have chosen to follow other doctrines rather than the bible and in so doing dig themselves in deeper and deeper and many follow along with them in thier deceptive ways. The teachings of those you named are very dangerous and follow more of occult ways than Christian ones. They are bound in their pride in their thinking they are the ones who know the way of the Lord, the anointing, the gift, the authority and power to impart these things to others! The spirit they pass on is not of the Lord. Only the Lord can pull them out of it.

        Have the authorities been able to determine what caused the fire? My heart goes out to you and your family in your need. I will be praying for you.


        • God has been so very gracious to me!! He led me back to the country church I attended and was a member of before I got mixed up with Streams. I didnt want to go back because the the pastor didnt have a heart for the people thats why I left. Well the Holy spirit urged me to go back (I did not want to) although I was obiedient went Sunday morn and the old pastor had moved on and a New Pastor and his family were there “Trying out” for the position, He didnt sugar coat his serman or tickle anyones ears. What struck me was when he came into town he said he stoped at the local gas station and bought breath mint went back to the car and his wife asked if he would go back in for a bottled water, as he did he said the cashier was filling the shelfs with liquer made comment of how fast they sell booze in this town,the man ahead of him in line was swaying back & forth buying beer at 9 am. He said this is a hurting community, and we should be “The James Gang” James 1:26 27. Pray this man was sent to this church, I am listening praying, watching expecting God to move. He has these last few days, Thank you so much for your kindness and Goldly counsel Mkayla. no to your question regarding the source of the fire, we heard mice in the attic, the previous owners said that was always a problem not mention it was built in 1870s, neat historic place that had been totally restored although there was some old wireing?? Im afraid to ask, but do you think they could have “spoke a tragety” over that place? oh I forgot to tell you the weird pastor said..Satan got you to that place to kill you before the fire happened.


          • I don’t believe someone can speak a tragedy over a true believer, which of course is witchcraft, otherwise known as word of faith garbage. As for that awful comment about Satan killing you, I’d forget it as quickly as possible. What a loss that a person would find reason to say such a thing to another human being. Our Lord combatted Satan with truth in the scripture, and Michael simply said – “the Lord rebuke you”. I don’t know why so many go to such lengths about Satan. He is not our focus – the unsaved are! In the first part of Job we are told Satan had to get permission to do his dirty work. So, Satan is still subject to the higher authority and power of the Most High God! Even so, God has allowed this tragedy in your life, as He often does. Use it to learn more of who He is!

            I questioned the cause of the fire because depending on the real estate law where you live you may have recourse against the seller. Or maybe you have insurance to cover the loss of the house…? Just trying to help you look in a positive area, rather than another negative one.

            As for the future of the new pastor and your attendance, I cannot guide you in that, except to encourage you in the word and prayer, clinging to Christ our hope. He will give you all the guidance you need.

            Blessings to you this Christmastime for the blessed Lord – Immanuel – has come! (and soon to come again!! woohoooo! 🙂 )


            • Im so relieved you brought those scriptures to me, You are right the focus is on the lost not on the defeated one!! Jesus has redeemed me YEAH Jesus the Holy one of Isreal. Another thing you are so right, He is using this to show me many things, I have opened the door to him completly, He is in control not me. God Bless you and your family.


            • mkayla

              I had a conversation with Craig of CrossWise. He told me a little of your background with Sozo and the healing rooms and he suggested that I contact you. I have a family member that has had some unfortunate involvement with it.

              Would it be possible to correspond by email? I have several questions, and I am wondering if you can provide some insight.


  9. I have been praying for the leaders at my old “Church” yesterday and one of them just sent me a text wanting to talk to me, I’m really not sure if I should return the call. Normally this would not be a problem but it is right now, whats the Godly thing to do? I just dont want to be drawn back into that web. HELP


    • Well there is no harm in asking why this person wants to talk before you commit to a meeting. But if you are not yet ready to take the stand, start preparing. We should always be ready to give an answer for what we believe. We don’t know how we will affect the lives and futures of others.

      1 Peter 3:15
      Ephesians 6:10-18


      • Well I returned the call to one of the leaders and this is what was said: ” Keep in mind I havent been involved with this ministry for 6 months and I have just started praying for them this week.” Pastor has started a new bible study,”Journey through the bible” we have purchased a study program from another mininsty that we are using, have leaflets to pass out each week they are one dollar each week,the people who are attending are stunned and are so excited about how this is being presented – Showing how Jesus is the thread throughout old and new testament.You have been on our hearts and want you to come back we are the remenat you are the remenat we are in last days and you must be in with us the CLUSTER, there is saftey with us, Im worried about you!! Asked how I was and said, working out my own salvation with fear and trembling That the Lord Jesus Christ is leading my path. They wanted to meet and have lunch sometime soon or she would drive out to my farm to visit.


  10. It didnt take to long to hear Gods voice about this Run, Run, Run as fast as you can dont look back or to the left or to the right run straight into my arms, look Me in the eyes. I am learning Mccayla, Thanks for your support! Blessings to you and your family


  11. Here is a new “Dreams and Visions” book from Perry Stone. I used to listen to him a lot and was hoping that he wasn’t like the others in the false movement. It looks like he had to jump on the bandwagon though. I’m still figuring out if my dreams are of God or not and if I got his book, he’d say they were. MKayla, do you have an opinion of Perry Stone?



    • After having taken John Paul Jackson courses for the same, I realized one day that all the emphasis on the need to interpret for another had been based on Daniel and the pagan King Neb (for short, I don’t want to go look up the spelling).

      In the New Testament dreams are given and so is the understanding. We don’t need anyone to teach us how to interpret our own dreams. If God is speaking to us, why would we need another who could be wrong? It flies in the same direction as the false prophetic/psychic thing. I also don’t think we need to spend hours pouring over what they may mean by trying to interpret symbols and the meaning of people, etc. (I spent a huge amount of time on this) I don’t believe God intends that either. I believe He is pretty straight forward. All this STUFF sells books and things and brings in cash.

      I recently had a warning type of dream and within a few days I knew it was from God. I didn’t understand all the details but I understood enough that it was a warning, for who and why. 🙂

      I don’t know about Perry Stone, other than his name.


  12. I also have warning dreams. It’s good to think that God does still use dreams. Some people on these kind of blogs say that none of it is from God. With my daughter, I feel he gave me a dream of her when I was pregnant, a dream diagnosing her years later and another dream warning me of a potentially harmful situation she would be in (and was in within the week).


    • Well, I think we need to be careful when we say God doesn’t do this or that. Sometimes it is tricky to know, so I always revert to whether or not the message can be backed up in scripture, and the outcome. One thing, in charismania, all the push for visitations, dreams and visions are by man’s own will. But in the bible these events were never willed by man, but by God. How many conferences are held based on “I had this dream, this vision, this word…”? How many products are sold to teach and promote man’s ability to do the same? When the experience makes us want another, it probably isn’t of God to begin with. This is the fail place in “experiencing” God, because it is no longer about learning who He is through His word, but through the experience. It is not where God would have us be and I doubt He meets His people there.


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