Is it Worth the Risk?

A few days ago I was e-mailing with someone who I used to go to church with.  We left our church earlier this year because of all the false teaching and prophecy going on there.  She is still attending.

So, she asked me why we left.

And I told her.

Her response amazed me, not in a good way.

She replied that she was sorry to hear about that.

She wrote as though she was outside of it, as though it didn’t reach or touch her.

How can this be?

What if this -my answer to her -is the only warning she ever receives, and upon her death finds the ultimate horror  in the words “Depart from Me, I never knew you!”

All we have to do is read the bible.

Read the bible – it’s all in there!

“Depart from Me, I never knew you!”  Is it worth the risk?

7 thoughts on “Is it Worth the Risk?

  1. I think everything Bill Johnson and Bethel does is right on! Jesus continually tells his disciples to pray “as on earth as it is in Heaven.” So that’s obviously something Jesus wants – and in Heaven, there is no sickness or disease, poverty or hunger. So it is the believer’s job to work and be servants to the Kingdom. And yeh we are to serve God, but yes to the nations too! Jesus served his disciples as we should serve each other. Most of all though, you can’t deny good fruit. And there is tons of fruit coming out of Bethel. God is doing sweet things there!


    • You may want to rethink some of what you have said or have claimed to agree with. Jesus told His disciples to pray on earth as it is in heaven, which is in accordance to God’s will. He told them once, not repeatedly. (Matthew 6)

      You are right, there is no sickness or disease IN HEAVEN, but we are not in heaven, my friend and there is plenty of it down here. Why? Because we are fallen, we are sinners even tho we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus, we are still subject to illness, disease and death. Many disciples in the n.t. were in fact sick! They were persecuted, torchured, chained, beaten, stoned, left for dead and some were crucified for their faith. In many countries this continues. We may not like to hear it, but it is the truth. Be careful, because the persecution against Christians in America is well on it’s way. These teachers like BJ will not prepare you for what is to come. And when you cannot “speak” or “declare” your will into existence, what then? When you will not be able to declare your chains off or your tummy from growling in starvation, who will you be mad at and deny? Bill Johnson, or your Lord, who has taught you none of these lies?

      If it were truly God’s will for everyone to be healed, we would be healed. And Bill Johnson would not have had hernia problems last year and he would not be wearing eye glasses today! Look around. These are word of faith preachers who have taken the word of God and turned it into nothing more than very poor performed magic rituals.

      Jesus said that His kingdom is not of this world in John 18:36. You may want to question those like BJ who are building their own kingdom in the name of Jesus, who claim the “spirit” is here in this place, or the “power”, or the “anointing”, etc. Fruit? maybe. But you may want to weigh the teaching of BJ under the teaching of Jesus Christ before you make another claim as that one.

      It is not the “believers job to work and be servants to the Kingdom”. Where is this in the word? Is is up to us to love the Lord and do what He says. We do not serve a kingdom, but a risen King. Bill Johnson is very good, as are others like him, in twisting the truth. Please, you owe it to yourself and your Lord to search the scriptures with these claims. The word does not lie!

      May the good Lord give you eyes to see the truth. 🙂


    • The Kingdom coming daily is first IN us, our character, conforming us into the image and likeness of God’s Son, and then flows outward from us by virtue of what He does in us. Not the other way around.

      Here’s an example pertinent to Bill Johnson. He got on stage with the other false apostles and ordained Todd Bentley.

      Now, Todd Bentley has lied prolifically from the start. If anyone believes Todd’s amazing stories they are blind, deceived.

      Therefore, people like Todd and his supporters are very ANTI the Kingdom coming on earth as it is heaven, bcos they have willfully rejected the KING. They only see the outward things, the ‘power’, and have rejected TRUTH IN THE INWARD PARTS. Just as Jesus said it would be in the last days.


  2. Ian, you made a very good connection in how they willfully rejected the King, the Truth! Even in the situation with Bentley, his poor teaching or lack thereof was the ultimate clue in his “fruits”. But, when the truth about his affair came out, the focus shifted in the fact that he sinned, he was burned out from ministry – poor Todd. The fault was not in his marital failure, that had been there for some time, the fault was in the fact that his heart is not toward God, but in the power of the so called anointing he claims to possess. To these, it is all about the gift, the anointing, the presence (the biggie), the authority and power. They willfully forget Jesus Christ, the true head of the church. Birds of a feather, supporting each other’s sins, they share in them as well. None are guiltless in their association and lead many astray, their faith shipwrecked. What will be the outcome? What will be their savior now that he has already come and they have denied him? There is no other savior than Jesus.


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