Seven Mountains

The background image for Global Harvest Ministries under C. Peter Wagner, Doris Wagner and Chuck Pierce. The image is the “seven mountains” representing the seven major areas of influence in society: religion, family, education, government, media, entertainment, and business shown symbolically at the foot of the mountain of what I guess they must consider to be Mt. Sinai.

This signifies what they consider to be their call  – to take the influence, power and authority of their “god” into all areas of society, transforming every person into a Utopian society. This will either bring the second coming of Jesus, since He cannot return until we shape up and get it done, or some teach the believer will actually embody Christ and there will not even be a second coming. I have found this same teachings on the seven mountains from Cal Pierce, International Association of Healing Rooms and from Bill Johnson, Bethel.

If you listen to the prophet, Chuck Pierce, who many follow to the letter, you will not hear a mention of Jesus Christ or of the gospel. It is all about the battle, the land, the fire, the sound, a new season or a new beginning, weird symbolism (just look at the stuff on their stages, or “altars”), and numerology. He really likes the numbers on the Hebrew calendar and gets his symbolism for the year according to its numbers. Some attribute his stuff to Kabballah, which is a mystical form of Judaism.

Below are a couple of videos taken from his website. I have listened to him for a few years. In the beginning I could not understand him, and attributed that to his great wisdom. He had it, I did not. But I have listened and watched him off and on this past year as I’ve done the research. His messages or what he calls “prophesies” are becoming more strange all the time. Is no one testing this man?

Lots of fire. They like it, their god likes it. A five year old could make the connection why exactly!

I don’t think they are even listening to this man spew his weirdness.  They are too enthralled or blessed that their god would grant them the opportunity to be in such a gathering before the great one.

See how they raise their hands in worship or in agreement?  Why?  This is really a bad idea, really.

d sheets host presence

This image is taken from an older Dutch Sheets Ministries web page in which he called, or as he tells it, “god” called for his congregation to stop preaching and only “host his presence” for a 90 day period. If you google the phrase “hosting his presence”  you will find quite a few ministries or churches who jumped on this bandwagon in one form or another. So, no gospel, just worship, worship, worship. I thought the Holy Spirit indwelled in the believer. Why would we need to host him? But, here again, is that “tangible presence” so coveted. Dutch is also associated with the Wagners  Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs.

Cindy Jacobs of Generals International is all about society transformation as her tag line on her website states “Achieving Societal Transformation Through Intercession and the Prophetic”. She is very much into intercession and words of what she calls prophecy. It is not about the individual coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the word of God, but the transformation of nations through the false prophetic word of a woman. She is much into the battle literally, the war, taking the gates, standing off the enemy – and – empowering women through her yearly Deborah Company, which is a gathering of elitist women as it is by invitation only. Several years ago I was one of the intercessors involved in her 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting during which I picked up quite a bit of false teaching and impartation. It was where I first heard of the “seer” gift and was told I could have it if I wanted it, just ask. I did. I got what I asked for. Beware people.

These people – C Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets and Cindy Jacobs form what is known as the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) and there are many who follow along with them. There is much more to their ministries and their deceptive unbiblical practices than I have written here. This is known as Dominion or Kingdom Now as they believe they are taking the dominion over the world to bring the kingdom.

The Expansion Mandate

Oh, the cunning Bill Johnson. There is just something about this man’s demeanor that is quite different from all the rest. He is always so very “laid back” and comfortable.  Here, he too is building a kingdom. Look closely and you can see the outlines of some very strange buildings. Hmm, looks a little like the Arabian Knights to me along with London, America or at least the symbol of America.  And if you look just below the title – Expansion Mandate, you will see the words Hosting His Presence. Below, the  caption – “All He is looking for is people who will rise to the Mandate and say, ‘We will serve the nations we will pour ourselves out for a generation we will never see’ “. So, who is the “He” of this “Mandate” whose presence needs to be hosted?  Not our God, not our Savior Jesus as we are not called to serve the “nations” but to serve God.

He claims that so many are coming from all over the world that there is need for a new sanctuary. I have no doubt. I have seen first hand the force this man has over the masses. The danger of elitism and following the ways of man. Does anyone in Bethel own a bible?

The last I checked he was on the board of the International Association of Healing Rooms which connects him with Cal Pierce and the lie that all saved are healed, the saved should not be sick, etc.  And of course he is one of the three men responsible for the “restoration” of Todd Bentley.

A year and a half ago, I was involved in a healing room ministry in which I became the “intercessor” and later, the Associate Director. It was in my first months I received confirmation of my request to “god” to be a seer.  So, it was just about a year and a half ago I participated in a training which we entitled “Releasing Healings and Miracles Through the Power of  – WHAT – YES – His Presence.  See, on this blog if I snitch on other bad ministries I have to snitch on myself too. I was one of them. I am out now.

Strange how interconnected all of these ministries have become. They hear the same things, say the same things, prophecy and declare the same things and all the while they believe that they are hearing from God. Or at least those of us who are still “little people” believe that. I think there comes a time when God is going to completely fade out of it all together. The ministry will still stand as I believe they are the platform of the anti-Christ rising right out of the church.

If you find yourself aligned with these ministries, or many that have patterned themselves in the same way, if you believe you are building a kingdom here on earth for transformation, if you find yourself following after words of prophets that have no base in scripture or Jesus Christ, if you find yourself taken in by the sounds or colors of the season or numerology or if your worship of God has become all about you, what you get out of it, how and what you feel or experience- –get out. Repent and be restored and Jesus will forgive you of your apostasy and restore you to full salvation. He is faithful and true.

Jesus told Pilate “My kingdom is not of this world” in John 18:36; and in Revelation 22:7,12 and 20  the same Jesus says “I am coming quickly”.  Three times in such a short space He reminds us He is coming quickly! Repent and pray for those who are caught up in this deception!

13 thoughts on “kingdoms

    • No, but I am sure they would find some weird and false prophetic meaning related to warfare in those words – closed cannon. But, you’re the word of faith expert around here. Hey, I was in your blog earlier and read an article, forgot the name, about those word of faith guys – Hagin, Kenyon, Capps, etc. I was thinking along those same lines earlier, those who are in the healing ministries are sick – some chronic – some use breathing machines to sleep, even the fact they wear glasses to see – get real, huh? How come no one looks at THAT? ugh.

      Again, sorry to hear about your daughter. I lost my youngest 7 years ago when she was 19. Think they know each other by now? 🙂


  1. Hi M’kayla
    Thanks for another thought provoking post,there is certainly some weird stuff out there.One only needs to read the scripture to know that Christ did not die for the seven mountains of influence or whatever other convoluted fantasies pass through the empty recesses of our esteemed new apostles[apostates].The gospel message is so simple,Christ died so that sinful man may be reconciled to God, how difficult is that to preach to the masses?.
    There is a sobering verse in Isiah 66:4 where the Prophet writes of this very time and says

    So I will choose their delusions
    And bring their fears on them
    Because when I called no one answered
    When I spoke they did not hear
    But they did evil before My eyes
    And chose that in which I do not delight

    Kind regards


  2. Good scripture Ray, nails it right there.

    What’s the subtle underlying APPEAL of this false ‘kingdom’ stuff? It appeals to the flesh deep inside, the old man, the sin nature.

    1Jn 2:15 Love not the world,

    neither the things that are in the world. //what things would that be? the things the kingdom now ers are lusting after? Worldly power, recognition and influence?//

    If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    1Jn 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
    1Jn 2:17 And the world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of God abides forever.
    1Jn 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as you have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; by which we know that it is the last time.

    Note that vs 18 links the spirit of antichrist to the above verses.


  3. Hey Mkayla, Great post and good research. I have been wanting to talk to someone who has done research on Bill Johnson and Bethel, as I have a friend who just went out there to go to the school of supernatural ministry and she’s like a different person! I don’t know much about him, other than his connection to Todd Bentley.


  4. I just watched the first Glory of Zion video… 2 thoughts… One the picture of the eye on the stages is part of their mysticism (it reminded me of the eye of horus) they even sang about the eye. The peacock feathers on the stage also have eyes in them…..Also, the kundalini awakening is associated with fire. The whole thing was ceremonial ritual magic.


    • It’s so creepy. I left this without too many of my own comments to see what others could see in them. And after reading your comment I had to watch it again. I appreciate your input. The words of the song amaze me – Lord we want to burn with you in eternal fire…..?????


  5. At the beginning of the second video, the caption says, “A new prophetic song came forth that will break our nation into new cycles of worship.” It’s really a curious thing that these self-absorbed false prophets so often believe that everything they do, declare, and decree will significantly alter the course of a nation (or even the entire world). Here’s one prayer that this event in Kansas will do nothing to affect the worship of true saints.

    On another note, it seems that these fire-worshipers have more in common with Zoroastrianism than faith in Jesus.


    • Hello Adam.
      There’s something to this worship thing. I was reading in Daniel 3 on another site that when they heard the sound they were to worship the image. This makes me wonder if it will be the same during the trib and the worship of the antichrist that is to be set up. Worship has gotten so strange in the last few years.

      God be with you as your stand! I like that prayer. 🙂


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