Always Reaching, Never Finding

After I left the healing room ministry I began to do additional research into what they believed and taught others. It’s pretty much the same Word of Faith garbage repacked and sold by Cal Pierce, International Association of Healing Rooms out of Spokane WA.

I did quite a bit of research using my bible and a concordance – the resources I already had in my home. I didn’t have to go out an buy an expensive dvd or cd set or take a bunch of courses or pay hundreds of dollars to see the truth the way I did to see the lie. Imagine. Freely you have received, freely give. (Who said that?)

So after my research I put all of the information together along with a personal explanation and sent it off to all the members of the healing room, past and present.  None of them left the ministry, and only a couple asked questions. But, to my knowledge not one of them took to heart the truth of the scripture against the lie of the so called ministry. They continue to follow their heralded “famous one” who leads them to the path of apostasy who teaches them if a person is not healed there is a reason why and usually the problem is within.

Sadly, I see the ministry I left and those I warned plan to continue with teaching their “How To’s” this coming weekend. And all for a bargain price of $20! After all, they have the secret formula for healing! So, I wonder why they are sick? Why they need breathing machines to sleep at night, why they take medication or end up in the ER, why do they wear glasses and why are they overweight? Why do they go through surgeries and medical procedures and suffer bad effects from the medications? Why do their bones break or muscles pull? Why does the food they eat disagree with them?  Why do they succumb to seasonal viruses or request that those who are sick keep away from them? Why? Are they not all healed? NO. – -NO NO NO!!

Then how can they possibly continue on with such a mindless charade of lies that physical healing is in the atonement and it is part of a believer’s heritage to live disease free? Can someone else please tell them that we, even if we are saved, are still fallen, subject to sickness and disease?  If you have ever known someone who is chronically ill you will see from them that the miraculous is not so much in a person’s healing, but in they way they effect others while they are sick. It is in their testimony that they still stand and worship God and believe in Him and trust in Him despite the illness!  It is because they have purposed in their heart “Thy will be done.” These are the true faithful ones. So they do not have a need to go running around from place to place, in a crazed frenzy seeking out that healing, going from church to conference in cars, trains and airplanes spending their very last nickel to “get some healing” or “experience God’s tangible presence in this place with a special anointing” or visit that special person who is famed to “have the anointing on him/her, or who moves in the gift of…“. Because they have found it is NOT all about “me”.

But this is the topic they will be teaching on this weekend, How to Heal Biblically, or healing the way Jesus did. Listen, I was with them for almost 3 years and I only saw one person get healed during that time. Only one! Has anyone posed the question that if it were really God’s will to heal then why don’t the people heal? Crazy.

We know Jesus laid hands on the sick and they were healed instantly. We know He told his disciples to heal the sick and they did. We also know we do not see that same amount of healing today. We don’t know why. But, there are plenty of ministries like this one that will make you believe they have the answer to that question and they are happy to teach them to you. Believe me, these so called “answers” are not found in the bible.  See my writing Are All Healed.

They will also teach that there are such things as generational sins or curses, this is “sins of the father” that are passed from one generation to the next. This is old testament, and not true of a believer. Repentance brings forgiveness and we are not held responsible for another person’s choices. Jesus took the curse for us on the cross. All of them. Galatians 3:13  See my article on Generational Curses.

While it may be true there were special places of worship and of God’s visitation in the old testament, it is not the norm for a new testament believer. We are given the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as part of the new covenant, which old testament believers did not have. There is no need to visit a place of healing or a faith healer.  When we are taught otherwise we are being taken back to the old covenant and in doing told to ignore or forget the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And when we believe these lies we are following after another gospel and have perverted the faith. Consider how many of these deceived and false teachers refer to the old testament rather than the new.  They are taking Jesus out, just like unbelievers. It is ok to believe in God, just not His one and only Son.

These healing room ministries are all about the person – the healing, the gifting, the anointing, the authority. Yes, Jesus is in there somewhere, but He is not the head because it’s only His name that is used.  If He were the head there would not be such an emphasis on the person. And in this environment where there is supposed gifts like wisdom, teaching, prophecy, revelation, dreams and visions and gifts of intercession, there is also something called jealousy.  Yes! Looking at others wanting what they have, coveting, not being content in their own gift. But such a thing  called- contentment – is not the way of satan, who himself claimed to Eve that she could could be like God! Never content, always wanting more, wanting even demanding through crazy decrees and proclamations to speak things that are not as though they were forgetting this refers to God, not man! Going after what is out of their human reach or design to have, to know or to understand – out of God’s perfect will. Is this not the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life warned about in (1 John 2:16)?

Always reaching, never finding.

2 Corinthians 11:3-4  3 But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.  4 For if he who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted–you may well put up with it!

16 thoughts on “Always Reaching, Never Finding

  1. Hi Mkayla
    Another spot on post.The issue of healing is no doubt an area prone to stir wide ranging responses and no doubt a few heated arguments.I dont believe i have ever accepted that healing is for every believer and was challenged on this very subject again recently when confronted with a friend who has a terminal illness.At the heart of this debate regarding healing is something that is overlooked, and that is the Sovereignty of God.
    If we declare ourselves to be of the Kingdom , does that not include that we also come under Gods divine purpose?Is it not God perogative to place His children in situations that ultimately bring glory to Him? Inevitibly, many will bemoan the circumstances they find themselves in,but as the Lord told Paul, His grace is sufficient.Amen


    • Hi Ray. My heart goes out to you and your friend. I lost a good one years ago to cancer. Her testimony of “Your will be done” was astonishing. Again, you made great points – divine purposes.

      It is very easy to get caught up in our emotions. We don’t want to lose our loved ones and forget our calling, focusing again on me, me, me. Then we remember the suffering of our Lord and what He gave up so that we could share in what is His one day. Of course are the stories as reminders of the suffering and deaths of the original 12. Yes, His grace is sufficient and that is why we must give ourselves over to Him over and over again.

      It is so much easier if we would only keep the main thing the main thing.

      Peace and blessings to you.


  2. mkayla, you have a wonderful gift of teaching and expounding on the truth. I am so glad God has set you apart for this place here for us! Thank you, Lord!


    • Thank you for your encouragement my friend. It is so good to see your comments again. Praise God! No one – no other god – could work the miracles of mighty Jehovah! There is no other name in which we can be saved – JESUS! Yippie!


  3. hi mkayla … a Healing Room has just opened in our community and one of the members of my church is pretty excited about it. The little research I have done has made alarms go off in my spirit about the whole thing. You mention in this post that after leaving the movement you put all your research together … just wondering if it is posted here on your site or if you make it available? Thanks so much!


    • HI. Most of the information here reflects the teachings of the healing rooms which is mostly based on word of faith doctrine. My first research and writing that I referred to can be found under the catagory Refuting IAHR, (which is the International Association of Healing Rooms) also Word of Faith. If you have specific questions you can ask me as much as you would like.


  4. mkayla can you tell what you know about curry blake of john g lake ministries. I went to a healing service he had did at a church i used to go to in ohio and got prayer for healing of obsessive compulsive disorder and people who went to that church told me god healed me but a few years later, i had a relapse and had a severe case of ocd and he claim he and his ministry raised a murdered man or a man that died from the dead and he claim martial arts is bad and evil and so do the people who told me i was healed and that irritates the living hell out of me because i took martial arts for self defense and not all martial artist worship budda or practice buddism like many christians believe and we do not get our power to break bricks from demons like some people believe, we condition our hands by hiting them against bags filled with beans or river rocks and they get harder over time and i personallly think curry and the peoplewho say its over the devil are full of crap


    • robg1981, you didn’t have a relapse, you were never healed to begin with. This happens quite often from people who claim a gift or a special anointing and don’t actually have one. I know a bit about Curry Blake but he is not a part of John G Lake. As for martial arts, those who have studied it in depth or who have a real knowledge believe the practice is to worship other gods, aka demons, just as the practice of yoga. There are roots involved that aren’t taught or discussed in the US because they didn’t originate in our country. Eastern practices are marketed over here for things they really are not – self defense, exercise, relaxation, etc. And just because a person does them for those reasons doesn’t change what they really are at the core. Please spend some time in research to find out the truth for yourself. Here is a start – and I can also recommend the book Out of India by Caryl Matrisciana who grew up in India and has first hand knowledge of the eastern influence on the western world. It may irritate you and make you think we are full of crap, but there is probably more to it than what you know. 🙂 Eyes wide open, my friend!


      • at the school i went to we never worshiped budda and i have no intention to, we were just learning how to defend ourselves, i was bullied in cleveland public schools and don’t want to be a victim of people who want to assault me phyically and we did not worship demons at that school either


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