…from a conversation on a friend’s blog…

What else could it mean to say the Kingdom of God is at hand, than to say the Anointed of God has come? He is here. Emmanuel, with us.

I love that name – Emmanuel. It’s like the earth moves a little every time I hear it.

Right on! Jesus came for the lost, to save sinners, to repair the breach, so sinful man can have a relationship with God the Father again. He made it possible. All the rest is fluff. I want Jesus and can you think on the day we see Him face to face – there will be no standing up from that. I can’t imagine, really. All else fades in comparison. Yippee!


7 thoughts on “Yippee!

  1. “All else fades in comparison”

    Which is why we preach Jesus bodily coming soon from heaven to judge the living and the dead. Bcos on that Day, truly, all else will fade away……. it won’t matter anymore. Only what pertains to Jesus, what IS His, matters, eh, is eternal.


  2. we had a policeman killed here last night. he pulled a pharmacist over for speeding and got shot. He had two little kids. You can google pelham police to read about it. I have several family members that are police, so it hits home. Please pray for the family.


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