Jesse Duplantis – Adam, Not God Breathed Life Into Animals

I found this video clip of Jesse Duplantis teaching on another blog. I was completely struck at how bad Jesse’s teachings have gotten to be. But this is far from just an error, this is a deliberate lie. Watch how the people just go along even tho he is reading with them out of the bible, or claims to be. Don’t they read for themselves??  Do they not see? And what is this word of faith preacher’s lie that brings God down to man’s level, or even beneath it, as it shows Him as though He is clueless, yet exalts man above God in power and intelligence. Woe.

This also caught my attention because it is along the lines of Adam and his dominion  in my article found here  – Dominion and the Rule of Adam.

30 thoughts on “Jesse Duplantis – Adam, Not God Breathed Life Into Animals

  1. Comedians should never venture into the pulpit.

    I just read a transcript of that Perry Noble guy, speaking to 2000 pastors, and he’s only a comedian, nothing more. Those pastors are soooooo stupid to listen to him.


    • Hi,

      Our daughter of 22 months just passed away not long ago (105 days). I wanted to find answers whether she is safe in heaven. Been reading few books about heaven encounters. Than found Jesse’s book (Heaven Close Encounters of God kind) and got down to it immediately. Than one early morning the instant my eyes opened I grab the book and continued where I left off the night before. The particular paragraph explained about ‘Oriental children being in heaven’. They passed away due to many reasons. Now, I strongly believe that God answered my prayers through Jesse’s wonderful book! I wept so hard because God has touched us in so many ways… I believe all babies which have passed away will be excitedly waiting for their parents one day.


      • Christine, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I know the devastation of losing a child, we have lost two. And I know all too well the desperation that comes needing to know for sure if they are in heaven. I too believe babies are in heaven because they cannot possibly make a decision for Christ one way or the other. But please be careful in reading anything this man writes about. You are much better off to read the bible and ask the Lord to show you through His word, and through His presence the things He wants you to know. He will comfort you and bring you peace.


  2. Hi M’Kayla. I’ve not watched the You Tube due to a computer that’s slow, but you, nonetheless, expose a very important point. Whenever a “ye shall be as God” mentality is promoted, or anything in which man is placed in a pivotal role, trouble is brewing. I don’t know what bible the guy above is reading (it’s not a KJV) but Adam only named the animals. He did not breathe life into them.

    We often think of verses such as II Timothy 4:3 and subsequently brace ourselves for the manifestations of such. But when we see such blatant error being embraced by so many, it surpasses all that we had expected. Why would someone teach this; that Adam breathed life into animals? These are strange times indeed and without a doubt, the great falling away is gaining momentum.

    Thanks for an eye-opening post. Blessings always in Jesus name.



    • timbob, going from memory from a couple of weeks ago 🙂 Jesse claimed that God created the animals as far as the clay formation end, did not know what they were, took them to Adam who, as he named them determined what they would be. In other words, God formed a horse out of a chunk of clay; he did not know what it was, (cuz he’s dumb and Jesse gives a real dumb expression on his face to emphasize this point) took it to Adam who named it “horse” and the lump of clay suddenly became the living horse. In his telling God was amazed because he himself did not know what he had created. At some point Jesse claimed that when Adam spoke he breathed life into them as God had breathed life into Adam. Adam being a spirit or of spiritual nature, God said to him “speak spirit”. It’s all very twisted and quite ridiculous. The scripture Jesse uses is Genesis 2:19 ..brought them to Adam to see what he would CALL them, and whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its NAME. So the scripture alone is proof enough of the lie. Yes, the word blatant fits – totally. Too bad none of us think in such a setting we have permission to stand and call the liar for what he is. But we have been fooled into believing that we must endure unsound doctrine and put up with it and that it is not our place to question leaders. I guess whoever thought of that one is about as dumb as the so called god in Jesse’s teaching.

      Nice to hear from you again. Blessings back to you.


  3. Mkayla
    I need to fess up, Iam guilty of watching Jesse Duplantis, do You think anyone else will find out? Seriously , though, i watch and shake my head till its just about to fall off, he is so bad, isn’t there anyone who’s awake.The most alarming thing is this, and that is while he is deceiving himself, he is dragging countless others down with him.
    I often think of the parable of the ten virgins, and how so very applicable it is for this time.The five wise virgins had extra oil [ Holy Spirit} while the five foolish ones who were found wanting had to go to the buyers and sellers , [ gospel merchandisers aka Duplantis and co] by which time it was too late.Anyway, the bridegroom is on His way!!

    Blessings to all


    • I’ll fess up too. I used to love him. Years ago I watched him with my daughter a few times. This one time he told a story and we laughed so hard we were on the floor. Every time we thought of it we laughed – you know how that happens. But there was no false doctrine, just this crazy story of when he was under his house and it began to rain so hard and in came this dead cat right in his face – it was hilarious.

      I guess being wof he has been wrong for a long time. I do remember watching him another time and he claimed to have been to heaven and seen God on the throne, only His hand tho. I didn’t like it and it shook me from believing him. But, back then I didn’t know of the wof connection all these guys had.

      Praise God for the truth!


  4. How in the world can they all just sit there and start laughing at the very first?! This is just not ridiculous it is an out and out abomination! What is wrong with the church to sit and swallow this garbage and not even stand up and say, “Hey! You are lying!” I can’t believe this!!!!!!!!! And he aint even funny!


  5. Let’s expose him as a ‘false comedian’ and report him to the comedian’s union , he doesn’t even rate as a false teacher.

    But money talks, don’t it? Money answers all things… Eccl. 10:19b


  6. It’s frightening to know how people are being decieved by such drivel. If these are indeed the last times, we have no excuse for being taken in by these charlatans because God’s Word is very clear that false prophets would come to deceive many, even The Lord’s elect if possible. Please wake up, all you that call yourselves Christians, and stop defending these phony prophets! The Wod says you will know them by their fruits, the fruits of the Spirit, listed in Galatians 5:22, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. No where is money or health or wealth mentioned! Why do people defend these liars by saying God is prospering them so they must be preaching the truth? Again, judge them by their fruit, not their level of prosperity!


  7. MKayla…I saw that video too. I think it was taped during one of Kenneth Copeland’s Believer’s Conventions. It also bugged me when I heard what he said and what he was implying. If you read the verse he quoted,it clearly states that Adam named every LIVING creature brought before him. Meaning the animal was already alive when it was brought to Adam. There is this wierd doctrine starting to creep into the Church,about us being equal to God. And this video of Jesse Duplantis is promoting that doctrine. He is bordering on heresy,and the fact that Kenneth Copeland continues to invite him to preach at his conventions,is also troubling. At times like this,I really believe that every christian should ensure that they are being led by the Holy Spirit.


    • The teachings of K Copeland aren’t any better. All WOF teachers should be avoided because they teach lies upon lies and in the end they are all saying the same things.

      Blessings Jerome!


  8. The issue of Jesse Duplantis is heresy of the highest order.Where in the world are you based.Iam based in the UK to be frank with you there is no church..its all dead churchianity.


  9. “whatsoever Adam called every living creature” (Gen. 2:19) Every creature was already living when he named them is the clear implication. When he called it something, it was already a living creature, not after he called it something. Jesse has twisted the text. It does not say “whatsoever Adam called every creature it became living”, yet that is what Jesse is implying. He sees this passage as promoting the “speak things into existence” philosophy of his movement. Has he been reading kabbalistic doctrine or some other form of gnosticism. This is not a straight reading of the text. I am sure he is well meaning but the limb he’s on is about to break. I rebuke this philosophy in Jesus’ name and want no part of it.


    • Joe, this is part of the word of faith teaching that claims we have the same power and authority that God has!!! Pretty astounding, huh? Unless the Lord intervenes we will see more of it accompanied by more false signs and wonders. Pray for the lost AND these who are deceived, who twist and pervert the word of God to their liking.


  10. I do believe that Jesse Duplantis is a brother in the Lord. I do not want to speak evil of him. However, he should repent of this doctrine of demons, lest it lead him to further error. We are all prone to error. None of us has got everything right. We all can stand correction in different areas of our thought life as well as in our behavior. Let’s pray for Mr. Duplantis that he will correct himself.


    • Agreed with the need for prayer.
      Pointing out wrong (false) teaching is not speaking evil of the person, it is showing the truth. Like I said, JD is involved in WOF which means he has had much false teaching out there over the years and many are led astray. This is not the same as “we are all sinners”, which we are, but a matter of a false and very dangerous teacher, no matter how well liked. If we chose to follow them and make excuses for them we have departed from the true faith. We cannot follow false teachers and follow Christ at the same time. It is impossible. So we will either stand for Christ and the purity of the teachings of the bible or we will stand with false teachers and their deception. There is no middle ground.


      • You are right. Pointing out false teaching is not the same as speaking evil. I offer the comment only as a word of caution to myself. I think your role on this website is a valuable one. The things people teach should be held up to the light of God’s word. This position should be accepted in the churches of God. Still, I think the caution against evil speaking is in order, if only for myself. While I agree with you that we ought not follow false teachers, we must admit in some ways none of us has everything figured out and so caution is advised. I don’t believe I’ve ever known any individual with whom I agree totally. Some issues are pivotal and mark points of departure. Some doctrines do indeed set us apart from others. Others are issues about which we can “agree to disagree”. It is important, I think, to make this distinction. Still, local bodies of Christ meet the needs of people who do not agree on every single important issue. I for one am a Oneness Pentecostal. I do not find many evangelicals who even understand what I think and even consider some of my ideas reasons for disfellowship, Duplantis not the least of these. Sometimes institutional commitments cut across Biblical understandings. The body of Christ needs to cultivate the ability not only to be critical of others’ doctrines but to couple with this the ability to be self-critical. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than the appearance of “absolute agreement”. I don’t think that is possible until we know as we are known, when He comes. Until then, we will often have to learn to embrace the seeming contradictories. “Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout, he drew a circle that shut us out. But love and I had the wit to win. We drew a circle that shut him in.” There are many false doctrines floating around in the body of Christ. This is why your site is an important one. Perhaps you might encourage more openness to criticism in our churches, an atmosphere in which people learn to receive criticism and not just offer it.


      • May I offer a somewhat “existential” interpretation of the idea of “the purity of the teachings of the bible”? I believe that truth is relational. It is something that arises BETWEEN people and God. It is one thing to have a kind of scholarly appreciation and understanding of ideas. It is quite another to deeply feel the ideas in the context of a relationship between people and in the context of a relationship with God. A scholar may correctly teach that “God so loved the world…”. Yet he may not actually have the truth as something that comes from a relationship with God. Jesus subordinated truth to the reality of His Presence. “I am..the truth”, He said. Truth is sometimes reduced to a set of ideas held by someone. People will argue to the death over ideas like this, not really getting to the heart of things. Jesus sees deeper, I think. His thinking is reflected in what I think is a good doctrine of scripture: The Bible is the record of a conversation between God and His people. When we get it on the conversation, we can’t rightly say that we HAVE the ideas. It in context of the conversation, I think the truth is that the living word has us. None of us knows as much as we think. We are all of us walking in the light as we see it and that as through an opaque glass. No one is in possession of absolute purity of doctrine. That is yet to come. This is why we need one another. We need to help one another, to sharpen our swords, to exercise patience, to offer exhortation, to do what we can with the limited gifts we are given and, if appropriate, rebuke. Hopefully, people like Duplantis will respond to this.


        • Well Joe, if you aren’t a philospher I will eat my hat! haha

          You have made some very valuable points which bring us back to the need for personal study of the scriptures – alone and along with others. Every thought, every idea arising from that study should be taken into consideration from the whole counsel of the bible. There are things that we do not know, things that we know in part. Some things will be revealed to us, and others will not be this side of eternity. But the things we know, the things that are written for our understanding, those thing that edify us and others that bring us to the truth of why Jesus died and those that teach us how we should live, we should glory in.

          Blessings to you.


  11. You are a wise woman, Mykala. You have not disengaged like people who assume authority sometimes do, just to maintain the appearance of control. I was trying the spirits to see if they were of God. You weren’t threatened or offended. I would so like to see more of this in the churches. Oh that we could learn to really listen to one another, to become self-critical and to be able to offer critique in loving ways and not to be so easily offended. Thanks for meeting with me in a spirit of truth. May God richly bless your work.


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