Bullies or Spiritual Elitists

If you are reading this and you have been told or read in books that you don’t have the place spiritually to name false teachers and prophets, or the place to question your leaders because you are not apostolic or a leader, you are being fed a fat lie. We all have the expectation to uphold the truth of the gospel and dispel false teaching.

If you are being told you do not have the place or the right to speak against leaders or apostles because you do not effect the kingdom as greatly as they – we are talking a numbers game here – how many, how much – please know that God is not interested in these tallies. Again, you are being fed a great big fat lie.

Remember the bully in the playground, the one who made fun of a kid- maybe you – and all the other kids joined in mocking, calling names, laughing? They did this so the bully wouldn’t turn on them. They did it out of fear of the bully, fear of rejection because the bully appeared to have more power and more authority than the little guy. But what authority did he have? Only in what was perceived, not in reality. Big difference.

It is the same in the self appointed false apostolic movement, these self righteous phonies are the bullies of the gospel. They want nothing else than to separate you from the freedom you have with your savior, with Jesus Christ AND to separate you from the word of God and knowing the truth. This is why there is so much of their merchandise out there, readily available, and often free. If they were so concerned about your spiritual condition they would point you to the word of God, not the words they themselves have penned.

There is no substitute for the truth of the word of God – none – no matter how it is packaged. These liars will not stand side by side with you on judgment day taking responsibility for the lies they sold you. Don’t be taken by these fat lies, expose them.  And in the meantime, make them show you in the word where it says we are not permitted to question their claims of authority and bad teaching!

7 thoughts on “Bullies or Spiritual Elitists

  1. This brings back memories for me of certain encounters i’ve had with people.

    I don’t believe there is a thing called a ‘jezebel spirit’ which persecutes the prophets, but there certainly is a devil who persecutes the prophets, and its amazing how normally sweet Christians can be suddenly transformed into such hateful people when they don’t like that you’re exposing the works of darkness, then instantly they are back to ‘sweet’ without missing a beat. I’ve experienced that many times.


  2. So what are we to believe about those who “effect the kingdom” more than those who do not? Do they think God keeps track, one for him, two for him, three for her.. like that? What makes them believe they will get the credit when the word says one man plants, one man waters, etc.? If by some great miracle a person truly IS saved, IS healed in the presence of one of the elitists, then it is God’s glory! He gets the point! After all, He is the One who died for them. He is the One who reveals the truth so they CAN hear and receive!


  3. The word of God is being neglected by a good portion of the body of Christ today. In churches they barely crack it open. If you aren’t in the word yourself with the Spirit’s help you’re not getting what you need. Many of us listen to these guys because we’re too LAZY to dig into the the Word ourselves.


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