Slain in Whose Spirit?

This is a very good video re: Slain in the Spirit that Redeemed Hippie has on her site.

If you or someone you know has experienced this manifestation attributed to the work of the Holy Spirit, you need to be aware of what the bible has to say, or in this case, does not have to say about it.

Watch the youtube video from ppsimmons

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  1. May I say that I do believe in the subject, “Slain in the Spirit” but not in the way that it is portrayed in the above manner. I was raised in the Assemblies of God Denomination and am still a member (60 years) and am well knowledgeable of the Full Gospel Church and it’s teachings. I have witness over these years, individuals, who I believe were genuinely “Slain in the Spirit” which were far and few in between.

    One young lady, weighing nearly three hundred pounds, tight roped the edge of the stage, hands raised, eyes closed, and dancing before the Lord as David did for nearly ten minutes as if she was on flat ground.

    Another young lady, on the same stage but at a different time, fell over backwards (no one laid hands on her to push her) with her head striking the solid oak altar and making a sound as if two wooden bats were struck together. When she finally rose, she had no knowledge of hitting her head and there was no physical effect of her doing so.

    The above accounts are just a few that stand out in my mind. Again, I do believe in being “Slain in the Spirit” and that as in the past, it is still going on today but I do not condone nor believe the “Slain in the Spirit” movement that is being portrayed today by many as in the above video is of God.


    • During the Jesus Movement in the early 70’s my mother told a story of a woman who fell during deliverance. She was holding her baby and as she went down her head hit the solid wood pew. Nothing happened to her, no injuries, no catcher either. hehe. So when I was reading your story I wondered, is this the same woman…???

      Oh, yes. God can cause things like this to happen and no one really knows why. It is these crazed loons who come into the church claiming to know that get everyone way off from the truth. Instead of being moved by the Spirit they are moved by the flesh. It all becomes a show. God help us all see the difference clearly!

      Thanks Mario.


  2. M’Kayla, the men in the video at about 45 seconds and again at 2:47 mins into it are manifesting a kundalini awakening…. that is what is being imparted in these meetings and at Toronto etc.

    And Todd Bentley looks like he is just pushing people down!


  3. Why is it that anything that happens supernaturally and gives the warm fuzzys just has to be God?
    Hinduism has the same things happen slain in the spirit, dancing in the spirit, jerking, vibrating, shaking, or what ever you want to call it, and the majority of Christians would agree that is not of God.
    Apparitions of Mary and people being healed and most Christians would agree this is not God.
    But when its our experience in our denomination’s its God.
    Remember Pharaohs wizards they were able to duplicate many of the same miracles that Moses did to a point, but they did turn water into blood, they did recreate the plague of frogs. I contend that we get caught up in the wizardries of Pharaoh and don’t even have the basics down, much less moving on to perfection, until Christ is formed in us.
    I don’t mean to be attacking and I apologize if I’m coming across that way, I too was there did that, was part of it. But by the grace of God have come to my senses and have escaped the snare of the devil having been taken captive by him to do his will, (2Tim.2:26)
    But I had to be willing to check out and research if the checks in my Spirit were the Holy Spirit.
    Every believer I know says they are lovers of the truth, but it seems as long as truth lines up with there ideals or there denominations ideals that is truth. But our truth must line up with the scriptures and the witness of the Holy Spirit, not a cut and paste man centered gospel.


    • No, you don’t sound like you are attacking at all.

      The warm fuzzies are only the beginning, at least for me the manifestations became more violent and harder to control. Even the voice I heard that I thought was God became a little more forceful. It is a very dangerous place to be in when we agree these manifestations are of God. They are not, but so many are led astray because they appeal so much to the flesh, the emotions and even some to the gift of being able to hear from God in areas that others cannot. I believe Satan plays right into that increasing the deception and leading more astray.

      Yes, we have to be willing to question those experiences and the teachings! 2 Timothy – right on target!

      Take care.


  4. Two instances in the NT where people fell under the power of God: Paul (Saul) and all his party on the Damascus Rd, and John the Apostle, when He saw Jesus in His Glory. He even became ‘as dead’.

    So, unless God changes, this can happen again, but surely it’s a rare occurence.


      • Exactly, good point, but it did happen, so if anyone says it can’t happen they are wrong.

        It happened to me. Whether people laid hands on me or not, the fact was i was filled with the Holy Spirit and saw the glory of the LORD Jesus. When i got up off the floor i was a totally new person, a new creation, delivered and free, and from then on i loved and knew the LORD Jesus.

        Now, from what i just described, some people would surmise that i must be of the devil, bcos only the devil is doing such things today, right?


        • Hi Ian!
          Thanks for sharing that. It is so important to hear the differences between the true supernatural workings of God and the false manifestations of Satan. For me, and the way I came to personally understand, was to ask after the manifestation who is changed, who is healed, who is delivered and certainly who is saved (repented)??? If these supernatural experience do nothing for the person spiritually, if they do not bring a person closer to the Lord with a desire to know Him better, His word better, and bring to them a love of the brethren. If it serves only to cause that person to want the next experience or the next prophetic word, etc. or if it brings a desire to possess a gift or experience that they see in another, leading a path away from the true practices of Christianity, then it the person has experienced manipulation of an ungodly spirit.

          This is exactly what your experience tells. And to take it one step further, we see the “fruit” in your life in the way you express and conduct yourself here on the blog in a godly manner, encouraging, exhorting, teaching. That is the defining point. 🙂

          It is so very hard for many to see that dividing line. They see someone fall or they fall (or they feel heat or buzzing) and are witness to the power and believe it is God. As we see, we cannot be so quick to make that determination. It took me a good amount of time to put that together in my head. But once I got it, it made complete sense to me.

          Blessings to you dear brother – and to your dear wife. 🙂


          • This is exactly what your experience tells.
            Oh, let me clarify that I meant your experience differentiates between the two.
            Sorry, often my mind and my fingers on the keyboard can’t keep up one with the other.


          • Thanks sister. That’s exactly right : what is the fruit of any supernatural experience. And mostly these days the fruit is not good.


            Having ‘catchers’ standing by is a BIG problem bcos it preconditions people into expecting to fall down, like, falling down is the aim of the exercise. Anyone who prays for the sick by laying on of hands would be better to have them sit in a chair, or at least tell them that no ones going to catch them. That way, if it’s truly God, then no problem.


  5. Hi Mkayla
    To the scriptures quoted in the video, one could add the following as a contra argument,

    Eph 4:4
    There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling, one Lord , one faith , one baptism; one God and Father of us all, who is above all , and through all , and in you all.

    I believe that if one has been baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and this by way of water baptism, then this is all that is required. More to the point, I would question the spirit someone is subjecting themselves to when they are ” slain in the spirit”.
    We had an episode in church about six months ago when a visiting Ugandan preacher took the iniative to address the congregation [ impromtu ] and the next thing i heard was ” fire fire” , i knew immediately what this was , and it wasn’t good, but what astounded me the most was the reckless manner in which so many people fell over themselves [ and others ] just to get to the front to grab a piece of this annointing.I singled out one particular person in order to engage their opinion of the mornings events, and the response was well , less than overwhelming. Apparently it was real because it happened!!.Wow , what discernment, never mind that satan is capable of convincing false signs and wonders and that he appears as an angel of light.All things must be discerned by the word, and not by the experience.
    God bless


  6. This “fire, fire” thing hit a church I used to attend a few years back. The visiting evangelist yelled “fire, fire” most of the “prayer time” night after night. I wasn’t impressed…more like perplexed.

    What do you make of John the Baptist saying Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire?

    In the context of people “praying” for fire, I understood them to mean something like passion for the Lord/the lost. But it has become a buzz word now. I can only see other scripture referring to fire as something destructive- as in hell’s fire, or actual, physical fire.


    • Hi. I had an experience with that Fire! Fire! thing and one time was enough to snap me out of it. After that I prevented anyone from praying and calling for fire for myself or anyone else.

      fire – refiner’s fire, tongues of fire…how about the fire that came from heaven and burned up the altar of Ba’al…fire is destructive and most who do that fire fire thing are nothing but parrots.


    • Ruthsongs,

      I just left a church that is very into the “fire, fire” prayers. I knew the intention of the prayer was for a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and it sometimes bothered me. One, because it felt like begging God for a “feel good” super-spiritual experience, and also because I’d never read in the bible that we should pray for fire. Now that I’m out of that church, the topic of fire in the bible is one of the many things I’m taking a closer look into. I have to say, I agree with your conclusion “I can only see other scripture referring to fire as something destructive- as in hell’s fire, or actual, physical fire”

      Just last week I was reading the words of John the Baptist that you’ve quoted, which don’t seem to fit into the “destructive fire” category. When I kept reading, a subsequent verse caught my eye and led me to do a little research. I will try to explain what I’m thinking.

      Matthew 3:11-12 (11) I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. (12) His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

      Now, I always understood the “and with fire” in verse 11 to be more of the Spirit….like pizza with extra cheese. But what if it’s something different? Maybe Jesus baptizes with two different things, and each person will have one (the Holy Spirit) or eventually the other (fire). That’s what verse 12 seems to suggest. These two verses so close together made me wonder if the ideas go together. So I went to and did my first word study! I learned that the Greek word for fire in both of these verses is the same, pyr, which is a consuming fire of judgment. So, I’m thinking I’m onto something here. I’m still working on how to articulate it, but this fire doesn’t sound like an attribute of the Holy Spirit to me.

      What do you think? Does anyone else have any insight?


      • Good work ruthsongs and Diane.

        I thought the Fire Fire subject was worth it’s own place, so let’s continue the fire conversation here - where I have copied your comments. 🙂

        Any other conversation related to slain can continue on this topic.

        thanks! 🙂


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  8. Ian
    To your experience , i would concur with Mkayla’s reply [ post# 10] , certainly your experience is an exception and not the norm.What i have observed over many years , though, are certain people who week after week , are the same ones who are out the front of church , being slain in the spirit, for who knows what reason. This begs the question , why are they continually asking for something they already have?, and secondly, what is the spirit that they go down under.?
    Another point i would make is once experiences move outside the bounds of scriptural definition, they become subjective, and testing these becomes difficult, of course we then have to confront what constitutes scriptural definition and the extremes that different groups will employ to rationalise their theology.My personal experience is that there is much more disagreement over Gods written word than there is over subjective encounters. Present a passage from scripture to confront someones folly and expect a lively rebuttal, have someone recount a vision or dream , and you will have a captive audience.
    Discerning the teaching and doctrine that accompanies signs and wonders is most important, should we really expect the Spirit [Spirit of truth] to manifest in signs and wonders where false or misleading doctrine is taught, i would think not.
    The fruits of ones life or ministry become evident over a period of time, and this is fine, however when we are to make a more urgent assesment , we are only able to do this by comparing what we see and hear against the Word of God.


  9. So how rare are manifestations of the spirit in revivals?

    Wesley’s journal from Jan. 1, 1739: “About sixty of our brethren until three in the morning, the power of God came mightily on us, insomuch that many cried out for exceeding joy, and many fell to the ground.” John Wesley prayed, “Lord send us revival without its defects but if this is not possible, send revival, defects and all.”

    Whitefield wrote of many falling to the ground, trembling exceedingly with strong convulsions. People fell down, cried out, trembled with convulsive twitchings. Sinners dropped down, shrieking, groaning, crying for mercy, convulsed, agonizing, fainting,
    falling down in distress or in raptures of joy! The noise was like a roar of Niagara. The vast sea of human beings as agitated by a storm. Seized with convulsive jerking all over.

    Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758), the great leader of the First Awakening in the 1730s and 1740s in New England, is considered to be one of America’s greatest theologians. He became the chief spokesperson for the revival, trying to bridge the difficult chasm of emotional excess and freedom of the Spirit as evidenced with manifestations. He provided a comprehensive biblical evaluation of revival and its manifestations in his book A Narrative of Surprising Conversations and the Great Awakening.

    Edwards wrote, “Many young people appeared to be overcome with the greatness of divine things and many others at the same time were overcome with distress about their sinful state so that the whole room was full of nothing but outcries, faintings and such like and many were overpowered and continued there for some hours. Some have been so overcome with a sense of the dying love of Christ as to weaken the body. It was a very frequent thing to see an house full of outcries, faintings, convulsions and such like, both with distress, and also with joy” (The Great Awakening p. 547).

    George Fox (1624-1691) was founder of the Friends, commonly known as the Quakers. The Quakers got their nickname from many cases of people who physically quaked in their meets whenever the Holy Spirit moved with heightened spiritual activity. Fox had tremendous influence for righteousness during his generation, leading thousands to Jesus.

    Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899– 1981) is considered by many to be one of the most influential voices in the Church in the Western world in the 20th century. For nearly 30 years he ministered at Westminster Chapel in London, one of the most well-known churches in the world at the time. He was one of the main evangelical champions, powerfully resisting the tide of liberal theology.

    Lloyd-Jones pointed out that it comes nearer to being the rule in revival that manifestations occur, such as people groaning in agony of soul and feeling the power of the Spirit to such an extent that they faint and fall to the ground with physical convulsions. And sometimes people seem to fall into a state of unconsciousness, into a kind of trance, and many remain like that for hours. He wrote that “these phenomena are not essential to revival yet it is true to say that, on the whole, they do tend to be present when there is a revival.”

    Lloyd-Jones taught: “Why should the Devil suddenly start dong this kind of thing in a period of spiritual dryness? The very result of revival completely excludes the possibility of this being the action of the Devil. If this is the work of the Devil, well then the Devil is an unutterable fool. He is dividing his own kingdom; he is increasing the kingdom of God. There is nothing so ridiculous as this suggestion that this is the work of the Devil” (Lloyd-Jones 1987, pp141-2).

    Lloyd-Jones points out: “Always in a revival there is what some call divine disorder. Some are groaning and agonising under conviction, others praising God for the great salvation. And all this leads to crowded and prolonged meetings. Time seems to be forgotten. A meeting may not end until daybreak the next morning with nobody aware of the passing of the hours.”


    • Duane, people can write things, claim things and have been for centuries. It still does not prove these manifestations are the work of God. Besides, Martin Luther was one who spoke against these manifestations and the “mystic” practices taken from Roman Catholicism that we are seeing arise again. Manifestations and such claims have been around for a very long time. So, the quote by Lloyd-Jones that the devil would suddenly start….is hardly accurate. He’s been around for a long time teaching unsuspecting men and women to question God and doubt truth. It’s not a new trick, just a different package.

      I can certainly appreciate being so convicted that it moves a person emotionally to falling down, tears, crying out. But the manifestations shown in this video have nothing to do with true repentance or Godly sorrow.


  10. I think what Martin Lloyd-Jones means with “suddenly start” is not that the devil hasn’t been around for a long time but that the devil isn’t the responsible party for outpouring of revival. There always seams to be defects with revivals or outpourings. The Holy Spirit is doing a genuine work, demonic manifestations are happening, and people do weird things in the flesh. The testimony of Wesley, Whitefield, Edwards, Fox, Lloyd-Jones, and many others is in genuine outpourings manifestations like we have seen in Toronto, Pensacola, and now at IHOP aren’t as rare or unusual in fact they state they rather normal in periods of outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

    Also I’ve posted some quotes on Christian Mysticism written by Andrew Murray if you want to take a look.


    • Duane,
      I understood the quote.

      The happenings going on at IHOP, and those that took place at Toronto, etc. were not of our God. (this includes the nut at Lakeland last year currently setting up for his next gig.) These are meeting set up by false prophets and men so steeped in elitism and false teaching they think they hear directly from God. No, no. Most of my blog dispels their false teachings biblically. As do most on my blogroll. Any “defects” found in these so called revivals is not from a mixture or the flesh, but because those behind them are liars. The sad part of that is most Christians following these guys don’t bother to compare their claims with the word and are sucked into the deception. The Holy Spirit does not “outpour” or “show up” anyway. He is God who lives or indwells in the spirit of true believers. He convicts, teaches, brings peace, etc. He does not have a separate personage from God; He is God. He takes nothing of Himself, He reveals Jesus Christ and the things of Him. These games going on in these revivals are not part of the work of the Holy Spirit, but the work of another. Do some research and watch some videos about Kundalini Awakening and see just who what is behind this shaking and jerking!


    • To add, Christian Mysticism is an oxymoron. There is nothing Christian behind these teachings. They are out of other religions and Roman Catholicism. If they were true practices they would be taught in the word.


      • I disagree, Andrew Murray point is that there is a mystical element in all religions. If your Christianity is mental only and the Spirit of God hasn’t came into you to dwell, then you are not saved. I’m not saying you personally are, or are not saved, but making the point that true worshipers worship in spirit and in truth. Did you read the post or just knee jerk react?


        • Duane, first of all this topic is about Slain in the Spirit, not Andrew Murray. So we aren’t going to continue a discussion off topic. My reaction is not knee jerk. I have been doing research for quite some time. You may want to weigh Murray’s point – there is a mystical element in all religions with the following:

          2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? 15 And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? 16 And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God and they shall be My people. 17 Therefore Come out from among them and be separate says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will received you. 18 And I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.

          We are to be a separate people called apart from sin, apart from other religions and we are to have nothing to do with their practices of worship, prayer or meditation, etc. To include these practices in our Christian walk is to invite Satan back into our lives. He will have his place and the Lord will certainly depart from us.

          To quote men’s ideas and thoughts and to give them place above the bible and it’s clear teaching is a step in the wrong direction. Speaking from my own experience and from reading and hearing that from many others I wonder why we have adopted the practice of allowing another person tell us how our relationship with God should be. Who is another man to tell us it should be mystical, supernatural, intimate, or even white hot love? These are the vain imaginings of men’s minds having nothing to do with a true relationship with the Lord as a personal one. These people in the video here practice the very same thing of listening and trusting those who lie. They end up on the floor under the influence of the demonic.

          One more thing. The Holy Spirit dwells within every true believer. It is not a question of whether or not He dwells there. He does for the believer. It is automatic not something that can be brought on by the touch or teaching of another. It is not a next step process as to achieve a higher level of spirituality. Salvation comes to those who believe Jesus is the Son of the Living God, the Messiah, come to restore relationship between fallen sinful man and a righteous and holy God. It is those who repent of their sinful ways and make a conscious and deliberate choice to turn from sin and walk with Christ. Those are the ones who are filled with the Holy Spirit. That is the gospel and the very reason Jesus died. We learn about God from reading His word and praying the very way we see Jesus praying. He is seated at the right hand of the Father God to make intercession for us. His Holy Spirit remains here within us to give us direction, peace, wisdom and teaching. He reveals all that is Jesus Christ because He is Jesus, He is God. And if we allow Him to, He will reveal false teaching to us when it comes our way.

          So please. Don’t talk to me about what some man says is true. If it is not found in the word it is a lie -period. And there are many of them out there right now, their influence is increasing even as we speak. They have the power and the high place to turn many from their first love of Christ to follow after other gods.


  11. Hey Duane, been doing a bit of blogging lately. People can say and write things all over the place about this but the video really proves it scripturally that it really isn’t backed in the bible. Yeah you can take scriptures, bunch them up together and say they MEAN a particular thing, but that doesn’t
    mean they do. Kinda like Bickle and IHOP.


    • I agree the Bible never says anywhere that a minister laid hands on someone and they were slain in the spirit. But it does tell us to lay hands on people for various reasons. The Bible also provides details of spiritual encounters and peoples reaction to them. I also provided historical records from the Great Awakenings and well respected Church leaders that detail this kind of thing has happened frequently in revivals (times of refreshing if you insist on a biblical phrase).You take the position that because the Bible is silent on the specifics of the being slain in the spirit it is taboo. I take the position that the silence of scripture doesn’t prove a point. I’m sure there is mixture being documented in this video, but the mixture includes some genuine ministry of the Holy Spirit in my opinion. I never wanted or tried to manifest but I have been touch by the power of the Holy Spirit. I know this because of the fruit that resulted from it. You can read about it on my blog, I am blogging a bit with the heart to bring people from the extremes and find some common ground. Starting I wonder if that is possible. At least were not burning people at the stake, or stoning the prophets with real stones.


      • We have no common ground to find with things that are unholy. False teachers are unholy. We aren’t burning people or stoning them, only pointing to the truth of the word. That seems to upset many these days. But wasn’t this part of the work of the reformation?

        It has been pointed out very clearly in the video that this activity is not biblical. It is not a matter of the bible’s silence as though so element of truth is being withheld. It is a matter of learning how the Holy Spirit works. Knocking people around is not the Holy Spirit. That is simple to figure because it is in violation of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 – gentleness, self control…

        I am well aware of the bible’s accounts of spiritual encounters. Again, a little research reveals the purpose of biblical supernatural encounters and the false ones of charismania. I have an article on this as well.

        If you want to help people Duane, you have to find the truth first. Listening to these teachers and the events of charismania, their conferences, etc. will not take you there.


  12. Duane, what sources are you quoting? Are these quotes compiled by someone trying to prove the current revivals are true, or are you quoting original sources? I have heard others quote some of these same historic men as saying when they saw certain manifestations at meetings it was their cue to preach the gospel clearly as that would make the manifestations stop… (as in they were demonic manifestations brought out by the preaching of the Gospel.)

    Whitefield, Edwards and those of the past seemed to have had a more discerning approach to manifestations. I will be looking for these original sources myself to sort things out.


  13. Mkayla is absolutely right. Christian Mysticism is an oxymoron. Two words that just don’t connect. They’re like magnets – even though you put them together they just repel each other .


  14. Hi Duane – I appreciate your glimpse into history, since we can learn from the past and many errors keep repeating. However, another revial historian, Andrew Strom, uses the same revialists you mention to make the exact opposite claim of yours- (btw, Strom was an insider with the KC prophets, and left when he saw the excesses – but he still strongly believes in the gifts of the spirit and revival, just that they should all point people to Jesus)

    some quotes:
    “Many of the great Revivalists
    came across such counterfeits on a regular basis, and wrote warn-
    ings against them. As John Wesley said: “At the first, revival is
    true and pure, but after a few weeks watch for counterfeits.”

    “A number of `Toronto’ writers have implied that many old-time Re-
    vivalists such as John Wesley, Charles Finney and Jonathan Ed-
    wards would be quite happy with such manifestations. This is far
    from the truth. I have studied the lives of these men, and all of
    them were strong “REPENTANCE” preachers who were very suspicious
    of any `bizarre’ goings-on. When people fell down in their meet-
    ings, it was almost always under tremendous distress and CONVIC-
    TION OF SIN. This is very different from Toronto.”

    “And Jonathan Edwards wrote, concerning the supposedly `heavenly’
    trances that members of his congregation were entering into under
    the ministry of Samuel Buelle (a visiting preacher): “But when
    the people were raised to this height, Satan took the advantage,
    and his interposition in many instances soon became very appar-
    ent; and a great deal of caution and pains were found necessary
    to keep the people, many of them from running wild.”

    Charles Finney wrote, warning of the dangers of simply `yielding’
    to strange impulses or impressions: “God’s Spirit leads men by
    the intelligence, and not through mere impressions… I have
    known some cases where persons have rendered themselves highly
    ridiculous, have greatly injured their own souls, and the cause
    of God, by giving themselves up to an enthusiastic and fanatical
    following of impressions.”

    “The great Revivalist John Wesley, who came across many examples
    of counterfeit manifestations in his years of Revival ministry,
    wrote of one particular occasion: “God suffered Satan to teach
    them better. Both of them were suddenly seized in the same manner
    as the rest, and laughed whether they would or no, almost without
    ceasing. This they continued for two days, a spectacle to all;
    and were then, upon prayer made for them, delivered in a moment.”

    and finally

    “As Frank Bartleman (of the 1906 `Azusa Street’ Revival) said: “Many are
    willing to seek `power’ from every battery they can lay their
    hands on, in order to perform miracles… A true `Pentecost’
    will produce a mighty conviction for sin, a turning to God.
    False manifestations produce only excitement and wonder… Any
    work that exalts the Holy Ghost or the `gifts’ above Jesus will
    finally land up in fanaticism.”

    Bartleman sums up my thoughts – the work must exalt Jesus – which is what scripture teaches.

    Are they seeking Jesus for the sake of Jesus, simply because He is worthy, without any consideration for what (benefit/power/feelings) they may get back – or are they seeking Jesus for another reason?


  15. You can’t look to any of these men for confirmation. We look to the Bible. It gets me when they say “more, more,” when we already have everything we need. Or come Holy Spirit, where do they think He is? of having a holiday. He abides with us and in us. Constantly yelling out more and come shows we do not know or read our bibles. Instead of looking for experiences, why don’t they study their bibles and pray. Since when can we fall to the floor and be completely healed. Christianity is a daily walk with our Father, yielding to Him, forsaking our flesh for His will. To obey Him over everything. That’s when we grow, not with these foolish so called revival meetings.


    • Hi Jude.
      Agreed!!! 🙂

      And they are very much “so called”- not real revivals. I am so tired of the Holy Spirit being reduced to a “buddy” or a genie. If He ever showed up the way they command Him to there would indeed be weeping and gnashing of teeth on the floor!


  16. MK:

    Let me say first, that I agree that we are to test all things. But it seems that few are called to bridge. I find Paul’s unique ability to correct behavior and expel heresy a lost gift. Arguably, he never conflated the two. More importantly, he knew how to negotiate between the child and the one who leads them to slaughter. What cuts is the choice so many of us are forced to make when we see bad behavior and assign heresy to it’s core. So hope my new posting flavor speaks to that mission.

    Generally I am weary of “cut and paste” jobs. Typically, they make an extravagant claim, “slain in the spirit is not biblical. . . demonic and/or. . psychotic,” and proceed to support it with atypical visuals, or ones with lots of shock value.

    Additionally, they lend themselves to poor inquiry. Luke made reference to the Bereans (in Acts) because Paul had great respect for their integrity. We can assume, based on his education and understanding of greek and roman academia, that this was a great agency that commanded acknowledgment.

    With that said, I think the video takes some qualified analysis of individual phenomena, then reduces it to absurdity. If any of you watched Irreligulous (Bill Maher’s mockery of Christ), he chose to demonstrate obscure and atypical Christians to support his agenda. We should not. You have references to other orgs and pages that do attempt NOT to commit the same errors. I just don’t think this video serves that purpose.

    My experience (just one) of being knocked over was one of a clear message, one of repentance and guidance (and not public). But I’ve seen and witnessed (as I’m called to do) authentic experiences by those I trust. The scriptures mentioned in this video don’t speak against a “slain in the spirit” no more than they speak against “blogging in the spirit.” The same psychologists would suggest most of us do this to manage our own cognitive dissonance. 🙂

    In spirit I agree. His Spirit is always with me. However, there are just too many references to unique “miraculous” acts of the spirit that we should always be aware of. I think your reading the scripture would be a “more spiritual” act than playing golf. Something just happens.


    • I’ve been in meetings where a lot of these strange things were going on. Now, to watch them —they are indeed absurd and I wonder how could we have fallen for such crap. There is no shock value for me except to see it as a type of mirror.

      Some is emotionalism, some is a sort of hypnosis and some is outright demonic. There is what is known as Kundalini Awakening which is exactly like some of these manifestations esp with Todd Bentley. There is also spiritual drunkenness which some believe it is the judgment of God. It is hard to prove exactly what happens but I believe in this we are close enough. I just know what I experienced was very ugly and not of myself and certainly not of God. Not of God is the bottom line. I believe there is a great deal of truth in the video. Had I been running a camera the last few years at those moments I could have made a similar product.

      Like we have discussed, your experience was probably genuine as others have been. But what goes on in these meetings and these false revivals etc. is not the same as those. These are done for show, to draw a crowd, make a name and lots of cash.


    • You know it isn’t so easy to be a bridge. I have found this as have many others. People just don’t want to hear the truth anymore. They don’t want to look at the word to see the error. This has been my experience here on the blog and in more personal settings with friends. They want more to protect the man in the pulpit and will go to great lengths. They protect him over Jesus. So it isn’t that we are unwilling to be the go between. It is that we are rejected for trying.


  17. Locating some ground (a place to start).

    “ugly” I think is a great word for a lot of this behavior. Referring to my earlier post (hope this helps Jude) I suggested Paul corrects behavior and expels heresy. He offer correction by “stop this” and here is why. Ugly as opposed to pure I think is a good way to go about offering correction. So is there a pure expression of a spiritual experience? I’m not looking for an example war, but more a rubric for our testing. I have my opinions (grounded in scripture), but within a context. Difficult at best. But ugly is a great word for a lot of this.

    A conversation with Hinn for example would primarily be about the kenosis heresy. Which I think is the most important springboard for the behavior. This heresy tells us that Jesus abandoned his post, so to say, and couldn’t do anything without the spirit. Here Paul may expel this joker, not sure. This heresy lets us become “little gods” as he would say and is the foundation for the word of faith problem. However, 99.9% of the people in his arenas don’t know or agree with this. They just respond to the bad behavior and should be corrected, not expelled.

    I have no unique respect of the pulpit. When the curtain tore, that junk was over. I do have respect for individuals. Sadly, I agree that “ordering” rhetoric has created a power vacuum that is really hard to shut off.

    On the rejection. Could we try to figure out why we are rejected? Truth is truth and needs no amendment, however Paul did go to the agora and did not quit. He also “reasoned” with heretics and religious leaders. I’m not sure of the answer, but am working on it 🙂

    Jude, I apologize if I’m unclear at times. I often write with assumption. But the correction and expelling choices we have I feel are really important.


    • I want to say that I used the word “ugly” in a loose manner. I still believe and will continue to that in the place I was the manifestations were demonic in their nature. This is why I warn. When we open ourselves up to false teaching, laying on of hands, anointing, prophetic claims of words and gifts, we are putting ourselves at a great risk. I don’t necessarily believe that those in the audience or those who are just standing by so to speak, are at such a great risk just for being there. I believe there has to be an acceptance of whatever is being done. I don’t think it is a good idea to downplay this and just call it bad behavior. Flesh is one thing, but it is not the only wrong happening. The person who needs to be kicked out is the false teacher, prophet, etc. Not the one in attendance. But again, we all have a bible and the Holy Spirit to guide us in the truth. And really, it’s very simple once we get our focus where it should be. So, we are without excuse for being deceived. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and it is up to those who are better grounded to help shed the light on the difference. This is why I have my blog. And this is why I appreciate and welcome others to join in.


  18. Plotinus – what bridge is it you are wanting to build, and who is to be crossing this bridge?

    In an effort to not “toss the baby with the bathwater” (ugh, I hate that metaphor), are you willing to drink the bath water?

    The person wanting to come out of the third wave, dominion, joel’s army, false manifestations, false prophetic will have to GIVE SOME STUFF UP. A death to selfish gain, position, feelings of being special, special knowledge, etc., will have to take place. This won’t be easy, and nicey- nice- let’s- all- just- get -along strategy won’t help. Clear, unabashed truth is what is needed.

    If you read through the posts, there are commenters who agree there can be a physical or emotional response to the Holy Spirit, such as falling prostrate before a Holy God. We are talking about two different things here.


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