and still more bad water continues to flow together…

Email from International House of Prayer

Dear Friends,

As you may know, John and Carol Arnott were with us in Kansas City a few weeks ago at our awakening services. They have some upcoming conferences that we’d like to let you know about.

IHOP–KC Leadership Team

newnewnew Toronto Pastors and Leaders Conference

January 19–22, with Bill Johnson, C. Peter Wagner, and John and Carol ArnottThere is a new wave of revival quickly spreading; now is the time to get ready!

Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) is excited to announce that Bill Johnson and C. Peter Wagner will be speaking at their Pastors and Leaders Conference, January 19–22.

Gather with pastors and leaders from around the world in this great moment of preparation. You will be blessed to hear Bill Johnson and C. Peter Wagner who both have outstanding messages for leaders at this time in history.

This conference is a time for you to receive, so TACF is offering prophetic ministry for all senior pastors. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your spirit refreshed, your mind challenged, and your faith uplifted.

Sign up today!


Unveiling Conference
May 12–15, with Mike Bickle, Heidi Baker, and John and Carol Arnott

It is time for Christians from all over the world to join together and seek after God with hunger and anticipation for what He has in store for us. It is time for many houses to work together, with all God’s people ready for the harvest.

This year, TACF’s Unveiling Conference will be a time when three streams of revival (TACF, IHOP Kansas City, and Iris Ministries) join together in one accord to seek after the kingdom of God and to listen to what the voice of God is saying at this time. Join many from around the world to chase after our Bridegroom and set our hearts on His love for us and His plan for our lives in the next season.

Mike Bickle and Heidi Baker, along with John and Carol Arnott, are fervently seeking God in this season which many believe are the end times. They are all crying out for the Spirit of God to reach people everywhere, and that the prophetic voice of God’s people will bring change to our cities and nations.

This conference will be packed with amazing worship, cutting-edge teaching from powerful men and women of God, and practical workshops to strengthen your walk with God. Don’t miss out on this chance to be impacted by God. Sign up today.

Click here for more information.

International House of Prayer, 3535 E. Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, MO 64137

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13 thoughts on “and still more bad water continues to flow together…

  1. Wait a minute, how did Iris become one of the three streams? I thought Beni had it on authority that Bethel was the third stream. I could get real sarcastic now.


    • haha ruthsongs! Go ahead. I’m not sure except I will say that a couple years ago Iris Ministries “married” with Bethel Church. It was such a big deal! So, they could be considered “as one stream”.

      Wasn’t Lakeland the third wave? streams, rivers, waves, I say watch out for the tsunami!


  2. I know there will be some who no longer want to hear Todd Bentley’s name mentioned in the same breath as Christ – but at the same time fawn over everything that comes out of Bethel. Others, for example, will idolise the Arnotts but wince at the name of Crowder. Some may give heed to the Bakers but want nothing to do with Chuck Pierce.

    The sooner all these poisoned streams come together, along with IHOP and any other number of dodgy ministries and names, the better. The links between them, even at Lakeland, were only tenuous in the eyes of those who refused to look under the surface.

    Somebody said way back in 2008, in the context of false teachers and the spirits that accompany them, that birds of a feather flock together. When they gravitate towards one another more and more, then perhaps some of those who are still partially sighted may see the whole lump for what it is.


  3. Does anyone read the scriptures about restoring folks in a spirit of meekness less we should get tempted with the very same………??? Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Salt and fresh waters coming from the same stream I read in here. Just so many scriptures come to mind here. People always blaspheme what they don’t understand.


    • Mary, the teachings behind these movements or this converging ARE blasphemous as they come right out of word of faith-health-prosperity teachings, taken from the occult and not the word of God. This is what I expose here on my blog, having come out of the “ministries” of the false prophetic and the healing rooms that support and teach the same things. And having done personal, biblical research into these famed teachings, and found them lacking truth of the scripture, I DO understand! There is not pride or hautiness, but a revelation of truth in that those who teach and support these so called ministries twist and change the word of God to their own gain.

      Meekness? So much writing has been done from those who attempted to reveal the truth behind the Toronto blessing and other such movements including Lakeland. Those who were warned chose not to listen. They are the same men we see leading the church astray still, gaining in number and authority. They are blind guides.

      There is evidence if you would care to do research and read about it.


  4. Mary, on a personal note, and something that I have discussed here on my blog –
    Once I realized the false teaching that I was involved with I did confront the leaders to share my concerns. My husband and I sat down with our (then) pastors to discuss our concerns with them in a two hour conversation. Everything addressed was explained away, and nothing about the church or its teachings changed. We waited almost half a year after before we left.

    I addressed my concerns with the healing rooms leadership,to no avail (I was assoc director) and later put my research in writing and sent it out to all team members past and current. Nothing changed there either. The same information was sent to some of my closest friends and those I was involved with in ministry.

    So you see, I did attempt at “restoration” or at least showing my concerns to those “over” me. They chose not to listen. Restoration can only happen when a person is willing to see the truth and repent. You stated you did not read this, and assumed I did not do what you believe should have been done, without asking. Now you know otherwise!

    Now my time is spent warning others to keep them falling into the same heresy. No blasphemy here dear!


    • hi mkayla, which are the christian leaders one can trust or you recomend, so many seem to be false please help!!! thanks martin


      • Hi Martin.

        The Holy Spirit is one, for starters! 🙂 Or THE ONE. 🙂 Basically, stay away from anyone on tv, that would be TBN, notGodtv, etc. Charles Stanley is on tv and most still find him ok! Others like John Piper, John MacArthur…the only way to be certain is to check the teaching with the word, knowing that no matter thier reputation they can still fall away. We are seeing so much of it these days. Personally, I only listen to my own Pastor and do my own studies. I read or listen to those on my blog roll – Moriel, Lighhouse Trails, Bob DeWaay, etc. I don’t have anything against those I’ve listed, and there could be some that I am not naming. Maybe some of the other readers could point you to them. The most important thing to remember is that the Holy Spirit is our teacher.



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