The Hand of Todd Bentley

I was watching this video Extended Outpouring Meetings (January 8, 2010) at Todd Bentley’s website – Fresh Fire Ministries. I was taken in by the movement of his hands at the very beginning of the video, especially the first few second and for about 40 seconds. If you watch it, you will see that he is calling attention to his left hand but in a discreet manner. He moves it off the other, raises it slightly, looks at the camera, and looks down at his hand. Watch.  I started to wonder about this hand of his and these tattoos and remembered that some very intelligent person took pics of them during the Lakeland fiasco. So I went in search of Todd Bentley’s left hand. (These pics are all over the internet and I cannot tell who to credit them back to.) Here it is:

Quite floral for the back of a hand of a  man who likes to dress like a biker dude, don’t you think?  Strangely, a five pointed red flower is a symbol used in Rosicrucian. It has several variations other than this one.

Rosicrucian Symbol

Sections taken from Rosicrucian Order AMORC

The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis is the Latin form of the organization’s name, which literally translates into the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross. There is no religious connotation associated with this symbol; the Rosy Cross symbol predates Christianity. The cross symbolically represents the human body and the rose represents the individual’s unfolding consciousness. Together, the rose and cross represent the experiences and challenges of a thoughtful life well lived.

Mysticism can be defined as an experience where one personally knows, through direct knowledge, the source of all being. Many call this source God; others, the cosmic.

The Rosicrucian path incorporates both metaphysics and mysticism. Metaphysics is that which falls beyond the five physical senses; for example, intuition, visualization, and healing techniques. Mysticism is simply the process by which you may eventually experience direct, conscious union with the Absolute, Divine Mind, Universal Intelligence, or what some Rosicrucian students call the God of their Hearts. This is not done by adhering to specific tenets or beliefs, but by learning and applying natural laws which, over time, allow you to
experience Divine or Cosmic Consciousness. The Rosicrucian Order does not attempt to define the nature of the deity. Rather, you will remain free to discover this through your own reflections. This same approach applies to everything that is presented through the Rosicrucian teachings.

Alchemy—the art of transmutation—came into prominence with the Alexandrian Greeks. It was then introduced to the Arabs, who then transmitted this art and forerunner of chemistry to Europe. The alchemists played a tremendous part in the early history of the Rosicrucian Order. While many alchemists were interested in making gold, some were more concerned with the transmutation of human character. European alchemists and Knights Templar, in contact with the Arab civilization at the time of the Crusades, brought much of this wisdom to the West. In Europe the transcendental alchemists—mystics and philosophers—sought to transmute the base elements of human character into the more noble virtues and to release the wisdom of the divine self within the individual.

So, where does this man who does not speak the word of God get his knowledge, wild visions and self proclaimed power to heal?  God does not give gifts to those who pervert the gospel and His word. If He did, He would be participating in the deception. Impossible!

If you look closely at Todd’s hand again you will see  an image of a cross and a crown. Oftentimes, this symbol is used in Christianity to bear the witness of a “cross lived life” rewarded with the crown after death. However, this symbol is used in other societies including Masonry, more specifically The Knights Templar and the Occult.  Remember, Rick Joyner, the man who took on “restoring” Todd is an admitted member of Knights of Malta. Simply, this is Freemasonry, with ancient Roman Catholicism at the roots.

At this point it is important that I point out that I cannot prove these things about Bentley. But, it is something to look at and consider as a possibility. It does not matter to me if he is a Rosicrucian or not. It does matter that he is speaking lies in the name of my Lord and Savior and many are being ruined. So, I am taking this opportunity to show what I have found. If you are a follower of Todd, you owe it to yourself, you owe it to your Lord to question, question, question this man and his claims.

Todd Bentley, the man who wants more than anything, is to impart this wisdom of the ancients into blind, unsuspecting followers. This man comes in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and leads the flock astray.  I listened to him tonight for a few moments as he twisted the words and meaning of Romans 1:11-12.   Todd didn’t read it out of the bible. He did not ask his followers to open theirs. He simply told him that the word used in that scripture “impart” was done through the laying on of hands. Oh?

(Don’t mess with me, man, I’ve been reading Romans!)

Romans 1:11-12 – For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established- 12 that is, that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.

Emphasis mine – It is being explained in verse 12 what was said in verse 11 -that impartation comes through their meeting together – encouraged together. There is no mention of the laying on of hands here. That is not being said, nor is it being implied. See how sneaky? Don’t pick up the bible or have others to look at it. Just tell them what it means – close enough to sound right – and look at the deception that will follow when they all go flying up to the front to be “imparted” with this hand!  The very hand bearing symbols against Christ.

1 Timothy 5:22 Do not lay hands on anyone hastily, nor share in other people’s sins; keep yourself pure.

20 thoughts on “The Hand of Todd Bentley

  1. speaking of impartation, how about an impartation from the rod of correction?
    Proverbs 29:15 The rod of correction imparts wisdom,
    but a child left to himself disgraces his mother.


  2. Great article, sis! Very well done. These things…these things you found out… could they go along with Buddahism (SIC) also?

    I tried to watch a little bit (TB Circus) tonight and felt my blood pressure going up and had to stop. First the guy who was on before TB came out and mentioned that God laughs. He used Pslams for it. Well, it is only in there once about God laughing and it is about God laughing at the wicked. I know… i got it painted on my living room wall! No where else in the Word is it mentioned that God laughs at anything but the wicked. For these heretics to take the Word and twist it, riles me up.

    TB was whining around how he and hios new wife have not had any money…boohoo… (GO get a real job, Tod!)as if Morningstar has not given them a cent. Yeah right. Perhaps child support????

    I’m shutting up for now. The thought of me getting all wrapped up in this heretic again is enough to make me hurl. PLEASE tell me if you see me getting off base or/and unfocused. I do not want to waste my time being focused on such a devil… yet i just can not help wanting to warn people. I hope that is it and not having some “Oh I just have to look at the train wreck” syndrome. I dont even know what it is anymore! God help us!


    • See, I feel the same. He is just too much to watch. I only did for a few minutes and heard his scripture twisting just that quick.

      Oh, I cannot believe that he said that about not having any money. Can we say MANIPULATION??? Jessa looked like she had some decent clothes on when she went up to have Bobb-o break the curse off of her…Who paid for the clothes he had on tonight? What about his gym membership? It seems like anytime I hear him say anything his latest trip to the gym comes into mention…like we c -a- r- e ??? Oh, I’m gonna have to let you guys know here every time I make it to the elliptical….I have been thinking the last few days, since the “curse breaking” of poor Todd..what about his kids? While this man is claiming God this and God that, doing his shake rattle and roll on the floor…who’s feeding the his children??? Ugh. It makes me furious – the lies. Yes, absolutely – he does need to go get a real job, but he won’t. He’ll stand and tell lies calling them miracles and talk about all the hours that he spends with god while he’s really pumping iron or pumping food, or watching slasher movies like someone told on him during Lakeland. People will love it and send him money – poor Todd. And they’ll call us bad names for trying to expose the truth of who he is and who he speaks for.


    • Coincidentally, I was just reading an excerpt from Backlund’s book (sold at Bethel store) about this laughing as being like God because He laughs at the devil, so we should join Him in laughing – regularly – and bring some of heaven to earth. Using Ps 2 as the scripture to give validity to the “laughing revival.”

      I don’t recall any scripture where Jesus, Peter, Paul, John or ANYBODY went around laughing as a way to “fight the devil” or “bring heaven to earth.”

      There’s lots of declaration stuff going on with these folks. I didn’t realize they were so WOF-ish.


      • WOF is the foundation they have built on. I am so sick of hearing the claim of bringing heaven to earth! I heard Cindy Jacobs say this years ago and I thought she was simply referring to the gospel, people being changed through repentance and salvation, that sort of thing. Then I began to hear it from many others. They really believe they are changing the atmosphere with their words! I shudder to think what could happen to them if heaven did actually touch earth. Who would be able to stand or even survive? Who do these people think they are speaking of? ugh.


  3. Todd Bentley has no money? What about that fancy watch and the three rings on that hand? Granted, one is a wedding ring and quite simple, but surely he could get rid of the other two if he’s hard up for cash?


    • I doubt he is hurting for much. He looks well clothed and well fed to me. It’s just a push for poor cursed Todd to gain sympathy and support.


  4. There isn’t enough money in the bank to pay me to have him lay his hands on me! Oh, btw, PJ Miller just posted an article about Todd’s wife talking to Oral Roberts…. I didn’t watch the video yet, but I used to feel sorry for her, now, not so much 🙂

    I think the reason all the big charismania men are still behind todd is because he pulled in some mega bucks. Why get a real job if you can be a sham artist and people will pay you? It’s our own fault. if people would boycott these people they would go away!


    • I agree with you. I wish those involved with Todd who know the truth would come forward with it. I’ve heard bits and pieces of stories but not enough. It would be so powerful and many would at least be shown the truth.


    • truthspeaker, when you said Jessa talked with Oral Roberts I thought she talked with him before his death. But Todd claims it was in a dream. That is quite different. We shouldn’t be surprised at this story. We hear this many times with these liars. Some one well known dies and they all scramble for his “mantle”. Todd’s quite revved up, full of himself, NOT the Holy Spirit. Here’s the link to the meeting sometime just before Christmas.

      As for money problems? Look at the jewelry! Wow! He wasn’t wearing it in the video I watched briefly last night.

      Good points made by PJ here –


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  6. hey,that is wrong with bentley’s tatto?how come a servant of GOD have a much tatto in his bodies ?whats your opinion?


    • I don’t know why he has so many tats or why he feels compelled to get them. They are extremely expensive and for one who does not hold a job, yet connives others to give to him for the furtherance of the gospel makes it obvious what Todd’s message truly is. I only discussed the issue of his hand tattoos but he has them on most parts of his body. Todd does not represent Jesus Christ, but uses His name for his own selfish gain – – and that is the bottom line.


  7. He was imparting with his left hand?

    “A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.” Ecc 10:2


  8. Cool, thanks for the nice history lesson about alchemy and Rosicrucianism. I’ve never heard of this guy Todd (I run screaming from overweight evangelists), but I follow the path of alchemy to God. Blessings.


    • Cool. Christ is the only way to get to God.

      John 14:5Thomas said unto him, Lord, we know not where you go; and how can we know the way?

      6Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me.

      7If you had known me, you would have known my Father also: and from henceforth you know him, and have seen him.


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