IHOP Partners with Teen Mania

Email from International House of Prayer

From their registration page –

When sleeping Christians wake up, their eyes become open to the lost. It is recognizing the need others have for the gospel that then compels them to go, and ‘going’ is the life-blood of missions.

This is why Spiritual Awakenings fuel evangelism, and why they are the very epicenter of revivals around the world.

This is why IHOP is partnering with Global Expeditions: To give every student that has Encountered God a chance to Take Action.


See the buzz words  – When sleeping Christians Wake Up – meaning you are lacking in your faith, your relationship with your savior, lacking in your gifts etc., thereby creating the problem or a need just like in marketing.

Spiritual Awakenings – this is their solution to your lack of…and this is what they “sell” at their meetings as they preach everything except the true gospel, give impartations and the false end times – dominion/kingdom now theories. They believe Jesus will not return until Christians take the world over.

revivals around the world – their expected outcome

Remember, IHOP has partnered with Bethel (who some time ago “married”  – their wording – with Iris Ministries Rolland and Heidi Baker), and the Arnotts, (Toronto Blessing hosts), and Lou Engle.  It was said Mike Bickle (IHOP)  was to make a trip to Morningstar, home of Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley, altho I have not been able to determine if that has happened. These all follow the false prophecies of Bob Jones.

Save your children. Don’t let them be involved with these false teachers and prophets, who preach a false jesus, false gospel, and for Bickle, a false paradigm of the Bride of Christ, aka Bridal Paradigm.

What is the Spirit Speaking to the Church? . . . Reach the World!

At the recent onething‘09 conference Mike Bickle introduced a partnership between IHOP–KC and Teen Mania Ministries / Global Expeditions.

For over 23 years, Global Expeditions has taken young people and adults on short-term missions endeavors, in obedience to the command given by Jesus in Mark 16:15–18 to “go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” As a result, over 1.3 million people have had the opportunity to hear the gospel, with hundreds of thousands making decisions to follow Jesus.

Throughout history, college and university campuses in our nation have been a catalyst for spiritual awakening. Since the 1700s our nation has witnessed multiple moves of the Holy Spirit that have touched and awakened students on college campuses. These movements often progressed beyond the campuses, resulting in a great number of souls being added to the kingdom of God. History also attests to a strong correlation between spiritual awakening and missionary movements among the lost. When the Holy Spirit awakens hearts, it requires a response, and that response carries the gospel forward.


As the Holy Spirit moves on our hearts, it is not for our sake alone. He empowers us to be effective witnesses and ministers of the gospel, in the power of the Spirit, just like the early church in the book of Acts. This is the mandate of the Church, the function of every follower of Christ.

What is our next step? We must take what we have—the good news of Jesus Christ—to those who have never heard. We can do this in our schools, in the marketplace, in our neighborhoods, but God often calls us to go further afield.


By partnering with a missionary movement. Through Global Expeditions, we invite you to take a short-term trip to minister the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth. The Great Commission commands us and the love of God compels us. Whether in New York, Panama, Scotland, or China, you can make an eternal difference in the lives of those you encounter while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Visit GlobalExpeditions.com or call 1.877.745.8336 to find out more.

With passion for Jesus,
IHOP–KC Leadership Team

International House of Prayer, 3535 E. Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, MO 64137

This email was sent to you via the International House of Prayer web site.

2 thoughts on “IHOP Partners with Teen Mania

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  2. First time comment. Nice work M’Kayla. Love your blog.
    Watched the Jacob Prasch video where he spoke at Calvary Chapel San Jacinto in Hemet in Aug 2012. I was actually surprised a Calvary pastor give someone like Joe a platform to speak. I was encouraged to see this happen since so many Calvary Pastors have embraced neo evangelicalism and post modern mysticism as warned about by Paul Smith and Roger Oakland, including many others. On a side note I wonder what position Chuck holds today after his mid 2000’s position paper on the emergent church movement. It was taken down off Greg’s Harvest site a while back but I was able to receive a copy in .pdf format from Lighthouse Trails Research.

    Looking for a Church in S.Cal we went on Calvary San Jacinto web site and noticed that they changed their name to 412Church based on 3 new testament scriptures. Not here to judge their motives but its interesting that many Calvary Chapel Churches have changed their name (i supposed to sound more relevant to the post modern culture and other more hip sounding churches in the same region….God only knows…). There has been talk in various blogs that the name “Calvary” may implies a band of crazy conquering unloving warriors out to bible thump people into being born again and they don’t want to appear to be “unloving and intolerant”.

    Anyway, back on the topic of this blog post concerning Ihop Partners with Teen Mania I noticed that this same Calvary pastor at the newly named “412Church” who just recently heard a very solid warning from Jacob concerning spiritual deception running rampant in the churches have also joined forces in their support of false emergent mystical teacher and heretic Ron Luce from Teen Mania ministries by dragging their high school youth group into the dirty waters of experiential post modern deception in their promotion of a recently held Aquire the Fire youth conference in Anaheim California on Nov 9th and 10th at none other than the a den of rips offs stripping out the power of the Cross of Jesus at a Four Square Jack Hayford’s affiliated church “The Rock”.

    It saddens me how the truth can be right in front of them yet the cannot see it and start cleaning house in their own Churches in obedience to the Gospel according to 1st Peter 4:17 by holding up the Word of God and putting to the test all of their programs and ministries, leaders, elders, staff, etc. (Maybe the name “417Church” would be a good name to chose if you are really serious about cleaning house in an all out blitz to be ready in all holiness and conduct at His coming at any moment according to 1 Thess 4:17). So the question remains for Pastor Tom and the leaders of Calvary San Jacinto: Why are they joining forces with Ron Luce, a known heretic and false post modern teacher by leading them down a broad path they should not go? Shouldn’t they instead being fighting to protect their young impressionable flock of high school kids from this demonic cult? What message are they giving their youth group by putting their stamp of approval on false teachers like Ron Luce? I pray Lord Jesus that they understand they will be held accountable on the Day of the Lord according to Luke 17:2 (Jesus words, not mine). Wake up Church! Wake up Parents! Stop handing your kids over to your local church without questioning what and where they are leading them. Dig deep, go on their twitters, face books, ask questions, don’t be afraid, it is Gods will that you know precisely where your Church leaders and youth pastors stand concerning know false teachers and heretics. These are your kids God gave you, not theirs, and we will all be held accountable as parents for what we allow.


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