The Latter Rain Redivivus By Bob DeWaay

Mike Bickle and International House of Prayer
The Latter Rain Redivivus

By Bob DeWaay

Earlier this year the International House of Prayer (IHOP) sponsored a conference in Kansas City entitled Passion for Jesus that was heavily promoted toward young people. The purpose of the conference was to “cultivate intimacy with Jesus.” In the conference’s second session, IHOP president and director Mike Bickle preached a message based on an allegorical interpretation of a Matthew 25 parable in which he explained his end times theology and “revelation of the bridal paradigm.” Bickle claims that Jesus cannot return until something drastically changes in the church: “He is not coming any day. He is not coming until the people of God globally are crying out in intercession with a bridal identity under the anointing of the Spirit.1

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18 thoughts on “The Latter Rain Redivivus By Bob DeWaay

    • Rachel, Heidi is another who should be avoided. She has this intimacy thing going on with her “jesus” that defies biblical reason. I used to think she was special and would watch her meetings on line. I grew jealous, wanting what she had. Sadly, I found how wrong it all was. She seems legit until you compare the biblical relationship with whatever it is she does, it’s not the same, even creepy.

      She operates under that very drunken spirit, oftentimes she cannot even stand to give her message. She is heavy into worship, even after the worship segment is over, she will continue on her own. I have often heard her comment that she did know what city or even what country she was in at the time. Clearly, God would not have us be confused of our whereabouts. And He would never affect us the way she portrays Him.

      Personally, I think she started out ok in the faith as a teenager in Calif, as she tells she grew up in an upscale area next to one of the Gabor sisters. (I can’t remember which one now.) It sounds like she got in with the wrong crowd and was called out to go to Mozambique at a conference where she was “anointed”. I can’t remember the details but I do seem to remember Randy Clark being in that mix.

      She has since become a citizen of Mozambique and has quite a ministry in that area. To read of her, she sounds completely legit in doing the work of a true Christian ministry. Her ministry, Iris Ministries, “married” (their word) into Bethel (Bill Johnson, Redding, CA) a few years ago.

      Not long ago I saw part of a video of her and Gordon Robertson (son of Pat Robertson/700 Club)in which Gordon was giggling and drunk right along with her. I could only watch it for a few minutes.

      Heidi had some strange vision in which she saw Jesus take an chunk of his own flesh and hand it to her and this oozing bleeding chunk became like fresh baked bread. Sounds a little of what the Catholics believe in that they are really eating his flesh. She has had other visions besides this one. Many people run all over each other to attend her conferences and the chance to be a part of her school. I guess they all think she’s “got it” too.


      • Thanks so much for your feedback – I saw a video of one of her talks – very unsettling in my spirit – but I never heard of her before. She was doing crazy laughing and the response of the audience – way too much praise directed at her. It was all very strange.


  1. Thank you for exposing these false prophets…I did not know that Heidi Baker was also associated with them, I have in the past listened to some of her CD’s and read her book as well. Does one throw them out, please help me here! I also came across this sermon by Charles Spurgeon and thought it very appropriate:


  2. Hi Mkayla, Thank you for asking. My question was about books by some of these people that I have in my home but I think by just reading the various articles posted by you and others I know that I need to get rid of these books and I will definitely do so. This is really scary and I think more so for those people who are new in their faith. It just makes one more aware of how we need to watch and pray and I also see how many people will be deceived…
    Thank you for obedience and for reporting these things.


  3. Just so we are all clear, the bible very much teaches us to be the bride of Christ, to know Jesus intimately, and to still revere Him as a Sovereign God. IHOP does in fact, teach both of these points and not just one or the other. 🙂


    • Joseph, IHOP has taken the truth from the word of God and twisted it to say something other than it does. Bickle has taken the true meaning of an intimate relationship of a Savior and turned it into something like a sordid love affair.


    • Sheela and i were discussing this subject in the car yesterday:

      The ‘husband-wife’ metaphor for Christ and His Church and Bride is NOT, we stress NOT, in ANY way meant to have sexual overtones. Some use the word ‘intimacy’ with God as implying a sexual connotation.

      This is DISGUSTING.

      The Son’s Holy relationship with and to His Father has no such sexual connotation.

      So, when we talk of Holy things being private, we in no way imply some mysterious type of sexual thing.

      The Song of Solomon is not to be taken literally in the first instance as referring to Christ and His Bride, as it is full of sexual imagery.

      And, even within the Marriage covenant, the sexual bond is NOT the primary definition of love, it is very much secondary, and should only follow AFTER, and as a result of, true covenantal love.


  4. Mkayla, I am not surprised that people can get so caught up in “outside” activities for the Lord but I do know He says in I Jn 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. In our 21 years of ministry I could never figure out why people could not be satisfied in a relationship with God….it was always more, of something. What is more important than that personal ( between you & God) relationship with God? Great web site and it sounds like you are really doing some studying…keep up the good work….God Bless


    • Hi Mary. I think much of the problem comes from the lack of understanding of that very verse you quoted – try the spirits. Most of us have found out the hard way. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. oxoxo


  5. There is a very fine line between the genuine Spirit of truth and the false spirits of deception. The true believer is cautioned to try the spirits not listen to the audible voices like Edward Cayce or Joseph Smith. When God speaks the true believer listens and follows the true shephard. I am very troubled by Mike Bickle’s assumptions and over generalizations. His spirit of error says that the church brings in the tribulation. My bible says that the falling away and not the great revival brings us into the tribulation. This is God’s plan not man’s plan. Matt 24 reports on the great falling away. Yes the church will be triumphant but not by defeating the anti Christ singlehandedly. Jesus defeats the enemy. Rev 22:17 is calling all to salvation not bringing in the tribulation. The man is confused and practicing elitism. I would call him a false prophet. Thank you


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