13 thoughts on “In Memory of Steven

  1. What a handsome young man. So sorry for the loss and the pain you and your husband are going through. May God continue to comfort you both and give you His peace. The Lord watch over you always, my sister.


  2. He was such a handsome man, and, I’m sure, a very special person. I am so sorry! May the Lord continue to heal and comfort your hearts as only He can do.


  3. We’ve been thinking about you and Steve and praying for you. It was soooo good spending time with you no matter the circumstances. We love and miss you! XOXO


  4. M’Kayla,

    I have just recently started reading your site. I want to let you know how very sorry I am for your family’s loss. May His presence be with you to bring you peace and comfort.


  5. Mkayla
    I looked at the photo of Steven and realised that loosing a child under any circumstance is something that no parent ever wants to face, its only by Gods grace and love that its possible to face these times and i pray that He will continue to uphold you both in this time.Its also great to have you back online!!


  6. M’Kayla… I am sorry for your loss. I’ve only started visiting your internet space recently, but you’ve been a blessing…I feel for you my sister in Christ.

    Let there be peace.


  7. Mkayla,

    I am here for you anytime. Your son was so, so handsome. I’m praying for you as the next several to many months will be very difficult and painful in your family. Please know that I am truly lifting your dear husband in prayer. Truly.


  8. Mkayla,
    I am sorry or your loss. I know that losing a person you treasure this much makes our eternal need for Gods love in Christ so very dear. You are a very special person to me, and I have only met you in on this site, (which has kept me sane)and I will pray for you along with all of these people who enjoy your wisdom, wit and humor.


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