Faith Healing Casualty

Parents Jeffrey and Marci Beagley of Oregon sentenced to serve time in connection with son’s death!

OREGON CITY — Clackamas County Circuit Court Judge Steven Maurer sentenced Jeffrey and Marci Beagley to 16 months in prison this afternoon, calling the couple’s decision to not seek medical care for their 16-year-old son, Neil Beagley, “a crime that was a product of an unwillingness to respect the boundaries of freedom of religious expression”.

Who wants to end up this way? Is it enough to suffer the death of a beloved child and then to be found guilty in that death? I cannot imagine the pain, the guilt and suffering they will face in the months and years to come. Certainly, my heart goes out to them. What a horrific price to pay to find out too late the scriptural truth taught in excesses by these word of faith “healers” do not work.

Another warning to pay attention to what we are taught and who and what we allow ourselves to believe in. Jesus healed all who He laid hands on to show He is God. And tho He still heals through prayer and His sovereign will, He does not heal everyone. We aren’t given reasons for that. God’s ways are not our own. Anyone coming with a solution or a reason that a healing does not “manifest” (a lack of faith or lack of enough faith, failure to realize a true ability to be healed, healing is a right given to us, sickness and disease is a curse that needs to be broken, etc.)  is a liar before God.

It is a very good thing to have the medical care that we have in the US. It is pure ignorance and stupidity taught by these word of faith healers that we or our loved ones only need to “believe” and we will never need a doctor’s help. We are NOT promised divine health and healing at salvation.

Believe this – those who teach these lies of divine health go to doctors and dentists, wear glasses, take medication for their high blood pressure or insulin for their diabetes. They have all kinds of medical procedures done to them and their loved ones. One day they will all die as their bodies wear out.  Before that they will suffer various end life ailments and even wear corrective eye lenses and hearing aides. Many of them will die of illness or incurable disease. And even before their own death comes many would have lived lives of luxury from all those believers who gladly paid them to perform or to teach them such miracles. But, die they will. And guess why? Because sin equals physical death for us all and there is no getting around it. Romans 6:23

Again, if you or someone you love is involved in a healing ministry, if you are being taught in a church or para church organization that divine healing is yours, you are following a false teacher. Get out from them and into the word. Get the focus off the illness and on to God for His will in your life.

This situation or one similar can happen to any of us who are untaught and unstable in the word of God.

11 thoughts on “Faith Healing Casualty

  1. I wonder about those who, with such great authority, teach and lead others who have trusted them with all that is precious,should also be held accountable and found guilty of the same crime. I know that steps outside of Christianity, but these false teachers do not teach sound doctrine and in doing part with the faith. Some one has to protect the innocent from these nuts.


  2. Interesting, just last Sunday at church this kind of teaching came up in Sunday School. The question was asked,”I had a bad cold, I prayed and I wasn’t healed, WHY?” The teacher him hawed around wanting to say there is unconfessed sin (it was pretty obvious he was avoiding that wording), but decided (maybe because I was sitting there ready to pounce) that he had better play it safe and say – I don’t know. We must keep those teaching this stuff on their toes! And challenge them when they attempt to teach it. Know what I mean………….


  3. Very very sad. These “faith healers’ such as Tod Bentley etc. cause more damage than good. How many have had their faith shattered after putting it in a false revival or/and teacher? Good point you make about these people all go to the doctor to get their eye glasses, their teeth pulled, etc. Hypocrites! I agree with you sister in telling the Bride to RUN from these false ones. It may cost them their very lives!


    • About the need for docs and dentitst – they don’t look at that. They think they are LEARNING to be like Jesus and haven’t arrived yet. So they don’t see these illnesses and such as failure but part of the journey and the learning experience. On another post I put up some links to’s article on Bill Johnson and Bethel. One of the articles talked about Bethel’s “Dead Raising Teams”. Johnson admitted none had been raised YET. And his reason – “we aren’t THERE yet”. WoFers believe they are becoming, which is the rising of MSOG, aka antichrist.


      • Actually this teaching is the same thing that Christian Scientists believe, isn’t it? I once cleaned house for a very old woman. She was up in her 80s and her body began to get sick. One day someone asked her how she felt and she told them she felt bad. She got practically chewed out! She was told not to confess it or she would get sicker! I heard it with my own ears. I think that might have been when I began to see WOF must have some roots in Scientology.


        • Hi RH.
          I’m not sure if Christian Science and Scientology is the same thing. But, a lot of the healing thinking from WOF came from CS. Mary Eddy Baker or Mary Baker Eddy… I had a copy of her book in my hand but didn’t get it because I knew her teachings were wrong. If only I would have read it I would have seen the connection with her and the whole false healing movement. The thing is, those inolved in the false movements recognize the gifts of healing, prophecy, etc. in those who are not Christians and believe it is the same gift. They just lack the understanding they are supposed to use those gifts for God!!! I can’t imagine or even begin to believe that God puts gifts in unbelievers! They come up with any explanation to justify their false beliefs!


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  5. Just to be sure I’m clear…are you saying that there is no such thing as supernatural healing or just that the WoF teaches healing incorrectly?


    • Hi Chico.

      WoF teaches outside what the bible says about healing. I do believe God heals, just not they way they say. Many people have been hurt and have died, physically and spiritually because of their poison.


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