Which Way to The Way?

While wondering around I came on a site about Martial Arts written by Gaylene Goodroad, a woman who practiced for quite a few years, earning two black belts.  She now warns others of its truth and the roots beneath this often-practiced religion disguised as a  self affirming, good-for-the-kiddies “sport” and self discipline.  She makes the link between MA and Contemplative Prayer or Meditation. Ahhh-HA! Fascinating!

You know how we have briefly discussed the CharisMANIA manifestations and the link to Kundalini in their shocking similarities? You will see the link between  the Kundalini “Serpent Power” and MA! More Ahhh-Ha!  Think Chuck Norris is one to follow?  Think again!

Make sure you take a look at the free PDF booklet offered on her site at the very bottom of the page. It is full of good information. As I write this I am reminded of a friend who takes her son to MA and claims she does not care if it is bad or not, as long as it helps him. It is no wonder with this mindset that other spiritual disciplines have crept into the church. They began in our homes!

Its been almost eighteen years since my conversion to Christ–and the renouncement of both my black belts–but it wasn’t until recently that I fully realized the close kinship between the spiritual roots of the martial arts and the Emergent/Contemplative spirituality engulfing the Church of Jesus Christ. After some research, I discovered that the devil’s lie from Genesis 3 has been cleverly repackaged and marketed to unsuspecting karate enthusiasts for hundreds of years, and is now simpatico among many professing Christians. Although I studied Okinawan and Japanese martial arts systems for thirteen years, I had unwittingly succumbed to a plethora of unbiblical beliefs and practices due to language differences among the many Eastern disciplines. For example, I hadn’t made the connection between “Do,” (meaning, “way“, in Japanese), with the Chinese (Confucianist) Tao/Dao, meaning the same thing. This becomes significant to the Christian, because the Do/Tao/Dao is synonymous with the Buddhist Yin/Yang philosophy which is pantheistic, not monotheistic, in nature. It is a spiritual “way“–or journey–diametrically opposed to biblical Christianity.

Follow the link to Gaylene’s blog and the PDF booklet. –

My Life in The Way – Gaylene Goodroad


3 thoughts on “Which Way to The Way?

    • Hi John.
      My name isn’t Michaela, which may be the feminine of Michael. Mine is M’Kayla, but the two names aren’t related. I am finding many variations of Michaela as the name is gaining in popularity, but my name is my own design.

      On the article, I’ve been aware of the connections and dangers for some time, doubted the truth behind Chuck Norris. I was a fan since childhood of David Carridine from the series he did in the 70’s. The practice of MA in his life was more than just a tv series, but a way of life, and possibly the cause of his dark death last year.

      Just to be fair, I am careful of many things I listen to, participate in and watch. As time goes by I become more bothered by things of this world. Believe it or not there are “worship” songs that I won’t even sing because I know they are written by wof’ers, IHOP’ers, etc. Ya know? So, when I put an article like this out there, even tho the content may not apply to my own life it is still a reminder to me to watch myself.

      Did your son read the information?



  1. This is a wonderful article. I’ve been seeing the troubling additions in our world that are not biblical also. I started a YouTube to expose these forces of magic or sorcerers like John 7:7 says. Works of darkness.

    One thing you pointed out it about the Ying Yang that I want to expound on…

    This is the black and white chess board also in Freemasonry. The use of media to get people to move in the direction they want. Like the mathematical expression that does have an outside force. The positive and negative (black and white) is moved by the Devil sitting on the other side of the veil. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil (man’s separation from God) following the serpent. When we seek things, feelings or people other than a relationship with Jesus via prayer and the Bible (Word of God and His Spirit of Truth) to direct us, we are inviting this force on our lives. We will sit on that chess board and be moved by that outside force in different directions, but not in the narrow path God wants us to be on. It is truly amazing that He loves us enough to expose the lies of the enemy in these end days. Apocalypse means “unveiling hidden truths.” Nice to see you in the army of light battling the counterfeit light that leads to darkness. God bless you!


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