And Another Wave Of….ad nauseum

I found this prophetic word (ahem) a little while ago, pertaining to the Chilean earthquake and tsunami. It nearly made me physically sick to read. Such garbage and mumbo jumbo coming out of the NAR and their little club and they get worse by the day!  People have died, lost loved ones, homes, jobs – everything, but let’s get a “word” in there.

I’m the one in blue.

A Wave of God’s Glory is Coming! by Cindy Jacobs

Does anyone understand precisely what it means when the NAR or the MSOG refer to God’s glory?

Last Friday night, February 26th, my husband and I had an unusual night – we weren’t speaking at a conference, traveling, or busy.  So we stayed home and watched a movie – Robinson Crusoe.

Remember, everything in the false prophetic has meaning.

The next morning we watched in shock and distress as news reached us that an 8.8 magnitude earthquake had shaken Chile during the night and that a tsunami wave had rolled over Robinson Crusoe Island just off the Chilean coast.

Ok, so if this woman is so prophetic why didn’t she know about the earthquake and tsunami before they happened? After all, she does speak about prophetic intercession and having that foresight is what that gift is all about. She calls herself a seer. But this “prophet to the nations” as she refers to herself had no clue.

While watching the news and praying, I recalled speaking at Chuck Pierce’s “Starting the Year off Right” conference in Denton, Texas on December 31, 2009.  Chuck prophesied that the Lord would begin to buckle highways as a sign of rearranging the order of the earth so that the covenant with God’s land could now manifest in a way that was stopped from manifesting in the last season.

Here’s where my barf bag comes out.

Chuckie – “buckle highways” as in cause accidents and more death? Some years ago they set up and declared by word of another prophet a Highway of Holiness and during that time a bridge collapsed and people died. That was enough prophetic intercession and highway buckling to last us a life time. Statement re:I-35

Rearrange the order of the earth – I can’t begin to imagine what that might mean, does anyone?

But the biggie – the covenant of God’s land – what covenant might that be exactly?

Stopped it from “manifesting” in the last season- Would that mean a failed prophecy? Or maybe God’s trying to tell Chuckie something.

These people truly have their own thing going on!

I proceeded to prophesy about earthquakes.  “I’m going to shake the earth.  You will begin to see earthquakes…I am coming to shake everything that can be shaken.”  Look where the earthquakes are hitting because God is going to release a wind of Pentecost in those places.

I dunno. She speaks of wind, so should we watch for hurricanes too? I need to know when God used the earth to bring salvation to His people – when EVER??? Because the gospel of Jesus Christ is the emphasis of the life and purpose of a Christian, not earthquakes! And no matter how good the power stuff of Pentecost sounds or how it appeals to those who adore power, there is no Pentecost without SALVATION! And there is no true power without the presence of the Holy Spirit, and He does not dwell with liars and false prophets.

Jesus told his disciples that earthquakes would be a sign of His coming, a sign of the end of the age in Matthew 24. He said nothing about a wind of Pentecost hitting the same areas.

Geomancer – one who divines by lines or geographic features. Hmmm…

God has a way of taking those things that Satan means for evil and bringing great glory out of them.  This will be the case for these disasters.

I am the first to admit, to know first hand that God works miracles for His people who trust Him in tragedy and that will always be my testimony. But, it takes some doing on the part of the believer and not just some prophetic declaration swooshed over it like – TADA!!! – all better! They need the word of God, meaning the bible, His truth, His love, His forgiveness! They need salvation and the only way they are going to get there is the old fashioned way, the tried and true way, God’s way –  through preaching the word!

But alas, more mumbo jumbo:

Since the December 31 prophecy about earthquakes, on January 12, Haiti was rocked with a massive 7.0 (full circle, completion) magnitude shaking and then Chile on February 27.  The earthquake in Chile rocked the city of Concepcion (conception, birthing) with an 8.8 (double new beginnings) magnitude.  I believe this represents birthing of double new beginnings of glory in the earth.  I believe God desires not only to heal Chile and Haiti but to turn these terrible disasters for good for His people.

This is not the way of our Lord God. He does not speak to us in numbers. This use of numerology is of the occult  and is associated with  astrology and linked to the ancient Kaballah which is a practice of Jewish or Hebrew mysticism. The use of the occult and its various forms is strictly forbidden in scripture.

The way she is using these horrindous disasters as a spring board for her purposes makes me sick. It makes me sad for God’s people, for those who are dellusioned by this woman and it makes me sad for her. I used to listen to her and trust her as my teacher until the Lord showed me the error.

And maybe good things can come from bad if we position ourselves spiritually, but I hate this opportunist method of the false prophetic so much. It gives false hope to those who are desperate and needing answers and direction. It is no different from fortune tellers or psychics.

As mentioned, after the earthquake in Chile, a tsunami raced across Robinson Crusoe Island, bringing havoc.  The people on the island did not receive the warning in time, resulting in devastation.  However, God is going to touch this little island and rescue it in a unique way and it will be rebuilt.

Havoc. Devastation. Yes – say it. Death and lots of it. And under worse conditions, possible disease, famine. People don’t just walk out of this in a day.  And as far as a rescue? What might that be? There is only Jesus Christ, and yes, He is unique in comparison to other gods, other religions. But He is the only way, nothing unique or new is going to come and pull them from the horror they now face. How dare this be implied in the name of God!

The tsunami then swept across the ocean towards Hawaii.  The Lord gave me a word in 1992 that Hawaii would become the first Christian state.  I asked the Lord, “What is happening?”  He replied, “I am getting ready to sweep the face of the earth with my glory as the waters cover the sea.”  (see Hab 2:14)

Hawaii – the first Christian state. That’s just stupid for obvious reasons. Need to know what’s happening from God? Read the bible.

Hawaii was ready with a prayer army and early warning devices and so was not damaged with this natural tsunami, but the glory of the Lord will remain.

So, meaning there had to have been tsunami damage before the Lord would move?

Then the Lord reminded me, “This is the week of your Convergence gathering in Dallas.”  I then made the connect – God is going to use Convergence to release His glory into the seven mountains or sectors of society.  In fact, we begin with Lance Wallnau who has been used of God to teach about the seven mountains in such a powerful way.

The seven mountains. Yes. The kingdom man built, something like Babel.

The Lord then spoke to me, “Have every speaker decree at the end of their session that the glory of God will begin to sweep the earth into their mountains of society.”

When I hear statements like these I wonder if I should consider it harmless hog wash or if there is something quite vile, wicked, with power being released in their words.

I saw in a vision of a gathering of waters, piling up full of glory, that are being prepared to sweep the face of the earth in a great move of prayer, intercession, miracles, and glory.

Yeah, right.

He is coming to shake everything that can be shaken and fill the earth with His glory.  By Saturday night of Convergence we are going to decree a release of His glory.  The earth is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God revealing who He is in the nations of the earth.  His glory will be seen through the church (religion), family, government, education, business, arts/entertainment, and media mountains.

The sons of God and to them it is the Manifest Sons of God who will embody Christ. That will be their revelation –  the god of the seven mountains – who is not the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, nor the one who sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, nor the Father of us all. The Kingdom of God is not of this world!

Make your way to Dallas by car, bus, or plane.  I believe God’s glory is going to be revealed in our midst in great and wondrous ways.

Did anyone see mention of Jesus Christ in any of Cindy Jacob’s words as a prophet of the Lord?

This is where I say MARANATHA! Come Lord Jesus.

Isaiah 64 1-5 Oh that You would rend the heavens!  That You would come down! That the mountains might shake at Your presence-

2 As fire burns brushwood, As fire causes water to boil – To make Your name known to Your adversaries, That the nations may tremble at Your presence.

3 For when You did awesome things for which we did not look, You came down, The mountains shook at Your presence.

4 For since the beginning of the world men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, Nor has the eye seen any God besides You who acts for the one who waits for Him.

5 You meet him who rejoices and does righteousness, Who remembers You in Your ways. You are indeed angry, for we have sinned – In these ways we continue; And need to be saved.

17 thoughts on “And Another Wave Of….ad nauseum

  1. Quote ; Cindy Jacobs
    By Saturday night of Convergence we are going to decree a release of His glory.
    Does that look a little bit like this
    2 Thess 2:3
    Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, WHO OPPOSES AND EXALTS himself against every so called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, PROCLAIMING HIMSELF TO BE GOD.


  2. Mkayla
    Just a follow up on my previous comment, i don’t believe we are neccesarily going to see a particular individual, or a group of people stand in the Holy Place, [ which is the body of Christ] and audibly declare that they are God.I think it is sufficient enough for us to discern whether some one has assumed that position by testing their words and actions.

    Quote ; Cindy Jacobs
    By Saturday night of Convergence we are going to decree a release of His glory.
    The above quote by Cindy Jacobs is evidence enough for me to determine that she [ and possibly her NAR cohorts] have elevated themselves into a position of deity.


    • HI Ray!
      We see this more and more and I’ve noticed they mention Christ less and less all the time as they become more focused on their actions than on what He did on the cross, or why.


  3. I predict it’s gonna be sunny this summer, and there will be snow on the ground next winter and there’s going to be earthquakes this year! The superbowl will be won by a very prominent team, and Barack Obama will speak to the public soon… etc.. etc..



  4. mkayla, you did a wonderful job exposing this! May others see it and be set free by the darkness you exposed and the truth you revealed.


  5. You asked, “Rearrange the order of the earth – I can’t begin to imagine what that might mean, does anyone?”

    Mkayla, I believe this is bringing about the New World Order — New Age. These people are so New Age in their beliefs that they are actually helping to bring it in.

    Then you asked, “But the biggie – the covenant of God’s land – what covenant might that be exactly?” Once again this is a New Age belief. It will be a type of panthestic belief. It is being ingrained within the church even now.

    “Stopped it from “manifesting” in the last season- Would that mean a failed prophecy? Or maybe God’s trying to tell Chuckie something.”

    Maybe that had something to do with the apostate “revival” could only go so far. Then again maybe it is just a bunch of empty and vain talk meant to make her look spiritual or something. They all are so good at it!


    • Experience-based prophecy, just like experience-based doctrine (what God is saying, doing now) has no basis in Jesus Christ, who is the spirit of prophecy, who is the Word.

      The more I read and research the better I understand the meaning in “witchcraft in the church”. I had a marginal understanding before, but now I am really seeing it in way that it makes sense.

      The covenant that God made was done thru the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. There is no other covenant that matters, all having been types and shadows of what was to come, made manifest in Jesus Christ, a new and better covenant.

      The NAR is all about times and seasons, PIETY, forgetting the point is in what Jesus Christ did for us, not what we can do here on the earth. Their words and prophecies deny Christ!

      Chuck Pierce gets more wierd all the time, and Cindy gets more militant and angry sounding. Yes, it is New Age, the Manifest Sons of God, the antichrist! And with the upcoming Mayday 2010 under the guise of Christian prayer at our captiol – looks like Babylon to me!


  6. Some one commented that he “doesn’t even speak these people’s language anymore.” Amen to that. Once you get away from it for a while, it begins to sound more and more like Star Wars instead of the Word of God.

    @Ian, No joke. ‘I see clouds in the sky above and waves on the waters of the deep.’

    Anybody actually know what was said Dec 31 in the so-called prophecy?


  7. She is referring back to a prophecy she gave on Dec 31. She is saying she prophesied about these earthquakes before they happened. You know, the “oh I forgot I already knew about this” technique.

    I was wondering if what she says she said, is really what she said. Got that? lol

    I looked on Pierces’s site and you can buy the cd’s from the Dec 31 conference for $45. I guess I don’t care that much.


  8. And I’d like to point out that there are dozens of earthquakes everyday. Dozens. So to pick the three that validate a set of “prophetic numbers” is hogwash.

    And Concepcion was not thee closest to the epicenter. Chillan and Talca are just as close. But hey, it works.


    • I have been reading and watching videos for days doing research. I was confused. hehe. I should know better. I didn’t listen to the video. When I copied the article the video came right with it which usually doesn’t happen. But I was so tired of her I didn’t listen to it until just now.

      I was amazed to hear that she was able to actually watch the water from the tsunami as it raced toward Hawaii all the way from her home in Texas! Wow. I watched all day and was never able to see the tsunami water. And then, her intercessors in Hawaii prayed and were able to stop the water from devestating Hawaii. Who would have guessed! Which takes us back to my original question, if this woman is so anointed and favored of God, then why didnt’ he awaken her to stop the tsunami waters from destroying that Island? After all, it’s called by the same name as the movie she was watching!

      I did find another video in which she was prophesying or whatever and Chuck popped up with the highway buckling prophecy. But the vid ended after that, so whether or not she actually gave that prophesy after Chuck is anyone’s guess at this point.

      And yes, the Ring of Fire experiences earthquakes all the time. And for her to claim Eureka CA as one that that counts as fulfillment of her prophecy makes me gag. It’s like prophesing that southern CA will have fires this summer. duh.

      Elijah List offers the conference on MP3 for only $39.95! MONEYCHANGERS!!!!! From reading some of the clips, Denny Cline prophecied that the Lord is bringing down principalities and demonic structures and is the reason for these natural disasters. Jason Westerfield posted a word with them that said the same. I went to his site for the teaching and it was such garbage that I couldn’t listen for more than half an hour. And during that time the kid never popped open the bible. He made the comparison of a thrown down to principality to a “disgruntled employee” who had just been fired from his job. But God is clearing these principalities from the heavenlies so the people on the earth will no longer be bound. I thought Jesus Christ did that when He went to the cross! So that is the “word” the Holy Spirit is speaking to me, to us, as it is written in the word He inspired. 🙂 Col 2:15


        • I wonder what it is like to ride the road as it buckles? Is it anything like surfing? Maybe Chuck’s confused and meant they will be riding the tsunami wave. Surf’s up, dude.

          None of this ever makes any sense. No wonder Kim Clement thinks prophecy is riddles. These are.


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