Dobson Joins Forces with NAR

On May 1st  Dr. James Dobson joins forces with some of America’s leaders, pastors and members of the NAR in the name of prayer to turn the nation and it’s people from its –wicked ways–.

How can this be so, when the NAR has its own god?

They call it-

Mayday 2010 A Day to Cry to God for a Nation in Distress

I’d say so, as we see the unstoppable tentacles of C Peter Wagner’s life’s work of false teaching spread throughout all areas of our country.



3 thoughts on “Dobson Joins Forces with NAR

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  2. Hi there….Today is JULY 19 2014.I want to show you something rather unusual that just happened to me:
    I came across this Post , because I clicked onto your site to look for ANOTHER article Id seen in passing concerning Dutch Sheetz /Peter Wagner that had contained a certain DATE within it.
    I was actually trying to look for that article because it was the date I was trying to obtain as I had something relevant Id wanted to share ( Ill explain about THAT further down).
    Anyways apon coming to the Dutch Sheetz Category and scrolling down thats when I found THIS article.
    Well…..heres the most unusual thing:
    About 45 minutes BEFORE I clicked onto your website ,Id been scouring some old documents- as I’d been looking for that thing which pertained to the date I was trying to pinpoint.
    In doing so I came across something someone had sent to me back in 2008 which , after many years from being traumatized from all the attacks Id come up against ,trying to expose the Truth to others.
    ….Id merely blocked out .
    Couldnt even remember having had this , along with many other Nuggets Id collected over the years.

    Back then , perhaps many people would not have put alot of “weight” on this , nor would it have affected them as much & Im sure many trying to warn would have been deemed “Paranoid” or “too critical” etc.

    However…..we now see the “trainwreck” that the Lord had been warning about through those whom were hearing the Voice of the Father and following after Him & the direction the current church is headed, so perhaps for those whom might have ignored this the First time, NOW it will really begin to sink in , just how dangerous this entire movement is.

    I copy/paste to you some paragraphs someone had sent to me back in 2008 concerning JAMES DOBSON.

    It was in relation to “MEROVINGIAN”.

    FROM 2008
    ( this is a quote from an author :Chey Simonton from some article he had written (passed onto me )… of his concerns about JAMES DOBSON.
    So what you read are his words…not mine, though the Lord had used them to confirm to me what Id already been discerning)

    “The formulation of a body of moral principles to govern mankind is currently the objective of a worldwide, multicultural and religio-political network that is working diligently to hasten mankind’s return to the Natural Law.
    This many-faceted movement is demanding that entire nations submit to a set of principles variously termed the Noahide Laws, the Moral Law, Natural Law, Universal Law, etc.
    Such a movement would normally not concern Christians, who are required under most circumstances to obey the laws of those in governmental authority.
    However, this movement is not working exclusively outside the pale of Christianity, but has infiltrated and is using the Christian Church to establish its global governing apparatus.

    On March 4, Christian radio stations nationwide aired an address to the Council for National Policy by James Dobson, President of Focus on the Family.

    Expressing his determination to do whatever is necessary to restore the observance of “moral law,” Dr. Dobson reasoned that, since God created Wisdom before He created anything else, the Moral Law is the law of the Universe.

    The identical appeal for nations to be governed by “natural law” and “moral law” has historically been made by the Orders of Freemasonry.

    Commenting on Dobson’s presentation to the CNP, Chey Simonton perceptively noted its Masonic quality:
    “On the whole, there is very scant evidence that would convict him of being a ‘Christian’ in this speech.
    There is, however, considerable evidence that would tend to convict him of ‘freemasonry….

    “References the ‘moral law of the universe’ or ‘moral law’ 11 times in the speech.
    No mention of the word ‘sin’….
    “Recognizes the audience, ‘I sense that most of you are deeply committed Christians; but, that’s probably not true of all of you.’
    It is well-known the CNP membership includes 33rd degree masons
    (Helms, Kemp and probably Willard Garvey) and many ‘christians’ who work for and/or with Sun Myung Moon organizations (Gary Jarmin, Howard Phillips, Robert Grant, Richard Viguerie, Paul Weyrich, Ron Godwin, the LaHayes, Gary Bauer, etc.).
    Additionally, Phyllis Schlafly and David Balsiger (publisher of the “Christian Scorecard” ) have had past relationships with Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Church Universal and Triumphant leadership.
    “Very Masonic presentation that emphasizes ‘moral law of the universe’ and ‘wisdom’.
    No direct reference to Jesus Christ.
    His only reference to Jesus is oblique, ‘the Holy One of Israel’.
    References ‘people of faith’ that would cover any religion including Unificationism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.”
    The demand for universal law is also emanating from the worldwide Lubavitch movement, the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon (which has close ties to the Council for National Policy), and the many groups represented within the CNP, such as Christian Reconstructionists, Moral Re-Armament, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, etc.

    The insidious legalism and Kabbalism of the Chabad Lubavitch movement has also entered the Church disguised as the Hebraic Roots Movement.


    That was in 2008. Look where we are today?

    ***Incidentally , what I had formerly been searching for in my own Document archives -which is why I had come to your site looking for a specific DATE, was a PHOTO of either Dutch Sheetz or Peter Wagner ( cant recall exactly which one at this moment) that, if memory serves me correctly was the DATE when C.Peter Wagner had made the announcement about his NAMING ( re-labelling) The NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION from the name it had been before.(Because remember it all ORIGINATED from C.Peter Wagner in the first place? He had been its “brainchild” through the “FULLER SEMINARY” which HE had created to “appoint” “his ” “Apostles”.)

    I never forgot that photo. It had disturbed me from Day one.
    Perhaps its cached somewhere and hopefully not removed, but it had told me all I needed to know.
    It was some kind of a Ceremony that had taken place
    Someone had snapped a photo of one of these 2 men when they had been on stage and had posted it somewhere, which is when I had found it.

    To the blind , they would have passed right over it -not thought twice about what had just taken place, but to the discerning and those whom have actually studied up on Free Masonry, it was 100% EVIDENT whom HE served….and now all these “Names” attatched to or spread out from HIS network …..all had this same spirit attatched to THEM to infiltrate the Churches with!

    Ill still search to see if I can find that photo…..but if Im unable , I just wanted to let you all know that it DOES exist and reveals the True Picture.
    For those whom dont know what Im talking about Do some research on FREE MASONRY HAND SIGNALS.
    Its how “one member” communicates” to another in a crowd..or through a TV or Computer Screen.
    So……..whom ELSE is on this “list”?

    Blessings all….


    • glory, I did an article similar to what you are suggesting – these men are all connected as we saw the different “streams” or “rivers” join forces a few years ago.
      It is part of the set up for the coming world leader as even now we are seeing a greater practice of other religions inside the church itself.

      On another note, I am trying to get thru your other posts. It takes time to read and understand the longer ones, especially if there are links involved. Thanks for your patience.


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