Truth About the NAR

If you aren’t familiar with the New Apostolic Reformation, aka NAR, here are some links to give you some good information on who they are, how they started and what they believe. Forget about reading beliefs pages on their individual web sites. You will not find truth there. You will find it in their teachings and these great links! These men and women come in the name of Christ but are far from Him!

The main NAR members I expose here on my blog are –

Cal Pierce – International Association of Healing Rooms

Chuck Pierce (no relation that I am aware of)   – Glory of Zion

Dutch Sheets – Dutch Sheets Ministries

Cindy Jacobs  – Generals of Intercession

Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner are considered NAR by some, although not affiliated with Wagner that I can tell. (I don’t get into Joyner much and the only reason I mention him is due to his close relationship with, and restoration of Todd Bentley. They have the same teachings from the Latter Rain Movement, Word of Faith, Kingdom Now/Dominionism and Manifest Sons of God.

New Apostolic Reformation This is the index page for a series of articles on the Apostolic Movement or, as C. Peter Wagner, self-proclaimed “apostle” calls it, “The New Apostolic Reformation”.  “The most dangerous purveyors of deception are today’s restored apostles and prophets.  Why?  Because they purport to speak for our Lord and they claim to hold the greatest authority over the direction of the Church and the lives of God’s people. These apostles & prophets are the people that the majority of the other leaders in the charismatic movement look to for new insights, revelation, and vision for the future of the Church.

International Coalition of Apostles – As of 2/2010 current list of apostles (NAR members) under C. Peter Wagner

The Roots and Fruits of the NAR – Critical Issues Commentary -This article explores the idea of apostles in the church throughout church history. In it I will show that the restoration/Latter Rain idea that fuels the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is unbiblical and dangerous to the well-being of Christians who become part of it. First we will review how the early church understood apostles in church history. Then we will examine the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching about apostolic authority. From there we will examine the ideas of a 17th-century mystic given new life in the Latter Rain movement, and now the NAR.

Truthfully, there’s tons of information out there, but this will get you going in the right direction – at least. 🙂

Be blessed as you read the truth!

7 thoughts on “Truth About the NAR

  1. PLEASE…I would like to add you to my facebook list of friends…I have so much to share, and offer to what you have already started…as I am JUST learning of the very same thing…not becoming involved…but trying to persuade dear friends of mine, that THEY are involved in a cult…please look me up; and then add me as a friend, on facebook, if you are indeed on the website. Your presence is MUCH needed.


    • Theresa, I don’t spend much time on Facebook but you are welcome to give them the link to my blog. If I can help otherwise, let me know, too. Which group are they involved with and for how long?


  2. Hi there, I like your site but I think you should be careful and extend some grace to these men. I agree that Bill Johnson et al are teaching error with the Dominion/Prosperity message; does that make them “false teachers”? If, by their teaching, they lead people away from the Gospel then they are “false teachers”. I Corinthians 15 outlines very clearly what the core Gospel message is and from what I can see these men teach the Gospel and I don’t see them adding to it or taking anything away from it. Their eschatology and missiology are off.

    As a teacher, it bothers me to hear error but when I reflect on my own growth over the last 30 years years I am humbled because I see that I have embraced error and taught error in the past so I give grace knowing he is both the author and perfecter of our faith. No one has perfect theology except Jesus.

    Right now we see through a glass darkly… we know in part etc. So, until these men can be shown to be teaching a different Gospel then we should give them grace. Labeling them “False Teachers” and “False Prophets” is probably not extending them grace. Identifying error is one thing, heresy is a different matter and these men do not appear to be heretics.


    • I disagree with you James. I believe these men and women are teaching a different gospel message than what is taught in the bible and making our faith something other than what it is. Given their focus on the supernatural which is their basis for theology I believe them to be very dangerous. I used to follow them and believe their teaching to be true. It was only after I began to check their words against the bible I learned otherwise. I don’t know of scripture references for grace. They were either exposed for what they were or taken aside and taught the truth. I believe theirs is another agenda. And what can be their excuse? They own bibles and some of them have boat loads of them printed up at very high prices with their own names and false teaching notes.

      Some things we do “see through a glass darkly”, but not in the basic principles of our faith. Perfect theology comes from reading the bible. The basic theology behind the NAR is absolute garbage and I consider it to be heresy.


      • Just to add – I have heard them teach the basic Gospel correctly. It is what they teach after that is wrong – very wrong. And if you continue to listen to them you will recognize more and more this gospel and even the diety of Jesus Christ being omitted. Man is exaulted, God is brought down. Most of them have an agenda to take money from people and they themselves live very wealthy lives. And some have been found aligning with new age in their practices and methods of prophecy. If you lead someone to Christ and then teach him other ways and he follows you in those ways have separated him from his Lord. Surely that is not ok with you!


  3. Hey sister!

    This link draws a blank :

    International Coalition of Apostles – As of 2/2010 current list of apostles (NAR members) under C. Peter Wagner

    Would you know where to find the latest list of apostles?




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