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There is a very good article I recommend reading linked at The Word on the Word of Faith –   Thanks Damon! 🙂

BEWITCHED! “The Evil Eye over Evangelicalism”

This is the title of the latest article by Pastor Larry DeBruyn,* just published in the most recent Discernment Ministries newsletter. This is one of Pastor DeBruyn’s best articles. He explains clearly and concisely how the occult-based philosophy known as “New Thought” has come to be part of the doctrines and practices of the evangelical movement.

7 thoughts on “New Age, New Thought Info

  1. Fantastic article – thanks for sharing it, mkayla! It’s amazing how easily we can slip into that “just off of center” thinking. It all sounds so nice and friendly. And then after a while, insisting on Biblical teaching and the Gospel seems so…UNfriendly…and the downward spiral continues….


  2. Mkayla
    25 yrs ago I read my first Robert Schuller book, and then another, and then I read N V Peales book and I was hooked, postive thinking was the new way for me.I might’ve still had my head twisted by this stuff if a friend had not warned me of the inherent dangers that this ” marvellous” new gospel posed to my relationship with God.To sum it up , psychology is the study of self and the gospel is centred on God. The two are diametricly opposed, one promises salvation , the other delivers damnation.I guess the real concern with this stuff is the oh so subtle manner in which it is infused with the gospel and sold wholesale to many an unsuspecting believer.
    A very recent example of this is the Forty Days Of Shape , put together by Eric Rees, a member of Saddleback Church.I only occasionly attend the church that I left sometime ago because of their push on inner healing [ more psychoheresy] to find that they are now headlong into 40 Days of Shape, a program that uses a popular personality profiling test to determine your spiritual gifting.I was shocked, a church espousing an occultic psychologist’s philosopy [ C G Jung] to determine the giftings of the Holy Spirit.Where does it end!!


    • Hi Ray.

      Thanks for your honesty and that great information. I remember our discussion long ago on the topic of inner healing. It is dangerous! I’m familiar with personality profiling but not in a spiritual sense. But, I hadn’t heard of the Forty Days of Shape. Carl Jung indeed!!! Sounds a little on the fringes of the zodiac!!! (I’m gonna have to look into this. 🙂 )

      The things for market in the church….ugh! Grrr…. money and fame – things far removed from who Christ is or who we are because of Him!


  3. This may seem to be off the subject, but in fact it is at the root of much of the error and false teaching of the ‘easy believe-ism’ preachers.

    Recently I have been alarmed at the false teaching of the Gap Theory that has been infecting the Church. I preached on the Holy Spirit a few months ago and a scripture I read was talking about the empty philosophies of men, so I mentioned evolution was one of the evil teachings that are infesting the church. Afterwards I was confronted by one of the men who tried to tell me that God could have used evolution.

    I quickly told him that I did not accept any of that heresy and believe that God created everything exactly as Genesis tells us. I told him that I had studied the Gap theory and the Big Bang and other such evolutionary teachings, but decided that I would rather believe Gods word than a bunch of men who cannot prove anything.

    So whilst I was looking for resources on the net to refute this stuff, I found out that a number of well-known and respected Pastors such as Billy Graham, John Hagee, and Benny Hinn support The Gap Theory. I am not surprised at Benny Hinn, but knowing the others usually stand for truth, it is absolutely astounding to me!

    I do not wish to be overly critical in any way of God’s ‘anointed’ if they are anointed, but I have lived with this for much of my life. The Watchtower also claim they are the only anointed ones who are Gods only channel on the earth. They are of course totally correct in this, as their god is the one who loves ‘control and deception’ and they are masters at that. Any group that seeks control by means of Fear & Guilt are satanic and are using witchcraft.

    Now about the Gap Theory

    This is yet another satanic theory that has been injected into the ‘church’. The key to this discussion is in the supposed age of God’s creation. Books exist on this subject. The public is constantly bombarded with propaganda that an ancient creation has been scientifically proven. However, true science (observation, experimentation and collection and evaluation of the data) reveal that creation cannot be ancient.

    So let us have a look at God’s word to see if an imagined gap of millions or billions of years existed between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.

    A ‘gap’ was not found in these verses until the late 1700’s in response to intellectual demands by supposed geological science for vast periods of time to permit the supposed slow formation of the rock strata trapping fossils to occur, which are obviously present in the sedimentary strata around the world.

    Since God began the first word of every sentence in Hebrew with “WAU” in Genesis 1, which in English is the conjunction “and”, which is correctly translated in The King James Authorised Version, God grammatically prevented the insertion of a gap concept before any gap could ever be imagined.

    Additionally, Genesis 1:5 ends with: “And the evening and the morning were the first day”. Not the first day after the first creation, or the first day after starting the second creation. A straight reading of scripture, up to verse 5 merely tells what happened from the beginning to the end of the first day of the creation week.

    Why wouldn’t God simply tell us there was a gap of millions or billions of years there, instead of hiding the idea so that an expert would have to try to show us simpletons its existence. God is not tricky or fickle and would not hide such an important truth from us dumb humans.

    In addition, if you are to believe the Bible account of Noah’s devastating flood that geologists show occurred 4,400 years ago, this flood of Noah’s time would have obliterated any supposed fossils of pre-Adamic times, and thus destroy the whole purpose of the imagined gap.

    Also, Genesis 1:31 says: “And God saw EVERY THING that He had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day”. How could everything be very good if the world was already full of pre-Adamic fossil corpses showing previous death and destruction?

    If you find no gap, you simply believe the word of God as written. If you find a gap that is not there to supposedly squeeze in millions of years, you could be taking authority over the word of God as Adam did in the garden when tempted by Satan, and you could be adding to scripture as we are sternly warned not to do. If death did not enter the world through Adam’s disobedience as the Bible clearly tells, then Christ did not need to come and die.

    The gap gives us death before Adam, and thus makes Christ’s death meaningless, and makes God a liar. So when famous preachers are teaching this garbage, what chance have the minions got?

    If we try and water down Gods word and teach things that are not there, we are guilty of distorting the real truth of the Gospel. The Lord Jesus Christ always referred to the Hebrew Testament as Gods written truth and he totally believed in the flood and all the other ancient teachings. So if our dear Lord accepted accounts in Genesis, then why shouldn’t we?

    Death did not exist before the fall of Adam, Romans 5:12 teaches that.
    As Ken Ham puts it, if we destroy the FOUNDATIONS of our faith, then what is the point of teaching about our saviour Yeshua Messiah?

    The New Age model embraces any teaching that keeps people away from the truth.


    Pastor David


    • Long ago I heard Binny Hinn state that God did not create the world, but allowed it to be created. These three men that you mentioned have all been found to be false either in their teachings or in their associations. Sadly, this is the state of many leaders today. Maybe we are being taught that we don’t need them as much as we had thought, as they are all subject to fall themselves. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to teach us as we sit with the Lord with our bibles and prayers, searching and studying what is written in His word.

      Anytime we have a need to get answers to details that are not written out for us, where there are gaps in the story telling or where some things don’t completely make sense -that need to know- is where the fall begins. We are not told everything, nor is it our place to know all. That is reserved solely for God himself. But, once that Gnostic thing gets going, all kinds of deceit creeps in and many are led astray. Such is the basis of charismania.

      My husband and I were watching the History Channel on Sunday which was broadcasting a show of books left out of the bible. The first story was completely hideous, the story that Adam had a first wife before Eve. Her name was Lilith and she was created from the ground along with Adam. They cross-reference this idea with a scripture in Isaiah which mentions a night creature, which Lilith was considered to become later. She decided she was not going to submit to Adam, spoke out loud the name of God, which according to the narrative should never be spoken aloud, and was taken up into heaven. She later became this “night creature” or aka succubus, of which I won’t elaborate. It just goes to show what comes out of the minds of mankind when he thinks he can actually think higher than God.


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