Lighthouse Trails Prayer Request

I get a lot of good info from Lighthouse Trails so I wanted to forward the following prayer request from them. Please pray.

April 7, 2010

Dear M’Kayla,

We would like to ask our Lighthouse Trails readers to pray for two serious situations. First, please pray for a young missionary couple, Daniel and Janette, and their 16 month old son. They are serving in Guatemala at a mission school. Janette, an RN, and their little son have both contracted Scarlet Fever, and doctors fear that Janette may now have Rheumatic Fever as a result. Please remember this young family in your prayers. They are the son and daughter-in-law of Lighthouse Trails editors, David and Deborah Dombrowski.

Our second important request is for a young 20 year old man whom we will call “Michael.” Michael is in serious trouble, and he is a product of the emerging church. He was raised in a loving and strong Christian family in Southern California. For over six years, during his late teenage years, Michael and his parents were attending an evangelical church, which, unbeknownst to his parents, was becoming an emerging church. Frankly, his parents hadn’t even heard about the emerging church at that time. But the deceit of the enemy was working its way into Michael’s life. Shortly after Michael graduated from high school, he made the announcement to his parents that he was gay. There had been no indication of this throughout his youth, but the combination of venturing into the world of pornography on the computer and hearing the subtle lies of the emerging church week after week finally took its toll. Today, Michael has left his loving devoted parents and gone deep into the homosexual lifestyle.

Michael was raised a Christian. And sadly, there are countless “Michaels” in this same scenario all around the world. Please pray for this particular young man but also let us pray that the eyes of many young people will be opened to the hideous deception of the emerging church and its many far-reaching arms. Michael’s parents have now become fully aware of the dangers of the new spirituality and warn others about this false gospel. They are praying desperately for their son that he will return to the Savior of his childhood and realize that the homosexual lifestyle is part of what we now call the “death religion” (i.e., the New Age movement). Whether it be evolution, homosexuality, mysticism, abortion, or pedophilia, it all leads to darkness and death. In contrast, Jesus Christ offers light and life through His shed blood on Calvary.

As we are reminded in these two prayer requests, Satan is hard at work. But we know our Redeemer lives, and we know He is the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6) Thank you for your prayers.

Editors at Lighthouse Trails

6 thoughts on “Lighthouse Trails Prayer Request

  1. Hi M’Kayla, I am aware of the dangers of the Emergent Church, but how can they cause someone to become gay? I am not criticising I would just like to know what methods they use? Thanks


    • Harry, I had that same question – where’s the connection. I can only guess that when we open ourselves up to false doctrine and the practice of eastern meditation we can become convinced of many things as it is the doorway for other “voices” and supernatural experiences outside the realm of Christianity. I have often read Emergents support and endorse the homosexual lifestyle, which is another break from the true teachings of scripture.


  2. Guys, I think you’re reading the article wrong. This article isn’t saying that Emerging church causes someone to become gay. I think it’s just worded in such a way that perhaps that’s the way you’re taking it.

    This article is failing to articulate that there are two separate problems: 1. Michael, who was raised in a strong, Christian family, got into internet porn and homosexuality and 2. Their evangelical church turned Emergent, which sadly supports his homosexual lifestyle; these two problems combined have turned into a 3rd problem which is: Today, Michael has left his loving devoted parents and gone deep into the homosexual lifestyle.

    Gays and lesbians tend to think that Christians who look down on them are nothing but hypocrites. That we think we’re better than them. Sin is sin, guys. Lying, stealing, murder, homosexuality, idolatry — you name it. It’s all sin. Each one of us needs God’s forgiveness or we fail to pass the test.

    Emergent church has managed to put the message out there that “sin” is an old message and carrying ones cross is a thing of the past. I pity these teachers when the final judgement comes. It would be better if they’d never been born.


    • I was only making the connection between Michael and that the emergent leaders support homosexuality. I’m not implying it was the cause of HIS decision in that area, but who’s to say there isn’t some spiritual connection happening between the two. Their doctrine is certainly dangerous enough!

      It certainly is not a judgement, just an observation. I’m suprised you would say that annunk. This is a request for prayer, not a moment of judgment. On a side not, many homosexuals don’t want to hear the truth and peg us hypocritical. It’s the same as when the fallacies of charismania is exposed and we are called pharisees and other names. It takes the focus off the real problem – the need of the Savior.


  3. UPDATE from LT – We want to thank all those who have been praying for the missionary couple, Daniel and Janette. Janette and her sixteen month old son were both diagnosed with Scarlet Fever, and it was feared that Janette had contracted Rheumatic Fever in Guatemala. She has since returned home to the US where she is receiving tests and medical evaluation. Thus far, it has been determined by her US doctors that she does not have Rheumatic Fever and that the Scarlet Fever in her and her son is subsiding. Thank you again for your prayers.


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