Blood, Gore and Horror Evangelism

Or how about a little poltergeist fun…            Boo!

Think you’ve seen it all? Now, maybe we all have!

I guess they call it “entertainment evangelism”. I call it “stuuuuupiiid”. This website (linked below)  is set up as advertising  for a house of horrors held at various locations during the fall of the year to…ahem…preach the good news.  Yes, coinciding with Halloween, which according to them, they don’t believe in. (I don’t know why they think they don’t after seeing all that….) Their not so happy house of horrors opens at dusk for tours offered at a nominal fee. Yes, hot dogs are sold on site for those who like a little feed with the blood spill.

I thought the gospel was to be preached with power from the Holy Spirit to sinners who are in need of a Savior. I thought it was to be done in a spirit of truth and love. This little scheme comes in a spirit of fear and intimidation, with plenty of chilling sights and sounds, some a little too much for me.

The push – What Happens After We Die -an avenue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.I don’t know if the “rooms” on this site represent murder scenes leading up to the person’s death and subsequent judgment or if this is some creepy walk down some imagined place between life and eternity. If you think hatchet jobs and poltergeist activity is the way to go in convincing people of their need of a Savior then have at it. I don’t  –  – and wouldn’t want to answer for that one upon my death! And neither will anyone else, let’s get real here.

hmm……..evangelism???   This looks more like a “Nightmare on Elm Street” meets “The Grudge”!

This way to ……

S c a r e m a r e

A warning – The images and sounds are creepy and just as effective as anything Hollywood can cook up. (I know this won’t bother some of you, but for others, I want to put that out there.) I had the added fun of being stuck in a couple of the rooms when the site locked up, not on one occasion, but on two.  The page wouldn’t move but those scary sounds kept oooonnn a playin’.  Ha.  Wonder if it was a coincidence or part of the attraction..It really did scare me, but not into repentance, just to find a way OUTTA THERE!

Why have church? Let’s just invite people over for horror movies and nachos instead!!!

“Hey, think the movie’s scary dude, wait till ya die! Repent now!” ya know??

sick….do these people honestly believe there is glory for the Lord in this yuck?

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Blood, Gore and Horror Evangelism

  1. My computer crashed on the site. No surprise as the spirit behind it was one of fear. And not the fear of God, I may say. They say it is “effective.” Well, golly gee, then it must be “ok.” This is just more of the emerging “church” in lowering standards in order to gain a few “converts.” Personally, I don’t like this sort of thing. It seems to me Jesus would have us think more pleasant thoughts than a bed full of blood and among the other things on the site! What is the TRUE purpose behind this???? They say it is to “win the loss.” I have my doubts.


    • I agree with you. I just realized Liberty University who supports this horror show is where the Awakening 2010 is being held over the next two days. It is a gathering of the NAR, false prophets and apostles under the guise of saving America and repentance. What a crock anyway, but to see this connection – WOW!


  2. I live near Liberty and I was searching the internet for someone who was willing to call scaremare what it is, a circus of fear. God has not given us a spirit of fear so it must come from the opposing side. Why foster things that come from the enemy. I have been wrestling with this for a while and it was so refreshing to find someone who is willing to speak truth.


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