America and Christianity, a Parallel Slide Into Secret Places

This morning I’m considering the upcoming National Day of Prayer-what is slowly becoming America as Christianity slowly becomes something else. They seem to both be in parallel  state of change as neither has the appearance of what it once was or should still be.

America, heralded for so long as a country planted on Christian principles, established for the purpose of not only “religious” freedom, but one in which its people could freely worship God in the name of Jesus Christ. One in which its people would be free from religious prosecution, free to live the words of the bible, free to pray, free to worship in spirit and in truth. Without getting too far off here, I have to say I believe that to a degree as history proves that a group came from England for this very reason. But I also believe there were other groups establishing this country, who used the guise of Christianity, or at least the name of “God” and had a completely different plan,  one not of freedom, but of secrets. America having Christian roots is only partly true, but that is another topic for another time.

The National Day of Prayer was created by Congress in 1952. Since that time each of our presidents have honored and acknowledged that day as one for prayer.  This should be a good thing, right? All Christians coming together in various locations or in spirit to pray against the moral decay of our country and to pray for it’s leaders. It sounds like a good thing. Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way what seems to be Christian prayer isn’t necessarily.

With all that we have seen, and attributed to the great falling away, or the great apostasy, we know Christianity is under siege. I don’t know how else to say it. With the continued rising of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), the influence of Bethel (Bill Johnson), Morningstar (Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley), the International House of Prayer (Mike Bickle), The Call (Lou Engle),  and the influences of the Emergent Church (Brian McLaren, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Rob Bell, etc.), Saddleback (Rick Warren), the Word of Faith, Charismanina, Christianity as taught in the word of God is not up to par in this land. We have also seen, as I have warned about, many modes of “prayer” that we have been exposed to and taught are not modes of biblical prayer.

How  many of us have watched in horror as we have realized our churches are part of these supporters and even participants and teachers of false doctrines and methods? How many of us who once believed we knew the truth came to realize how far off  we really were? How many of us have watched our churches which at one time did not support these ways become taken in by them? I know there have been many. I’ve had quite a few commentors here say just that very thing. If you are one of them, know that my heart went out to you at that news and I have prayed for you and your church. I don’t take my readers lightly or for granted. You are dear to me as I know many of you are searching for the truth in the information I put up on my blog, as I once was too!

Some would say I am too focused on the negative. And to that I would say look at where we are at now. Look at the shipwreck of our faith, the very thing we were given to uphold and protect. Where is Christianity? It is being morphed into something else. So, while I am found to “find fault in everything”, I say where is the truth? If the Apostle Paul was to walk into any of these meeting places and hear the heresy, I dare to say some tables would overturn, in fact, if there would ever be a spiritual cause for an earthquake there it would be.  This is why I will not stand side by side with these false apostles and prophets under a guise of Christian prayer. And this is what we are seeing today in the upcoming National Day of Prayer.

Here is the link to their “ministry partners“.  Who are they? The International House of Prayer!!! The Call!!!  How about a little feel good wisdom from the wife of Normal Vincent Peale, Ruth Stafford Peale? I’m just wondering – where’s the yoga? Think that’s an outrageous question? It’s not far off, in light of the truth behind contemplative prayer’s roots in eastern mysticism found at IHOP, and the Emergent Church, taught innocently on the “Be Still” DVD.

We’ve already seen as I’ve written about the truth in the upcoming MayDay 2010 in which James Dobson joined forces with the NAR. So, am I surprised the National Day of Prayer has gone as far south? No. We’ve seen the push from Lou Engle and Dutch Sheets in the upcoming “Wilderness Outcry”, and Cindy Jacobs’ “Awakening”.

Listen, no one needs to grant us a day to pray. We pray because Jesus told us to pray, and He taught us how. Prayer should never be handled so lightly or so carelessly that is it a one day event, or as we have been seeing, a show. What is one day out of 365 anyway? What does that accomplish if the very next day all those who participated drift back into spiritual semi-consciousness without another thought of prayer?

If we are truly going to turn this nation, if that can even be done, or if it is the will of our Lord, we must change it through the hearts of it’s citizen’s through individual repentance. And that must start with Christians taking a stand against these who have come to steal away the true Faith!  America is indeed in meltdown, and Christianity along with it. And after all of these “days of prayer” I see just the opposite of what they’ve proposed. I see a steadfast decline in the leadership of our country and in the leadership of our churches and certainly a moral decline in both.

I see America drifting further and further away from its so called Christian roots and its established freedoms, and Christianity away from biblical truth. I have to wonder if the two don’t go hand in hand. As I mentioned in the beginning, some organizations and agendas in America were established long ago in secret. The same is to be said of the so called Christian organizations I spoke of here. They come in the name of the Lord, but after that are secrets. And, it is in what is not being said, or that which is not recognized as false that is the most dangerous.

So to steal their National Day of Prayer tag line, “For such a time as this”, let me say yes, for such a time has come to take a stand for all that is true, for Christ and our faith. It is time to expose these liars for what they are and to demand our churches and faith remains pure. For if Americans can see the erosion of their rights and freedoms, surely true Christians can see the same in regard to their faith. America is slipping away, as is Christianity, right before our very eyes. The truth for America is written in the pages of our constitution, just as the truth of Christianity is written in the pages of our bibles! Have we bothered to read or understand either of them? Or have we been taken in by lies forged in dark places?

I say “Father, Your will be done in this land, for You are sovereign”. I will pray on this day as I do on others. It will be a struggle, a discipline as it always is. However, I will not stand and approach my Father with these liars. I will stand against them in His courts for such a time as this, and if one day I perish, then so be it the will of my Father. Because I would much rather die with His words on my lips and His truth in my heart, than to be seen in “unity” with a well disguised wolf.

24 thoughts on “America and Christianity, a Parallel Slide Into Secret Places

  1. Mkayla – I sit here in tears at the truth you have spoken and the stand you are willing to take. I applaud you and stand with you “for such a time as this”. Nothing more needs to be said. You said it truthfully and beautifully.


  2. Oh how you were able to convey what was in my heart concerning this! I know you don’t like this repeating thing, but it deserves to be said more than once. May all take heed to your words: “Because I would much rather die with His words on my lips and His truth in my heart, than to be seen in “unity” with a well disguised wolf.” What blessed truth! May God continue to seperate His people from those who cry, “peace, peace” when there is no peace.


  3. Mkayla
    Thanks for posting this article.This is just another reminder of how corrupt the body of Christ has become.For what its worth , imo , you are not being negative, but simply alerting those here who want to honour and serve God in a way that glorifies Him, that all around us , there is deception and perversion.
    Last night we met with friends ,and all was well until one of them mentioned that they felt their theology was being challenged by a book they were reading , and as it turns out , they have discovered the ” emergent gospel”.And this from a couple who I had previously thought of as solid in their faith.


    • Thanks Ray.
      I’m sorry about your friends. Maybe you can point them to the errors in the book…? This emergent thing is creeping in every crack it can.


  4. Mkayla,

    Besides all of what you said above, the National Day of Prayer was instituted as a day for ALL faiths to come together and pray. What are we doing as Christians joining with those of all faiths that don’t even recognize the Christian God–and Jesus? If I have my facts straight, it has been a call to an “unequal yoking” from the beginning.


    • Absolutely! We are not to join with other faiths. Where is the difference between religous unity and one world religion? There isn’t one, and it’s all coming down to that very thing – a religion without Christ.


  5. Hi M’Kayla, An interesting piece. Was just thinking about how you noted that America has declined simultaneously with the decline of the purity of Christianity. As you say, America was from the start a nation built loosely on protestant Christian values. Germany, the home of the reformation and protestantism, eventually gave birth to the most hideous evil ever committed under the sun, the Holocaust. It goes to show that just bcos a nation is “christianized”, it doesn’t mean that it’s not capable of manifesting evil, and therefore showing that the Christianization is mostly a veneer. Looking at these facts, Revelation 17 becomes clearer.


    • Hi Ian.
      The claim that America is a Christian nation is one that has been bothering me for a while now. Christian America gets so up in arms over the little things like “In God We Trust” staying printed on our; “One Nation Under God” in the pledge, (to these I ask “what god?”) and being told “Merry Christmas” when we shop – silly things like this. But when it comes to the most important part, repentance and purity of the word of God, not many care all that much.

      You made a good point too. I’m going to look at that chapter later today.

      Blessings. 🙂


  6. MKayla that was excellent I have read a lot on this subject and as previously above person said, you left nothing out. I have read about Beth Moore on DVD Be Still the only thing that concerns me is if they start thinking in this direction what will be next. There is so many women who feel that she is the Greatest teacher like my sister is for one. But, when I came across “Be Still” I really didn’t know what to make of Beth I’m not saying she is going off the road in all her teachings, I don’t follow Beth Moore teachings but, did come across this and it did concern me. I also did one study on Daniel(Beth Moore)study due to my sister. But, I do have a DVD on Daniel done by Jacob Prasch and prefer his teaching by far.


    • Moore is kindgom now, believing there will be an end time harvest. If you take a closer look at her teachings, not all of them, but some, she takes the scriptures out of context. She is into personalizing them, rather than teaching what they really mean. And in personalizing, she gets the attention of women in the areas of low self esteem, abuse, etc. It becomes about who they are and what they can “get” from God, rather than who God is and what we need to do for Him.

      Even if she is not contemplative/emergent, why does she appear with those on the dvd who clearly are? And that quote of hers (from the other article)
      Beth Moore – “God’s word is so clear that if we are not still before Him we will never truly know to the depths and marrow of our bones that He is God. There’s got to be a stillness, we’ve got to have time to sit before Him and know that He is…… If we aren’t careful we are going to lose the art of meditation” –
      wrong, wrong! We would be much better off to rely on the teachers within our own churches than to continue to go out of house for them. There’s a lot of revealing going on, and with the internet, it’s easy to find the truth about them if we would research. But, it is much simplier to stay within our own “houses”.


  7. Hi M’Kayla – This is a DVD I ordered off Moriel Ministries – The Iron & The Clay – it cost me $10. plus $13. for shipping Ha. but I didn’t care as I really wanted it and it was well worth it. Before I go I’d like to say thanks for clearing up about Beth Moore cause she is so popular and it really makes me neverous about some of this stuff. So much is being filtered into the churches and I find people in the church really don’t like to talk much about it and I’m really lost as to why. But you put my mind at ease. Meditation didn’t sit well with me. Thanks again.


  8. Re: “Beth Moore – “God’s word is so clear that if we are not still before Him we will never truly know to the depths and marrow of our bones that He is God. There’s got to be a stillness, we’ve got to have time to sit before Him and know that He is…… If we aren’t careful we are going to lose the art of meditation”
    Foremost, we would want to take the time to sit before Him BCOS HE IS WORTHY! Bcos we love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. There’s a difference.

    So, the profound truth of waiting on God has been tainted by self, and turned into a form of idolatry, these days.


  9. Crying is the Best Sound
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 1/17/09

    Crying is the best sound,
    That heaven can hear,
    Crying from shocked Christians,
    That maturity is near.

    No more baby gospel,
    Or commotion,
    No more idiotic,
    Moronic devotion.

    Cry babies, cry,
    Get it all out,
    Cry until empty,
    Of crying about.

    No more boasting,
    No more snobbery,

    God loves His infants,
    Even their cry,
    But grow up, old ones,
    Or you will die.

    Nothing is as sad or bad,
    Than an infant man,
    So grow up, old Christians,
    As fast as you can.

    So cry out, old babies,
    Even at eighty,
    Time comes, Christ body,
    To be weighty.

    Be still and know God,
    Wants in you at last,
    Expunged of puerility,
    He’ll live in you fast.

    In fact, Christ comes quickly,
    Believe it or not,
    Not in rapture or end times,
    But fast as a shot.

    But pride makes unbelief,
    Pride can’t honor indwelt others,
    Prepare, old babies, for,
    Rejection by baby brothers!


  10. The fastest way to stop Dutch Sheets and the rest of the New Order of the Latter Rain “Apostles and Prophets” is to cut them off financially.

    Don’t give them a nickel!


  11. Right. Let’s consider the plot of the movie “Independence Day.” It takes forever and a day for the people to realize the 15-mile-wide Destroyer Flying Saucers from Hell… are up to no good.

    Now, it seems equally hard for the populace to figure out how screwed up broadcast Christianity really, truly is. But eventually, the tipping point will be reached and people will ask: What to do?

    And in the “Independence Day” movie, the solution was to put a virus in the mother ship, that gave opportunity against their autonomous shielding devices.

    With broadcast Christianity, the answer is to let them run out of money. How would we instill a virus? Offer to give to them, as they give to us…. which ever-the-false promise. Payback for them…. would be wonderful, indeed. Promise the sky! Deliver zilch! Their own promises RIGHT BACK AT ‘EM! It would hasten the Day of Judgment (Using terms from another movie “Terminator”. Down with false-utopian Sky Net!


    • True, and it appears some of these false prophecies are being found just as that – a promise with no delivery; empty words which God has not spoken.


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