No Crying Out at Wilderness Outcry

I’ve just received word that the “Wilderness Outcry” hosted by Dutch Sheets has been canceled, claiming lack of funding. I have been writing about/against this since I first heard about it. See articles under “Dutch Sheets” for more info.

Praise God!

Here is the link to the article written by a local paper in Missouri which was sent to me by Against the Outcry, a local blogger group who took a great stand against it.   Read on: Lack of Funding…

20 thoughts on “No Crying Out at Wilderness Outcry

  1. Jesus never had to cancel an event for lack of money, and He didn’t need any money to have an event. We would do well to do as He did.

    If anyone really wanted to pray together they could arrange to meet nearly anywhere at no cost.


    • This was Dutch’s secret project that he wouldn’t let out of the bag until the time was right because he was afraid someone would “steal” it. Crazy. I feel bad for the land owner who put out all that money to have changes made per the city for this event that will never take place. Some of life’s lessons are hard. I hope he takes another look at who he’s following. Then of course are the unbelievers – what they must think!


      • That land owner was a big concern to those involved in the blog “Against the Outcry”. They were afraid it would end badly for him. I e-mailed back and forth with ATO since he was interested in using some of my articles. They were genuinely concerned for him and for their city.


  2. A Sad But Good Day for Christianity
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 1/16/09

    It’s indeed a sad day for Christianity,
    Yet a good day profound,
    Greed, fear and emotional preaching is bereft,
    Yet indwelling remains sound.

    In greed we trusted,
    With high prosperity,
    In fear we busted,
    With rapture insanity.

    In emotion we caught up,
    Ourselves in giddiness,
    Through intellect or feelings,
    Granfalloon silliness.

    We have tried anything and everything,
    By way of escape,
    But escapism is nowhere found on,
    God’s indwelt landscape.

    You need eyes to see, ears to hear,
    Spiritually, of course,
    To see God can’t live in or with,
    Doctrines evil of source.

    Doctrines of the Devil engender,
    Fear, greed or emotion,
    It’s Satan’s magical elixir,
    His religious potion.

    Our enemy’s potion designed to,
    Wreck Christianity,
    The answer, though, is simple,
    Return, humanity!

    Return to God and He will,
    Return into you,
    Invisibly, soundly He’ll,
    Live inside to do.

    To do and to be in,
    Is the same,
    When you and God’s nature,
    Are one name.


    • I know. I guess they are still waiting for it to “manifest”. Personally, I think it did in our recent economic collapse. It has been very odd all that prophecying, then the bottom falls out and so many people lost everything, homes, cars, retirement, jobs… I can’t prove it, but the thought is there just the same.


      • Along those lines; the Kansas City schools were in the news not long ago. Something about the school district being bankrupt. I had to wonder if there were some IHOP/KC prophecies unfulfilled. I don’t know of any particular ones, but just knowing how the dominion/prophetic stuff goes, there’s usually lots of glowing, victorious city prophesies coming out of those places.


  3. Here’s the notice of the cancellation from Dutch Sheets. I’m thinking this may be a good time to approach him with the truth….

    Official Update

    Dear Friend of DSM and Wilderness Outcry,

    We are very sorry to announce that due to a lack of funds, the large 5-day gathering called Wilderness Outcry will no longer take place this upcoming summer. We believe this vision is of the Lord, and certainly no one can deny the desperate need of our nation for prayer, but the reality is that provision for the high cost of doing an event like this – most of which must be paid in advance – has simply not materialized.

    This was never intended to be a money-making event. Without charging a registration fee for attending, we knew our costs would be several hundred thousand dollars. We were confident we could raise this money. We were wrong. The line between true faith and presumption can be very fine sometimes, and our ability to truly discern God’s will can be difficult. Obviously, we fell short in both areas.

    We are saddened and grieved with this development and repent for any presumption on our part. We sincerely ask your forgiveness for any inconvenience this has caused you.

    For those of you who have registered and paid for a campsite, we will issue you a full refund. For those of you who have donated to Wilderness Outcry, you will be receiving a personal email from my office.

    To contact my office with any questions, email:

    For awakening,
    Dutch Sheets


  4. mkayla,

    Might be good to remind them that they have not only been presumptous but they have seemingly believed a lie from their prophets. I am considering sending them an e-mail to that effect. Haven’t had time to ask for wisdom about it yet though.


    • Hi.
      Praying about this is on my list too. (I got hit with a few things all at once.) I do want to have a say as I think it’s the right thing to do. I know some believe these leaders are too far gone, but there is always the possibility they are not. I don’t want to write them off and then one day find out it was the wrong choice. I was reading over at Junker Jorge who was a WOF trained under Kenneth Hagin. After preaching that heresy for years, one day he found the truth and began teaching it!! So, it just goes to show those deeply involved, pastors, evangelists – even the high and mighty NAR can be reached. Besides, I got a soft place for Dutch. He reminds me of someone dear, and he was one I liked quite a bit. I dunno. Maybe it’s girly emotion and all nonsense, but this is why we seek the guidance of the Lord, huh?


  5. Dutch Sheets and the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR)

    Dutch Sheets and the rest of the NOLR “Apostolic Authority” still don’t “get it”. For 1000’s of years people let Astrology and astrological events determine their lives. This is called “Astral Determinism” and was based upon the the existence of 7 planets. After Galileo’s invention of the telescope, it was discovered that there are millions of planets and therefore, astrology was defeated after people faced the facts.

    Apostles, Prophets, and Reincarnation

    The central declaration of the post WWII NOLR that was started by a small group of Canadian men in North Battleford, Saskatchewan is that “God is restoring the office of Apostles and Prophets” and that these new restored apostles and prophets (including Dutch Sheets) are supposed to lead the church into victory in the 21st century in exchange for unquestioned obedience and complete submission to their discipleship/shepherding scheme. My research and investigation into this very deadly mind-control occult movement which includes many televangelists, proved that this central declaration correlates to the very same claim made by Joseph Smith and his freemasonic Mormon hybrid religious scheme of the restoration of the office of apostles and prophets. Both Joseph Smith and the founders of the NOLR took these ideas from teachings relating to reincarnation out of the Lurian Kabbalah. Both occult movements, the Mormons and the NOLR are really Christian Kabbalah cults.

    The best thing Dutch Sheets could do is completely disband, sell the assets, give the money back to those who sold everything under the pretext that Sheets and the rest of the NOLR leaders were a legitimate expression of Christianity, and then never enter ministry again. They can never be trusted to handle the gospel again. Literally $trillions have been stolen from duped Christians of the last 50-years. These parasites must be pulled off the Body of Christ ASAP. America cannot wait any longer.


    • HI.

      That’s very interesting information. If NOLR originated in Saskatchewan, was by it someone other than C Peter Wagner and his NAR? I’m curious as to how he fits into that, even tho his name seems to be at the bottom of many of these movements and organizations (no longer do I call them ministries). I too am finding this entire movement very dangerous as it is coming under the guise of salvation for America. The well-intentioned, less-informed hear that and jump right in along with them and their groups grow in number.


  6. The Outcry is not canceled, only Dutch Sheets and his group canceled. Visit the new website The prayer gathering is still scheduled for June 14-18 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The Daily American Republic local paper and area TV KFVS 12 news and the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce have information about the prayer gathering and contact numbers.


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