the evil in dark places

Just a little thought I had a few minutes ago. I was sending an e-mail to help a reader who asked for my advice. In referring to the false teachings going on these days I had this thought. It’s a little strange, but true. And since we’re dealing with some pretty strange teachings and manifestations, well…why not?

Did any of you ever watch those old black and white vampire movies? (I used to be horror crazy.) Remember, there was always some creepy guy watching out for the vampire, keeping him safe from the outside world – hidden away in the darkness. He was always quick to protect and maybe even give his own life for the vampire. He had nothing of his own and was sometimes portrayed as trance -like, as though under the influence of some unseen force.

It isn’t my intention to be cruel, but think about those who follow and protect the false teachers and prophets. They are very quick to lay down their all for the sake of the teacher, the vampire. Some are so entrenched they no longer see the truth, and have long forgotten what life was like when they lived purely for Jesus Christ. Just like the creepy movie character, they protect the evil hidden in the dark places.

8 thoughts on “the evil in dark places

  1. The mystery of deception.

    It is not very strange when unbelievers are blinded. After all: ” the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not …”. 2 Cor. 4:4.

    But it is much more strange when those who profess Christ are blinded.

    And, M’Kayla, lest you think it only the charismatic side which has become dangerously goofy, I come from the non-charismatic side (Baptist type) and it has gotten just as bad over there.


    • Hi Jim.
      I was a Baptist once, loooong ago. 🙂 I’ve been reading about them going off into the Emergent Church, embracing the teachings of Dallas Willard and Richard Foster. I know of one near us who was using Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy for a bible study.


  2. My answer to all this “evil in dark places” and slow awakening to it, and blindness-to-next-step:

    Remember in the Old Testament there were 400 deceived prophets to the ratio of one true. Okay?

    What do most all the prophets do today? Well, they agree with each other! And kiss preachers!

    What do most all the prophets agree about? Well, they agree that there are no doctrinal problems worth mentioning in popular broadcast church. And they are afraid to rebuke their wrong pastors! Any wrong pastor! (And our pastors are weak because of this!)

    So, prophets don’t remand rapture and end-times dispensational insanity. Neither are they strong against prosperity dogma. So, they don’t critique the smuck, the escapism, the slouch, the crazy demagoguery of common, despicable doctrines of FEAR and GREED.

    Now, since prophets are wrong about tomorrow, they are wrong about today. Selah.

    If the false prophets believe the next thing God will do is either rapture believers (in the rapture!) or enrapture-with-prosperity (believers-in-enrapture-with-prosperity), then they are wrong and blind on both counts. BOTH COUNTS! So these prophets see nothing. Like Colonel Kink they “SEE NOTHING!”

    Got it? Okay, then what IS next?

    What IS next is the great I AM doing what He likes to do…. which is to manifest in every man, woman and child possible.

    How is it possible, that Jesus might manifest Himself in word and deed in humans?

    Answer: Humans who worship God in spirit and truth…. have a better chance at high indwelling! Those humble enough to be true in spirit souls, they might get God!

    Then what? How do we see?

    Blessed are the pure in heart (who worship God in spirit and truth), for they shall see God! (See in each other human that manifests our Lord!)

    BUT… there is a humility test: Can you honor another for God bearing?

    Usually, the answer is: NO! No, we can’t honor another for God-bearing, because we haven’t been taught how to be humble.

    What must we do? Believe! When Christ returns, will he find faith? (right now, not much!) When Christ comes and speaks and acts through another blessed saint (or surprised sinner!), can we stop and see the Great I AM, and say to the person, “I salute the God in you!”

    Proud preachers, proud prophets, proud anybodies… who in sum: are nobodies God can inhabit….. Such folk cannot see that God, indeed and in fact, BEHOLD!…. Comes quickly!

    Even so, Lord Jesus, come!


    HOWEVER, the great sleeping body of Christ… is incurious…. and doesn’t believe a solution…. and wants to keep beating the dead-horses of what has been proved to be unworkably dead…. and has neither the teaching nor the ability to be taught…. to believe… anything as true…. as the You Testament which is in that day truth that….. by your own dead to self and your own blood-in-the-spirit sacrifice of hubris…. and become a living testament of God come now on earth!


    Ignore and dismiss this… if you are too lazy to plow through the poem pages of But I hope you don’t, because I truly believe it is a cogent body of work that explains much about our heretofore insuperable situation. !!!

    Why these comments? Because the blogosphere of awakening critique against the dumb shenanigans of popular broadcast church… these critics appear to be in an endless loop of no-faith-solutions-but-low-level-sight-against-the-wrong. They don’t believe a way up and out exists.

    A way up and out does exist. Humility and faith. That’s what it takes, friend.

    Humble pie and orthodox soap. (Search Book Three for my poem with the words “Humble Pie,” and you’ll see the clue to future revivals.


    • Thanks Robert.
      We do believe a way out exists – Jesus Christ and the truth of His gospel preached, the real word of God and the revelation of the Holy Spirit.
      Good comment! 🙂


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  4. well m’kayla, I was reading your comment to Jim when I got down to “Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy” I have never heard of it so I looked it up to find what it was all about. But I remembered seeing the name Richard Foster somewhere. So I went onto Lighthouse Blog and that is where I found it. It says – this is a new book which lighthouse was concerned about it is called “Putting away Childish Things By Marcus J Borg. then it goes on – that numerous emerging church leaders have at various times shown admiration of Borg and his writings (these include Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Calvin Miller, Walter Bruggemann)(help write Richard Foster’s Bible) and at least on one occasion Leonard Sweet – I find it so interesting all these connections that they have and we the average guy would never know about the connections if it wasn’t for people like yourself and other sites that help put us on the alert to watch out for. Thanks again for your site. P.S. Did Richard Foster make his own bible or what???


    • Hi.
      Beleive it or not, these authors’ books were on the shelves of a bookstore I managed at the church I used to attend – Big on Foster, Willard, Henri Nouwen and some others. I had NO idea what they truly represented until just before I left! Ugh! Talk about BLIND! But, you know we trust our pastors and those who are put over us to care for our souls! That’s the way it should be, but sadly not so much anymore.

      As to your question, I do believe Foster wrote his own bible found on Renovare, his site. Not far from Eugene Peterson and his bible called The Message, huh?


  5. You know I think the library at the church should be monitored better. Cause I to was going to a church and saw a book there and didn’t feel it was a good book to be there(Rick Warren). Trouble is a lot of people in the churches don’t have a clue what is going on not interested and don’t want to talk about it. You know before I learned about the computer about 2 or 3 years ago I knew next to nothing as to what was going on o.k. When I started I could not believe what was going on. I would call my sister in Markham and tell her what I came across she couldn’t beleive it. And so this when on for a while. I drove my sister in Peterbough crazy and she would not get into this stuff with me. I had mention something one day in Tim Horton’s and my brother-in-law said oh, lets not talk about that, too depressing. So from that I pick-up. But, you know it makes me mad about Christians attitude towards this stuff I felt cheated. I don’t know if they don’t have any concern about this stuff but, if I know something and it can save somebody from going down the wrong path I as a Christian feel it is my responsiblity to let people know what’s going on. Well, I’ll cut this short didn’t mean to make it so long as I don’t want to bore your readers but I could go on and on about this subject. But, I will say it is very hard to keep up to all this that is why you have to keep at it all the time. So long for now.


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