a bit more info and history on the dreaded nar

Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries has brought together some very good points regarding the NAR and Rick Warren, aided by Sandy Simpson at Deception Ministries. Here is a bit, but be sure to go to Apprising and read Ken’s article and the links to make sure you get all the necessary info. Especially read the link entitled “heresy is not a mistake, it is a sin”. It blows the cover off those who would say false teachers are “off” or a little wrong, or we all make mistakes, blah, blah. I doubt our Lord sees it that way!

Latter Rain heresy is likened to pioneers making “mistakes”.  Latter Rain heretics were only pioneers in the sense of pioneering age old heresies in the 20th century.  Heresy is not a mistake, it is a sin, and one we are to reject … Wagner claims God began speaking these Latter Rain things again.  Does God speak heresy?

What was the reason these things were not taught in the Congregational Church and other places, though they had been taught at Fuller back in the 1970s on forward?  Because the Church generally recognized the tenets of the Latter Rain to be heresy!  The stark reality is that C. Peter Wagner knew about the Latter Rain at least as long ago as 1989 when Paul Cain came out to visit John Wimber, C. Peter Wagner’s employee at Fuller. (Online source)

5 thoughts on “a bit more info and history on the dreaded nar

    • Hey, maybe I’ve already asked you this question. If so, here it is again as I have forgotten the answer. Would you consider the Hagins to be part of the NAR? I know they were under a different “stream” – OH I HATE THAT – but did they get into the apostolic fathers and the prophetic in the same way as Peter Wagner and those we hear of today?


  1. The Hagins, as well as Charles and Francis Hunter were all out of Word of Faith. YES – NAR – all of them.

    The Hagins were very, very close with Oral Roberts – also Word of Faith. Also NAR though the NAR was a much lower keyed element of their teachings – but yes, it was there.


    • HI.

      Yes! I knew the influence of the WOF was there. I took quite a few Rhema correspondence courses several years ago while I was attending a Rhema church. The Hagins, Roberts, Copelands were all highly esteemed in my home when I was a teenager. As was Kathryn Kuhlman. We just didn’t know then either. I watched KK on tv one night and thought she was a witch. Then I felt incredibly guilty for thinking such a thing! AH!

      I was wondering if the “apostle/prophet” emphasis that we see under C Peter Wagner-Chuck Pierce was also a belief of the Hagins. I might go dig thru my books.
      There was also the involvement in the crazed charismania, slain in the spirit, laughter, all of that nonsense going on in their meetings.

      Charles and Frances Hunter, Joan Hunter were influential in the IAHR (healing rooms) under Cal Pierce. What a small web – oops – world it is~


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