A Word on Elitism

Anyone who has done reading on my blog knows that I warn against spiritual elitism. I have put up several articles regarding Mother Teresa following this post. I did not do it to trash an old woman. I did it because I believe that NONE of us are above reproach in any sense of the phrase. MT has been held in very high regard for a long period of time. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She has an impeccable reputation except by those who knew her best. The point I am making in presenting the articles that follow is to remind us again not to esteem any one person so highly. Many things she believed in and taught are not truly biblical. So we need to be careful of the pedestal we put people on.

Christianity is trashed because of our inability to remain focused on who’s who. No one died for us but Jesus Christ. He is the only one who is high and lifted up. He is the only way to God, not through works, but salvation alone. I truly hope this woman repented and is now with Jesus.

3 thoughts on “A Word on Elitism

  1. I agree with you that spiritual elitism is wrong. I want to bring a slightly different slant to it. I do observe elements of spiritual elitism in both the online “discernment” community and the independent fellowships. Believing that you are right and others are definitely wrong is elitism. A church that considers its doctrines to be true whereas everyone else is wrong is actually a cult.

    [I’m not denying or condoning the widespread deception found in some branches of the contemporary church. I find this deeply offensive. I have spoken out publicly against the prosperity gospel and false revivals, for example. But when it comes to matters where christians disagree and the Bible can be read in different ways, we need the humility to accept that other people may not share our convictions and yet still be orthodox christians.]


    • Hi Tony.

      I do agree that there are areas in the bible that are difficult and create division. I believe those areas to be of less importance and to disagree is allowable – for instance, the rapture of the church. There are organizations and beliefs that are completely out of context in the teaching. That is what I expose here. Most everything I speak against comes out of a place of my own personal involvement having seen first hand the “falling away” and the ability to prove them wrong simply through comparing with scriptures.

      Roman Catholicism does not fit that area in personal involvment. The only reason I am doing some posting in that direction is because there is a connection between them and the Emergent Church and because of the distinct similarities in RC and Charismania, esp the mystics. I do believe there is a great possiblity of a “coming together” and I felt the teaching “Another Jesus” by Roger Oakland to be very helpful in that area.

      I agree we need to be careful that we don’t fall into pride. I don’t think I know it all, either and welcome biblical input from the readers. I have found a place of learning on my blog, for myself and others. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to reveal truth, and the glory is God’s when it comes. None of us are far from a fall. Been there, done that.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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