Hi Guys!!

I thought I would at least pop in to say something especially since I have been receiving so many very nice e-mails. 🙂

My surgery went well and I have been released to do “whatever I feel like”. Hmmm…

I do have to say my brain is mushy from doing next to nothing. We always seem to think we will do all this research during recovery time but it doesn’t work out that way at all. At least for me. But when you are on pain meds, how can the brain function normally? I don’t think it can and I think there is a reason for that – to rest and heal. So that is what I have done…can we spell  – B O R E D O M – So I am refocusing my mind to think and reason, which it does not want to do. It’s too much like W O R K.

Kidding aside, thanks for your prayers and kind words. I much appreciate them. I have found the words of God that I have “hidden in my heart” sustained me through this time. It was a very powerful lesson and one simple to catch on to. Something to take with us if they ever take our bibles. Be at rest. God is most powerful and His word does not fail, but will accomplish that for which it was sent.



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