How to build an empire by Godtv

Wanna know how to raise millions of dollars?  In this case, 4.9 M…

How to build and empire by Godtv

Watch this shocking video at the link to see how it’s done. A little false  prophecy mixed in with some false promises – you know, the BLESSING – combined with a false prophet misapplying scripture, speaking in unknown and unterrpreted tongues, one who claims the Holy Spirit will offend the flesh so that He can pray. (Where’s that in the word, Wendy? Cuz that’s not what Jesus said!)

Just for good measure lets get some well known false prophets and teachers in there – Benny Hinn, Dutch Sheets, Brian Houston, Lou Engle, Chuck Missler (that one broke my heart!) and a few others. Is that Steve Munsey?? I’m shocked Todd Bentley wasn’t a part of this as important as he is to them and their profits.

It is so very sad that so many have found these methods to work. Just tack the name of God to the scam, or claim “God said…” and people fall all over themselves to send in the money. I’ve read stories, testimonies of those who did so to their own detrement. Though the false faith healers claim it, the healing does not come. These word of faither claims a blessing or a breakthrough  if you give enough, give generously, give your best gift sacrificially and that blessing never arrives. Faith is destroyed because it is built on LIES like the house built on sand.  Our Father God is not a part of Godtv.

Anyone ever watch that Steve Martin/Debra Winger movie Leap of Faith?

11 thoughts on “How to build an empire by Godtv

  1. Hey, can you put the actual link up? My browser has been broken for months and i have to copy and paste in order to go from one place to another.


  2. If GodTV ever, ever, ever shut down… the various young people the many, different parts of the globe would be without direction from Mike Bickle… After all…Mike Bickle depends upon GodTV to get the proverbial word out about his IHOP goings-on…I mean comon’! Don’t you know he is able to prophecy thru the TV camera?….enter Lou Engle.

    Today is 9-11 and we thought Osama Bin Laden was the bad guy.. He’s got nothing on some of these guys. At least he comes right out and tells you who he serves.


  3. Please remember that God TV, like virtually all Christian TV channels, is nothing more than a means for the founders to get rich. It’s a business, pure and simple. Questions of ethics and sound doctrine are irrelevant to them – all they want to do is make money. I’d suggest the whole concept is deeply unchristian.

    Oh, and the video clip is one of the most disgusting pieces of manipulative fund-raising that I’ve ever seen.


      • Thanks, mkayla. I live in a country where Christian TV is only available on satellite. I’ve avoided it until now, but a friend recently gave me a satellite dish and receiver that they didn’t need. So I set it up, and for the first time, I can now receive hundreds of TV channels, including 15 or so “christian” ones. I have to say I was shocked by what I found. Quite a few of the stations broadcast programs with picture and sound quality so bad that they are unwatchable. A friend who shoots home videos with amateur equipment can do far better. But once you get into the content, most of the programmes are by word-of-faith and prosperity preachers, along with faith-healers and hyper-charismatic types. The only conclusion I can come to is that their shows are either done out of an inflated ego or to solicit donations. The ministry content is virtually nil. How can anyone watch this rubbish?

        My overriding thought was that Christian TV makes me ashamed to be a Christian. It is not a true reflection of Jesus or his present-day followers.


        • It is not a true reflection of Jesus or his present-day followers.
          You are right John and this is why the false teachers are so dangerous. They poison the believers and keep unbelievers from true salvation.


  4. mkayla, I think there’s been research by academics showing that Christian TV simply does not reach the unsaved. I can’t imagine why any unbeliever would watch it (but then, I can’t imagine why any believer would watch it either).

    Anyway, here’s an excellent article by Lee Grady – apologies if you’ve already seen it.


    • Oh, that is a very good article! Especially note the last part under point number five. What happened to Jesus forgiving sins?? They took him right out of it, back to the old covenant! Wow! They have denied Christ.

      Thanks for this article. Everyone should have a look at it.


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