Finding Freedom

I came across this testimony from Kevin Reeves from his book The Other Side of the River on The Word on the Word of Faith blog.

I know that many of us struggle with the programming in our minds from the false teaching we believed for the truth. Here’s a clip from his testimony that I felt hit home for us. Please pop over and read the work in its entirety as there is much written there, and some suggested steps to follow once it is found we are in a false teaching environment. The blurb below only includes suggestions after the exit.

Be encouraged that God our Father loves us deeply (John 3:16) and He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) . He definitely is not finished with us (Philippians 1:6), not till we leave this earth and stand face to face with Him. So, that is either death or the trumpet voice of God.

Until then, here’s to freedom. 🙂 And on a personal note, I can attest to the truth written below. It really does get better.


Once exited, meet with like-minded believers as you are able. There is often a season of de-programming (it’s the most apt term I can think of). Years of false doctrine and man’s illusory teachings are not easily shaken off, and learned responses to situations have been carved into our minds. We really do need to be renewed in our thinking (Romans 12:2), and this is best done by immersing ourselves in His liberating Word. Jesus said that if we continue in His Word, then we would know the truth and the truth would make us free (John 8:31-32).

Know also that the anguish accompanying this dealing with heresy will eventually pass. As we keep our eyes on Christ and our heart turned to the simple Gospel of Jesus the light from on high will become more real than ever before, and our assurance before Him at His coming more certain. The Lord is calling His people out from the midst of the false. It is our choice whether to respond.

“Hence, let us go out to Him outside the camp, bearing His reproach. For here we do not have a lasting city, but we are seeking the city which is to come” (Hebrews 13:13-14).

4 thoughts on “Finding Freedom

  1. ok, so like – duuuuuhhhhh.
    I knew this article was familiar…and.. so.. what? Its linked on my sidebar! It’s been linked there for a very looong time cuz it’s one of the first things I read during those early days of research – when I was screaming to find out what I was involved in!

    Oh my.

    Its bad when you can’t remember what’s on your own blog anymore.

    But, I read the article again. It’s a wonderful piece of work. Do read it.


  2. m’kayla,

    You know what–it makes me feel better this a.m. to know other people forget things they wouldn’t think they ever could too! I did a doozy over the weekend in the forgetfullness dept myself.


  3. The only sad thing about getting deprogrammed is, no one cares. Only others who have been deprogrammed as well, care. But still, for these, i thank God!


  4. I’m ex-Word-of-Faith and my son’s still a part of IHOP (still not s/w me either). I bought this book long ago and Kevin has done a great job at explaining to me, BY HIS OWN WALK, how EASY it was to get sucked into all of the deception.

    I, like him, had the Holy Spirit nudging me — encouraging me to question, question, question. That’s what got us BOTH out.

    Anyone with a family member or friend CAUGHT in the deception needs to know THERE IS HOPE for getting them OUT.


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