Yet Another Healing Revival With No Healing

This was just brought to my attention

ABC/Nightline recently did a show on yet another healing revival currently underway in Mobile, Alabama. You may recognize these practices –Β  the endless “worship” the laying on of hands to the forehead, people falling down, speaking in tongues, the name “John Kilpatrick” and the “Brownsville Revival”. You may also remember that Nightline did a show on Todd Bentley during the Lakeland Outpouring in which there were claims made of many who were healed and even raised from the dead. None of which were ever proven true. Now, don’t you think if this were the case the media would be all over it? We would still be hearing reports of healings througout the internet. And certainly if anyone was raised from the dead the news would resound to this day.

As you watch this video and hear the claims of healing remember Jesus healed all He touched or spoke to. The healing was immediate and complete at that same moment. There is not one instance that someone had to wait for more healing to manifest at a later date. When God healed it was without question and those around were witness to an absolute miracle.

This is not what we are seeing in this video, or in times past. These are not true healings! They are emotional outbursts, feelings, bodily sensations and counterfeit gifts created by the enemy. Whether they be demonic or psychological, the intention is to get the believer’s mind off the truth and on to their claims of the miraculous. And please, drop the cash in the bucket up in front. Healing incurs much expense.

Here’s your link –

Nightline: Turning to Revivals for Healing

40 thoughts on “Yet Another Healing Revival With No Healing

  1. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I’ve never heard of the revivalist, a Nathan Morris from England. But the involvement of John Kilpatrick raises big red warning flags. The church behind this revival ( appears to be his family business. Kilpatrick is obviously known as the pastor of Brownsville, Fl, AoG when the revival happened there, but there’s plenty of evidence that it was all planned and created by men. Perhaps he’s trying to make something similar happen in Mobile…


  2. The saddest part about these services is that with, or even without the cameras rolling, the person being prayed for has a sense of urgency to attest to the ‘power’ of the experience whether or not they felt anything at all. The crowd Ooos and Ahhhhs and [again] experience takes center stage.

    Everyone walks out of these services with a sense of “Wow!”

    What’s wrong with this picture?


    • It seems like they have a need to protect the reputation of God when they aren’t healed. They cover up the truth using all kinds of excuses or explanations which make no sense to anyone but them. Secular therapy could classify them as “co-dependent”.


  3. While it seems and looks nice on the surface, and as much as you would like to believe this is all good and true, this is just too out there to embrace. Any claim of physical healing should be verified by a physician (to confirm the incredible work that God did). It is apparent that there is the classic group psychological phenomenon going on too. Could God legitimately heal someone at one of these, for His own glory and apart from the work of these ringmasters? Sure he could and someone could have experienced it…even Justin Peters admits to this idea. It doesn’t legitimize the fake authenticity of these revival events though. The problem gets increasingly complex though as you add in the Word Faith element, the NAR/dominion element, and all the emotional signs/wonders/miracle hype that comes along with it (“end times revival is sweeping through the land”!, slain, holy laughter, let the Spirit do what it wants)…and you now have the ideal recipe for massive deception. It morphs into one gigantic pot of deceptive soup. I have been part of much smaller scale prayer/healing events and would like to think with all my heart it was a legitimate safe experience (one pastor however was saying the word “fire” and making these movements with his hands on people that looked like he was a conduit for an electrical current; alot of the charismatic people at the church I go to are big into the “end-times revival” mindset and the pastor promotes it). So I just can’t take these things seriously as my discernment tells me that all things considered, this is aligned with an end-times apostasy.


  4. Hi Mkayla
    Unfortunately [ or fortunately perhaps] I’m not able to view the vid, but really, its just the same old crowd going at it all over again.Its not possible to force what is not there to begin with.If I were to be convinced that this was of the Holy Spirit, I would need to see that all they do and teach is God honoring.


  5. Wow. I visited the Brownsville Revival and though I didn’t agree with many things, I did see some good such as souls getting saved and the youth pastor, Richard Crisco, had a heart for discipling the teens who came to Christ. Yet I never trusted Kilpatrick fully. I felt that he enjoyed the fame a bit too much. One night I saw him run around the church as people literally chased behind him.

    I pray that people will turn to Jesus and quit seeking these things. We have His Word, His Spirit, and His presence already. We don’t need to work up this stuff. We need to preach His truth and watch as He saves the lost.


  6. Thank you for picking up on this. I have posted it to for broader viewing.

    As I see the people who appear to be Christians pouring into the stadium, some even with kids in jammies in tow, it makes me want to yell from the housetops: WHERE ARE THE WATCHMEN? WHERE ARE THE PASTOR/SHEPHERDS WHO SHOULD BE WARNING THEIR FLOCKS TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS SPECTACLE?

    Why are people so gullible – why are they so poorly taught that they are swept away by the lastest huskster?

    Haven’t lessons been learned from Brownsville and Bentley?

    This is nothing more than group hypnosis and kundalini voodoo blaspheming the name of Christ!

    We are truly a generation seeking after experiences! It is terribly sad when a secular news organization seems to have a better grip on reality and truth than the Christian community.

    Why does not the Lord put a stop to this and other false teachers and ministries that are flourishing? Maybe He is waiting for the apostasy to come to full fruition upon which He will unleash His wrath. You would think that people would have some iota of discernment!

    But what of all the sheep who have succumbed to the slaying and holy laughter and trances? What will be the result of all of this? This not without consequences!


  7. I’ve been studying Biblical parables lately, and one very interesting point was made – when Jesus was telling parables, it was often to large crowds of the people who were clamering after miracles, signs, and wonders. And Jesus told these parables – not so much to “teach an earthly story with a heavenly meaning” (although there are certainly moral implications made), but to separate the sheep from the goats.

    Kind of puts those healing “revivals” into a new perspective for me.


  8. Follow-up from me – I’ve been checking this out and there are stories on the internet that a lady called Delia Knox has been healed at this “revival”. She apparently had been a paraplegic for 22 years. However, the reports are unclear and and some people are suggesting it didn’t happen. If anyone has any more information, I’d like to know.


      • We know God can heal anyone at any time. And I truly hope this woman is healed as she claims. There are things on this video that disturb me –
        – She has been house bound in a wheel chair so was she undergoing physical therapy to aid her condition?
        – She is not walking without the aid of others
        – The shoes she is wearing do not seem like a choice for a woman who is unstable on her feet.
        – The most bothersome is the political involvement of the mayor’s office who officially dedicated the day in her honor and to be recognized each year. People in the crowd are giving glory to God, but why is this date to be remembered in this woman’s name? What just happened here?

        If I sound harsh please remember I came out of the healing rooms ministry where people were only kinda sorta healed, but were considered healed. Read and consider the story in Acts 3:1-8. The man who had been lame was immediately healed, and receiving strength in his legs and ankles, leaping up, stood and walked into the temple. So why not in this case? This is why I questioned if she had been receiving pt. In any case, I am glad she is walking and hope for the sake of many – especially her own salvation – this event has not been staged to further another agenda.

        Richard, thanks for the update. πŸ™‚


        • mkayla, you don’t have to apologise for being harsh. As we all know, there is so much deception in this whole area and a very high degree of caution is needed. All I’m interested in is this truth.


  9. I live in Mobile, Alabama and I am appalled that our mayor is so ignorant that he sees fit to endorse these frauds! This Kilpatrick guy came from Pensacola, Florida and ruined the lives of many of his “church” members. There is a website that has personal interviews with the former congregation members. They were told they would be damned to hell if they did not worship the way they were told, which by the way, was said to have been way off from the bible’s scriptures. It started out as the Assembly of God, but the members left as they say they were disgusted. now, he is in MY city attempting to make more millions off of our people! Blasphemous! I am worried as I have two dear friends that have been attending this revival and act as if they are brainwashed. They get so defensive! It is scary! And they are Roman Catholic which is so against their beliefs!


    • I can understand your anger and frustration. Many people have been ruined because of the false teaching and extrordinary claims coming from this group of people. You’d think someone would have put a stop to the craziness by now, but it only grows and grows producing more of the same kind, becoming darker and darker as the days go by.

      I am amazed that a RC would even step foot into a place like that. Maybe you can show them in the bible where Kilpatrick is wrong along with the error of the RCC and bring them to true salvation and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

      Peace to you. πŸ™‚


  10. Oh how I have tried! They will not hear of it, much less read the articles such as this I have pulled. They are both very, very naive and trusting and this is exactly the type of person these wolves in sheep’s clothing prey upon!!!Not to worry, though. I have decided to email everyone I know that is aware of this scam so they can email others, etc.. etc.. it is amazing how many people WE can reach in order to warn others! They just have no clue what they are up against! We CAN fight these beasts!! And so we shall!!!


  11. Hi Otis, it’s good to have someone from Mobile posting here. I agree with you that John Kilpatrick has record of deception and manipulation from his time in Pensacola. I’m sorry that he’s emerged again in your city. Could you cast an eye over my comments about Delia Knox and her supposed healing. Has this news reached you? What do the locals think?


    • The false spirit of the famed “Toronto Blessing/Brownsville Revival” is alive and well and working through these people infecting many. Jesus had the power to heal to prove that He is God. He gave that same power to the 11 to carry on His work, to establish and grow the chruch. This is why the book of Acts is in the bible. I have to wonder if these false healers know that and claim to have the gift of healing to draw crowds. The gift they claim to have is not the gift of healing. If such a gift were in true operation as it was in the beginning we would see everyone healed whenever we proclaimed healing over them. It does not happen now the way it did then because it is not of God’s design. This whole Delia thing reeks! It’s too showy-fleshy to be real. I fear for these that are deceiving, esp the young!


      • It does look as though Delia was healed…she seems to be walking very well in the latest videos. But…I feel so bad for the many, many, many who go home with no hope & no healing thinking that God may not love them enough. I’ve actually questioned as to why is it the famous seem to get a healing (or tell all the stories of great healings) and the “little-unknown man or woman” get 0.


  12. Oh, yes, our news stations have covered the “miracle” of Miss Delia. It is sickening how they so irresponsibly announce her “healing” without one ounce of investigative reporting. But, our news stations and paper are well known to make major mistakes whilst reporting. Quite sloppy journalism if you ask me and I have a degree in English. I know how they are supposed to operate, laziness, that is what I chalk it up to. Ignorance, also.

    They did not offer proof that she was ever truly unable to walk or that she is healed. No medical records have been presented to prove anything! I have been told she has been in a wheelchair for 22 years, but a lot of people have problems such as nerve damage that can land one in a wheelchair without truly being paralyzed. A lot of diseases will land a person in a wheelchair also. No details on this at all!


    • Let them go on Nightline. They’ll get to the truth! πŸ™‚

      So if Miss Delia was healed, so was everyone else, right? Isn’t that what Jesus did??? He didn’t heal one, He healed them all!!! Another question to ask these false healers. No one who came in in a wheelchair should have gone out in one! But, I betcha that is exactly what happened!


  13. My point is,IF she is walking, however difficult it may be for her,could she have walked a bit with help whilst in the chair all these years? Only her doctors can verify that. We have not seen proof of a miracle or a healing here. Do we know if she had been going to physical therapy for years? We don’t have enough medically backed proof to ASSUME anything here. Until they provide the proof, let’s just call it what it is, a scam, fraud, to get money for these creepy people they are calling ministers!!! They have made millions and were in trouble with the IRS for taxes. That is why the revival was moved from Pensacola to Mobile. They must think we are all stupid hicks!


  14. I don’t know, I just have to say this I guess. It was none other than our good friend Justin Peters who is on record saying that even at one of these spurious revivals or Benny Hinn crusades, it isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility that God would truly heal someone. Even in his discernment presentations he has said this. Just food for thought.


  15. I doubt that God would allow his healing to go through one of these scam artists and feed the frenzy that it causes in order to allow these frauds to profit on it. Seriously doubt it!
    It is also suspect that miss Delia’s husband is a minister now hooked up with these frauds. It should be investigated.


    • Unfortunately the group is being fed, but not from God. Who is the father of lies? They can’t see the difference because they are following the words of Kilpatrick and his sidekick, not the words of their Lord through scripture. Sad that so many gave their lives in producing the bible and yet we are so quick to set it aside. I am afraid their fall from the truth is on their own heads.


  16. Hi!Makayla. What a shambles! I have friends who know this young man from England and he is has been deceived by ‘having a visitation’ and coming under the influence of other ‘Leaders’ in the ‘Pyramid’, Hierarchical Church. It’s all about ‘Me’ and ‘My Ministry’, which is totally opposite to the call to ‘die to self’ and give your ‘self’ totally to Jesus. We are to ‘work out our own salvation’, but not by ‘works’. We must all be ‘fruit-pickers’, testing the fruit of every spirit,seeking the True Word of God IN the Word-the Bible! I thank God and the Jews for their faithfulness in writing down His word!


  17. One day every toungue will confess and every knee bow that Jesus is Lord….If you are a believer in Jesus Christ as you say? Why would you even begin to make speculation of fraud in the name of Jesus? I would rather be wrong, believing in the power of God, than slandering God’s people and creating doubt in christianity…… What’s it to you?


    • Vickie, I do believe in the power of God! It is men like these who are proof positive they do not walk in His power as there are no true healings in their meetings. Their teachings are not out of the word of God. You can find that out for yourself when you begin to do your own research.


  18. Vickie, Jesus Himself told us there would be those who do miracles in His Name and He will declare He does not know them.

    In Matthew 7:15 He warns us there will be wolves who pose as sheep. Please understand, it is not ‘speculation’ to understand that these things will be so.

    In Rev 2 the church of Ephesus is commended for testing those who called themselves apostles, but the people could see they were false.

    None of us are 100% accurate in our understanding, but that does not mean we are to abandon studying scripture to be discerning of false teaching in the name of “why can’t we all just get along.”


  19. I saw that “healing” on tv and was a bit suspect, but what makes me even more suspicious is that within weeks, yes just weeks, she was back at the revival in stelleto heels.. Come on give me a break most normal women can’t even walk in stelletos… No way in hell someone who has been in a wheelchair for 22 years can walk in those kind of heels just weeks after supposedly standing up for the first time in 22 years.. Sorry I don’t buy it… I think Delia is a fraud..


  20. 1. Do you think your God would ever heal anyone, maybe not everyone but just for possibilities sake anyone? If not, why?

    2. Is it possible that if God healed some one person, that they could be healed so completely as to be “totally healed” or free from all evidence of a prior illness? Why could someone NOT be healed enough to walk in heals? Was Lazarus still a little dead after Jesus called? Was leprosy still a little troublesome on the 10?

    3. I and many others have known Delia Knox in Mobile, AL for years. As a Gospel singer, video of her prior condition is easily found on YouTube. She sang AT OUR CHURCH and FROM HER WHEELCHAIR 2 weeks before getting healed. I spoke with her and her husband. One does not fake paralysis for 22 years… not publicly.

    4. Her healing was rapid, but progressive. Examples of that as well as instant both exist in scripture. A video of that night shows the progression. It is a bit lengthy and somewhat raw but documents well what happened. Over the course of an hour she first began the have feeling return to her legs. Then she felt response from her muscles and felt she could move them. She stood up with what little but still present strength she had and leaning on her husband and the preacher for stability (like training wheels on a bike), she began to try to walk. You must understand how radically different this was from just 30 minutes prior. After staggering about for a few minutes, she laid down on the carpet to rest while others continued to pray for her. She then sat up and, feeling stronger tried again. At the 9:30 mark in the video you can plainly see Delia lifting her own legs off the floor and taking steps. Yes, she still needs assistance to not fall but she is noticeably stronger and quite happy about it. Again, this all occurred in under an hour before 2000 witnesses. After that night, the Knox’s stayed out of the limelight as God continued to work in her body. Then right at 2 months later, she returned to the revival to testify of what God had done as seen here… While the singing is repetitive, simply take note of a woman who only 2 months earlier had NO USE and also NO FEELING in her legs for over 22 years. She had reason to rejoice and shout Hallelujah. What would you have done? Today, 2 1/2 years later, she is frequently seen in the grocery store walking as a normal person. Would you be happy for her?

    5. I appreciate your desire to be alert and not deceived. You seem to have encountered some shady characters along the way. But don’t let your caution totally disconnect you from the fact that we serve a loving God who, as He wills shows mercy on whom He shows mercy. I am a witness. I knew her before and I know her after. This one is real. Don’t ask me about the correctness of her doctrine. I don’t think God did. I do know she loves Him and that seems good enough. I wish you well as you seek to know Him better.


  21. Hi i’m a paraplegic for 13 years (saved by Jesus 3 years ago). Having studied most videos of “wheelchair healing” they are either fake or of people who can actually walk, placed into a chair at the event. There are a number of apparent signs for one who lives the condition. Attended Benny Hinn and Todd Bentley in RSA. A resident bible college student at the venue pushed me to the front of thousands of people and tried to get Benny’s attention on stage, the student was later reprimanded for making a spectacle and no person in a chair was even prayed for that night. Was anyone else healed? I cant say but many went up and testified their pains left them during his open prayer. Todd was far more sincere and prayed for every single person who asked, again many were healed just not the ones that are paralyzed. Yes its tough to attend a healing service, no matter the pressure we cant pretend to be healed while we skulk out to the parking lot afterwards. However Delia’s healing by God is real, i wept and wept seeing it and the evidence about her life just made it more real. Which means one should not focus too much at where and who leads the service? Is it about you and God rather? As she testified, something changed in HER at the service. Many have prophesied that i will walk again and on that word i stand, having decided just now to attend the healing service that’s coming to my congregation next week… God bless


    • Martin, I know the kind of man, prophet and teacher Todd Bentley is and everyone will do well to steer clear of him. Why do think you need a healing service to be healed? If you decide to attend these services you may very well find yourself in worse shape than you already are in – physically and spiritually. I hope you heed this warning.

      Why do I do what I do? How do I know these things are false? Because I used to be a false prophet involved in International Association of Healing rooms. Now I warn others others, hoping to help them stay away. You are new in the faith – be careful of who you follow.


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