Susan Puzio Interviews Bud Press CRS

Susan Puzio, Blog Talk Radio conducted an interview with Bud Press of  Christian Research Service. Their talk was for about an hour linked here – Men as Gods, Born Again Jesus and the New Age.  Bud gives some good, down to earth information on these topics. I also appreciated the information he gave on Jesus visions that are so popular these days.

If you need the direct link -

Another timely interview between them on the End Times can be found here.

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Bud has been doing research since the 80’s, I believe, and has some valuable information on his site CSR  (linked in the first paragraph). You will also find his latest newsletter linked under the reading section of my blogroll. Bud posed some important, yet unanswered questions to Todd Bentley in an article that I put up here some time back.

I certainly appreciate the work Bud has been so devoted to over these years and appreciate his simple advice – “learn all you can about Jesus”.  Blessings Bud.  🙂

Be informed – — My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. – Hosea 4:6

1 thought on “Susan Puzio Interviews Bud Press CRS

  1. I learned about some interviews and comments from known personalities concerning end time messages. Issues concerning revival and the healing of many being performed by the so-called charismatic pastors.
    But we must be aware that all performances of these pastors and church leaders must be founded by the word of God in the bible.
    Many have visions nowadays about the end time. The question is, do they really have visions? Do these visions conform with what the bible is teaching? Are those visions coming from the word of God in the bible? Beware brothers and sisters for many will come out professing to be sent of God and teaching the word and deceiving many people. The bible says, ” in the last days many will come out of this world teaching and preaching in may Name and deceive many” ” Many will show wonders and miracles and lead many to deception”
    Remember, these impostors have gone out of this world today because we are already living in the end time where we are experiencing many strange and phenomenal events told in the bible as these are just some of the fulfillment of prophecy told in the bible.
    You can learn many things to come based on the bible from the summarized book of the ” secrets of the untold end time prophecy” by P. Silvano.

    For more info you may send your request for portions of the book online.



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