Vid – More on Obama’s Plan For Your Health

Someone sent this video to me. What is this— Health Care Bill hidden in the STIMULUS PLAN????

I still do not understand why Obama has not been impeached. He’s tearing America apart peice by piece which is treason.  The GOP is too scared to take real action; all they want is  m-o-n-e-y.  Do we think a vote will cure this malpractice in Washington when all we have seen is things going from bad to worse??? Vote? YES, but don’t hold your breath. Those in power, those who have the real power to bring change don’t seem to care much.

11 thoughts on “Vid – More on Obama’s Plan For Your Health

  1. My goodness M’Kayla, that was just what I needed to brighten up my day and start my week on a positive note!!

    Seriously, if this man is at all correct in what he is saying, this health care mess is much worse then we even thought it is. It is such a comforting thought to those of us that will be reaching the age of Medicare eligility in just a few years. (Sarcasm intended.)

    Instead of providing care for everyone like the proponents of this bill have been telling us it will do, denying appropriate and effective care may well be what happens in many, many cases. Speecially for the elderly.

    All I can say is, I am glad that the Lord is in ultimate control of my health and well being and not our President, our Congress, and the Drs. that are forced to go along with their decisions or be jailed for trying to do what is right.


    • Does any one want to make any guesses on how much the average life expectancy will decreas in this country once this nightmare is fully implemented???


    • The truth be told there is nothing good behind Obama’s health care plan. The fact they shoved it down everyone’s throat before it could be read through, with Pelosi demanding it be passed is evidence something is wrong. On the outset med care for all sounds good, but there is more going on than they would have us believe. This video reiterates what many have been warning about from the beginning. A little more info can be found on my other articles under the Health Care category.


  2. M’Kayla
    I can not help but fear that the government will or try to mandate the human micro-chi/veri-chip/bio-chip/RFID chip, in the near future. Listening to this man that is all I could think about. That is part of their agenda because Joe Biden said that himself. As M’kayla said population control.
    Here is Joe Biden first on is 12 seconds long 2nd one is 21 seconds long.


  3. I’ve got a good, good friend whose a nurse… she said the MD’s she’s working with don’t think the Obamacare will come to fruition.. but if it does… they’re all “up” on where their investments are and are all making plans on what to do if it comes down to depending on the government to pay their salaries…


  4. Great video – thanks so much for sharing. It makes you want to take care of yourself doesn’t it? – eat right, sleep well, be balanced, reduce stress, exercise — you don’t want to have to rely on the doctors – not that taking care of yourself remedies everything but it sure helps. But what really gives me comfort is a personal relationship with the Great Physician.



  5. Imagine, being at the “mercy” of such pigs! God, hear my prayer for these communist humanist secularists of all that is good!

    Bride of Christ, may God give us all His strength, mercy and grace and courage in the days to come to stand against such “mercy” from these God haters!


  6. This is the only subject on this site I think is off. I think it is just another conspiracy, fear deal. The spirit behind this is fear. Something wrong here with the way this was presented. Almost seems irate republicanish. And I have seen too much of that in the churches. Everybody needs health care. Too many people using the emergency rooms as their doctor. Redeemed hippie kind of ruins her testimony with the language she uses. In all honesty I think the people responding should state which party they belong to so maybe we could really understand where some of this is coming from. Election is near and people are getting wild. I think a lot of this type of hyping is coming from the enemy. We aren’t of this world but politics is. ajc


    • ajc
      I am approving your comment so that I can provide a bit of clarity. First off, this is political and all of us will have differing opinions. This post is just over 5 years old! All of our concerns regarding Obamacare have come to fruition. He has done more than anyone in history to destroy America and I still believe him to be guilty of treason. But like I said in my original comments, don’t expect anything to be done about it. Nothing was, and now here we are, required to buy insurance that we can’t afford and if we don’t, we will pay the fine. This is unconstitutional. Many healthcare providers, doctors, nurses etc. have lost their jobs. As for the treatment protocol and some of the other details are not yet put into place, they will be. Yes, politics is part of this world and tho we are not, we still live in it. We are still required to speak the truth and stand up for what is right and to speak for those who cannot. All that we have seen is nothing compared to what we will, and soon enough. I don’t know how you can watch this video in light of where we are now with the issue of Obamacare and call it hype. It was prophetic, my dear.


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