NAR Awakening for the Northwest

Here is a video clip from Dutch Sheets supporting the upcoming conference “Reclaiming the Heart of a Nation” later this month in Seattle, WA

Regional Congress on Reformation.

Following is a partial transcript which reveals the intentions of the New Apostolic Reformation to “bring reformation to America by changing the way the people think”. Salvation is not enough! They now need divine strategy! One of the speakers of this conference is the famed teacher of the seven mountains, Lance Wallnau. So when Dutch calls for strategy he is looking for a plan on how to better implement the governing of the seven mountains.

As you read through these words you will recognize a dividing line between true Christianity aka the teachings of scripture, and the intentions of the false apostles and prophets of the NAR or as it can be also called, the voice of God, which further promotes what is referred to as Dominionism.

(I’m in blue.)

Dutch Sheets: I heard a frightening statistic lately. At that is 96 percent of those who call themselves born again Christians do not have a biblical worldview. That means they do not believe in the basics of scripture.

When the NAR starts talking about a biblical worldview it only reinforces my disbelief that there is biblical truth behind the phrase itself.

How did we go through a revival of the magnitude of the Charismatic movement, the Jesus movement, the Apostolic movement, the prophetic movement, the prayer movements, the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s? God was doing great things in America. How do you go through that and lose ground in the culture of a nation?

First of all these “movements” were made up of false doctrine – scriptures taken out of context with emphasis on visitations, “hearing the voice of God”, and false signs and wonders. An unbiblical re-formation of the five fold ministry with emphasis on self-appointed apostles and prophets, hence the birth of the NAR. False teachers and prophets make a false movement and in their case it has been one after another producing no true FRUIT. This is how I would answer Dutch’s question.

Secondly, America is not covenanted with God in the same way He covenanted with Israel. Many people miss this. America was founded by some who were believers, but others were not. And research proves that many of the “founding fathers” who the NAR is so in love with were actually Freemasons and Universalists.

Third, the NARites believe as Dutch has stated that America is losing its biblical culture that it once had. Have they not read that the world will get worse until the time of the return of Christ – as in the days of Noah?

And listen, when you lose ground in the culture of a nation even the fruit that you made on an individual level will dissipate because you’re not changing the way people think.

Change the way people think. You will hear this a few more times. It makes me wonder how far they are willing to go in the future to accomplish control of the human mind.

We must have this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that has now begun and will intensify and I believe before it is over it will be called the third great awakening in America.

This is the “Latter Rain” heresy which claims an “outpouring of the Holy Spirit” and resulted from a misapplied understanding of the last days described in Acts 2:17 and Joel 2:28.

This is one thing Jesus had to say to His disciples about the Holy Spirit. Notice there is nothing about an outpouring. John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever17 the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.

Basic doctrine is God the Father, revealed through Jesus Christ, Immanuel (God with us) who gave us His Holy Spirit so that we would not be alone.

But this time we must do more than get them saved, filled with the spirit and healed. We must change the thinking of a nation. We must do what Jesus said in Matthew 28 disciple the nation. That’s reformation.

Let’s stop right here for Matthew 28 because Dutch is referring to what we know as the Great Commission of Jesus.

18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19Go thereforeand make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

Jesus said to teach them all things He commanded. The false teaching of the NAR is not the same as the teachings of Jesus Christ written in the bible. There is no getting around that fact. At the beginning of the transcript Dutch claimed that many do not know the basics of scripture. He needs to include himself in that count.

This time we must do more than get them saved. We must reform the way they think. How do you do that? I don’t think anyone right now has all the answers, most Christians have no answers. We do not think this way. But we must. We must now begin to plan and ask God for strategy how do we reform America.

I believe our “answers” are found in the bible! To say that most Christians have no answers is ridiculous. They want us to believe that is true and that they are the ones who will plug-in and hear from God on our behalf  providing us instruction on how to “reform America”.

To change the way we think, we go to the teachings of scripture to learn to renew our minds as in Romans 12:2!

That’s what this conference is all about. In the evenings we’re going to have outpourings. We’re gonna stir up the gifts of the spirit, we’re gonna stir up  the spirit of awakening. We’re gonna pray together and release a greater spirit of awakening over the northwest region.

Listen – OUTPOURINGS. Remember Bentley? That’s his word and his move!

What is a “spirit of awakening”? If these men and women of the NAR would teach the bible as it is written maybe we would see a change in the hearts of men and women as they repent in need of the Savior. But calling for a spirit of this or that is not going to change anything, except possibly the condition of their vocal chords the next morning.

Some of us have been crying out for strategy. How do we reform? What are strategies to change media, education. We know now we need to do it; we’ve heard of the seven mountains. I believe God is about to give us that strategy. We’re gonna hear from God on how to do this. Come. Let’s find some answers. Lets be ready this time when the outpouring comes and we know what to do with it and shift the thinking of America. Let’s learn how to reform America. We’re gonna hear from heaven.

There it is – strategy for the seven mountains mandate – the plan to take over society for what they believe is their high calling of God.

This is not Jesus, this is not the Kingdom of God that was preached by Him! This is man’s kingdom and possibly the kingdom of the anti-christ. Whoever it is that will be speaking from “heaven” will not be the Most High God. The reason why we know this will not be Him is because nothing like the seven mountain mandate is written in the scriptures. People get ready.

I am also in the northwest and have begun to pray against this crazy conference that people would see the truth and turn from the teachings of the NAR! If we have questions, if we need answers we turn to the bible.

I have a deep fear that there very well may be another awakening when these people stand before God and realize that all they peddled and pushed to so many had nothing at all to do with His plan. And that the “voice” they heard from heaven was not His voice at all.

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4 thoughts on “NAR Awakening for the Northwest

  1. Hi Mkayla
    Thanks for posting another revealing article, your comments are also on the mark.
    The crux of this article can be summarised by ” we’re gonna do this , we’re gonna do that and we’re gonna have outpourings” . One could be excused for asking if the Holy Spirit is gonna have a say in proceedings, or whether the NAR hardliners are going to have a crack at this themselves.


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  3. I wanted to send this to you to see what your thoughts are about this warning. Is it possible that he hears from God at all or are the prophecies and dreams completely from the enemy?


    Watchman Alert — Call to Prayer

    November 9,2011

    I’m writing to make you aware of several warnings I’ve received recently concerning terrorist attacks against America, and to ask you to join me in praying for protection from these attacks. Within the last few months I have had several credible dreams presented to me about this, five of which have been within the last week. While warnings such as these are subjective in nature, and dreams always need careful discernment and interpretation, I feel that the dramatic and sudden increase of these warnings merits this call to prayer.
    I don’t feel it is necessary to give details from the dreams—suffice it to say that the attacks seen were worse than 9/11. For some time many of us have felt that more terrorism was possible for America. One need not be particularly prophetic to know this is planned by our enemies—indeed, our government warns us of this and encourages regular vigilance, and plots have on occasion been discovered and thwarted. But many intercessors and prophets have felt that something on a bigger scale is being planned and stands the chance of succeeding. This is what the recent dreams warn of, and the sense is that it could be imminent.
    I’m asking you to join me—for the next few days especially, but also over the next few weeks—in interceding for God’s protection over our nation. Yes, we as a nation have sinned against the Lord in many ways, and perhaps if we receive what we deserve it would be further judgment. But that is to be determined by the Lord and it is always appropriate to ask Him for His mercy.

    · Pray that plots be exposed and the individuals involved be discovered and captured.
    · Pray for the success of our law enforcement and protection agencies.
    · Pray for sound leads to come to them and for the necessary wisdom to “connect the dots.”
    · Ask God to forgive and cleanse us of our wicked ways, and continue to pray that America receives a third great awakening.

    Let’s all do our part ward off any and every attempt to bring violence and destruction to our land. Please help spread the word by forwarding this message about these warnings and the call to prayer.
    Thank you for joining me in this watchman alert.

    ~Dutch Sheets


    • Hi Erin.
      I got the message in my e-mail too.

      Matthew 16:26 For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?

      I would think if God were to speak to the false teachers and prophets, the message would be to repent. Jesus came for the lost sheep of Israel, then the Gentiles, who have been grafted in. He did not come to save the world in an earthly sense, or restore America or to build the seven mountains of influence so that His Son can return. His resounding message is that of the gospel, for men everywhere to repent.

      Dreams can come from the soul out of our own hearts, minds and imaginations. Sometimes God speaks to us in them, but we can only understand if we truly are following Him. I always think of Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar on one hand, and on the other, the understanding of dreams God gives to his people – Joseph and Peter.

      Dutch said himself that it doesn’t take a prophet to understand what is taking place. If America is attacked this message of Dutch’s still will not prove prophetic, nor will it be attributed to his ability to hear from God. There is far too much information out there telling us that we are in for great trouble. We have jihadists in training right here on our own land. Society is becoming more and more liberal and there is a growing hatred against Christians who stand for moral truth. The Qur’an is in the White House and our children are being taught tolerance toward homosexuality and various forms of sexual sin, and that God is Allah. One thing that really concerns me –

      · Pray for the success of our law enforcement and protection agencies.

      I would be quite careful in how I prayed here. There are plans against America’s freedom that will be carried out through the laws of the land and enforcement through those departments. Do I want those plans to succeed? No. Maybe Dutch does so that they can better pave the way for the antiChrist.

      These people are always calling us to prayer. Do they think we don’t pray? Yeah! For them and their – – – Elitism.


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