End Times – Information Overload???

This is not a rhetorical question nor am I being derisive or sardonic, but can someone explain to me why the timing and structure of the End Times was no mystery to the Early Church and yet we seem to hold endless conferences and publish untold numbers of books and websites on the subject? In all fairness, perhaps I need to re-frame the issue. It actually seems that the problem does not pertain so much to the thirst for knowledge about the fulfillment of God’s plans as the day of the Lord approaches, but how to live in the shadow of that knowledge.

It might be the age old issue of the positioning of the cart relative to the horse. It seems that there are some who believe if they can just obtain enough information it will inspire them to live as they should in the shadow of the Last Days; Paul teaches we already have enough information so that we should be doing nothing BUT living as we should in the shadow of the Last Days.

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2 thoughts on “End Times – Information Overload???

  1. Every generation believes that they’re the “last” generation. We could go round and round as to how close we are or aren’t. The only thing I’m absolutely certain of is that Jesus told us to be ready.

    “If the master of the house had known what hour the theif would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.”

    I simply try to live each day as though it would be my last – and have I shared His love – His Word with all I’ve come in contact with or have I missed opportunities because I’ve been to focused on the ‘stuff’ in life..?


  2. Well M’kayla, I agree with you, the Word of God is all we need and it provides the answers to your question very clearly. I know you know this, it seems the more books are written on the subject the more confusion clouding believers on the subject. My approach, through out the books, grab your bible and go to work!


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