17 thoughts on “Hallelujah Chorus at a Food Court!

  1. My favorite part is when the songs stirs the mother to take the hand of her little son…In church yesterday, the pastor played this video to accompany his sermon on Ps. 72….and He shall reign forever and ever!


  2. It’s a beautiful example of worship. The people stopped what they were doing and responded! I am reminded of the fact that one day every knee will bow!

    King of kings and Lord of lords – and He will reign forever and ever! Amen.

    I would love to do this!


  3. Just imagine if assemblies in every city and town were mobilized every day of the year to go out and proclaim Jesus in public!

    Even if an assembly went out for one open air a week, if a number of assemblies did that it would be amazing.


  4. Hi mkayla –

    I find the words powerful. The song goes over and over in my mind. We sang this song in the choir (few yrs ago) and I’ve never forgotten the words nor tune. Just love this song.lov I find also amazing peoples reaction to the song you can tell they just love it.


  5. M’K,
    I couldn’t open this YouTube video here at work but that’s OK, because I saved it on my phone from last year. And once again, just like last year, I found myself crying tears of utter joy at the end – it was such a beautiful reminder of WHO it is this entire “holiday” is about.

    This blessed me to no end. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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