Todd Bentley Does Not Have The Gift of Healing

Bart at Heralding Truth went to Todd Bentley’s “Outpouring” in Reno, NV a couple of months ago. He reports via video and proof thereof, Todd Bentley is NOT a healer. Todd Bentley does NOT have the gift of healing that he claims to have. We know this because NONE of the people Todd laid hands on and prayed over, proclaimed healing for, commanded healing of were actually healed. This means if you attend his meetings expecting an impartation of a healing gift, or expecting an actual healing you will recieve squat in return.

Go here to watch the 13 minute video. (Heralding Truth sadly is no longer in operation.)


“Please pray for me and jess HEALTH A nasty flu bug is hitting around. We need to be full strength for Seattle and Yakima. Resting up today!” [Todd Bentley, Twitter, January 27, 2011, ]


15 thoughts on “Todd Bentley Does Not Have The Gift of Healing

  1. He is pretending that he has the same “healing power” William Branham had. The lightening bolt? Same thing Branham had happen to him. A picture of him can be found of a light over his head. He is as much as apostate as Branham. Same occult, same manipulation, same ol’ fakery. I am not kidding here but all one has to do is start searching out Jim Jones and you can see how the very same tactics he used are the same as these new-age heretics use.


    • Bentley, along with Bob Jones and Bobby Conner held a conference a few years ago and a friend of mine sent me the link so I could watch it online. I didn’t know who Bentley was at that time or any of the others for that matter. It was in my early Charismania days. But the whole conference centered around Branham – his ministry and especailly his “gift” of prophecy. They showed video clips of him bringing people on stage “diagnosing” their illnesses as well as demonstrating his ability to know personal things about these people he had never met. Conner claimed that God told him that Branham’s failure and fall from ministry was not to be focused on. I believe the sin issue with him was alcoholism, but I can’t be sure. (of course aside from all the false doctrine!) They were reestablishing Branham’s work and claiming his “mantle” – his gifts, authority, power. I didn’t realize Branham had a pic with the lightening bolt. Someone sent me the pic of Bentley a while back. It’s either fake – photoshopped – or some strage light effect. But it is NOT real lightening! I should dig it up.


  2. After watching the complete video, I have compassion on those who went in search of help. All they walked away with was probably less faith than they walked in with. May GOD truly open the eyes of the blind who follow men like TB.


    • Exactly, And I am sure you noticed Bentley knows just enough scripture to be very dangerous. He told the story of the lame man to the man in the wheelchair who did not leap to his feet. I am sorry for those who are caught up in this false healing, false prophetic mess. It’s the reason I started the blog and to warn them there is NO power NO truth in their claims. I too hope and pray they are given eyes to see the truth and the willingness and discipline to listen.


  3. I watched the first one all I can say they are out of there minds. Todd B. I started to watch then shut it off I can’t stomach. But, just the same MK I thank you for these kind of awareness and these people need much prayer.


  4. I have found him creepy from when I first found out about him. It is just pure and total deception him being up there. I cannot believe he does not catch himself about it think, “What am I doing?”. I guess it is like the Bible says: “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron” (1Ti 4:1-2)


    • Yes, there was something about him that I could not get over. His manner with people was rude and uncaring, and so much was centered around and about him. And even tho I was involved in as much deception as he was, being involved with the healing rooms, I felt that I had a word from the Lord against him. And when I shared this with the leadership – ooh – OFFENDED they were! That was when I was accused of having some kind of wound that needed healing that would cause me to feel that way about a mighty man of God. In these circles everyone has an need for some kind of healing. It’s how they stay “in business”.

      His “fall” during Lakeland is what drove me to begin to look deeper into what I had been involved with. Those who followed him who were close to me made silly excuses for him that did not seem Godly. I thought something else was going on, not just with Todd, but with all of it – and boy – that was a right thought! God is mighty to save us.


  5. M’Kayla, not necessarily commenting on this post, although I do agree with it. I just want you to know this ex-charismaniac truly appreciates what you write and put out there for all to see. You are a source of encouragement for those of us who have experienced things along the same lines as you have, and who do not express our feelings as eloquently as you do. I know you do not want to be exalted for what you do; that is not what I am trying to do. Just be encouraged that the Lord is using your blog to reach those of us who are not “called” to blog but need affirmation that the prompting of the Holy Spirit to leave the charismatic/third wave/NAR/etc. movement was real. Blessing to you and yours this Christmas, and be encouraged!!


  6. Hello Mkayla
    I also thank you for your hard work.I am praying for you and your family Yes you where right this look around you will find information on the NAR.Is their any place on net that show the testimony of people going threw the abuse the NAR. Is there any sexual abused? I would like to show my leadership in the church?
    God Bless

    PS Pray for me and my family we want to started a black school bus ministry for evangelize the towns


    • Hi Danny.

      The comments on my blog often give testimony to people’s experience. Check my blog roll for other blogs who do the same. I can’t say about sexual abuse as I haven’t had anyone testify to that one.

      Thank you for your encouragement and for the prayer. 🙂



    • Todd also quotes on Jan. 28th that healing is as easy as forgiveness. This kind of talk just irritates me to no end! I know that Jesus has forgiven my sins, but I still live in a body that suffers illness.
      There will be many who leave his healing meetings with their bodies the same way as they came in!…ARGGGGG!!


      • Katie, you know the whole “movement” is just as sick as any of us can be, and always has been. All that I “ministered” with had tons of health issues and no healing – none. They don’t come to the place to question why, but continue in the chase, the battle. It’s maddening, but also very sad when I think of them and how lost they truly are. I also feel bad for those who go to the healers and leave in the same condition like you mentioned. I’ve read articles that those who attend these healing revivals in wheelchairs or on crutches are kept in a separate room. Those on stage are just for show, and even then they leave in the same poor condition, only amped in thier heads. It is a wreck to the faith. God help us.



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