6 thoughts on “Immanuel on Facebook!

  1. This is quite clever. But I see a disturbing trend with social networks like Facebook and although I am considered an OF (old fogie) I won’t participate as a Christian. I have seen Christians who promote all kinds of questionable stuff and often don’t realize that there are privacy concerns. Also, those who designed Facebook are of questionable character. Why isn’t regular e-mail sufficient anymore? What is next? Try and get unhooked from it – that is a daunting task. That should tell us something!


    • Well, I think Facebook is like anything else, good and bad, and it depends on the user’s intention. If Christians promote questionable things within their own meeting places why wouldn’t they on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. Many things we use every day were created by those with questionable character. For me, Facebook is great – where else can we see so many pics of far off family and friends in a snap, share thoughts or just laugh? It can be used for Christ. The opportunity is there just like anywhere else. I love our technology.


  2. I have also heard horror stories and the privacy concerns are genuine. The very fact that it is next to impossible to jump through all the hoops to disconnect should tell us something. Your information is for sale and that is why they set this thing up – it is not a charity!

    When professing Christians can spread their false beliefs all over the place it causes more harm than just keeping it more contained.

    There have been cases where conversations that should have been private have been aired to all the “friends”.

    You are correct, technology is basically benigh – can be used for good or evil. But when we plug into a system that was designed by those with an ulterior agenda and motives of profit, we do have a responsiblity and a choice whether or not it is to God’s glory to participate, don’t we?

    As believers we are to examine and test and be wiser than the world. I doubt very much if Christians are doing that in their use of social networking. It is a FAD and one that we don’t need. How much are we supposed to LOVE a system? I don’t LOVE my computer or my e-mail. I appreciate the ability to communicate in this way, but even sometimes I wonder if at times snail mail is more meaningful. Just wondering…………not trying to start a revolution or throw stones – just offering some thoughts. Anything that is wildly popular I really take a long hard look at.

    Blessings – have a wonderful Christmas!!


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