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Thanks to Bud for putting this together.

CHRISTIANS BEWARE! Todd Bentley in Seattle

by Bud Press, Director
Christian Research Service

Currently, Todd Bentley and Jason Hooper are conducting a tour in Yakima and Seattle, Washington. We need to pray that God will be merciful to the innocent and unwary who attend, and open their eyes to the real Jesus Christ.

While the tour will consist of the usual bill-of-fare of firey thrills, burning chills, and electrically-induced excitemement, those who attend will not see Bible-based healings or miracles, nor will God show up and bless the tour. God hasn’t changed. He is still against false prophets (Jeremiah chapter 23; Matthew chapter 7; Matthew chapter 24).

However, despite God’s warnings, those who plan to attend may fulfill their dream of seeing Todd Bentley in person, and be mezmerized by of one of the world’s most prolific false teachers.

Todd Bentley is of the same caliber that the Apostle Paul wrote about in Galatians 2:4-5:

But it was because of the false brethren secretly brought in, who had sneaked in to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, in order to bring us into bondage. But we did not yield in subjection to them for even an hour, so that the truth of the gospel would remain with you.

As Todd Bentley works diligently to recapture what he “lost” in 2008, Christians need to sound an alarm–an alarm that shouts, CHRISTIANS BEWARE! But be mindful of at least one thing: One cannot lose what one doesn’t have in the first place.

Todd Bentley is a false prophet, false teacher, false healer, and false brethren. The sooner his followers realize that, the better off they will be.

The Prophetic Movement is a vile, stench-filled organism that changes and mutates day by day. It is filled with cultic, heretical, and blasphemous teachings that contaminates, conditions, and manipulates the minds and hearts of its followers into believing lie after lie after lie.

Turn away from the Prophetic Movement and its false “Jesus”. Repent and place your complete trust in the Jesus of the Bible:

32 thoughts on “Todd Bentley In Seattle – Bud Press CRS

    • Oh, I hang out over there quite a bit. I read and commented on that topic but couldn’t bring myself to watch ANOTHER of his vids. I’ve seen too many! 🙂 You are correct about the blasphemy. I keep wondering who is following him that they could continue to put up with his mannerism. eech.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, also read and watched UGH!!!! the one at
    You do have to ask, who are these people and why do they continue to follow these guys???? It’s not that their all that captivating and charismatic, although some are. It seems like the more bizarre,disgusting and in error they are the more the people just eat it up. Sometimes I feel like the crazy one for NOT GETTING IT!!!!! That’s OK, I’ll stay crazy and I don’t have to get to it….to know it’s wrong on sooooo many levels. Peace


    • I think many of them just start out wrong to begin with. I heard Bentley was mentored under Patricia King who is every bit as nutty. So if his foundation is bad…well, you know, it’s the fruit thing. Then he has all these big named, famous men telling him he is right – Bob Jones, Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner and a crowd of others. It goes to show they are all in agreement with each other in what constitutes a revival or a move of God, but are not in agreement with God’s word. So how can they claim to come in the name of the Lord Jesus? They cannot. And the followers are every bit as lost as these teachers.

      And I agree, this guy is far from charisma as anyone could be. I watched him on notGodtv during Lakeland – he was violent, and rude. It was shocking. And those I ran with at the time had all kinds of excuses for him, and supported the idea that “the Holy Spirit told him to hit, kick, punch, so what was he to do?” and then made reference to Wigglesworth who did the same. Bad roots! People don’t want to stand up for the truth, they want to follow the crowd. I do wish he would have made an appearance here in Vancouver tho. I would have gone in a heartbeat with hidden camera. 🙂

      We aren’t the crazy ones.

      Blessings Pat.


  2. A lot of the people keep following Todd and others juuuust like him…because they keep wanting “a word from the Lord”.. or they just want something right here, right now that’s borderline tangible. They want to KNOW they’ve “HEARD FROM GOD”.

    Sadly, they get discouraged with God when those marvelous promises of “health and wealth” don’t come to pass despite their “giving out of their need” to the “promise plates” (once called offering plates)

    This is all happening because this is the age of Laodicean church and there are many, many who are just buying the lies because they sound so good and they’re just so easy to accept.

    They’re needing to re-read REV. 3 all over again… There’s some ointment needed for a lot of eyes out there….

    And yes, I say that in all humility.


  3. The fact that Todd Bentley is still able to pull an audience speaks far more about the deprivation and degradation of christian conscience than it does TB ‘s percieved spiritual prowess. If Blind Freddy can see what a lowlife TB is , what is it with these people that hanker after this travelling circus.


  4. It’s hard to kick that “tickled ear/tingling spine” addiction.

    Anyone remember the youtube video of Bentley during the Lakeland mess (I think it’s been removed now) when he would try to read from the Bible and then drunkenly reel away? If I remember correctly, he tried 3 or 4 times and couldn’t do it. If that doesn’t scare the fear of God into you, nothing will.


    • The drunkenness goes way back to even the “fathers” of this movement. Unfortunately they all believe it is the “annointing” and no one gives it a second thought. I saw a vid during Lakeland, as Patricia King got up to “give a word from the Lord” and she was knocked down and laid there for quite some time. I wondered then why the Lord who wanted her to speak would prevent it. Who wants to look at these little clues?? Their perception is twisted and they can’t grab ahold of that precious fear – awe – that we all need. We keep praying!!


  5. The Wigglesworth reference: See that’s where it can get a little confusing for me. Supposedly he was this great revivalist, but he displayed some rather unorthodox behaviors when he was healing people. And people like Andrew Strom on the one hand put out these Kundalini videos, but on the other hand speaks very highly of Smith Wigglesworth and William Branham as “great revivalists of the past”, and Hagin Sr. pre-Word Faith (just look at his website). So when Bentley, Johnson and many Pentecostals all speak reverently of Branham, Wigglesworth…and then Kuhlmann, Hagin, and Hinn, what are we supposed to think? Wigglesworth kicked people so why can’t Todd? Branham had these “incredible words of knowledge” so why is it wrong when Todd does it? So maybe my point is, like Pat alluded to above, I too somewhere in my soul want to think this is all ok and think at times “well, ya know maybe I’m wrong and God is indeed working in some strange unorthodox way and these people are just expressing it differently.” But then there’s that other voice that says “No way, not a chance”.


  6. Just to add on to that, alot of strange experiences happened too at the Finney, Wesley, Welsh revivals too. And then Asuza Street. So what are we to do, discount these moves entirely? See I don’t think we can necessarily do that. Again, it can be hard to sort out. Without knowing alot about that history, it would seem reasonable to say that repentance preaching was key…something you don’t see at the spurious revivals of today.


    • It’s all about the cross and repentance. Many of these famed names (your previous comment) are proven false teachers but convinced others to follow them, send them money – manipulation is witchcraft because it causes people to react or respond in ways that they normally would not. Strange experiences or no, God does not violate who He is or His word. I believe more and more so all the time that all we need to know about God, who He is, how He operates, etc. is written in the word. The famous claiming miracles and healings are all proven false teachers. Research is there to prove their teachings heretical, not to mention their pasts lives off record. Jesus Christ never hit, punched, kicked or poked anyone to heal them. Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord! When we weigh everything with scripture these things that seem hard to sort out become very clear.

      I don’t know about these past revivals and what went on during them. I do know without a doubt that Lakeland was not a revival. Anything of Todd Bentely’s will never have God in it. And I would bet any of the others that had the same behaviors manifesting or the same lying gospel message were not of Him either. God does not mix with those who do not uphold His word.

      Go over to Slaughter of the Sheep (on my blogroll) and watch the video of Todd Bentely, the one about writing his own bible. It was a recent so it will be easy to find. He claims they do nothing decent or in order during his meetings. A complete bashing of the word which teaches just the opposite!

      For the record Branham, Hinn and Hagin’s teachings were very dangerous and continue to pollute Christianity to this day.


  7. I know, I’ve already seen it. It’s really quite sickening. And I’m just not so sure that Strom should be propping these guys up (not Hinn but the others) on his website. I believe that the guy from Crosswise also said something about Strom implicitly endorsing a guy named John G. Lake as well.


    • Yeah, we don’t want nothing from Lake either. Cal Pierce went to his grave to pray for a year and later opened a healing room in the same area -some say the same building -as Lake. After that there were angelic visitations and here I am warning about the healing rooms! I don’t understand why Strom speaks well of these people.


  8. Hi Scott:

    I have read your comments carefully, so let’s take a look at a few things.

    Among other things, William Branham denied the Trinity and the deity of Jesus Christ. Most Word of Faith teachers I have encountered deny the exclusive deity of Jesus Christ and His atonement, and believe they are “gods” or “God”. These denials alone prevent them from being Christian in the first place.

    False prophets and false teachers have at least one thing in common: they deny one or more of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. One cannot be a Christian and deny the essentials.

    In Jeremiah chapter 23 and Matthew chapter 24, God has zero tolerance for false prophets and false teachers (He is “against” them). Unless they repent and are born again, they will spend their eternity in the lake of fire.

    We can spend the rest of our days examining the “leaders” within the Word of Faith and Prophetic Movement, and wondering about who did this and who said that, but it will be a tremendous waste of time. Spend time studying the Bible and in prayer, and God will provide discernment.

    After spending years studying these movements, I concluded that their teachings are a mixture of cultic, hyper-heretical, and blasphemous. They are not Christian.

    In closing for now, there is plenty of solid, Bible-based information available to those who sincerely search for truth. This blog, my website, and others contain well-documented articles and information on the Word of Faith and the Prophetic Movement. All you have to do is ask for assistance.

    Scott, if you will become an expert on the Jesus of the Bible, you will not be deceived by the false “Jesus” that overshadows false belief systems.

    In Christian love,
    Bud Press


    • I am wondering if the following scripture addresses those who brag on others, or who claim to follow as in the case of those we are discussing…

      1 Corinthians 1:11-13

      11 For it has been declared to me concerning you, my brethren, by those of Chloe’s household, that there are contentions among you. 12 Now I say this, that each of you says, “I am of Paul,” or “I am of Apollos,” or “I am of Cephas,” or “I am of Christ.” 13 Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?


  9. Hi Bud,

    I do appreciate the comment about “studying the Bible and God providing discernment.” That is always sage advice and a timeless reminder. Rest assured I’m with you, hehe…I’ve read quite a few of your resources along with everything else out there…and with that I definitely say thank you!

    What I was trying to get across is the irony if you will that can cause some confusion. Here is this die hard Pentecostal (Strom) who is lauded for his Kundalini videos and his stance on the Prophetic movement…and yet he treats with kid gloves some of the same names that Bentley, Bill Johnson, and Hinn hold in high regard. It’s just kind of weird that’s all. I know all about the views of Branham and Hagin, all about Word Faith, and my stance is solid on that. Now I will never ever make a judgment on these people as far as where they are to spend eternity. I reckon I will let the Bible speak to these issues, to reiterate in part what you were saying. Thanks so much.


    • YEP!

      So many of these guys just piggy back on what the other has already thought of. Several years ago I watched a conference with Bob Jones, Bobby Conner and Todd Bentley when he was still wearing ripped jeans. They were all over William Branham and how God had given them the word that what he had been involved with had been forgiven or that it hadn’t been such a big deal that it mattered. (Can’t remember the exact words!) They researched his history and visited where he used to live and made a bigger issue over him than they did Jesus. They wanted his mantle – think Elijah, Elisha, I guess..! But that’s what they all do, run after another’s gift as tho wanting it is enough to receive it. And they believe they have the power to pass on their gifts and anointing to others! I choose the indwelling of the Holy Spirit any day over some dead guy’s “mantle”.


  10. Hi Scott:

    I appreciate your kindness. Please know that I wanted to make sure that you understand that the Word of Faith and Prophetic Movement are not of God, and will grow worse and worse until Jesus returns.

    I have heard of Andrew Strom, but have not researched his situation. Until I do I will reserve commenting.

    While only God has the authority and power to judge a soul to hell, Christians are under Scriptural commands to judge righteously, expose false teachings and teachers publicly, and guard and warn fellow Christians when deception rears its ugly head.

    Cultic and heretical movements always shout, “Stop judging” and “Stop attacking the anointed publicly.” They have conditioned, mentally manipulated, and intimidated their followers into believing that it is wrong to judge false teachers and expose them publicly.

    However, here are two good articles you and others may want to read:


    “Revisiting Public Criticism” (Is it Biblical to expose false teachers publicly?) at

    God bless,
    Bud Press


  11. I have to agree with Scott concerning Andrew Strom. I have wondered the same thing about him. Read his book True/false Revivals, been a while, it was a good book, I do remember not agreeing with some things I guess I’m going to have to revisit the book again. Although I didn’t know he was a big fan of Branham’s which should cause anyone concern, also didn’t know he endorsed Lake either YIKES!! I know it’s still difficult at times navigating through all this crap and trying to find reliable and trust worthy information that’s Biblically sound. The last thing I want to be is duped again….thanks for the info.

    And don’t even get me started on Crowder, I had someone tell me that he was reading one of Crowder’s books and that from what he was reading that Crowder is reformed and I quote:

    ” Already seen all the things people hate about him. I have also read 1 of his books and working on 2 more. Have you read his books as well or are you just offended at his presentation? I am reading a book by Jon Crowder (probably a bit of a controversial guy) but he is reformed, so you might like him. He attacks the sin nature argument, along with a bunch of other stuff. The book is called Mystical Union. Have you read his books as well or are you just offended at his presentation? Because if your reformed I bet you won’t have a problem with what he says in his books…”

    Of course I haven’t read any of his books, so I did not respond, I’m not sure I could make it through one of his books, his videos are sickening. Sorry I know I’m off topic here; but statements like the one above can really throw you off. There’s just so much and so MANY to investigate that at times (like this one) I find myself choosing to walk away rather than engage, and feel inadequate; because I haven’t taken the time to read his material in order to defend the gospel……sigh!!


    • Pat, anyone who could endorse Crowder doesn’t have a lick of sense. I’m sure even unbelivers can see that! I say if you act like you are on drugs you probably are!

      I know it is true we have to be so careful these days. It is a hard battle and can be quite exhausting. I know I am sick of it ever day, but then I find the strength and courage to keep revealing. I am blessed to have found such a great group of like-minded bloggers and researchers to be a part of. We share in the work, each of us bringing a piece of what he/she has been given. I think many times simple encouragement goes a long way.

      I too have taken issue with Strom and quit his site some time back. I just think he needs to take a closer look at these guys and hopefully he will.

      When I first started researching in 08 I found a blog that had tons of great information. I was there everyday for hours and hours. Then I began to find some issues and it seemed to get worse. I quit reading the blog for several reasons, but am still thankful for what I learned in those early days. I don’t believe in chew the meat, spit out the bones!

      I am also thankful for the work you and your husband do too!
      We continue to stand for the faith in Christ Jesus, in whom salvation is found. Freely we have been given, freely we give.


  12. mkayla,
    Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. We too started out, as you did, spending hours researching and looking at every site out there. Like you we also started to see issues with some and stopped. Agree, we’re not spitting out the bones either. However I can say that God was gracious to us in that we stumbled onto Damon’s and your blogs early on and both have been an anchor and stabilizer for us. Coming out of deception is hard enough on its own but researching the false doctrines can get pretty dicey at times, God bless you.


  13. Over the years I have encounted a number of professing Christians who say, “I don’t agree with everything that [Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn, William Branham, etc.] teaches, but he does a lot of good and leads people to the Lord.”

    The same can be said for a thief, in that he robs banks at gunpoint, but he’s a good father to his children.

    To many, it doesn’t matter what false teachers say and do, because their followers only see the “good” they supposedly do.

    Truth sacrificed on the altar of ignorance and compromise.

    As a suggestion, when it is learned that a professing Christian is lending credibility to a false teacher, we should ask them if they believe what the false teacher has taught.

    Todd Bentley denies the gospel of Jesus Christ. Benny Hinn believes he is a “god”. William Branham taught that Jesus was created, and eventually became the Son of God. If those who lend credibility to false teachers believe the same, then they are in the same boat.

    Christians are commanded not to fellowship with compromisers and those who lend credibility to false teachers.

    In his eye-opening Commentary on Ephesians 5:11, Matthew Henry wrote:

    “We must have no fellowship with sin nor sinners, v. 11. Sinful works are works of darkness: they come from the darkness of ignorance, they seek the darkness of concealment, and they lead to the darkness of hell. These works of darkness are unfruitful works; there is nothing got by them in the long run, whatever profit is pretended by sin, it will by no means balance the loss; for it issues in the utter ruin and destruction of the impenitent sinner. We must therefore have no fellowship with these unfruitful works; as we must not practise them ourselves, so we must not countenance others in the practice of them. There are many ways of our being accessary to the sins of others, by commendation, counsel, consent, or concealment. And, if we share with others in their sin, we must expect to share with them in their plagues. Nay, if we thus have fellowship with them, we shall be in the utmost danger of acting as they do ere long. But, rather than have fellowship with them, we must reprove them, implying that if we do not reprove the sins of others we have fellowship with them.”

    Lending credibility to false teachers endangers and shipwrecks the faith of a believer, drives the unsaved deeper into sin and further away from God, and is playing nicer than God.

    Those who lend credibility to false teachers also lend credibility to their false gospel, false spirit, and false “Jesus” (Galatians 1:6-9; 2 Corinthians chapter 11).

    Lenders of credibility are hypocrites, of which Jesus said,

    “So you, too, outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness” (Matthew 23:28).

    Bud Press


  14. Got this in my e-mail today from Bud Press- see the difference between the healing of God and the healing of a false faith healer!!!

    Jason Hooper’s “god”

    Jason Hooper is Todd Bentley’s “ministry” sidekick. Currently, Hooper and Bentley are in Seattle, WA trying to drum-up another “revival”.

    Hooper’s latest Twitter comment demonstrates that he’s been hanging around Bentley too long, and that the “god” he serves hasn’t the power to heal:

    Prayed for a blind lady who was completely blind in both eyes…her right eye opened completely & she can see shapes w her left! #Phil. 1:6 [ ]

    And large crowds came to Him, bringing with them those who were lame, crippled, blind, mute, and many others, and they laid them down at His feet; and He healed them. So the crowd marveled as they saw the mute speaking, the crippled restored, and the lame walking, and the blind seeing; and they glorified the God of Israel (Matthew 15:30-31).

    Praise the Lord!



  15. To escapade and diminish a person no matter who it may be is crippiling all that is christian. God has told us to love everyone not to mock him and his brothers. It tears me apart that you do it in the Lord’s good name. Would he want you to do this? Your intentions are pure to what extent? To humor yourself and bask in your triumph is not in love. You speak as though you have God’s intent on your shoulders. I’m not saying you are wrong, or right I have no right to rule your opinions. Have you prayed for them? Have you blessed their health? Do you pray God shows favor on their life and those of their friends? Have you asked God to show wisdom and growth to their ministry as a covenent to the true God? If you could not say yes to these then you have an agenda other then the Lord’s. God Bless you, I pray God shows a loving way for you to tell your opinions.


    • Grace, speaking the truth is love, it is love for Christ and love for people. We are called to know the truth, the Bereans were mentioned and commended for their ability to search to make certain things spoken was true; we are also called to judge. There are many warnings in the bible about false teachers and doctrine and what we are to do – which is to name them, expose them, stay away from them and warn others. And yes, I do pray for the deceived, as I do for the lost.


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