Truth Sacrificed on the Altar of Ignorance and Compromise

This article was a response written by Bud Press during some conversation on another post in the struggle to recognize  false teachers, or more specifically, those who seem to speak for the truth in some areas, but fall away in others. Bud makes some important points we need to consider as we go forward. Thanks Bud!

Over the years I have encountered a number of professing Christians who say, “I don’t agree with everything that [Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn, William Branham, etc.] teaches, but he does a lot of good and leads people to the Lord.”

The same can be said for a thief, in that he robs banks at gunpoint, but he’s a good father to his children.

To many, it doesn’t matter what false teachers say and do, because their followers only see the “good” they supposedly do.

Truth sacrificed on the altar of ignorance and compromise.

As a suggestion, when it is learned that a professing Christian is lending credibility to a false teacher, we should ask them if they believe what the false teacher has taught.

Todd Bentley denies the gospel of Jesus Christ. Benny Hinn believes he is a “god”. William Branham taught that Jesus was created, and eventually became the Son of God. If those who lend credibility to false teachers believe the same, then they are in the same boat.

Christians are commanded not to fellowship with compromisers and those who lend credibility to false teachers.

In his eye-opening Commentary on Ephesians 5:11, Matthew Henry wrote:

We must have no fellowship with sin nor sinners, v. 11. Sinful works are works of darkness: they come from the darkness of ignorance, they seek the darkness of concealment, and they lead to the darkness of hell. These works of darkness are unfruitful works; there is nothing got by them in the long run, whatever profit is pretended by sin, it will by no means balance the loss; for it issues in the utter ruin and destruction of the impenitent sinner. We must therefore have no fellowship with these unfruitful works; as we must not practise them ourselves, so we must not countenance others in the practice of them. There are many ways of our being accessary to the sins of others, by commendation, counsel, consent, or concealment. And, if we share with others in their sin, we must expect to share with them in their plagues. Nay, if we thus have fellowship with them, we shall be in the utmost danger of acting as they do ere long. But, rather than have fellowship with them, we must reprove them, implying that if we do not reprove the sins of others we have fellowship with them.”

Lending credibility to false teachers endangers and shipwrecks the faith of a believer, drives the unsaved deeper into sin and further away from God, and is playing nicer than God.

Those who lend credibility to false teachers also lend credibility to their false gospel, false spirit, and false “Jesus” (Galatians 1:6-9; 2 Corinthians chapter 11).

Lenders of credibility are hypocrites, of which Jesus said,

“So you, too, outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness” (Matthew 23:28).

Bud Press

So often as are reading or listening to teachers, we can have the impression that something is off. We can’t quite come to the place to know exactly, but we just know. This is the time to set it aside and ask the Lord, and do some research to get to the truth. That check in the spirit is there for a reason, and we do well when we pursue it.

Blessings my friends.

26 thoughts on “Truth Sacrificed on the Altar of Ignorance and Compromise

  1. You know m’Kayla, I have been wrestling with the issue of cutting ties with my friends who are entrenched in the Bill Johnson, IHOP, NAR movements etc., and the commentary in this article hit me square between the eyes. When my family used to attend a church modeled after Bethel, I met regularly with two precious women. We still meet weekly, even though I made my belief known to them and warned them that they were following false teaching (as I had been). Our meetings are very different now; it used to be accountability and prayer we met for; now, there is really no common ground. Do you have any suggestions from your personal experience on how to break the news, in love, that you don’t feel comfortable meeting anymore? These ladies have been with me through thick and thin (illness, miscarriage, family trouble). Thanks.


    • Hi Julie.
      Wait on the Lord to guide you in this situation. It could be you are there with them now for a reason – the thick and thin. They need the truth too. I can understand your need to separate, and you could tell them in a very simple and loving way your feelings. I have no victory stories in this area. I just quit the things I was involved with and the woman I kinda pal-ed around with faded from my life. But, they do know the reasons in great detail why I left the Vineyard and the Healing Room.

      It is interesting that they know and still meet with you. What was the outcome when you told them. I’m curious! 🙂


  2. Awesome m’kayla, so true, we have seperated ourselves from some who teach false doctrine, and we have tried to warn them, in the end the just call me a legalist, unloving, cultish, etc. It’s better to be hated for stand for and speaking the truth than to be loved for forsaking it!


    • Jesus was rejected and His disciples too, afterward. Those who claimed to know the law and to be waiting for the Messiah, who met Him face to face, witnessed first hand the miracles, the teaching, didn’t get it either.

      Bud’s comment helps cut through the chase. I wish I would have had that early on, because in the beginning stages I found it very confusing.


  3. M’Kayla this is a very good article, I have never been involved in any of these groups but within my circle of Christians I have run into those that make salvation so difficult. It is nothing we do its all He did for us, we just have to accept, how hard is this? Love your blog, keep up the great work!! Love you always and forever in the LORD.


  4. M’Kayla and All:

    I don’t know of any Christian who has not been in a compromising situation, including me. What makes it difficult is when compromise involves close friends or family.

    As our Creator, God understands the emotional pain when we are confronted with compromise. Try to imagine the sorrow the Apostle Paul went through when people he once trusted turned their backs on him. Worst yet, try to imagine how Jesus felt when He hung on the cross, deserted by virtually everyone who called Him their “Friend”.

    Truthfully, there have been times I have given in to compromise, by not speaking up or letting something slide. I was afraid that my words would offend those I cared about, and end up in the loss of a friend or family member. Other times, I said nothing for fear of being embarrassed.

    Compromise is sin, and it involves the sin of omission and the sin of commission. The sin of omission may be defined as avoiding or purposely leaving out the truth when an opportunity to tell the truth presents itself. The sin of commission may be defined as knowing the truth, but lying or willfully doing the opposite.

    But my compromise always returned to haunt me. The guilt was overbearing, and I spent a considerable amout of time repenting–on my face–to the Lord. And He forgave me, because great is His faithfulness and loving kindness to me and us.

    Yes, in one way or the other, we compromise. It is then when we are confronted with what is more important: Our personal feelings and emotions, or, what God wants us to do.

    Jesus Christ is our greatest example of love and compassion, but He offended virtually everyone in His day, and He still does.

    Sometimes, truth hurts and offends. Truth isn’t up-for-grabs or however one perceives it. Truth is offensive and doesn’t change course in mid-stream. Truth shines light in the midst of darkness and deception, and sets the captive free.

    Truth stands strong in the midst of compromise.

    If we will remain steadfast in the Lord, and concern ourselves with only what He wants us to do–no matter what–then God will bless us for being faithful to Him and His written word.

    Let us not compromise, but always tell the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).

    God bless,
    Bud Press


  5. I hate these false teachers with a passion a couple days ago as I watched Jessie Duplantis which is on TV many times a day he said that he was nailed on a tree just like Jesus was then he went on to explain his brother nailed his hand to a stump one day just to be because he was stupid to let him do it he showed a person sitting nearby his scars quickly and got everyone to laugh at this made up lie. Jessie always has tall tales but to say he was nailed to a tree like Jesus takes the cake.
    I use to pray for these false teachers salvation now I pray that many bad things happen to them and they roast in hell!


  6. Hi Mkayla

    Quote from article
    “I don’t agree with everything that [Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn, William Branham, etc.] teaches, but he does a lot of good and leads people to the Lord.”

    So sad and true, this has become a missive for bad behaviour, bad doctrine and almost bad everything just so long as we keep shoving those newly saved’s through heavens door.Unfortunately, its not quite as simple : False teacher + false gospel = no salvation. For many, the concept that the means justifies the end has become the new standard by which we live and understand God. I am reminded again that in Ezek 36:22 the purpose of the gospel was not primarily to save men , but to glorify God , and to this end , the means must also to be to Gods Glory.


  7. Bob Scruggs:

    I can’t count the times that false teachers have caused me to “Come out of the gate with my hair on fire and traveling at mach 2.”

    It’s called “righteous indignation,” or being angry for all the right reasons.

    I have spent hours shaking my head in anger and weeping tears over the precious souls that false teachers deceive. Many times I have plead with God to be merciful to them.

    Without a doubt, Jesus was angry as He cleared the temple of the money-changers, and when He lowered the boom on the Pharisees’ in Matthew chapter 23.

    So, is it wrong to be angry? No, as long as it is for all the right reasons.

    “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: neither give place to the devil” (Ephesians 4:26-27. See also Romans 12:19).

    Bob, Satan overshadows all false teachers, and he wants us to be angry for all the wrong reasons. Don’t allow Old Slewfoot and his agents of deception to get the best of you, and take your mind off of Christ.

    Pray and talk to the Lord, and ask Him to help you deal with anger. I did many years ago, and the Lord filled my heart with love and peace.

    Bud Press


  8. I repented of my support for an IHOP family nearly 3 years ago, and lost friends.

    As an Elder, I was asked to leave my charismatic church after frequently interjecting my disappointment in regard to their severe compromise of the word and newly-seeker-sensitive agenda.

    I thought I had finally found a conservative and solid body of believers UNTIL one month ago the Pastor declared from the pulpit that, “Jesus doesn’t love everyone, only the elect” and “God creates some people for eternal destruction,” I knew that, once again, I was at the hands of a false teacher! That’s right…Calvinism is another gospel!! False teachers don’t have to travel through portals to be off-base. They can teach that – to declare that you chose Jesus to be your Lord and Savior is ‘a work’ – UGH…is there any place out there? Anywhere?


    • HI Laura.

      So what do they do with John 3:16 For God so loved the world

      This is the danger of taking scripture out of context, out of the fullness of the entire bible. Is there any place out there? Oh. I understand THAT question! It amazed me that there are still so many believers who want scripture only, yet so few organized churches who offer it. Keep looking up, keep praying. We here understand your position!


  9. Great post — and how do we know it is a false teaching unless we know the truth and have the Holy Spirit — the two together create a testimony within that someone is a false teacher. I find there is a wide continuum of “falseness” the from very obvious to extremely subtle – but all lies destroy and steal life. How important for us each to be abiding in the Bible seeking to be taught by the Holy Spirit so we can test all spirits.



  10. Dear Laura:

    In addition to M’Kayla’s advice, please know the I have received letters like yours from people who have either left their church or have been told to leave. To many, it was a blessing in disguise.

    My advice has always been the following:

    1. Since cultic and heretical movements serve a false “Jesus,” (Galatians 1:6-9; 2 Corinthians chapter 11), make sure you believe in the real Jesus of the Bible. It takes time to flush out false teachings and understand the truth of Scripture. So, examine your current beliefs in light of Scripture to see if you are truly born again. This is not to say you aren’t saved, just please make sure:

    2. Maintain fellowship with the Lord through daily prayer and Bible study. The Lord knows your situation, so pour your heart out to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you and give you peace.

    3. Pray for the Lord to lead you to a solid, Bible-based church, where the truth of God’s written word is preached without compromise. It may be just a small Bible study once a week, but that’s the way it was done 2,000 years ago. Sometimes, small Bible studies grow into large gatherings.

    4. Pray that the Lord will surround you will solid Christians for friendship and counsel. There may be others who have shared your experiences, and they may be searching for others to fellowship with.

    5. Be patient. Being told to leave a church and loss of friends hurts, and it takes time to heal. Seek the Lord’s will in your life and be willing to talk to solid Christians.

    6. Be thankful that the Lord rescued you from the church and its pastor. Pray that God will strengthen your faith and give you a baptism of boldness to reach out to the lost, and those who are being deceived by false teachers.

    Laura, like M’Kayla said, we understand what you have been through. You are not alone. There are plenty of solid Christians who will be glad to assist you, talk to you, and provide information for you to read. All you have to do is ask.

    Hope this helps.

    May the Lord bless you and give you peace,
    Bud Press


  11. When I attempted to expose Todd Bentley to a friend early on -the response was “the pipe may be a bit rusty, but the water is pure” DUH – pure water from a rusty pipe – hmmm

    I have lost many friends because of my stand against both Todd Bentley as well as Ken Copeland, Benny Hinn… but I am not called to remain silent, but to speak the truth in love and pray that they will listen.


    • Hi
      Ali. I understand what you mean. 🙂 Many do.
      It is unfortunate that these cute comments mean more to those who speak them than the truth does.

      Thanks for the comment – it encourages others to do the same.


  12. Thank you, M’Kayla, and thank you, Bud Press, for this article.
    M’Kayla, I live in the UK, and really appreciate your blog. So much of what you share is a great encouragement to me, and a confimation too, of the things about which the Lord is speaking to me. This latest article is no exception.
    I speak as one who has been delivered out of much false teaching and deception, which for me, culminated in the Toronto Experience. Once the Lord had brought me into truth concerning these various false teachings, and delivered me from their detrimental effects, He let it be known to me in no uncertain terms that I was to completely dissociate myself from these false teachers, their churches and their ministries, and have nothing to do with them ever again unless and until they repented of their utterings and started to teach according to Scripture, proving this over a prolonged period of time (if ever this has happened,I’d be interested to know!)
    Once I had come out of these false teachings, and was sitting under good teaching, I asked the Lord how it was that I had been led into error in the first place. He told me that it all began with COMPROMISE, and laid on my heart Matthew 24:4. I had not taken heed, He told me! He then went on to say that, if I didn’t recognise and deal with the compromise, I would be led into deception, and from there, heresy, and finally, apostasy, from which, He warned me, there is no return. I had reached the second stage – deception – when, praise His name,He brought me out. It was through “Watchmen” ministries such as yours that He did this – I shall always be especially grateful to, amongst others, Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries.
    Having come into truth about Toronto and other errors, I sought to share my concerns about them with others. Praise God, some listened and were subsequently brought into truth themselves, but most of the time, I met with at the best, defensiveness, and at the worst, hostility.
    Nevertheless, I still strive to continue “to contend earnestly for the faith…”
    In Him, our wonderful Saviour and Lord,
    Sally R (UK)


  13. I’d be interested to know how people (m’kayla and Bud in particular) feel that we should have handle doctrinal differences between christians. For example, Laura mentioned Calvinism. I don’t agree with this either, but it is a legitimate and historic branch of Christian theology, and to my mind it’s in an entirely different category to the fraud that is the prosperity gospel and hyper-charismaticism. John Piper and John MacArthur (well-known Calvinists) cannot be viewed in the same way as Branham, Bentley, and Hinn! Basically I think we need to be very careful not to fall into the trap of sticking the label of “false teacher” on everyone we disagree with.


    • Interesting that you would ask me that question anastasis as I don’t write on the subject of Calvinism or any of the other “isms” for that matter. I stick to the bible and that is how I know the truth today. I have not had formal training and don’t claim to know everything. The truth is I know very little, but I started this blog to show others the deception in the teachings and doctrines found in the healing rooms, the prophetic movement and a few other various things going on out there that I was once involved with.

      I am aware of Calvinism, but I don’t know all there is to, some I will agree with, some I will not. For instance just a few days ago someone brought to my attention the emphasis on predestination teaching found in Calvinism, that God chose His people before they were ever born and in so doing there is no need to preach the gospel. We can debate on the true meaning of predestination, however there is no debate on preaching the gospel. We are told to! So, this obviously is a false teaching and a great example of a doctrine that did not take into consideration the whole counsel of the bible.

      Anytime a teaching is found to step outside the bible then we are in dangerous waters. As far as classifying one as a false teacher, the truth is found in the words they speak. Some one can be wrong on one point, and not be a false teacher. When this happens the person should be corrected. But so often we find the opposite and the false teaching gains in popularity.

      And I agree with you, and it is better to view each on a case by case basis. Throughout time many things have been accepted as “valid Christian teachings”, we find that with the inclusion of Roman Catholicism, yet find their practices not to be orthodox. This is the problem with jumping on the endorsement band wagon before we do our own research. As we go along every day more and more things are added to the list of valid Christian teachings and practices, but with a closer look, we find these claims are not true. A very good example is the Emergent Church.


      • Hi m’kayla,

        As an aside to start with, I don’t think your view of Calvinism is quite right. Calvinists would say that all their beliefs are completely biblical and quote verses by the bucketload to support them. And I’m not aware of any Calvinists who say it’s not necessary to preach the gospel – in fact their theology requires it to be preached (check out “irresistible grace”).

        But so often, and this is my key point, differences are generally not about whether something is biblical or not, but they are about a topic in the Bible that can be interpreted in multiple ways, or a question of what to emphasise and what to downplay. That’s what I’m trying to get at. Some people believe that infant baptism is scriptural, others will only baptise believers. I’ve attended churches in both camps, and I can assure you that both consider their positions to be Biblical and both are full of born-again christians. And the only workable conclusion I’ve come to is that we’ll never be able to resolve this sort of difference before we get to heaven, so we just have to accept that there are multiple viewpoints and (most importantly) neither should be called false teaching. There are plenty of other subjects to which this can be applied.

        But I do wonder if my approach is correct or not, so that’s why I asked the original question

        (Just in case it’s not clear, the outright deception practiced by the three names that were originally mentioned is not something I consider remotely debatable. It’s so obviously wrong that, as the previous commenter, Sally R, said, we should have nothing to do with it).


        • anastasis, I don’t necessarily have a view of Calvinism. The comment was only a remark made to me recently by someone else, so as to whether it is true Cal or not, I couldn’t say. I was using it to make a point.

          Still, scripturally – infant baptism is not scriptural. At least I do not know of any scripture stating an infant should be baptised. The examples we are given are full grown people, were all believers, who confessed faith in Christ. An infant cannot confess anything as he cannot yet speak (or understand). And so it goes as another example of a practice established by men and not the word.

          I apologize in my delay in responding. My computer has died and I am using my husband’s.


          • m’kayla,

            I’m aware of this book, “The Anglican Evangelical Doctrine of Infant Baptism”


            which discusses the subject. The authors are all evangeical theologians and I’m sure their case is made from scripture.

            What about Acts 16:33?

            Incidentally, all the great reformers (Luther, Calvin, Zwingli), to which every protestant christian and church owes a massive debt, were in favor of infant baptism on theological grounds.

            Personally, I’m not so sure about infant baptism, but I’m simply pointing out that people who have studied and taught the bible to the highest level are divided on this subject, so I’m rather reluctant to say that any viewpoint is definitely wrong.


            • I owe no one a massive debt except to Christ who died for me!!!

              What about Acts 16:33??? He and all his family were baptised.
              This is not sufficient to build doctrine on the baptism of infants. Baptism is symbolic of the washing of sins upon the confession of faith in Jesus Christ. I’m sure I don’t need to hammer this out as it is rather obvious. Now you again see why I don’t listen to teaching without the backing of scripture. It never pans out right without it, and I don’t care who is doing the teaching.

              I’ve already explained my position on how I judge false teaching/ers, and you will need to decide that one for yourself. I see we are going round and round and so am putting an end to this conversation.


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